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Thief In The Light by mynameisjessicaah
Chapter 2 : Gives You Hell
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DISCLAIMER: Although I wish I was J.K Rowling and that I created the magical land of Harry Potter, I must sadly tell you that I am not. Although my first name does start with a J, the J stands for Jessica. In saying this, I did not write Harry Potter, everything belongs to the dearest J.k! Chapter title 'Gives You Hell' is credited to The All-American Rejects!



“I’m sorry; could you just repeat what you just said?” Hermione didn’t think she had heard Draco right, maybe she needed to clean her ears. She would get Harry to do an ear-clean charm later on.

Draco placed a couple rolls of parchment in front of her, and rolled his eyes. Of course she would have reacted this way, it was an odd request. But he hadn’t really wanted her to tutor him, he was merely looking around when he saw her and the idea came off as brilliant. Why not get tutored from the girl he was trying to beat?  “You heard me Granger.” He spoke calmly, “I need, not want, need you to tutor me. You see, my father is not happy with my grades and is threatening me-” Draco stopped halfway, and cleared his throat. “That is none of your concern. What is your concern, is tutoring me. Will you do it?”

Hermione sat aghast of this request. Draco Malfoy was asking her to tutor him. Of course, this must be a joke. He would never live up to the shame if anyone ever found out about Hermione tutoring him – if she chose to tutor him. Hermione’s mouth was slightly opened as Draco stared at her intently, awaiting her answer. This was an answer that Hermione was unable to give straight away and she was not able to find the answer in her books.  Did she feel nice enough to do him a favour? It wasn’t like he deserved it; all he ever did was taunt her and made her and her friends suffer. Why on earth would she think about doing something nice and out of her way. “Can’t you ask anyone else?” Hermione asked, after a while of scrutinising this confusing situation. It had only been a few hours when she had felt those jittering feelings that had aggravated her, and now he was sitting in front of her, asking her a question!

“No one is as smart as you are, Hermione.” Draco spoke, attempting to use charm to get her to budge. It was also the first time he had ever called her Hermione, and he knew that she was surprised because of the look she had given him as her name slipped “I am begging you.” Draco had never shown much vulnerability towards anyone, he was thought to be a ‘tough’ guy but really, that was an act. He cared about what people thought about him, but more he cared about the way Lucius Malfoy perceived him.    

Hermione shook her head and closed her potions book and folded her potions essay. “I’m sorry, Draco. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable helping you out when all you do is cause my friends and I pain. You don’t deserve it.” Hermione packed up and walked away, she could hear Draco throwing a tantrum behind her, and she was quick out the door in case he decided to send a charm her way.



Draco sat in his place for some time after Hermione’s statement and quick escape. He was feeling dreadful after those words; in fact dreadful was an understatement. He knew he had never been the nicest person to Hermione and her friends, but never did he think one – especially Hermione – had the courage to actually tell him, in case he would make their lives worse than he apparently did already. He then understood why she was in Gryffindor, he also understood why Harry Potter was in Gryffindor – but he was still stuck with Ron. He fitted Hufflepuff more, at least in Draco’s eyes. Draco slumped back into the chair and sighed, now that Hermione had refused to help him, he was stuck on what to do or who else to ask. If Hermione had refused him, he doubted anyone else would accept to help him, the only ones he knew who would were Slytherins – and they were all mostly stupid.

Draco, being as stupid as he is, reread his father’s letter to him, and once again felt enraged by this turn of events. He felt angrier than he had been originally; perhaps it was because of Hermione’s foreseen rejection to help him. Draco quickly left the library, making his outrage visible to onlookers, by pushing chairs in loudly and the loud slam of the library’s doors as Draco departed the once-quiet room. Even flying would not cure his outrage at this point of time, he just needed someone to help him, but not just anyone could do, otherwise he would have asked Pansy who would do it without a second thought, she seemed to have quite an obsession with him. The obsession was not flattering and beyond embarrassing, however, for whenever he wanted something done, she would do it. Perhaps, she thought that if she did things for him, he would simultaneously fall in love with her.

The corridors were overly crowded, and Draco was finding the company of the other students to be frustrating. Their chattering was deafening in his ears and he was feeling a small headache coming on, he quickly escaped the crowdedness and entered the room of requirement, which unfortunately to Draco, was already occupied, which was just as unfortunate for the students who had occupied the room already for it was just the ‘golden’ trio – Ron, Harry and Hermione. Draco felt another fit of rage piling onto his already-massive pile of anger.

“Great, just the people I need to see!” Draco snapped, angrily. The trio looked up, Ron and Harry confused to why Draco was acting to callously but Hermione knew why, she just looked down.

“You do not own this room, Malfoy. In fact, no one does.” Harry grumbled, and that didn’t make Draco any happier to be around them. “We aren’t leaving, so if we are going to be a problem you can . . . Quack!”

Hermione and Ron looked over to Harry, as they had gotten back to what they were doing leaving Draco and Harry to sort it out themselves, and were surprised to see a duck where Harry had been sitting.

“Where did Harry go?” Ron spluttered, turning his head in confusion, searching for his friend.

“Ron you idiot, the duck is Harry!” Hermione hissed, glaring at Draco. “Change him back!” Hermione snarled at Draco. She felt this was her fault, and was angered but at the same time guilty.

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to – I don’t know the charm too.” Draco, after turning Harry into the duck, was feeling a lot happier and amused. It reminded him of the time he had been turned into a ferret, but now that it was Harry, the situation was funny.

Hermione quickly picked up Harry and left the room, Ron followed dumbfounded. Draco just simply laughed but sat down on the chair – finally! Peace and quiet.



Madam Pomfrey had never had to heal a transformation of a duck, and it was quite different from a spell that turns a student to a bird, or even a student into a ferret. It didn’t help that Harry would not stop quacking and flapping around his bed. He even fell over a few times. Hermione and Ron had tried to calm their friend, but nothing seemed to be calming Harry down and Hermione could understand his situation. He was a duck!

Ron and Hermione stayed with Harry until Madam Pomfrey shooed them out, saying they were just in her way and that they could not help poor Harry. Ron, outraged at what had happened, was ranting non-stop about Draco Malfoy, but Hermione could not listen. She believed Draco had taken his anger, which had been from her rejection, and took it out on Harry. And she needed to fix it so nothing like this would happen again.  

“Ron, I have to go do something. I’ll meet you in the commons later.” Hermione said abruptly, interrupting Ron. Ron growled but nodded, walking away muttering about how Hermione never listened to him.

Hermione had no idea where she could find Draco, so she kept searching for him. She first looked in the room of requirement, in case he had stayed there, but he had not been in there. She couldn’t check in the Slytherin common room as she didn’t know the password. She hoped he would not be in there. She checked the Great Hall, in case he had gotten the case of the munchies, but he was not there, the last place Hermione could think of was the Quidditch oval and finally, Hermione had found him.

“Malfoy!” Hermione called, her arms crossed her chest.

Draco looked down from his broomstick, and frowned. He didn’t want to go down there, that girl would probably attack him! With good reason, but Draco did not feel any guilt for his actions. He was still laughing.

“Malfoy, get down here.” Hermione called again. “We need to talk, about what you asked for in the library.”

That perked his interest, in a rapid movement; Draco was on the floor standing in front of Hermione. “Are you going to change your mind?” He questioned, speaking slowly.

“On the condition that you leave my friends and I alone, no more taunting us, making our lives hell and definitely no more tricks like you just pulled! Madam Pomfrey doesn’t know how long it will take to cure him and he may miss his exams!” Hermione shook her head, school work top of her mind after Harry.

“I don’t care about Harry missing his exams.” Draco said abruptly, to which Hermione cocked her head to the side. “Fine, I accept the condition. Will you help me?”

Hermione smiled slightly. “Yes, fine. I’ll tutor you. No mucking around, if you’re late once I will cut off our arrangement, and when we are working, you will be on your best behaviour. You will not second question me.”

Draco nodded his head, finding it amusing how attacking Hermione’s friends could get him what he wanted.


AUTHORS NOTE: I'm not quite sure what I think of this chapter, I was just desparate to get the second chapter up. Please review and tell me what you think should happen next or just to tell me what you think! I'd appreciate it!

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