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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 19 : Trapped
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“Well done, Kreacher. Good work.” Harry and Draco heard from behind them.




“Kreacher is happy to help Master Croyden sir.” Kreacher bowed until his ears touched the ground.




“You can leave now; I will call you again if I want you.” With that, Kreacher snapped his fingers and apparated.




Croyden turned to Harry and Draco now. “Well, well, well, trying to escape are we?” he laughed mirthlessly, mocking their failure. “You didn’t seriously believe that you could get out of here that easily, did you? –I think you are forgetting that I always plan ahead. I always have, and always will. Kreacher had never been loyal to you, Potter. I am his master.” He explained.




Harry was too shocked to reply, so he stayed silent. He guessed he should have thought better than to underestimate his opponents. Croyden had been the third in command, after Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape, who were now dead. He had skilfully planned this out.




“I think you both need to be taught a lesson. B-“Croyden stopped talking for a moment.




“What?! You lost it!? You imbeciles!” Croyden seemed to be yelling at somebody, probably one of his minions. “How the hell did you lose it?! Do you know how hard it was to find?!” he shouted.




“I’m sorry, boss, but it must have fallen out when we captured Potter and Malfoy.” The minion helplessly whimpered.




“How could you be so careless? Find it! Now! If you all value your lives!” he ordered them. The men were heard rushing out of the door, in search for the piece of parchment, as if their lives depended on it –which it did.




“Damn, why did the old bag only have that one piece of parchment with the spell on it? I couldn’t even duplicate it because she said there were some dark spells put on it, preventing me from making copies of it.” He mumbled to himself in anger of his minions’ idiocy.















“How could you be so stupid, Froslin? You just put all our lives at stake here!” a death eater yelled at the man at fault.




“I swear, I didn’t know it had slipped out of my pocket! It was right here!” Froslin tried his hardest to defend himself.




“Well, it’s not there anymore, is it now? How do you suppose we find it now? The boss will kill us all cos of your bloody slip up.” Another Death Eater scolded.




“Wait! I remember seeing that Mudblood near the paper! She must have taken it!” Froslin remembered.




“Well? What are you waiting for then? Let’s go!” the Death Eater urged.




“Grey, there’s just one problem. I don’t know where she is staying.” Froslin replied feebly.




“You idiot! We’ll have to go to the boss and tell him the Mudblood has it; he will be able to find the Mudblood. Come on.” Grey said. They all rushed back to the mansion.













“Right, now where were we? Cru-“ he was stopped once again, this time by the opening of the door.




“Boss!” One of the Death Eaters called, interrupting the curse that was about to be thrown at Draco and Harry.




“Have you found it?” Croyden demanded, clearly irritated by the interruption.




“No, but we believe we know who may have it.” The minion answered.








“I had seen her when we apparated with Potter and Malfoy. She must have seen it and picked it up.” Froslin replied.




“Well, I want that Mudblood here now! Do you hear me? Go find her!” Croyden ordered them.




“Um...we d-don’t know w-where she is...” The other minion answered weakly.




“I have to do everything in this place!” Croyden huffed angrily. His footsteps grew near to Draco and Harry.




“Tell me, where does the Mudblood stay?” Croyden commanded.




“Don’t you dare call her that.” Draco said through gritted teeth.




“Ooh, a bit touchy, are we?” Croyden laughed. “Been shagging the Mudblood, Draco? I have to say, I am very disappointed; mixing your pure blood with her filth.” He tsked.




“You better keep your fucking mouth shut, Croyden...” Draco warned.




“Or what? Huh? You’ll tell your father about it? –Oh, wait, he’s dead.” He laughed mockingly.




“Shut up!” Draco lunged towards where he hoped Croyden was standing, but missed greatly. He was fiercely pushed back by a spell aimed by Croyden.




“Come on now, Draco. Be a good boy and tell me where your precious little girlfriend is.”




“Not in a million years.” Draco spat.






“Potter. Care to tell me where the Mudblood is?”




“Over my dead body, Croyden.” Harry spat angrily.




“I can arrange that.” He remarked. He sighed in defeat, making Harry smirk, though Croyden had other plans. “Alright, you leave me no choice. Bring out the Veritaserum.”




A pair of footsteps was heard getting closer and then getting further away.




The middle aged master held Harry’s mouth with his hand and squeezed it open. He forced the clear liquid down Harry’s throat.




Harry felt his throat burn as the liquid entered his body.




“Now, tell me, where is the Mudblood staying?” Croyden demanded again.




“Glowburn...Hotel...Room...276...” Harry answered in a struggle.




“See, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”




“Grey, Rinez, Froslin, go fetch the Mudblood for me. Now. And don’t mess this up.” He commanded them. The three pairs of footsteps headed out of the door of the place, towards the hotel.










Just before they entered, they put a disillusionment charm on themselves, so that they couldn’t be seen by the Muggles. They all headed upstairs, in search of the room.




When they finally reached the room, Grey turned to the other two.




“I will go in there. You two stay out her and keep a look out.” Grey ordered. He pointed his wand at the door, “Alohomora.” He said. The door clicked open, and entered inside.




He saw Hermione, and stopped, taking a moment to admire her beauty.




“Ain’t you a beauty?” he said. It was loud enough to wake Hermione up from her slumber.




Hermione quickly searched for her wand, and as soon as she found it, she pointed it at the intruder.




The disarming spell was shot at Grey before he could counter attack it. He was pushed back, causing him to clash against the door.




“Petrificus Totalus.” Hermione said, pointing her wand at Grey.










“Did you just hear something?” Froslin asked.




“Yeah, I heard a thud from inside. Should we go check to see if Grey has got the Mudblood?” Rinez asked.




“Yeah, let’s go.” Froslin and Rinez were just about to enter when-




“Where do you think you’re going?” a voice drawled from behind them. They turned around and only had time to look shocked, before a Body Binding spell hit them, square on their chests.




The door of the room then opened, revealing a brunette with a wand in her hand. She smirked as she saw the two men lying frozen on the ground. She helped Ron drag the two men inside her room. She then closed the door behind her and looked at Ron.




“They must know where Harry and Draco are, Hermione.” Ron told her.




“Don’t worry, Ron, I'm already on it.” Hermione smirked again, reminding Ron too much of a certain blonde Slytherin she was infatuated with. She pointed her wand at one of the men. “Occlumens.” Right then she could see clearly where the Death Eaters were hiding. She also saw the leader of the pack, William Croyden. She should’ve known. He had been Voldemort’s third in command. Now with Bellatrix and Snape dead, he had taken charge and was determined to revive his master, Voldemort.




He seemed to have gotten her location from Harry, who must have been given Veritaserum, because she had found the spell, which she now deducted, was the only piece of parchment with the spell on it.




She stopped the spell, having found enough information about these Death Eaters in order to locate their whereabouts.




“I know where they are.” Hermione said. Ron nodded and started to make his way out of the room.




“I will gather the Aurors. Wait here.” Ron instructed her, and exited the bedroom.










As soon as Ron had all the Aurors gathered, they went to the back entrance of the hotel and apparated, with the three Death Eaters tied up firmly, to Croyden’s hideout.


There were many Death Eaters guarding the mansion outside, and it seemed like they were outnumbered 3 to 1. However, they had to defeat them nonetheless. They Aurors didn’t waste a second to start firing at the guards; one by one, they were all knocked unconscious in a matter of a few minutes.




It wasn’t long until they had entry to the mansion. They all charged inside, not caring about the fact they were out in plain sight. The Aurors didn’t give the Death Eaters a chance to respond, as they shot spell after spell at them, disarming them immediately.




After that, it was all chaos.




Hermione was surrounded by 5 Death Eaters, each wand pointed directly at her. She refused to back down; she had to try to take them on at least.




That was when all the wands aimed the same spell at her. Hermione was quick to respond and formed a shield in front her, though, she knew her back was exposed. Though she waited for the impact of the spells from behind her, she didn’t feel anything. She was about to turn around.




“Don’t turn around right now. It’s too dangerous; you’ll be hit by another spell.” She obeyed to the voice, who she knew was Draco’s. She felt relieved that he was alright, though his voice did sound slightly hoarse. She shook her head and kept her eyes on the Death Eaters in front of her.




Whilst Hermione and Draco were fighting valiantly together, Ron and Harry, along with the other Aurors, were doing the same.




After a few minutes into the battle, the ones who were winning were the Aurors, now having an advantage in numbers of 4 to 1. Only a few Death Eaters were left to defeat, including Croyden.




Hermione and Draco had gotten free of the five minions, and placed a Body Binding Curse on each of them, to restrict their movements. As soon as they had finished, they started to search for Croyden, who they couldn’t see anywhere at the moment. Thinking it to be the best option to find the master, they both split up and started their search.
















Hermione ran across the wide hallway, until she found a door. It seemed to be really old, as if it has been there for generations. Suddenly, she heard the breaking of glass, and it was coming from the other side of the door.




With the wand held tightly in her hand, she pushed down the handle and cautiously entered inside. Unfortunately, she didn’t find anything except the shattered glass that was lying on the marble floor.




Nonetheless, she decided to search the room, in case she found anything that could help locate Croyden. For some reason, she felt drawn towards the bookcase located next to the small window that was opposite the door. She drew closer to it and felt her hand across the many ancient books, until she felt movement. She attempted to pull the book out, but instead, it tilted downwards. Hermione stepped back as she felt the bookcase grumble, rotating 90 degrees, revealing an opening.




Hermione went inside, taking caution, as this could be a trap.




‘Hermione, where are you?’ she heard Draco from inside her head.




‘I’m in a room located on the left side of the wide hallway, with the black and white paintings. Come to the door at the end, there’s a bookcase that should be open, I'm inside there.’ Hermione replied.




‘Okay, stay there. I am on my way.’ Draco told her. Hermione nodded and waited for the blonde.












Draco rushed to the located place Hermione told him she would be in. He opened the door and on his right, in front of him, he saw a bookcase that was rotated, revealing an opening. He made his way towards it and entered inside.




“Hermione, are you there?” Draco called out.




A figure walked out from the darkness. It was Hermione. She rushed towards him, and embraced him tightly.




“I’m so glad you’re okay.” She said relief evident in her voice.




“I’m glad you’re okay, too.” He held her tightly, hugging her back. They stepped back and smiled at each other.




“What the hell is this place?” Draco said, looking at his surroundings. There were numerous vials mounted on the shelves around the room. A rectangular table at the centre with many pieces of equipment and ingredients needed for making potions. A fireplace on the right hand side of the room, a cauldron hung just a few centimetres above the doused fire. There was also a large picture, above the fireplace, though there was nothing on it, except a large mansion.




“It seems like Croyden did have it all planned in bringing The Dark Lord back to the Wizarding world. We should try to find the body, it could be somewhere in this room.” Hermione stated. Draco nodded and began to search for the body of The Dark Lord’s shrivelled form, though; unfortunately they weren’t having much luck.




“It’s pointless; Croyden probably took the body and escaped from here. We should get out of here, Harry and Ron are probably wondering where we are.” Hermione told Draco. The two started to make their way towards the open bookcase; it was supposed to be open anyways. They were both locked inside and didn’t know how they could get out. Draco rushed towards the bookcase and tried to break it down, but it didn’t work.




“Damn, it’s not going to work.” Draco said.




“Maybe I can try and contact Harry! I still have the charmed coin.” Hermione pulled out a coin from her jean pocket and showed it to Draco. “This informs the other Aurors if one of us is in trouble, and helps us locate each other.” Hermione explained.


“That’s a good idea. Try it.” Draco urged her. Hermione pointed her wand at the coin and muttered the spell. Draco noticed Hermione doing the spell again, and once more, and again, though with a look of frustration etched on her face.


“Hermione, what’s wrong?” he asked, slightly worried.


“Draco, it’s not working. The coin should be glowing after I said the spell, but it’s not. Something’s wrong.” Hermione replied.


“Here, let me try.” Hermione handed Draco the coin. Draco spoke the spell clearly whilst pointing his wand at the coin. Nothing happened. The coin didn’t glow at all. Draco believed there to be only one answer – their wands weren’t working, or they aren’t able to in here; possibly a charm disallowing wizards to use their wands. But then, how would it even be possible for Croyden to make the potion he needed in order to revive You Know Who?




Could it be that he placed a charm that allowed only his wand to work in this place? Is there a spell like that?




“Hermione, is there a spell which will allow only Croyden to use his wand in this place?” Draco asked.




“There is a possibility, Draco. If that’s the case then, we are going to have to find another way to escape this place.” Hermione replied.




“But how? What way can there be?” he asked, not believing there was another way to escape.




“There has to be. We’ll just have to find it.” Hermione smiled, though she wasn’t that confident either.




There had to be another way.











A/N: Hermione finally got to Draco and Harry! But now, Hermione and Draco are trapped behind that bookcase; Hermione's coin doesn't seem to be working, and neither do the wands work. What will they do? -Well I hope this chapter was okay. I still have the writer's block, so I hope you will bear with me for the moment. Any thoughts? If there is anything you are confused about, please tell me so I can fix it! And thank you to all those who have stuck by this story, I really appreciate it! ^_^  I will hopefully see you guys very soon!


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Connection With A Mudblood: Trapped


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