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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 11 : Summer Is Beginning
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Chapter 10: Summer Is Beginning



All the time we've had between Easter and now has been spent revising in the library for NEWTS, only coming out for meals (and sometimes not even then, when I was with Rose and we were so focused on our work that we forgot it was dinnertime). Even Scorpius and Albus buckled down and did some work, although they did persuade us to leave the castle for a few hours for a Hogsmeade weekend. Us four and Charlie, Louise and Allie joined us for a wander round the village and then we returned to a tree by the lake to revise a bit more.


“I can't believe we're nearly done,” Allie said, looking fondly at the castle that had been our home for the last seven years.


“Me neither,” Scorp sighed. “I'm really going to miss this place.”


“You practically live in a castle,” Albus laughed.


“My house is nowhere near the size of a castle!” Scorp protested. “And anyway, I was referring to having to deal with real life. You know, jobs and shit.”


Albus scoffed. “As if you'll get a job.”


“Why wouldn't we get jobs?” I frowned, looking up from my Charms notes.


“You mean you're not going to be Mr and Lady Malfoy of the manor?”


“God, that sounds nice,” Louise breathed. “To do nothing all day, I mean.”


“It sounds boring,” I returned to my notes, rolling my eyes.



The last exam, the Transfiguration written exam, is OVER. Scorpius, Louise, Allie, Charlie, Rose, Albus and I headed to the lake to get some much needed fresh air and sun. When we arrived and claimed our spot, Scorpius suddenly picked me up and ran with me to the water, and promptly dumped me in.


"Oi!" I shouted at him, splashing him as he ran off laughing, so I got my wand out and shot water at him with that instead. Soon we were all running around giggling, flirting and shooting water at each other, like a group of ten year olds. It was nice though. Scorp kept looking for excuses to wrap his arms around me and whisper in my ear about how my shirt was becoming more and more see through. Eventually everyone could see my bra but I didn't really care.


After we'd exhausted ourselves and collapsed in a heap, I made a fountain to sprinkle us with water to cool us off. I was experiencing a sort of giddy relief; no more exams. This was it. We had just a week left until the Hogwarts Express came to take us home.


The next day we were at Hogsmeade, in the clothes shop, Gladrags. There was a party just for seventh years that evening, and we had to wear dress robes. I sent Scorp away with Charlie and Albus to the other side of the shop, so that the girls and I could hunt for something in private. I opted for a deep crimson, strapless dress that flared slightly at the hips while still showing off my waist, Allie chose an olive green simple dress, with wide straps. Louise went for a short black dress, low cut to show off her assets, while Rose complained the whole time about not finding anything that fits her (she's about as wide as one of my arms) and eventually settled on a deep navy strapless dress. We paid for our clothes and headed out of the shop towards the hair salon to get pampered.


At the hairdressers I had my hair loosely curled, and my nails manicured. We rushed back to the castle to get dressed. When we were ready, we headed down towards the Great Hall. Scorpius was waiting for me, in dress robes of plain black, which suited him well. He came over, took my hand and we walked into the Great Hall.


I'd never seen it like this. There were no long tables, but several smaller ones on one side of the room. Candles floated everywhere, and there was a stage where the staff table usually was, I assumed for a band. There was an archway of flowers and fairies at the opposite end of the hall, where people were queueing for photographs. Allie was currently there with Albus. She'd never mentioned being his date! Charlie and Louise were a few feet away, and I'd been wondering when that was going to happen to be honest. Scorpius and I joined the queue for photographs, so he could update the one currently on his bedroom wall, he insisted.


Just after we'd had our photo taken, the band took to the stage, and started playing a soft acoustic set. Scorpius dragged me for a slow dance, the only sort of dancing he can do, he's rubbish at anything else, it's quite funny to watch. In fact, after a few glasses of wine, we were sat at a table and he, Charlie and Albus got up and started trying to dance, and the rest of us were in hysterics.


Scorpius and I were sat by the lake later in the evening. We've spent all the warm days this year there. We were watching the sun set over the forest. It was a beautiful moment. I laid my head on Scorpius' shoulder.


"It's so weird to think that in a week we'll be leaving here and never coming back," I said.


He kissed my forehead. "I know."


"I mean, we'll have to get jobs and stuff."


He smiled, "I know, but first we have a wedding to plan."


"So soon?" I asked, slightly skeptical.


"You said you'd marry me seven months ago. That's seven months I've been without you by my side every day and night. That's too long."


I held my hand out to silence him. I'd heard rustling in the bushes nearby. I stood up and pulled out my wand. I suddenly felt very apprehensive and I wasn't sure why, but my instincts were never usually wrong. Scorpius got up behind me and pulled out his wand too. There was sniffing, and a small growl.


Something grey leapt at us, and we both silently sent Impediment jinxes, knocking it to the ground. It struggled to overcome our spells.


I looked at it and swore.


What?” said Scorpius urgently.


“That's the werewolf that attacked Charlie,” I said grimly. “Greyback.”


Greyback growled from the grass. Scorpius acted quickly and sent two Stunning spells in succession and I sent a full body bind curse. Combined, the spells overcame him and he was knocked out.


“Get McGonagall,” I said to Scorpius.


“I'm not leaving you alone with him. What if he wakes up?”


“Fine,” I said. “We'll take him up to the castle. I'll levitate him, you keep your wand out in case he wakes up.”


Scorp sent a patronus up to the castle, a small silver fox.


McGonagall and Longbottom met us at the huge oak double doors, and ropes flew out of the end of their wands, binding the werewolf tightly. They took him to an empty classroom and Zabini hurried in with his last vial of Veritaserum.


“You can leave now,” McGonagall told us.


“Hell no,” I said, and Scorpius nodded next to me. “He tried to attack us, and he's already taken a chunk out of one of our friends. I want to hear what he has to say.”


Longbottom agreed with us. “Let them stay. They're not in any danger.”


McGonagall sighed irritably, and woke the werewolf up with a sharp jab of her wand, accidentally (or maybe not, she's very protective of her students) poking him in the ribs.


“How did you get into the grounds?”


“Through the forest,” he spat, struggling with the ropes, but they were unyielding.


“Why did you come back?” asked Longbottom.


“To spread the curse. Tomorrow is the full moon. But then I got hungry and started hunting. I was going to take him out first and then have her.” He nodded at Scorp and then at me. He licked his lips greedily. “She looks fucking lovely.”


Scorpius looked furious and pushed me behind him.


McGonagall carried on. “Last time you came to Hogwarts was because you wanted to join our school, correct?”




“The reason you weren't accepted is not because you're a werewolf. Your father escaped from Azkaban, had you, killed your mother and bit you when you were a child to make sure the curse spread. He raised you away from other people, taught you to hate witches and wizards and you're a feral cannibal. Am I missing anything?”


Greyback growled, his yellowing teeth visible through his lips.


“Longbottom, get in touch with Potter and Weasley. They can escort him to Azkaban to await trial, and then track down his father. You two,” she nodded at me and Scorpius, “may return to the party.”


We left. Scorp was shaking with rage.


“He was going to rape you and then eat you, you do realise that?” he shouted at me, trying to let off some of his anger.


I tried to calm him down. “It's ok. He's going to Azkaban. He can't hurt anyone else.”


He let out a deep breath. “You're right. Let's forget about him and concentrate on the rest of our lives.”


“Starting by getting very very drunk with our friends,” I smiled, took his hand and we returned to the Great Hall.




After nursing our hangovers the following day, Scorpius and I started planning the wedding. Plenty of arguments ensued; he insisted on his family paying for everything, including a house for us to live in. And he wanted to set the date for less than a month away. That was a massive argument in its own right; I asked him if he was trying to get me pregnant, because I wasn't ready to ruin my body just yet. He looked sad, and just said "I love you, and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you as soon as I can." I gave in then, although I told him if he gets me pregnant in the next five years he's getting a swift kick in his special place.


And the guest list. It's maddening. I just want something small with our families and close friends, but he's insisting on inviting everyone that we've ever met, with the small exception of those idiots who attacked him.


I actually mean he wants to invite everyone. All the Weasleys. I've got nothing against them but we're really only friends with two and there are quite literally almost a hundred of them. I actually won the argument on that one and got the guest list down to a more reasonable size.


I'm starting to think we should've just eloped instead. It would've been much simpler.


After dinner, Scorpius dragged me up to the Prefect's bathroom. Inside, he'd ran a bath, candles were floating all around and bubbles filled the bath and were bouncing around the room. I didn't hesitate in jumping right in, head fully under the water. When I emerged for breath he was already sitting in, so I swam over and sat on his lap, tracing my fingers over the scars on his chest. They were as much of a part of who he was now as the colour of his eyes or the way his hair grew.


We sat there in the bath for at least an hour. It was nice just sitting together, it felt like we hadn't really done that for a while.


While I was drying myself off, Scorpius was watching me. "I didn't know your hair was naturally curly," he said, wandering over and picking up a lock of my hair, and tucking it behind my ear.


"It's a pain in the arse," I said, grabbing my wand to steam it straight.


He stopped me.


"I like it," he said, "it looks more natural. More you."


After we were both fully clothed again, he walked me to the Ravenclaw common room door and wrapped me in his arms. "I don't want to leave you," he murmured into my ear.


I pulled back. "Well in a few days we'll be out of here and we'll be together every night."


We kissed a few more times, and the bronze knocker on the door to the common room coughed.


He laughed, "I'll see you at breakfast," and walked away down the corridor.


I entered the common room and spotted Allie and Louise by the fire.


"Guess what," Louise grinned, "my mum told me about this muggle tradition before weddings... and we think it's a great idea."


"Oh God," I said, alarmed. "What is it?"


They took me up to the dormitory, where a banner hung with the words "happy hen party". Underneath were barrels of butterbeer, wine and buckets of Honeyduke's best chocolate.


“Hi!” Rose announced, leaping off my bed where she'd made herself comfortable, Lily following suit from Allie's bed.


I'd actually completely forgotten about a hen party. That must've shown on my face, because Louise said, “As your maid of honour -”


“I never picked a maid of honour either!” I wailed. I was useless.


“Well we drew fake wands,” Rose said. “Whoever got the chicken got to be maid of honour.”


“Yes, well, anyway, my mum told me about hen parties when I owled her to tell her you were getting married soon,” Louise beamed. “So tada!!!”

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