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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 27 : The Trial p2 + the awekening
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This hasnt been beta-ed, as i wanted to post it straight away!



Hermione faced Ginny in the ministry’s toilet.

‘’do I look alright?’’ Hermione took a deep breath as Ginny inspected her face.

Ginny quickly wiped away a tiny bit of mascara that still lingered on Hermione’s cheek, ‘’now you are.’’ Ginny smiled sadly at Hermione, not knowing what to say.

Hermione looked over to the overly large clock on the opposite wall, ‘’let’s go back, the ten minutes are nearly over.’’   The two didn’t say another word, and they both exited the girls bathroom, to go back into the courtroom.

The girls took their place, when Kingsleys voice boomed across the room,

‘’Now, it is time for Lucius to be questioned. Jeffer if  you will.’’ A guard, (presumably named Jeffer) unlocked Lucius’ holding cell and forced back his head, opening his mouth, another guard then poured a clear liquid down his throat, making Lucius swallow.

‘’I will not answer your questions.’’ Lucius spat.

‘’You don’t have a choice now Lucius, now, tell me how you first head about your son dating Miss Granger and what you done about this.’’ Kingsley asked.

‘’Kleydor, I sent him in as Zabini to keep check on Draco, to see what he was up to as I knew his mind was changing sides, I knew since the war began. I wanted to keep an eye on him, Kleydor was my eye. Soon after the term began, I was told Draco had gotten close to the filthy mudblood, I had my suspicions, and they were soon confirmed. As I knew it was in that pathetic order, I got myself sighted at Zabini manor so I could lead you all there. I watched from a top window as you split yourselves and I followed my son and It.  I found them on the roof hurting some of my…friends, when Draco was distracted, I grabbed the girl and tried to get away, but Draco quickly noticed, the girl then elbowed me, and managed to escape, but I soon found her badly hurt, I took advantage of the situation, so I put my son in a body bind hex and cruioed the mudblood. I then apparated away, warning them of more to come.’’ He smirked at Hermione.

‘’Lucius, tell me, how did you manage to sneak into Hogwarts. All entrances were sealed off, and the vanishing cupboard was destroyed.’’ Kingsely peered at him over his glasses, his purple hat falling into his eyes slightly.

‘’I managed to get a hold of a hair from one of the pathetic students here at Hogwarts, and sneak my way in as a student, I had remembered Draco telling me about the chamber in his second year, so I thought it would be the best place to hide for now, seeing as I knew the password, I have quite the memory.’’ He smirked slyly at Kingsley.

‘’What happened on the night that took place two weeks ago?’’

‘’I had enough of the mudblood tainting my boys mind,’’ he looked at a cringing Hermione, ‘’so I left a note which you all saw. I quickly fled back to the chamber, knowing she would come. She wouldn’t let her friends be in danger, you’ve seen the rest.’’ He sat back in his chair.

‘’Yes, very well, does your representative have anything to say?’’ Kingsley looked down at the man who stood next to Lucius.

The blonde haired man looked down at Lucius, then back up, pushing his blue tie knot back up, ‘’Lucius Malfoy wished to plead not guilty.’’

Hermione stood up in her chair, along with the rest, raging in anger.

‘’ORDER!’’ Kinsley’s voiced echoed around the room, ‘’Jury, I am going to ask for your vote. Raise your hands if you agree that Lucius Malfoy is NOT guilty.’’

Hermione looked at the jury, not believing her eyes, 10 people actually thought he wasn’t guilty. She shook her head in annoyance, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her right ear.

The minister took count of the number, ‘’Raise your hands if you think Lucius Malfoy IS guilty?’’

Hermione’s eyes scanned the raised hands, 40, there were 40 hands. Hermione squealed with joy, they had done it.

She turned to Harry, ‘’Harry, he’s going to be sentenced. We won!’’ She quickly hugged a grinning Harry, and sat back in her seat.

‘’Now, Jury, we need your sentence.’’

‘’We, the jury of the ministry of magic, and the defence against criminals and the law system, we find Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, guilty of all charges of attempted murder, assault, not abiding by your Azkaban rules, breaking and entering. You will be sentenced to the last dementors kiss, the last dementors the walks this earth, will be used on you. You have one week left to live. That is all.’’

‘’Take him away, you have an hour for lunch, you must return at the hour.’’

Death. He was sentenced to death! How…how do I feel about  that? I wanted him to die, but did I really? Now that he has been sentenced…Hermione’s thoughts were cut off by Harry,

‘’Hermione, we done it! We defeated Lucius! I can’t believe we actually done it!’’ Harry yelped, leaping into the air.

Hermione stood up, beaming from ear to ear, ‘’now all we have to do is defeat Kleydor.’’ The group walked out of the courtroom, and into the main lobby, they all headed off into the lunch room, a small plain white room with a stall selling basic food.

Hermione took out her lunch from her extendible bag, while the others got their lunch.

‘’So Harry, do you have to give evidence against Kleydor?’’ Hermione asked him, taking a sip of her Pumpkin juice.

‘’Yes, so have the others actually.’’ He looked down, frowning.

‘’What wrong Harry?’’ she lowered her head so she could be eye level with Harry.


‘’Harry…’’ Hermione raised an eyebrow.

Harry sighed, ‘’I don’t want to go over it again, I saw how hard it was for you, I don’t want go over that night again, everyone was so hurt.’’

‘’Harry, you’re one of the strongest, courageous people in know,  you went up against Voldemort, im sure you can do this.’’ Hermione looked at him, and squeezed his hand.

‘’You’re right Hermione. Thankyou.’’ He looked at her, and smiled.

‘’No problem Harry, I’ll be standing right next to you, like you did with me.’’ He looked at her, seeing the courage in her eyes, it spread through him like wildfire.



Their lunch time finished and the trial passed easily, everyone had given their statements, Harry had showed everyone his memories, and true to her word, Hermione stood by his side, along with Ginny on the other. The memory stopped before them, and they were back in the courtroom. They took their seats, and waited for Kingsley to talk,

‘’Now, going on all the evidence, Jury, I would like for you to make your decision. Please raise your hands if you think Kleydor is NOT guilty.’’

Hermione scanned the jury and watched as no hands were risen, she looked  back at the rugged Kleydor  as he slumped down in his cell, his face raging with fury.

‘’Hands rise if you find Kleydor guilty.’’ Kingsley and everyone else in the room watched as everyone’s hands rose, a feeling of happiness, an emotion Hermione hadn’t felt in a long time, washed over her, they were free, everything would be okay.

‘’I, the ministry of Magic find Hawley Kleydor, guilty of all charges, you will be executed, and put to death in one week’s time.

Everyone exited and they flooed back to Hogwarts feeling elated, especially Hermione, knowing that Draco would be awake in just a few hours made her feeling happy again.


They all arrived back in the heads dorm, and sat down, while Hermione went and checked on Draco.

She climbed up his steps, and entered his room, smiling at the healer as she left. Hermione watched the door close, and quickly sat down on the chair by his bed, holding his hand,

‘’Hey, Draco, im going to tell you the verdict of your fathers trial…he got sentenced to death, in one weeks time.’’ Hermione looked down, feeling slightly guilty, ‘’I know…I know you still love him, yes you say you hate him, but there is a thin line between love and hate, I mean, look at us…we hated each other for years, now look at us.’’ Hermione laughed sadly, ‘’Kleydor also met the same fate, you should go see Lucius in the week if you can,  you should go, to say your goodbye. You admired him for a long time, I distinctly remember you ‘telling your father’ about everything,’’ Hermione laughed, ‘’just a couple more hours and you’ll be awake.’’ She squeezed his hand, and left the room, quickly going to her room to get changed.

As she entered the common room, Hermione was greeted by smiles, ‘’what?’’ she was puzzled.

‘’Fober arrived early, he is in Draco’s room now.’’ Ginny replied, smiling up at her.

Hermione ran straight down the steps and flew into Draco’s room, bursting the door open,

‘’Fober?’’ she looked at the rugged man who was standing over Draco.

‘’Ahh Hermione, my appointment finished early, so I decided to come early.’’ He smiled at her, his brown eyes smiling also.

‘’When…when are you going to do it?’’ she wiped away some sweat that was collecting on her brow.

‘’Now, now Hermione, I need you to step out the room.’’  I will call you when it’s done. Then we will finally awake him. It could take hours though, so get your hopes up.’’ He hushed a saddened Hermione out of the room, closing the door behind her.

‘’Hey, what’s he doing?’’ Ginny asked, standing up.

‘’He’s about to perform the surgery, so we got to wait out here. It could take hours though.’’ Hermione looked up at the clock, and saw it was nearing eight, ‘’guys I might get some food for all of us, you can all crash here if you want, boys in here, girls in my room?’’ she raised her eyebrow inquisitively. There were lots of head shakings and yes’.

After eating what seemed like a ton of food, and not hearing anything from Fober, only just a few sparks from underneath the door, they all decided to call it a day, after what seemed like an extremely long day.

The girls crashed in Hermione’s room and quickly fell asleep, Hermione’s dreams filled with Draco’s face as he awoke.

Hermione was looking at Draco, his eyes scanning her smiling face, when her vision was shaken, she opened her eyes to see an excited Ginny squirming above her,

‘’what?, what is it!” Hermione sat up in her bed.

‘’Draco, he’s being pulled out of his coma, you need to go, now!’’ Ginny smiled.

Hermione quickly jumped out of bed and put her hair into a knot on the top of her bed, she put on her bunny slippers, and hopped over the sleeping Luna.

She left Ginny and entered the common room, worming her way through the boys sleeping figures and slowly opened Draco’s door, to see Madame Pomfery and Fober pulling out a needle from Draco’s arm,

‘’Ahh, Hermione, he will be in a haze when he wakes up, so it will be better if you would be sitting next to him when he awoke so he see’s someone he cares about as the first thing he sees.’’ Madame Pomfery smiled at Hermione.

Hermione sat down on Draco’s left side, taking his hand.

‘’How long till he awakens?’’ Hermione asked, taking her eyes off Draco’s now twitching face.

‘’Not long, should  be any second now.’’ Fober said.

As soon as the last word left Fobers mouth, Draco started to move his head from side to side,

‘’Is that normal?’’ Hermione looked up at Fober.


‘’Hermione looked at Draco, he started to open his eyes, her heart skipped a beat.

‘’Draco?’’ Hermione asked A Draco tried to prop himself up on his bed.

Draco finally managed to sit up in his bed with Fober’s aid, he rubbed his eyes, Sighing, he opened his eyes, and looked at Hermione with a blank expression, he then looked down at his hand in which she held, and his face turned into disgust,

‘’Get off me you filthy little mudblood. ‘’ he sneered at a flabbergasted Hermione,

‘’What?’’ she asked, snatching her hand back.

He looked at her in disgust, then noticed something on his forearm, he looked at his dark mark and turned to the three in the room, ‘’WHEN DID THAT GET THERE!’’



A/N: DUN DUN DUUUUUN PLOT TWIST! i will say no more! exepct please read and review! 


SlightObession xx

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A Bottle Full of Love: The Trial p2 + the awekening


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