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Beneath by keyty
Chapter 2 : summer mood
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Summer Mood -- Best Coast

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Lily walks up to the Potter mansion. She knocks on the mahogany door twice, with deliberate force.

She hears the sound echo on the marble walls inside.


Lily scowls. She is not looking forward to this encounter.

James Potter opens the door. Upon seeing Lily, his lips form into a grin.

“Miss me already, Evans?”

She rolls her eyes at him. She mock laughs for a few moments before being serious again.

“Funny. No, I need to talk to you.”

He smirks.

She rolls her eyes at him.

He wants her, and she loathes it.

She enters and admires his home. It’s splendor never ceases to amaze her. Everything seems to be made of marble.

Above the fireplace hangs a magical painting of some relative. The subjects snores quietly.

Red velvet armchairs are arranged facing the mantel, along with a loveseat and a sofa.

“Did you hear about the muggle car crash that happened in May near here?” she asks.

He stares at her blankly.

“It was awful,” she says.

He hasn’t a clue and she can’t force herself to say it aloud.

Finally, seeing no other way, she slowly drags her forefinger across her neck.

James inhales sharply.

Fuck. Yeah, I remember now.”

“I just ran into their daughter,” her eyes are pained.

He wants nothing more than to hold her just then.

“I invited her to the pool party tomorrow,” she says. It sounds like a question.

He nods.

“Of course.”

She nods, sitting on the velvet loveseat.

She wonders how Rainne must feel. She can’t fathom it.

“She looked...” Lily starts. She struggles to find a nice way to say what she is thinking.

There is no nice way to say what she is thinking.

“She looked like she was really messed up.”

James winces, sitting beside her. He very rarely witnesses Lily speaking poorly of someone.

“I know it sounds awful!” Lily cries, “But how else could someone be after their parents got decapitated in a car crash! I couldn’t...” she trails off, staring at her lap.

Her mind wanders off.

James inches closer to her, as if to put his arms around her. He thinks better of it and his arms fall limp beside him.

He wants nothing more than to hold her.

She straightens up.

“I just wanted to make sure that was okay with you,” she says, standing up quickly.

She mutters a quiet goodbye as she leaves.

James exhales after she shuts the door, falling back onto the love seat.

He knows how important this must be to her. She has never spoken to him that way; she has always been angry.

Suddenly, a smirk forms on his lips.

He wonders what she looks like in a swimsuit.


Lily dips her hand in the water as it slowly carries her around the pool. She is laying on a rubber air mattress, taking in the sun.

The guys are playing some form of aquatic quidditch she can’t seem to find interest in.

James has invited a decent amount of girls. They all cheer as they watch them play, but Lily can’t be bothered, and the pool is large enough that they all seem distant.

A magic announcer sitting in a tiny podium keeps the girls updated on the score.

“The Marauders are up by twenty!” it squeaks.

Lily slowly runs her fingers up and down her stomach. She loves being in the sun. When summer rolls around each year, she spends as much time as she can soaking it in.

She detests the thought of being pale like her sister.

Her and is in the water once more, swaying it back and forth.

Suddenly, she feels something playing with her fingers. She makes a fist around it, capturing it immediately. Sitting up, she peeks through her fingers to see what it is.

“The game is over! the small announcer squeaks, “The snitch has been caught!”

Everyone is silent.

They look at Benjamin, the seeker for the Marauders. He shakes his head, opening his hands to show they are empty. The other seeker does the same.

Lily howls with laughter, drawing everyone’s attention to herself.

“I caught it!” she screams, giggling uncontrollably and kicking her legs up and down, “I actually caught it!”

James grins.


Rainne’s hands shake as she rings the doorbell. She already wants another cigarette.

The Potter mansion is colossal. She takes a few steps back to admire the marble statues, the small fountain just behind the iron gates that read “POTTER” in bold, intimidating letters.

She already regrets coming here.

The door slams open to reveal a soaking wet James Potter.

His bathing suit sticks to his legs and he tugs at it in an attempt to be less uncomfortable.Water drips down from his hair, down his chest and into a small puddle at his feet.

He is beaming.

“Come in!” he says, not bothered by the fact that he doesn’t know her.

Rainne is devastated. Nobody remembers her.

She can feel the blood draining from her features.

She is so utterly nervous. A wreck, really.

He leads her through the large sitting room, then the kitchen. His feet slap against the marble floor and his hair is still dripping. She follows him outside.

Her eyes search desperately for Lily.

“Hey, Rainne,” she hears a soft voice say. She spins around, locking eyes with Lily. She blinks rapidly and attempts to smile.

It comes out as a grimace.

“What would you like to do?” Lily says, remaining cheery, “There is food over there,” she gestures to a large table covered in sugary treats, “Or you could tan. Or there’s the pool, obviously.”

Rainne tries not to wince at the amount of calories that are still adding up in her head.

She shrugs.

More than anything, what she wants to do is be swallowed into the earth.

“We could just sit with everyone?” Lily adds. She is running out of suggestions.

Rainne nods. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. She is already convinced that the will be a miserable one.

Lily smiles and leads her to the wet crowd.

Some sit at the edge of the pool, their legs dipped into the water. Others gather in the shade under a tarp that hangs above the concrete porch, sitting on a wooden picnic table.

They are talking about quidditch.

“It was crazy!” Benjamin Taylor exclaims, “He caught the snitch five minutes into the match and Spain won the cup!”

Everyone exclaims.

Lily does the one thing Rainne fears most.

“Everyone,” she says, “this is Rainne.”

The group turns to look at her. They silently eye her, taking her in. Most recognize her, but choose not to mention it.

Hellos are mumbled and Rainne nods shyly in response.

She looks like she’s in pain, they think.

She can’t speak.

She hasn’t uttered a word yet and the anxiety has already taken over her vocal chords.

She hates herself for it.

There is an awkward pause before one girl --Carmen, Rainne recalls --speaks.

“I love your bracelets.”

She reaches out to touch them and Rainne flinches, then obliges.

Carmen and Lily exchange a look.

“Lets go for a swim!” someone says.

author’s note:

before moving on, i would like to clarify that peter has been replaced by benjamin taylor. to be honest, i don’t know if this story will reach the point of godric’s hollow, but if it does, it will not end as it did in the books.

thank you for reading.

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