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Conundrum by Blackfriar
Chapter 1 : Positive
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 As the bell signalling the end of class rings out throughout the halls, I snatch my schoolbag up from the floor and head out the door, my stride quickening with each step I take. I have a free period at the moment and usually I would spend the forty minutes doing homework that I had received earlier on in the day in the library with my friend, Zoey whilst those other poor unfortunate souls in my year have to spend the forty minutes in Ancient Runes.

But today these forty minutes would not consist of homework. Instead, they would consist of me doing a test that’s way worse than any NEWT exam.

Today, during these forty minutes, I would be taking a pregnancy test.

It isn’t long before I reach the grand staircase and I take the steps two at a time, particles of dust lifting up into the air each time my foot hits the stone. I manoeuvre in and out of students who are well too slow for my liking and I accidentally push over a Hufflepuff second year in the process. I yell “sorry!” over my shoulder and grasp the stone banister and haul myself up the remaining flight of stairs until I reach the seventh floor.

The seventh floor corridor is almost entirely empty, save for the paintings on the wall eyeing me suspiciously and Peeves knocking over the potted plants on the windowsills. I actually rather liked those plants. They brought some much needed colour to the castle.

Professor Longbottom will not be very pleased.

When I reach the portrait of the fat lady, I mumble the password and dart through the portrait hole and up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory. I sprint into the bathroom and slam the door shut behind me, making sure to lock it even though no one else happens to be in the dormitory. Well, you can never be too safe in this castle. You never know who might be lurking around the corner.

I sit down on the toilet seat and pull the bag off my shoulder and balance it on my knees. I pull the zip open and rummage around for a bit until my fingers touch one of the corners of the small rectangular box that I am seeking. I pull it out and open the packaging and withdraw a small, white skinny stick.

I can’t believe I am about to this.

I toss the packaging aside and pee on the stick. I leave the test on the side of the sink and I fix my gaze onto the tiled floor below me. I never noticed the mosaic pattern before. My hands are clasped in my lap and my left knee is bouncing. That’s an annoying little habit that I have. Whenever I feel nervous, my left knee begins to bounce up and down. I don’t even know I am doing it and it tends to irritate people from time to time.

So, as I wait for the possibly life changing result I suppose  I should introduce myself and say how I managed myself to land myself in this mess.

Hello.I am Victoire Weasley, I am sixteen years old and currently a sixth year Gryffindor.

Now for the explanations. It was at a party (of course). A Halloween party to be exact. Elliot Fletcher holds one in the common room every year. I have no idea how he never manages to be caught by the teachers because let me tell you those parties are louder than the Gryffindor stands at a Quidditch match. Everybody and I mean everybody is forced to dress up. I dressed up as a fairy.

How original.

My friend Zoey was a mermaid. No, she wasn’t like the ghastly creatures located at the bottom of the Black Lake, she was a very nice and pretty mermaid. Zoey is amazing when it comes to fashion and clothes and she managed to put together a spectacular costume. It made me a little jealous because I thought that my costume looked like a pile of shit compared to hers.

She had put multi-coloured shells in among her dark curls, had a line of pearls wrapped around her neck like a choker and around her wrists too and she even had a shell bra and a fake tail! All I had was an old purple tutu and a knockoff of Ravenclaw’s Diadem which I had bought in Uncle George’s joke shop a few years back.

In my opinion, Teddy Lupin stole the show. Since he is a metamorphagus, he thought it would be hilarious to morph into Lord Voldemort.

It was.

He even managed to frighten a few first years which I scolded him for although I was forced to bite the inside of my cheek to try and prevent the grin from inching its way across my face. I have to admit, it felt rather odd telling Lord Voldemort off for scaring the life out of a bunch of first years. As the party went on, Teddy decided to morph back into himself which I was grateful for as Lord Voldemort was beginning to creep me out. The only reason why Teddy morphed back into himself is because I refused to kiss him whilst he was still Voldemort.

Before I go on, I would just like to state that Teddy Lupin and I are dating. We’ll be together for a year in March. We’ve known each other for a lot longer though. We grew up together. We actually used to despise each other up until we were around ten or eleven because he used to always tear the heads off my dolls which caused me to ‘punch’ him with my chubby little fists. I never punched him hard yet he always went crying to his grandmother and told on me. He was such a drama queen. Not much has changed. But as the years went on we became closer and closer.

It wasn’t long before Teddy and I moved to the boys’ dormitory to seek some privacy. Between kisses our clothes ended up camouflaging the scarlet and gold carpet. It was quite comical to see my puffy purple tutu being flung across the room. Teddy, his face inches away from mine with the tips of our noses almost touching, asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. With a small smirk I said that I was and I lifted my head and pressed my lips against his before he covered my body with his own.

Looking back I can honestly say that that was the most stupid thing I have ever done. It even ranks above that time I dyed the ends of my hair green. God, that was an awful phase. Teddy got a great kick out of it though and claimed that I was trying to be like him. I wasn’t. Self-aggrandizing git. If I owned a time turner, I would without a moment’s hesitation go back to that exact time and risk possible insanity just to prevent everything that happened on that night.

My parents will most definitely hate me. My poor mumsie’s heart will be broken into pieces whereas my dad will be absolutely positively furious. It wouldn’t surprise me if he somehow managed to acquire a shotgun and go after Teddy in hopes of blowing his brains out. My dad will probably form a “Kill Teddy” gang with all of my uncles -and maybe even some of my aunts- because I happen to live in one of the most overprotective families in the entire world.

Oh God, what about Teddy? What if he abandons me and goes into hiding to escape my deranged murderous family and leaves me to bring up our child all on my own? No. No, that’s not happening. If I am unable to back out of a pregnancy then he should be too.

My sister Dom probably won’t even care. She never usually does unless it’s anything that involves her. She’ll probably just be happy about the fact that she will get to move into my room since I will most likely be forced to go into hiding along with Teddy to get away from my dad and my uncles. I don’t think Louis would really understand the whole situation properly. Although it would probably give him the chance to ask the most awkward questions known to man like “Where do babies come from?”

Oh, Merlin help me.

Ten minutes have definitely passed so I stretch my hand up and pick up the test and hold it in my left hand while I fish for my wand in my robes with my right. This isn’t a muggle pregnancy test. Oh no, this very test happens to be a ‘magical’ pregnancy test. Now, by magical I don’t mean that it transforms into a giant stork that hands you a baby, I just mean that all you have to do is tap it four times with your wand in order to see if it’s positive or negative.

Trust me, even witches aren’t let off that easy.

So I tap the stick with the tip of my wand as instructed and the tiny little screen flashes for a second before the dreaded result shows up.

I almost drop the stick as a little pink plus sign is clearly shown on the screen. It’s positive. I’m pregnant. Without a doubt, that little cross is the most unholy thing I have ever laid eyes on. Its pink colouring is almost mocking; pink used to be my favourite colour but now I’m not too sure. I’m too shocked to fully comprehend the situation.

My eyes are still stuck to the stick, so many thoughts are rushing through my mind that it’s almost making me lightheaded and I can’t even move the muscles in my face to change the shape of my mouth from a little ‘o’ back into a straight line. Despite all of the panicky thoughts occupying my brain at this very moment, there is one phrase that is flashing again and again inside my mind like a warning sign.

Bloody hell, I’m doomed. 

A/N: Hello! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my story. I've had this idea for a very long time but I just couldn't figure out how to get it out of my mind and onto paper. This is what I eventually came up with. Yes, it's short and I apologise but the chapters will get longer as they story progresses! Please read and review! 

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Conundrum : Positive


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