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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 12 : The Aftermath
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Chapter 11: The Aftermath


I woke up with a banging head, and remembered that Scorpius would be waiting for me with breakfast. I looked in the mirror. I was a mess. Make up was smeared all over my face, there were empty wine bottles and sweet wrappers everywhere. I wasn't even remotely hungry. I cleaned up the worst of the make up off my face and headed down towards the Great Hall. Everyone else was still asleep, Rose and Lily cuddling pillows on the floor.


Scorpius was just coming out as I was about to go in. "There you are," he said, and then took a closer look at me. "What happened last night?"


"You don't want to know," I mumbled. "I need coffee."


We sat down at the Ravenclaw table, most of the other students had left for lessons. I grabbed the pot of coffee and poured myself some. Scorpius tried to persuade me to eat something, but I just shook my head. The smell of bacon was starting to get to me. Eventually I ran out of the Great Hall and into the ground floor bathrooms to throw up. I didn't make it to a toilet so I just puked in a sink instead.


After I'd finished, Scorpius poked his head round the door. "Is it safe to come in?" he asked.


I Vanished the rest of the vomit and started splashing my face with water.


"Yes," I answered him.


He looked at my face intently, and said he was taking me up to the Hospital Wing. I resisted, telling him I'd just overdosed on wine and sugar. He ignored me and took me anyway.


The matron gave me a potion to take to stop me feeling sick, and said I have to sit still for about half an hour. At least I wasn't in a bed. I sat down and took the potion. It tasted like peppermint, and immediately cleared the awful taste in my mouth and I felt better.


Scorpius sat down next to me and gave me a wry smile. "I leave you alone for an evening and what happens? You get drunk and eat enough sweets to make you puke."


I groaned, "I don't think I'll be able to eat anything from Honeydukes ever again."


He laughed. "That's a shame, because they're making our wedding cake."


I'd completely forgotten about the wedding plans.


I swore and stood up, and Scorpius immediately pushed me back down.


"No planning today," he said.


It's a good job he pushed me back down, because my head was swimming. I covered my mouth with my hand, and he pushed the bucket that the matron had left towards me.


I fell off the chair and must've passed out, because the next thing I knew, I was laying on a bed. At least I was by the window, so I made Scorp open it to get some fresh air. Louise, Allie, Rose and Lily wandered in later for a hangover cure, looking only a little better than I felt.


Scorp busied himself by writing invitations for the wedding. Every now and then he'd look up to check I was ok, smile, and then go back to what he was doing.


A little while later, Scorpius' owl fluttered through the open window. He read the letter quickly and turned to me, smiling.


"My parents have found us a small house," he said. "Your mum can stay with us at the manor before the wedding too."


"Great." My throat was sore from all the puking I'd been doing.


"My grandfather can't come though, but I suppose that makes it less complicated. Apparently his dragon pox has got a lot worse and he can't leave St Mungo's."


Well that's one worry off my list of never ending worries about this bloody wedding.


The matron suggested that I ate a piece of fruit after another hour, so I did and I felt a lot better. I stopped taking that potion every half an hour and I was let out of the Hospital Wing for dinner. Scorpius finished off the rest of invitations and went up to the Owlery to send them. He came back just as the matron was letting me go. We walked to our spot at the lake, and sat down. I snuggled into his chest, content in the warmth.


We both woke up suddenly as it was getting dark. Scorpius looked at his watch and swore. It was way past curfew. We cast disillusionment charms on ourselves and crept inside.


Scorpius was headed for the Slytherin common room, but I grabbed his arm and headed for the room of requirement instead. Once we were inside, I reversed the spells and we could see each other again.


Scorpius looked around. We were in the very same room that we'd stayed in after he'd been attacked. He looked at me. He had the same expression on his face that he had the first time we kissed before we got back together. This time I kissed him.


He didn't hold back. He'd never kissed me like that before, like it was highly illegal and we'd never see each other again. I suppose we were out of our beds, after hours, and without permission. No one knew where we were. No one would find us.


The bed was too far away, he simply pinned me against the wall. We didn't even take our clothes off. He tore off my underwear and I wrapped my legs around him. We didn't even bother with safety this time, everything was too urgent.


We stopped to catch our breath after we'd finished. It had never been like that before, we were both free of the restraint of exams or rules. It didn't matter what we did now. We'd both finished school, we couldn't be expelled. We didn't have anywhere to be in the morning. Scorpius had finished off all the wedding plans this afternoon while I was in the Hospital Wing. We were about to begin our life together, and if tonight was any indication, it was going to be very good.


Scorpius rolled over to face me. We'd finally made it to the bed some time after midnight. "I hope you don't want to go again, I think I'm done," he grinned.


I looked up at him, "I'm definitely done with the sex," I said to him, "but I'm not done with you yet."


He grinned that cheeky grin of his, and leaned down to kiss me. "Let's go to sleep," he said, "we can carry on in the morning."





Sunlight was streaming through the window and onto my face. I fidgeted a bit and Scorpius realised I was awake and kissed my forehead. Without opening my eyes, I pulled his face towards mine and we continued from where we left off six hours before. This time was gentler, more playful and tender. There was no rush this time, compared to last night. We had nowhere to be.


When we were done, we both realised we were starving. A wardrobe that we'd never noticed before sprang open at that moment and presented us with clean clothes. The room of requirement is seriously cool. We ambled slowly down to breakfast, holding hands.


Louise and Allie didn't even look up as we entered. They must've gotten used to us sneaking off during the night, so they probably didn't worry too much. After all, what's the worst thing that could happen in Hogwarts? Actually that was a stupid question, we've had enough horrific things happen this year.


Allie looked up from her book as we sat down. "You look better," she commented.


"Yeah, because she's been shagging all night," Louise grinned.


Scorpius buttered a piece of toast and pushed it towards me. "You've barely eaten in the last 24 hours," he said.


"And neither have you," I said as I put ketchup on a bacon cob and shoved it in his mouth.


I was starving though. I ended up polishing off three bits of toast and two sausages. At least Scorpius ate more than me, he had two bacon cobs, three fried eggs, three sausages and a piece of toast.


Just then the Potters and two Weasleys we actually knew joined us, Charlie not far behind them. Rose and Lily were enthusing about the wedding, whereas Albus, Hugo and Charlie were trying to persuade Scorpius to part with me for a few hours so they could go for a drink in the Three Broomsticks to celebrate. They managed to talk him into it and they departed.


"Good," said Allie, after they'd gone. "We have something for you."


They dragged me into the broom cupboard on the ground floor, and took something out of the closet in there. Rose and Lily followed curiously.


"It's your dress," Louise beamed. I opened the zip on the cover and gasped. It was one I'd tried on in Gladrags before the party, the one I'd deemed a little too fancy for just a party, but was just right for a wedding. My wedding. And I'd already tried it on so I knew it was perfect.


It was strapless, floor length, and simple. There was a navy sash around the middle and some beaded detail near the hem in the same colour.


“Oh, you guys!” I felt my eyes fill with tears.


“So now you have something new, and something blue,” Louise waved towards the navy sash.


“Old friends,” I beamed at them all. It felt like I'd known Rose and Lily a lifetime, even if it really was only a few short months.


“Now you just need to borrow something!” Lily said brightly. “Oooh! Rose! What about Auntie Muriel's goblin made tiara?”


“Lily, she's a hundred and thirty two years old, and Em's not technically family, and she's going to be a Malfoy. There's no way she'd let her have that tiara.”


“But she's practically family now, and all the women in our family since Fleur have worn it at their weddings!” Lily argued.


“At times like these we could do with Ravenclaw's Lost Diadem,” Allie joked.


“Nah, it was a Horcrux and got destroyed in the Battle of Hogwarts,” Rose said.


Lily was quiet for a moment. “What if you just take something?”


“What?” I asked.


“You know. Take a library book or something.”


“Lily, that's stealing!” Rose scolded her.


“She can give it back after the wedding,” Lily rolled her brown eyes irritably.


“How am I going to get it out of the library in the first place?” I asked. “There's no way Madam Pince would let me borrow anything now.”


“Leave that to me!” Lily beamed, before disappearing out the door.


Louise, Allie, Rose and I were sunbathing by the lake when the boys arrived back from Hogsmeade and joined us. Scorpius gave me a kiss that burned my mouth.


"You've been on Firewhisky," I said.


"SHHHHHHHH!" Hugo hissed, clearly off his face, holding a finger up to his mouth and swaying.


"Yeah," said Scorpius, "well you got drunk at your hen party so I thought it was my turn."


"As long as you don't suffer as much as I did afterwards," I grinned at him. We headed inside for dinner, and all sat at the Ravenclaw table. 

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