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A Traitor is Amoung Us by Harrysavesme
Chapter 2 : To fear again
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A/N: after this chapter it really gets into the meat of the story.  I have up through chapter five ready to go now so updates should be relatively quick.  Please review and let me know what you think.  Sorry for putting this at the beginning instead of the end!

                Harry walked over to his son and put his hand on his shoulder, “James is everything okay.”  His oldest son stayed where he was for a moment, when he turned Harry saw the pain in his eyes, “Everything is not okay dad, she broke my heart.”  Harry looked at his son in shock, he knew James was fifteen, but he didn’t know anything about a girl.  “Who broke your heart bud?”  James looked at him as though he just realized he was there, “No one dad, don’t worry about it.”  Harry stopped his son from getting up, “James you can talk to me about anything, what happened?”  James sighed, “I’ve had a crush on this girl Quing Thomas for a while now, I asked her out to the last Hogsmead trip of the year.  I thought we had a good time together.  We, well, we kissed.  I’ve been writing to her all summer, and she just sent me back a letter saying she thinks I‘m a great guy, but she doesn’t like me like me.  I really liked her dad; it feels like she stomped on my heart.” 

                Harry pulled his son into a hug.  James buried his head into his dad’s shoulder like he used to when he was little.  Eventually Harry let go of his son and looked into the brown eyes he inherited from Ginny.  “James I’m sure you don’t want to hear this now, but if Quing couldn’t like you for who you are maybe she just isn’t the person for you.”  “Maybe you’re right dad, but when will I find the right person.”  Harry smiled, “It takes time son, your mom and I didn’t start dating for real the second time around until we were seventeen and eighteen.  You’ll find the right girl someday.”  James tried to smile, “I guess you’re right.  Maybe I should pack for the trip and not worry so much about Quing.”  Harry shot his son a stern look, “You aren’t packed yet we’re supposed to leave soon.”  James shot Harry a mischievous grin, “no, I might still have to gather a few things.”  Harry snorted knowing his son hadn’t even started yet.  “Well then get packing James, your mother will be home in forty-five minutes.  Oh, and James, this year please remember to pack underwear.” 

                Harry headed back down to his office and found Teddy sitting waiting for him.  Harry closed the door behind him and cast charms to ensure they would not be overheard.  “Okay Ted, you said you had questions.”  Teddy sat up a little straighter, “Is there a leak in the Auror department.  Everyone thinks there must be.  It seems like every time we go out on a raid the targets are two steps ahead of us.  It’s like someone is warning them.  Plus we’ve all noticed the numbers of injuries has gone up recently.” 

                Harry sighed, “He really should have known he couldn’t keep the leak secret for long.  “Here’s the truth Ted, but you have to swear that nothing leaves this room, you can’t even tell Noah.  Understood?”  Teddy nodded yes.  “Over the last few months I’ve noticed details of cases have been compromised.  At first I wasn’t sure it was anything, but it was too big a coincidence that all the missions involving the group calling themselves the Neo Death Eaters seemed to be compromised.  At first it seemed like little details things they might have picked up by accident, but the amount of information they knew grew and aurors, yourself included got hurt.  I have been laying false trails, trying to see where the leak is, but so far no luck.  Tonight I’m going to order the night shift out of the office so I can do a thorough sweep for any kind of bugs.” 

                Teddy took a moment to let everything sink in, “You really think someone in the department would betray us all like that?  You run the Auror department like it’s a family.  We all look after each other.  It seems hard to believe that someone would betray us like that.”  Harry nodded, “I know I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s the only solution that makes sense.  I also need to ask you a favor.  I’m going to tell Ginny and the rest of the Weasley adults to keep an eye out this week for any trouble.  I’d like you to do the same.  You sleep in the tent with the kids and I would feel a lot safer knowing you were keeping an eye on them as well.”  Teddy nodded again, “Sure Harry, but do you really think someone would try to attack the Weasley family.  They’re all war heroes, none of them are exactly the kind of people you would want to mess with.”  Harry smiled a sad smile, “and that Teddy is exactly why someone would.  If the Weasley family isn’t safe who is?” 

                A serious expression Harry rarely saw crossed Teddy’s face, “I’ll look after them Harry.”  Harry pulled his godson into a hug, “Are you packed?”  Teddy paused, “mostly.”  Harry smiled at the younger man, “well that mostly better become a yes before Victoire gets here.”  Teddy blushed at the name of his girlfriend, “I think during the trip I’m going to try to get some alone time with Bill.  I want to ask for his blessing.”  Harry grinned at Teddy, “You’re going to propose to Vic?”  Teddy nodded, “Yeah, now that she’s finished school and has a job in the department for the regulation and protection of magical creatures, and I finally finished auror training.  It seems like a good time.”  Teddy smiled at Harry and walked out of the office. 

                Harry sat back in his chair, staring at the piles of papers strewn around him.  He glanced at his watch and hurriedly got up to check on the kids.  He ran into Ron in the front hall, mercifully all the mud was gone.  “Hey mate, did the kids behave themselves this morning?”  Harry smiled at Ron, “well the house is still standing and none of them were severely injured so I think we can call it a success.”  Ron laughed and clapped Harry on the back, “Are you okay mate?”  Harry sighed, “Things at work are a mess Ron.  I’m going to have to stay here and sort this out.”  Ron grimaced, “It’s the Neo Death Eaters again isn’t it?”  Harry nodded, “If you wouldn’t mind telling your parents and siblings to keep an eye out.  I haven’t received anything more than the usual threats, but just in case.”  Ron nodded a worried expression on his face, “you’ll tell Ginny.”  Harry nodded.  Ron looked up when the door creaked open, seeing Ginny he went out back to join the children in their football game. 

                Harry smiled at his wife of eighteen years.  It had been twenty one years since the war ended and he had hoped to never have to worry her like this again.  Sure there had been threats over the years.  After Voldemort died every nut job in Great Britain came out of the wood work to try and kill him.  It had gotten worse when the kids were born.  So many people had tried to kill the Potter family, but it had been ten years since the last serious threat.  Harry had hoped maybe that meant his family would be safe, he sighed again, dreading the conversation he was about to have.  “We have a little problem Gin.”  Ginny’s face went white, “who’s trying to kill the family this time?” 

                Harry couldn’t help but smile, “I say we have a little problem and that’s where your mind goes.”  Ginny smirked, “well after all these years living with you I have a warped sense of what a little problem is.  What’s happened this time?”  Harry reached out to tuck a piece of hair behind Ginny’s ear, “I have to stay behind this week, there’s trouble in the department.  I don’t have all the answers yet, but until then I need you and the kids to be a little careful.  There haven’t been any direct threats, but we can’t be too careful.”  Ginny gave Harry that blazing look he had fallen in love with all those years ago.  “Don’t worry Harry we’ll be careful.  Maybe even put up a few extra protective enchantments.  We’ll be fine love, take care of what you need to here.”  Harry pulled Ginny to him and buried his face in her long red hair.  He inhaled the flowery scent he knew so well and couldn’t believe how lucky he was.  Ginny caught a glimpse of his face and asked, “What are you thinking love?”  Harry smiled at Ginny, “I was just thinking how lucky I am.  I have you and the kids, and Teddy, we’re a family.  I get to go to work every day and do a job I love.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that this is all real, and right now someone is threatening that.  I’m not going to let anyone ruin this.”  Ginny reached up to kiss Harry, she pulled away and went to go wrangle their children.  They would go to the Burrow and from there take Mr. Weasley’s rickety old bus to the camp site. 

                Harry wandered around the house after his family departed.  He remembered when Mr. Weasley got the bus for that first camping trip.  Smiling at the memories Harry gathered some papers, and once he was sure everyone was gone for the day, aparated back to the auror department.  It was time to patch up some leaks. 

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