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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 26 : The Trial
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This is the end of all the fighting,

this is the end of people dying

this is the end, 

theres no trying to deny its gonna'e be us or them.

                                           -Starkid, this is the end, (AVPSY)






Hermione looked in the full length mirror, checking her appearance one last time. She ran her hands down her black, knee-length pencil skirt, smoothing out any creases that were left. Her white shirt was tucked in and her black blazer was on her bed. Her hair had been pinned up into a bun on the top of her head and minimal makeup had been applied; she was worried she would start crying again as they watched her memories. Hermione had been to many court cases before, trying to bring people justice and to get people sent to Azkaban. She had even helped Draco not go to prison by putting in an anonymous statement. She had never told him; she didn’t want him to know.

Hermione sighed, picking up her blazer and her extendable charmed bag, that was packed with a book, her wand, some money and a few vials with her memories stored in them, and made her way to Draco’s room.

She stepped into his room, and sighed; every time she went in, she half expected him to be awake, she almost forgot he was in an induced coma.
"It’s the court case today; Harry and I are going to give evidence against Kleydor and Lucius. I wish you would be there with me today, but I guess you can’t. I'm going to struggle today, I really am. Re-living the moment you died and how I had to bring you up. I don’t think I'm going to cope, but the thought of waking you up tomorrow, that’s what is keeping me going right now. Just one more day Draco, one more day, and we can wake you up."

She bent over and kissed his forehead, giving his hand one last squeeze, before leaving the healer to look after him.

She walked the corridors, her heels making a clicking noise on the hard stone floor. She soon arrived at the Gryffindor common room an was greeted by Harry and the others.

"Hey Hermione," Harry said, smiling as he walked forward to give her a hug, "how you holding up?"

"I just want today to be over and done with." She smiled half-heartedly.

"We know. Anyway, we better get going; it starts soon. Were flooing there." Harry handed her some green powder as she stepped into the fireplace.

"MINISTRY OF MAGIC." She shouted.

Hermione felt a tug of her navel then opened her eyes whilst quickly stepping out of the fireplace. She looked around at the ministry; it still looked the same, with its green and black tiles. The only thing that had changed was the centre piece in the middle: it now showed the muggle Prime Minister shaking hands with the Minister for Magic. Hermione smiled to herself, then turned around to see Harry and the others behind her.

"What floor is it on?"

Harry crunched up his face for a second, until the address came to him. "Follow me."
Harry took lead while the others followed. He knew it was in the same room he was in a couple of years back.

They soon arrived on the proper floor and they all stood outside the room, waiting to be greeted. They looked around and saw a small young woman with a tight blonde bun and big brown eyes walk closer to them.

"Ah hello, you must be the witnesses. My name is Rosy Haller." Rosy said in a chirpy voice.

"Yes, do we go straight in?" Hermione asked the woman who came up to her shoulders, Hermione wasn't particularly tall but this woman was tiny.

"Yes, if you would like to follow me." Rosy made a swish with her hand and the door opened, allowing her to lead the group to their dedicated seats. "Now, you will be called one-by-one to the stand and asked questions regarding the events of the night. Miss Granger and Mr Potter, we will need your memories, I assume you know the charm to extract them?" The pair nodded. "Well, when asked, extract them then carefully place them into the pensieve." She pointed at the silver bowl which was sitting on a table placed next to the judge. "One by one, the whole jury, you and the minister will enter each memory. You might also be asked to take some Veritaserum before you answer the questions." Rosy’s small face was now red with all the talking she had just done without taking a breath.

They all heard the door open and turned to watch the minister and the thirty or so people that made up the jury enter the room, plus the groups representatives and what was presumably Lucius and Kleydor’s lawyer.

Everyone took their places, and a murmurs of whispers and chattering could be heard.

Kingsley sat down in the Ministers chair and put his wand to his throat.

"Order!" His voice boomed across the circular room and everyone stopped muttering at once. "We are here today for the trial of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and Hawley Kleydor. Now, under normal circumstances, we do not do two trials at once, but we needed to due to circumstances" he raised an eyebrow. "Now, if the aurors could please bring in Lucius and Kleydor."

The two aurors went through the black door and soon reappeared with Lucius and Kleydor. Both were put into different cells which were magically enchanted to not let them do magic.

"I would like to call to the stand, Hermione Granger." Hermione sucked in her breath as she heard her name being called to go to the witness stand. She got up out of her seat, descended the stairs and sat in the witness chair.

"Now, Miss Granger, we need you to take the truth serum for legal reasons." Kingsley waved his hand, and it sent a small vial towards Hermione, she looked at it cautiously, but then swallowed it in one go.

"Now Miss Granger, what happened on the night you went to the Zabini manor?"

Hermione felt every pair of eyes on her as she opened her mouth to speak. "Well, from what I can remember, we got a tip off saying Lucius had been spotted there, so halfway through the dance that we were hosting at Hogwarts, we got told we were needed to go there-the order that is- and Draco accompanied us, along with who we thought was Blaise. When we arrived, we got told to split up onto different floors, we were partnered up, and sent our separate ways. I went with Draco and we soon arrived on our designated floor. After a while of nothing, we soon heard some shouting so we soon followed it, and found George Weasley injured. I helped heal him and we went our way again. We saw a window, and looked at what was happening outside. We rushed back down and into the gardens, trying to disarm as many death eaters as we could when Draco had an idea. We apparated back to the rooftop, and started to knock them off from there when I felt a hand go around my mouth and drag me away: it was Lucius. I soon formed my escape plan and managed to get away but he was chasing me. I fell down some stairs and knew I was injured, so I put a dissolusionment charm on me as I saw Lucius rush down the stairs. For some reason, I couldn’t remember the healing spell, so I wrapped my injury with some of my clothing. My charm was quickly wearing off, so I got up, checked my damage when I saw Lucius. I tried to run, well limp away, but I couldn’t as there was too much damage. He then cornered me and I tried to get away, but it didn’t work. He sent Draco who had just arrived, into the corner, body-binding him, he then cruicoed me, and re-opened a scar, he soon left, apparating away." She closed her eyes, re-watching everything that happened, when they opened again, they drifted to Lucius, who spat in her direction.

"Miss Granger, we will need your memory from the night in Hogwarts, two weeks back." Kingsley said after a lot of scribbling came from the jury.

Hermione nodded and put her wand to her temple, muttering the charm. She saw the light memory swirling around on the tip of her wand. She stood up out of their chair and quickly made her way over to the pensive. She flicked her wand and the memory dissolved into the pensieve, causing the clear liquid to be dotted with clouds of black. She quickly walked back over to her chair.

Kingsley put his wand on the pensive, muttered something in latin, and soon the whole jury, Hermione, Harry and Kingsley were watching Hermione run back to get her wand. Hermione watched in awe as she saw herself see the code and quickly figure it out.

It was a weird experience for her, watching a memory outside of her head like a muggle film, when she remembered doing the actions herself.

Harry moved closer to Hermione, taking her hand as the memory Hermione entered the common room. They heard a conversation surrounding them.

"I said do you miss her?"

"Yes I do. But I'm not going to do anything."

"I know."

"Know what?"

That you two are back together.


"It’s obvious, the way you too look at each other. Do you love her?"

"What did you just ask me?"

"I asked if you loved her?"

Hermione looked around, and saw everyone was listening intently; she felt her eyes sting but carried on listening.

"I don’t understand!"


Hearing the words again, Hermione shivered. The loud conversation continued.

"HA! You do!"

"YES! Is that what you wanted?"


"Why do you even care?"

"So I can tell Lucius if the girl doesn’t surrender herself."


"You heard me."

"How long has Blaise been dead Kleydor?"

"He died in the war. His body was never found, I got rid of it particularly well, I thought it would be the perfect person to interpret."

There was a slight pause in conversation.

"All this time you made us believe Blaise was alive."

"Ahh and the Dark Lord thought I wasn’t good enough for anything. If only he knew what I was going to do now."

They soon heard a following laugh. Harry cringed; it reminded him of Voldemort’s laugh.

"STUPIFY!" They heard Draco shout, then a thud of a body hitting a wall.

They then moved forward into the common room with memory Hermione, watching the events occur in front of them. Hermione soon realised she was in the path of Lucius a little too late, she half expected him to walk straight into her, but instead, he walked through her. Hermione opened her clenched eyes.

The ministry watched the next events, Hermione gripping onto Harrys hand when she re-watched Draco saying he loved her, Hermione walked closer to dream Draco and herself, watching intensively as he looked up at her, smiling as she replied back and closed his eyes.

Hermione ran back to Harry, letting the tears fall freely, not caring her makeup was being ruined. She carried on watching herself save Draco’s life, gasping as she saw him open his eyes for a brief second, then, the memory was over.

Hermione closed her eyes, releasing the deep breath she didn’t know she was holding. She went and sat back down in the witness chair.

"Thank you, Miss Granger, for the memory; I know it must have been difficult to go through again." He addressed the court, "Were going to take a ten minute break to let Miss Granger freshen up. Dismissed."  And with that Kingsley got up and out of his chair.

Hermione ran over to Harrys open arms and sobbed in his chest, while Ginny patted her on the back. She quickly pulled away, waving her wand to clean herself up.

"Hermione, that…that was awful. I'm so sorry you had to experience it again." Harry cringed.

"I just want him to go down, and if it means I have to watch it over and over again. I will, and if that doesn’t work, I will personally take him down myself." Hermione said through her teeth.


A/N: Hey! it's nice to be back! Im so sorry this is so short, but its over 2000 words, thats the minimum number of words i put into my chapters...'s the trial, what do ya'll think? im writing the next one now, and im about half way through!

Thankyou for the belated birthday messages guys, i had an awesome day :D 

What do you think of my new banner?


Love, SlightObession xx

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