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Did you know I love you? by KeeganH
Chapter 2 : He really is back
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 A/N:  Warnings: Strong Language/ Substance Abuse


‘OH Merlin! Did I get in a fight with a brick wall?’  Pain, sheer excruciating pain, it was nowhere near as bad as some of the curses she had experienced in the war.  But her head felt like a hippogriph had been sitting on it.  It hurt, a lot.  She tried to wiggle her fingers, and nothing happened.  She tried to wiggle her toes, nothing.  Her body was refusing to move no matter how hard she tried.


She could slightly hear people entering the room and conversing around her, but the thumping of her heart in her ears was drowning out their words.  Someone came in and pressed their lips to her forehead and laid a cold washcloth on it.  ‘ahhhh, that feels nice!’


‘Ok eyes, time to open up, I can’t lay here forever.’  She willed her eyes to open, but alas, nothing happened.  ‘Oh come on!  I need to get up, plus my leg is itching really bad.’  Finally her eyelids began to flutter and she was able to let out a moan of pain.  Her headache only increased when she opened her eyes to the bright light shining overhead. 


“Oh thank Merlin Mi, I was wondering when you were going to wake up!” 


“Draco?”  Her voice cracked and he moved to help her sit up, handing her a glass of water.


“Yah babe, it’s me.  Feeling better?”


She winced as he spoke and took a sip of water.  “Please don’t be so loud!”  He helped her take another sip before moving the glass back to the coffee table.  “Honestly I feel like I just got hit by the Knight Bus.”  She placed a hand over her eyes to block out the bright light of the room.  He moved to the light switch leaving the room dark, the only source of light coming from the candles around the room.  She sighed in content and let her hand fall back on the couch.  “Draco, what in the world happened to me?”  She could hear the music still pumping down the hall and knew that her party was still going on.


“Well see we were playing Truth or Dare and it was your turn.  And, well you had a new guest show up and in all the excitement you fainted.  Unfortunately you were standing pretty close to a coffee table and hit your head on the edge of it.”  She reached up to run her hand over the newly formed goose egg above her left ear.  Just the slight feather like touch caused her to wince and let out another moan of pain.


“Well that’s a great way to make a statement at my party.”  She let out a nervous laugh and leaned into him.  “I was having the strangest dream too while I was out; we were in the middle of the party and Harry’s dead godfather walked in.”  Draco gave her a nervous glance but she didn’t see it.


As if his ears were burning, the door opened and in walked a very much alive Sirius Black.  “Hermione?!  Oh good your awake!  I am so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!  I had no idea that you would faint.  I feel just terrible love.”  He reached out to her but she jumped away and crawled into Draco’s lap.  Draco wrapped his arms around her and shot Sirius an apologetic look.  Sirius withdrew his hand in shock as she stared at him with a look of horror on her face.  Looking between Draco and Sirius she tried to gather the words to speak.  She could only assume that she resembled a goldfish at the moment opening and closing her mouth in thought.


Unwrapping Draco’s arms from around her she slowly rose and crossed the room to stand in front of him.  With shaking hands she reached up and placed a hand to his face.  Running her thumb carefully along his cheek she stared into his eyes.  He closed his eyes at the amazing feeling and let out a sigh.  She could feel his warmth radiating through her hand and knew that her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her, he was real.  She pulled her hand back and with all her might slapped him across the face. 


Without looking back she marched from the room slamming the door behind her.  Pushing past her guests she grabbed a bottle of firewhisky on her way up the stairs and entered her old bedroom.  She locked the door and cast a few wards and a silencing spell on the room.


Even though her head hurt doing it, she let out a series of long loud screams until her voice was all but gone.  She couldn’t believe it, was he really here?  He hadn’t change one bit, he looked just like he did the day he entered the veil, maybe even a little more refreshed.  She collapsed to the floor in sobs unable to control her emotions anymore. 


After a few moments she found the strength to get to her feet and picked the bottle up off the bed taking two huge swigs.  Locating her purse, she pulled out the joint she had brought with her and lit it up.  Alternating drags and sips, she paced the room.


He was here, he was back.  And she had nearly announced to everyone, including him that she was in love with him.  He was her deepest darkest crush; he had been since the summer after fourth year when she had been visiting Harry.


Everytime he looked at her she would blush scarlet.  She felt like a stupid school girl and didn’t want anyone to notice.  So she spent a lot of her free time in the library of Grimmauld Place reading and trying to avoid him.  But he had sought her out late one night wanting to know if he had done something wrong for her to be avoiding him.  She had kept her glaze on the floor when she told him nothing was wrong.  Slowly he had lifted her chin and asked her to look at him and tell him that.  Brown eyes locked on grey and they simply stared at each other for a moment before she felt him move closer.  Harry had chosen that moment to start yelling for Hermione from down the hall and she had bolted out of the room. 



She had never told a soul of her feelings, there was no point.  He was quite a bit older than her, 20 years to be in fact.  The veil had apparently stopped his aging, but that still made him presently 15 years older than her.  Plus, he would never even take a second look at her, he probably still thought of her as a buck-toothed bushy haired child.  Feeling more frustrated she hauled the now empty bottle at the fireplace watching it shatter into a million pieces.


She was in the middle of rolling another joint when the pounding began on the door.  “Hermione, its Ginny I know you are in there!  Let us in!”  Ignoring the cries from the other side of the wood, she finished off her joint.  “Hermione Jean Granger, you open this door right now!” 


“Hermione, hun, its Draco, let us in, we want to know what’s going on.”


“Mione, its George come on, let us in.”


Lighting up she slid down the wall opposite the door and sat starting at it.  She conjured another bottle of firewhiskey and took a long gulp of the burning liquid.  Closing her eyes, she laid her head back on the wall letting the poison smoke fill her lungs.  She was trying to figure out how to get out of the house without anyone bothering her.  She didn’t want to explain herself she just wanted everyone to go away.  She knew that she couldn’t apparate out, only he could apparate in and out of the house.  She thought about going out the window, but she was on the third floor and really didn’t feel like any broken bones. 


An unmistakable ‘pop’ interrupted her thoughts; she knew that sound anywhere, someone had apparated in.  Since nobody else was allowed to apparate inside the house except him, she knew who it was.  Taking another deep drag, she opened her eyes and looking into his confused grey eyes.  Never blinking, her angry bloodshot eyes stayed glued to his.  If looks could kill, he would be a goner.  She let out the thick smoke and took another swig from her bottle.  “What do you want?!”  Her voice was laced with venom.


“Oh Hermione.  What has this world done to you love?”  Sirius dropped to his knees beside her and reached out to take hold of her but she jumped out of his grasp.


“What has the world done to me?!  What has the world done to ME?!  Oh let me count the ways Mr. Black!  I was forced to grow up a lot faster than most kids.  While most kids were off getting ready for school and having a social life, I was fighting a dark wizard alongside my two best friends.  I was a fucking teenager Sirius!!  A teenager fighting witches and wizards nearly twice my age!  I got to watch my parents and my boyfriend be murdered right in front of me all because they were muggles.  You have no idea what that felt like!  My parents will never see me get married or have babies!  My parents will never wish me a happy birthday again!  Their screams fill my dreams nearly every single night!!” 


She started pacing out the room in front of him trying not to cry.  “I was tortured at the hands of your crazed cousin who carved the most wonderful reminder into my arm!!”  Holding out her arm she removed the concealment charm and showed him the words Mudblood that was permanently imbedded in the delicate skin of her arm. 


He wanted to scoop her up and take away the pain she was feeling.  But he let her continue knowing that she needed to get it all out.  “She wanted to make sure that I knew my place in this world!!  Now the only thing that keeps my nightmares and demons away is getting high and drunk!  I am supposed to be the brightest witch of my age and now I’ve turned into an addict!  When will it ever end?  When will I finally get to live a normal life without being dependent on this stuff??!!    AND do you want to know the worst of it?!  DO YOU?!” 


He couldn’t find his voice to answer, so he simply nodded his head as she stopped in front of him.  “I got to watch the man that I love, and have been in love with since fourth year die right in front of me!  Well…….at least I thought he had died.”  She had whispered the last part under her breath while staring him straight in the eye.  His eyes widen in realization of her words.


Without even waiting for him to speak, she grabbed her wand and her purse and stormed out the bedroom door pushing past the group that had been camped up around the door listening to her rant.  She ran down the stairs, kicking her shoes off at the landing ignoring the shouts of her friends and exited his house.  She kept running until her lungs and her bare feet couldn’t take it anymore.  She knew she needed to go where nobody could find her, where he couldn’t find her.  She had to clear her head and figure everything out. 


Checking behind her to see if anyone had followed, she entered the alley and apparated to her friend Kyndall’s house in Paris.  She was a muggle girl that Hermione had met one night at a bar and the two had become instant friends.  She knew that nobody would bother to look for her there.







One Week & 12 Voicemails Later



Where are you Mi??  It’s Blaise.  I am really worried about you.  What in the world happened last night?  We spent hours looking for you.  You know I care about you hun, please just call me, tell me you’re okay.


‘Mione?  Hey it’s me Seamus.  I want to just make sure you’re okay.  I know your upset but I want you to know I am here if you wanna talk.  Just give me a call.


Hermione, it’s Reamus.  They told me what happened last night.  He is really broken right now sweetie, he can’t believe how stupid he was.  You know me and Tonks will be happy to help you out, just please call one of us.



Hey ‘Mione………..babe, it’s me George.  I know your upset but please just let someone know you’re okay, I am here for you.  Call me or send me an owl.


Hermione Granger!  This is Ginny!  You better call me right this instant!  I am worried sick about you girl, you have everyone all up in a tizzy because they can’t find you.  We have checked everywhere, even the Hogwarts Library and still no sign of you!  Call me, please.


Mi?  It’s Draco.  It’s been 48 hours and we still can’t find you.  I am really really worried about you love.  I care about you a lot and I need to make sure you’re okay, just please………call me.


‘Mione, It’s Harry and Ron.  No matter what we love you and we will stand behind you.  We just need to know that you okay, it’s been three days.  Call us, any of us. 


Mi, it’s Blaise again. Everyone is panicking; they are worried something bad has happened to you.  We need to hear your voice, even if you don’t call me, call someone.


Hermione, it’s mom.  Your friends keep coming by and calling trying to find you.  I told them that I had no idea where you are and they haven’t pushed the issue.  Please just call one of them.  Poor Blaise and Draco look like they haven’t slept all this since you left.  I love you sweetie.


Hermione, It’s Luna.  Sweetie, beware the nargales they mess with your head.  Stay safe, call someone please.


I am really panicking here sweetie!  It’s Draco, Theo and Blaise.  Please it’s been almost a week and still nothing from you.  Our owls come back like they can’t find you, we have tried to apparate to you and nothing, it’s like you dropped off the earth.   Please call someone.


Hermione, um…it’s me Sirius.  Look I don’t understand fully what I did to upset you.  Please call someone, please call me.  I really need to know that you okay.  Everything you said has been playing over and over in my head.  All of it.  And there is something I need to tell you.  I have wanted to tell you this for a long time but I can’t until you come home.  Just please……um…… me okay?





  A/N: And that’s the end of chapter two.  I actually wrote this chapter backwards lol.  I started off writing the voicemails because that’s what came to me in the middle of the night and then built it from there.  I know it’s not as long as the first chapter, but hopefully you guys liked it!

Please, Please, Please read and review and let me know what you think so far!  I really like to know what you guys think!

If I spelled anything wrong I’m sorry!! 


*~* KeeganH *~*

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