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Treachery by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 2 : Curious
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 It had been two weeks since that incident in the prefect’s bathroom. I couldn’t thank Remus enough for giving me the password, even if I hadn’t told him exactly what for. In fact I hadn’t told any of the guys, what had happened in that room. I still couldn’t get over it myself. Nova Lore. I hadn’t seen her since and trust me I had been looking for her. She hadn’t left my mind. She was intriguing, I just wanted to know more.

Prongs could tell something was up, he always could. But I still hadn’t told him even if he was a brother to me. Anyway he had his own distractions, especially since a certain Evans was finally giving him some recognition in return. It was sickly sweet. She’d finally agreed to go to Hogsmeade with James and he couldn’t be happier. He literally galloped everywhere, even without his animagus form… I swear it was down to his new position as Head boy, if I didn’t know any better I’d say Dumbledore was playing match maker.

We were currently sitting in the Great Hall, eating dinner. My eyes scanned the hall for her but I couldn’t find her amongst the other students. I’d done my best to find out more about her, but there’s only so much you can do without drawing more attention to the fact I’m looking for her. She was Slytherin. I was shocked too, she doesn’t seem like one. She was on the Quidditch team too how had I not noticed her before? I must have played against her hundreds of times and completely clueless to her existence. She was the only girl on the Slytherin Quidditch team, keeper too. Well there was one other, but she graduated last year, but still. She was sixth year, the year below. I’d dated younger. Two years maximum. I’m not a cradle snatcher.

So Nora Lora, Slytherin, Sixth year, Keeper. That was all the information I had and I wanted to know more.

My eyes drifted in front of me where a very timid Hufflepuff was standing. Her skirt was ten inches to short, her makeup was too heavy. She was pretty I guess in an obvious I’m blonde with big boobs sort of way. I found myself making comparisons with Nova.

“Hi Sirius” she emphasised the syllables on my name and batted her eye lashes flirtatiously. I forced a smile at her.

“Hello…” I said back bored, I had no idea what her name was.

“Penelope” she supplied.

“Hello Penelope” I replied.

“I was just wondering whether you wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me next Saturday” I looked up not surprised in the slightest. I noticed people were watching intently, wondering whether I was going to reject or accept. It was always the same, if I said no girls would keep asking until I said yes to someone.

“I’m sorry Penelope, but I already have a date” or at least I hoped I still did.

I heard a few gasps from the over hearing gits around. Penelope looked slightly dejected but she smiled never the less. “Ah well you know where I am, in case she happens to cancel” she gave a wink and skipped off to her friends who were eagerly waiting for her to return.

“Woah” Padfoot exclaimed “You didn’t tell me you got yourself a date. So who’s the lucky bird?”

“She’s not a bird” I replied bluntly.

“Oh come on Sirius tell us” pleaded Lily. I’m still not use to her calling me by my first name, or calling James by his first name for that matter.

“She’s a girl” I replied finally.

“I should hope so” piped in Peter, laughing at his own joke.

“Anything would be better than taking you again” I replied dryly. He stopped laughing almost instantly but James was the one to laugh now.

“Remember how jealous all the girls got when they found out you were taking Peter, absolutely priceless”.

“So who are you taking?”

“Nova Lore” I replied quietly.

“Fuck, how the hell did that happen?” James looked at me opened mouthed; Lily slapped him in the arm from beside. “What I’m purely pointing out they are bi-polar opposites, she’s a Slytherin for Merlin’s sake” he cleared up with a cough.

“Oh so it had nothing to do with the fact, she and her sisters are half veela”

“I’d say a quarter actually” I offered as a not so helpful bit of advice.

Lily raised her eyebrows but let the matter slide. James was whipped and he had been since first year. “I’ll be going we’re having a girly night in our dorm tonight” Lily said as she stood up, James looked slightly upset until she kissed his cheeks making him grin widely. “I’ll see you tomorrow” she said as she walked off with Mary McDonald and Alice Prewett.

“Stop staring at her arse Prongs” I said jokingly.

“What? It’s the only time I can do it without her hexing me” I laughed it was true; she had become a lot more lenient lately.

“So Nova Lore” he repeated.

“Yup” I said smugly.

“When were you planning on telling us?”

“Well that depends”


“If I’ve imagined her or not”.

“She’s definitely real” replied James.

“And how do you know that for a fact? Cause honestly I swear I’ve created her in my head I haven’t seen her since she agreed and that was almost three weeks ago” I said slightly dejected.

“She’s definitely real” repeated Remus “She’s just left the great hall with a group of Slytherins”

“What?” I perked up my eyes immediately swung to doors, as I saw a group leaving. I left without hesitation, running after them. That was before I realised the S word Remus had kindly reminded me of. As I saw her turn a corner I saw the people she was walking with. I almost felt sick at the sight. Regulus was there and his little want-to-be death eater friends. She was laughing along with whatever Regulus had just said. I turned back towards the great hall feeling slightly defeated. Maybe she wasn’t the person I thought she was.


It was Friday night. The night before my supposed Hogsmeade date with Nova, I still hadn’t spoken to her. Part of me didn’t want to. I didn’t know why but half of me expected her not even to turn up tomorrow.

“Padfoot pass us the Potatoes” asked Peter. I happily obliged passing them down to him. James was currently as pale as any one of the ghosts wondering around the great hall. “What’s wrong Prongs?”

“Tomorrow. First date. First date with Lily” he said so quick I barely picked up on it. I laughed as I caught on.

“Don’t worry it will be fine”

“What if she doesn’t want to go on another?” he asked almost frightened.

“Then we’ll spend another seven years trying to get her on another” he smiled at that.

“Yeah and we’ll be there to help” Peter added. Remus nodded informing us all we were in it together.

“It will be fine, she likes you” Remus said.

“She likes me?” James asked surprised.

“No. You idiot, she just kisses you on the cheek and holds your hand because she despises you”

“Oh right” he replied coolly.

“So you still on for your date with Nova?” James asked.

“I think so, she hasn’t said otherwise. Actually she hasn’t said anything to me since she agreed to go with me in the first place”

“Ah, well here’s your chance”


“She’s just leaving, alone”

I looked up and he was right she was leaving the Slytherin table alone. I quickly got up and followed her, feeling slightly anxious and excited.

I followed her out of the hall, and down two corridors, I was just about to shout Nova, when I heard two voices rather than one.

“Reg what is it? You can’t just storm off like that”

“I didn’t like what was being said”

“Oh cry me a river. You don’t seem to bother when it’s me on the receiving end”

“That’s different”.

“Yes, because it’s me not you”

“And?” he said in a sneer. I had no idea what was going on between them, but I felt jealous. A feeling I usually wasn’t use to feeling.

“You’re being childish” she told him.

“And you’re not?”

“No. I’m being an adult and not rushing in to stupid decisions that I’ll regret later on”

“No. You’re being childish by acting up against your parents, you’re just like my brother”

“I am not” she said sternly, that hurt I thought. What’s wrong with being me. “Are you going to apologise?” she asked.

“Sorry” he drawled.

“Eurgh, come and find me when you actually mean it” she said before attempting to turn around. I stepped a step back so I was even more hidden than I was before.

“Accompany me to Hogsmeade tomorrow” Reg told her, it wasn’t a question it was an order and it made me feel sick.

“I can’t”

“And why not?”

“I already have a date” she said smugly.

“Oh” I heard my brother say he seemed upset, I suddenly felt a lot happier about the situation. So she did still intend to go to Hogsmeade, which I hoped would still be with me.

I heard footsteps coming closer, she had walked away from him.

“Hey Nova!” I heard Reg shout.

“Yes?” I saw her from the corner of my eye turn round to talk to him.

“Who are you going with?” he asked obviously curious.

I saw Nova smirk at him, she said two words before turning back around and walking away from him and those were “Your brother”. 



Author's note:

I don't own anything that you recognise, everything you recognise probably belongs to J.K.Rowling... if not some other person. 

Yep so chapter two! tell me what you think!!! 


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