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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 7 : The Round Table: part one
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A/N wanted to apologize for my long absence from writing; i have been very busy with school and preparing for my sisters wedding thus i haven't had much time to write so here is the long overdue chapter of their successful sneak out. also the drug in use here is completely fictional and no i do not condone the use of such things;though it is needed for my story in this particular version of fanfiction and i apologize in advance if it offends anyone

other wise Enjoy :) part two of the round table in the works

Sirius Black

When i stepped out of the fire place; slightly dizzy, I felt a hand grasp my elbow in attempts to balance me out. I had come face to face with Sirius.
His eyes amused with dancing lights from the surrounding decor.

The Round Table was a darkened and entrancing place. Dressed in red velvet and dark expresso colored bars; so dark it seemed almost black, and glossy booths.

"How's about a drink?" Sirius' voice pulled me from captiation as i listened to the rythm of the song filling the room.

"Sure mate; but first..a little business." Not noticing his offer was specifically to me; he winked and walked off into the other direction taking Sirius with him. Lily, Remus and I took a seat in a sectioned area and ordered Firewhiskeys.

"Control your self Dren." Remus leaned away from me after he so cautiously whispered in my ear. Glancing at Lily; we met each others eyes and she quirked her eyebrow curiosly as if asking if he knows.

Giving a small nod I engaged my dirnk counting the second til Sirius returned.

Sirius P.O.V

I followed James to the bar hoping that whoever it is we're meeting will hurry; feeling the need to be as close to Dren as possible. I should feel horrible.

Pursuing Dren while I'm kind of seeing Emmaline. Pursuing Dren when i know that in James' eyes it would be the ultimate betrayel and yet i can't stop myself from wanting her.

all i think about is that kiss. what it meant; but talking about it wasn't an option. The risk of James finding out far to strong with Remus aware of the situation.

"there he is" turning to look where James was pointing as his voice pulled me out of my thoughts my eyes caught the figure of one very sketchy Mundungus Fletcher.

Fletcher wasn't much older then us but his lifestyle aged him decades.

"Dung? really James. thats your connection."

"Hey he may not be all that great but he knows where to get things."
he grinned eagerly. excited at this chance with Lily; to impress her with his connections.

i other hand am not to sure it's going to work; Lily is little miss goody two shoes.

"boys! when i got your message i must say i was so thrilled to hear from you. it has been way to long; how is that sister of yours i was so hoping to see her"

James smiled politely "oh Drens great but we are all in need of a good night; you know blow off a little steam."

"if any one knows what you need its me and i've got it right here for you."

Fletcher reached into his pocket; we ordered firewhiskeys as we waited for him to find his 'gift'; even though i dont trust him all that much i do have some great memories of getting into trouble with him.

"so fletcher what have you been up too lately?"

"not too much Black; just the usual, getting into trouble avoiding the law you know how it goes."

with a wink he dropped a small bag of what appeared to red pills in my hand and james 20 galleans; 2 galleaons a piece.

"careful mate; they're strong so not to much drinking with them but i know on these youll have a good time."

"what exactly are they"

"Crimson Tears. trust me mate you'll love them."
James and I grinned and eagerly headed back to meet the others. Excited with our new purchase and sharing this experience with them.

Dren was the first to see us coming. her boredom seemingly melting away as her eyes lit up at the sight of us. She smiled and again i wished to kiss her lips.

"Sirius mate this is going to be fun" James slipped into the seat next to lily and i took my place next to Dren as i watched Remus down a drink his eyes flickering between me and Dren causing me to scoot away just an inch.

"so where is it?"

"a little eager are we?"

Dren smirked in that devil may care way "well we came here for a good night didnt we?"

i laughed taking out the Crimson Tears handing one each to the others.

"Fletcher said these are pretty strong so i hope you guys had your fill of liqour; says we shouldnt mix the two very much"

she turned towards James with a shocked look on her face "that's your source? Fletcher. he's as risky as they come"

He shrugged half heartedly "if it wasn't for his ways we wouldnt be about to have the night of our lives."

"bottoms up"
swallowing the little pill i drank the last of my firewhiskey; eagerly awaiting the moment it will kick in. feeling a hand on my shoulder i turned to face Dren who was so much closer then i expected her to be.

"Sirius; promise you let anything bad happen to me"
i smiled lightly; tucking a lock of hair behind her ear; leaning in just a little bit closer; my lips pressing against her soft skin.

"i promise"

Dren P.O.V.

His breath tickled me. warm and seductive; a small smile dancing on my lips i glanced up and caught my brothers eye. He stared back curiously; seemingly suspicious of why we are so close; moving away from Sirius i could feel the warmth that radiated from Sirius leaving my body far too soon.

"Lily! lets dance" she nodded and followed me to the dance floor; we lost ourselves in the music i'm not sure what it was but something in the rythm seemed to resonate within me; us and soon the boys were dancing with us. I noticed Remus ended up dancing with a cute brunette girl when i felt a strong grasp on my waist.

"Dance with me"

"do you honestly think thats a good idea?"
Sirius smirked; his grey eyes twinkling with amusement and intoxication

"i think james wont notice just like you didnt notice a certain red head having the time of her life dancing with him"
turning to my right i did in fact see lilly and james dancing the night away in very sensual manner. his hands running through her hair; hers running down his chest and in that moment i saw something i thought i'd never see

a kiss.

"i guess this little gift of yours lowers inhibitions"

"i would certainly say; the more you drink the stronger it is"

"and lily's had about six drinks"

he laughed loudly i could hear it clearly over the music "well that explains her being so cooperative now how about you? would rather stand here talking all night or dance with me?"

"dancing" at that moment the song that was playing ended replaced by another rythm that begged for our bodies to be close. As i listened to the words of "Sweetest perfection" by the Deftones i didnt care at all who saw us.

i didnt care what they would say; all i cared about was the song and how good it felt to be in Sirius's arms.
how good it felt and how badly i wanted him.


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my brothers bestfriend: The Round Table: part one


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