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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 28 : The Awakening P2
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A/N my laptop had busted up and the fans gone so I won't be able to ad more chapters, but I can reply to reviews and edit like this, but nothing else. It could be two weeks at the most :( I'm sorry <3 I love you all and I hope you all understand. 




‘’Draco…’’ Hermione furrowed her eyebrows,

‘’don’t call me by my first name.’’ he spat, what’s going on? Why is the mudblood calling me by my first name.

‘’Draco, im your doctor, I want you to tell me, what year is it?’’ Fober looked down at him, concerned.

‘’96?’’ Draco looked up at his doctor, not understand what’s going on as he heard Hermione gasp.

‘’Draco…’’ Fober sighed, ‘’there is no way to say this, but it’s actually 1999.’’ Fober sat down in the chair by his bed.

‘’What!’’ Draco’s back was risen, how could I forget 3 years of my life?

‘’I think, Draco,’’ Fober sighed, ‘’do you want me to tell you how you ended up in this state?’’ Fober asked the shocked young man in front of him.

‘’Fober, can I just quickly talk to you, for a second.’’ Hermione asked, taking it all in. She had left her seat, and stood the opposite side of the room, trying to take grasp of the situation.

‘’Sure, hold on a moment Draco.’’ He followed Hermione out into the common room, closing the door behind them. The rest of the group were sitting on the sofa’s.

Might aswell knock two birds out with stone, ‘’He cant know about us, that we were together, let’s just say we were…close friends, and that he was defending me for being my friend, that’s it. I…’’ Hermione sighed, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to escape, ‘’I need to tell him in my own time, now…now is not the right time.’’ Hermione saw Fobers nod, and walked back to the rest of the pajamed group.

‘’Hermione? What’s happened?’’ Harry asked, walking her over to his seat, and giving it up for her, clearly seeing she was shaken up.

‘’He’s…’’ she drew a deep breath, ‘’he’s forgotten the past three years, he thinks it is 96…’’ Hermione looked down, not wanting to look or feel vulnerable.

There were many murmurs coming from everyone before Ginny spoke to her, ‘’Mione, what was you speaking to Fober about just now?’’ Ginny crouched down in front of Hermione.

‘’I told him not to tell Dr…Malfoy that me and him where ever together. I want to tell him in my own time, im not ready, and neither is he.’’ Hermione gulped.

‘’What! Hermione, he told you he loved you, and you love him, surely he would feel the same now! You need to tell him!’’

‘’Ginny, I can’t, and this was three years ago, he was vulnerable back then, he doesn’t even remember having his dark mark, he hates me, and apparently, i am supposed to hate him. I don’t know if im going to be able to pretend for the past year, and with Wednesday being the 1 year anniversary.’’ Hermione bit her lip, she didn’t want to cry, too many tears had been shed in the past year.

‘’Hermione?’’ Fober popped his head round the door, ‘’Draco wants to talk to you, alone. Is that okay?’’ With Hermione’s nod, he and Madame Pomfery left the room for Hermione to enter, ‘’he wanted you to tell him, he doesn’t remember anything, so be careful in what you say.’’ Fober whispered to her as she walked past.


Hermione took in a deep breath, and stood on the top step, knocking the door, she heard a faint, raspy, ‘’come in.’’ she entered the room, to see a tired, even-more-paler-than-usual looking Draco, her heart tugged slightly.

‘’You wanted to speak to me…’’ Hermione was wary of the fact, that he now hated her.

Draco watched her movements carefully, noting that she was acting…strange. ‘’Yes, I did. Fob..Fober was it?’’ Hermione nodded her head, ‘’Fober told me, that we had gotten…close over the last few months.’’ He peered at her, waiting for her to crack, break…do something!

Hermione kept her cool, knowing exactly what he was doing, ‘’Yes…we had become friends, good friends actually.’’ Hermione tried to slow her heart rate.

Draco repositioned himself on his bed, trying to get comfy, ‘’how..did I end up like this?’’ I’ve got to try not to insult the mudblood to her face, if we were friends, wait, why do I care? Filthy mudblood.

‘’Well, It was your father, he found out about us being friends, he thought he was ‘tainting you’ so he tried to get rid of me, I suppose. He left a note, well, message telling me to go to him, or he would kill our friends. So I went to him, he was going to kill me there and then, so I managed to escape, I found you here with who we thought was Blaise, you body bind hexed him I think, and Lucius came here, he body bound me, then he hurt you, he stupefied you, and you flew back, hitting your head on the window,’’ Hermione pointed to the crack on the think glassed window, ‘’I managed to free myself and stop Lucius. I went to you, and you said…’’Hermione closed her eyes, ‘’you said something to me, then you died.’’ Hermione felt another threat of tears build up, she tried to stop her voice from breaking as she spoke, ‘’I managed to get you back. I took you to the hospital wing, and we found out the real damage. You had swelling on your brain, and huge slashed and gashes on your back because of the broken glass. We had to put you in a coma. It was there trial yesterday, they both got sentenced to death next Saturday, and then, here we are.’’ Hermione looked down in her lap.

Draco  was stunned, he stared at his bed, taking everything Hermione had just said, in. How am I meant to respond to that! Wait-‘who we thought was Blaise’? what does it mean?

‘’Granger, what did you mean by ‘who we thought was Blaise’?’’ He looked at her with no expression on his face.

‘’Well...Kleydor, you knew of him, from when you was a know,’’ she pointed to his dark mark, ‘’he killed Blaise in the battle of Hogwarts. He used Polyjuice potion to pretend to be him all year.’’ Hermione looked down, she had gotten along well with who she thought was Blaise.

‘’Oh, what about Crabbe, Goyle?’’ Draco suddenly missed the two oafs.

‘’They both died, I don’t know what happened to Crabbe, but when Harry, Ron and myself went to back to rescue you from the freinzefyre that Goyle had started, he fell off a tall mountin of books, and into the fire.’’ Hermione’s voice was solemn.

I have no one, apart from my mother. I wonder…how close we were, ‘’Mudblood,’’ Hermione’s head snapped up at the use of the name he had once used  to taunt her, ‘’how close were we?’’ He studied her reaction to the use of the name, she seems more…shocked, taken aback than usual…He ran his fingers through his hair, not noticing the bald patch on the back.

Shit, ‘’Pretty close, you told me about Jayde, and your mother.’’ As she said the name ‘Jayde’, Draco froze.

I told her…about Jayde…wha…Draco shook his head, when he remembered she mentioned his mother, ‘’What did you mean by my mother?’’ He looked at sternly, hoping to frighten her slightly

Hermione looked up at him from her twitching hands, Crap, he doesn’t even remember that. ‘’It…it doesn’t matter.’’ She looked up at him, feeling intimidated by the man she loved, who she had once shared a bed with, the man who loved her, but had now forgotten the past year and their story.

‘’It matters if it is my mother.’’ He looked at her threantingly.

Hermione was taken aback at his facial expressions, ‘’Uh, she is in a coma, she got put like that because of your father, she was…pregnant with your brother,’’ Hermione stopped at ‘brother’ to see his reaction, he looked confused so she carried on, ‘’ your father thought she hadn’t cheated on him, and that there was no way it  could be his, when in fact it was it was, she was able to prove it, but he still didn’t believe her,  so…he decided to get rid of him itself,  you watched as he performed a spell aimed at her that got rid of the baby. You only knew what it was as you wanted to become a healer,’’ (Draco scoffed), ‘’then he cruicoed her over and over again while you held her, you tried to stop him, but it didn’t help anything.’’ Hermione’s voice broke on anything, she prayed to Merlin that he didn’t notice.

‘’I don’t believe you.’’ he spat, not wanting to believe his father could do such a thing.      

‘’I have no reason to lie to you.’’ she said to him, speaking and looking coldly.

She doesn’t have any reason to lie to you, Granger doesn’t lie, everyone knows it. ‘’Prove it.’’

‘’I could take you to her ward when you’re better if you want.’’ I hope im not over stepping the line.

‘’You’ve seen her?’’ Draco tried to get out of bed, ‘’I need to see her!’’ he stood up, but stumbled, Hermione quickly got up and stopped him before he fell over. She held him up, not realising how close she was to him, it was now out-of-bounds ground for her, she had no right anymore.

Draco looked down at the petit girl and how close she was, feeling uncomfortable, he slouched back down on his bed, ‘’I need to see her.’’ Pain started to ripple through his back in what he presumed, where the cuts.

‘’Okay…um…one sec.’’ Hermione quickly exited the room, heart thumping in her chest, and went down to talk to Fober to ask if she could take Draco to St Mungo’s so he could see his mother.


After five minutes, Draco started to grow more and more impatient, he swung his legs off the edge of the bed and put his hand on the bed post to steady himself, slowly but surely, he edged himself up so he was standing, and slowly, using the bed to help him, he shuffled his way to the closed the door, he knew he shouldn’t be standing, let alone walking as he had just been bought out of a coma, but he was getting restless.

He got to the door and slowly opened it, and leant on the door frame, everyone in the room turned to look at him, why is potter, the two Weasleys, loony and bottom here also? ‘’What is taking so damn long.’’ He asked them through his teeth.

‘’Draco, we don’t think it’s a good idea you go, not know, you literally just got out of a coma, you shouldn’t even be standing, please, sit down.’’ Fober said to him warningly.

‘’NO!’’ Anger erupted through Draco, and he was now releasing it. The crowd in front of him gasped as he felt heat come from behind him, he turned around and saw flames starting to lick around the room, ‘’what the..’’ Draco stumbled forward, ‘’did…did I do this?’’ He looked at Fober.

Hermione stepped forward with a cry, ‘’No” she grabbed her wand and started to walk forward to his now ablaze room. She put arm across her face to try and protect it, shooting out jets of water from her water, she entered the room, keeping the flames away from her, she went over to his drawers and bent down, sliding her hand underneath reaching out for a book, the only thing she had remaining left (besides her memory’s) of her and Draco’s time together. She managed to get back out the room, beads of sweat on her forehead. Harry and the others were shooting water over the now fully burning room, trying to put out the flames.

Draco looked around, confused, he had now calmed down, accepting this, the fire abruptly stopped, ‘’did…did I do that? And Granger, why on earth did you go in there for some book?’’ he looked at her like she was the most stupidest person in the world.

Hermione looked at him, momentarily forgetting the new situation when it hit her, ‘’DrMalfoy, it’s not just a book.’’ She closed her eyes, wishing he wouldn’t ask more.

‘’Well…what is it then?’’ he looked at her confused.

‘’Its…nothing.’’ And before he could say anymore, she went to her bedroom, hiding the photo album somewhere safe, and went back to the common room.

‘’Can someone please take me to my friken mother! And give me something for the pain in my back and head, please!’’ he sat down and watched as  a newly arrived McGonagall conjure up a wheelchair.

‘’Mister Malfoy, you can go after you take your medicine in one moment, only for an hour though, you will have to floo there. I want you to go in the wheelchair as you aren’t even meant to be moving around, miss Granger will take you, as she knows where she is going’’ She looked at him sternly.

‘’Yes, will do professor…’’ he looked sheepishly at her.

‘’Uh, its headmistress to you.’’ she raised her eyebrow.

‘’What…what happened to Dumbledore?’’ he furrowed his eyebrows.

Everyone in the room fell silent, and turned to look at him, Hermione stepped forward, ‘’Dra Malfoy, I’ll tell you at St Mungo’s…’’

Great…what am I missing now?

McGonagall took in a deep breath, ‘’right, off you two go. We’ll try and sort this mess out.’’ She quickly turned away from Draco.

Draco took his medicine from Madame Pomfery, and sat in his wheelchair.

Hermione cautiously wheeled Draco to the fireplace and handed him the bowl as he sneered at her.

She watched him leave in a burst of flames. She stepped into the fireplace, taking her handful of the floo powder, she looked at Harry and Ginny, smiling sadly, this is going to be hard.


A/N: SO,, what do you guys think? This isnt beta-ed by the way, but i will get it beta-ed, ive kind of dumped a lot on HeyMrsPotter, as shes going over CH1-12 also...i owe her a lot, shes my life saver!

um, so, yeah, HE'S LOST 3 YEARS OF MEMORYa, im sorry for breaking your feels...

please R&R


SlightObession xx


And arent you guys lucky, 2 chapters in two days! <3 X

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