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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 9 : Lily's suspicions
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Lily suspects – chapter 9 Lily's suspisions

They had been gone for two hours and still they had not returned back even though night fell, pouring shadows on the grounds.

Lily sat crossed leg, a book at hand but not focusing as she stared squinting up at the common room portrait hole. It had been exactly two hours and five minutes since the four marauders had ventured down the boys dormitory stairs and prepare to leave through the common room portrait hole only to be stopped by a questioning Lily who only seemed too eager to know where they were heading.

Remus however had simply shrugged it off, passing an interesting book to Lily about hinkypunks at a desperate attempted to distract her, and of course Lily had fallen for the bait, and now sitting crossed leg sitting on the comfy chair in the common room, with her pink checked pyjamas on it only had just occurred to her how strange the four had been acting.

Remus with the dark circles that appeared under his eyes refusing to meet her eye.

James shifting uncomfortably behind him, but a glint of my mystery hidden behind the hazel eyes of his.

Sirius was of course smirking, which wasn’t unusual, but his eagerness to leave the common room gave her evidence that something else was happening that the boys weren’t telling her about.

And finally Peter, who’s nervous shivering indicating pure fear from him.

Lily sat crossed legged, a book at hand but not focusing as she stared squinting up at the common room portrait hole, and hating herself for being concerned.


The four boys were fine, well as fine as you could be with a werewolf sitting across from you his nostrils flaring and taking deep raged breaths. It had only just occurred to the three animagus’s sitting around them werewolf just how painful the transformation is (having just witnessed it first hand) and how different Remus was from the kind, quiet and polite boy who they used to know.

Peter, who now was less than 20 cm’s long with a tail twice the size of him huddled up under an ancient dying table staring beadily up at Remus who took no notice.

A stag and a dog were sat closer together, an often caught awkward eye contact, the silence making them mad. It took Sirius seeing one of his closest friends transform into a monster for him to realize this wasn’t going to be fun at all.

The four of them had been sitting in the shrieking shack for about one hour and a half and nothing excited had happened, not until a flash of moonlight peaked through the cracks of the weak wooden planks that held the shack together when the werewolf howled up towards the sky, lifting its scarred face into the moon.

His howl echoed through the house longer than it should have, but still remained and swam around Sirius’s head.

Sirius stared down at his paws, and took a cautious step towards the cracked mirror in the centre of the dusty dead, and what would have been a bedroom.

He was a dog, he knew that much, a black dog with dark beetle eyes staring back at him. Sirius didn’t even like dogs, they were too much like hard work and always wanted stroking. Why couldn’t he have been a dragon, or a lion, something that made him seem strong, but no he had been given a bloody dog!

The moon moved behind a cloud and the werewolf looked down once again almost looking sad but slowly as the full moon was once again shining upon them it looked up, his eyes angry and soulless.


Marlene came crashing into the dormitories at two in the morning when still Lily was staring up at the mantle clock, wishing she only knew where they were but not wanting to get into any trouble by going to look for them.

As the portrait hole opened Lily sat up hopefully but when it was only Marlene her shoulders slumped and she fell back into the cushiony armchair.

“Oh it’s only you” Lily yawned scratching her hair, her head exploding for the many impossible ideas of where the four troublesome boys could be “Why were you out so late?”

“Detention with Professor Parish” Marlene whined “Tell me again why I covered up for Sirius?”

“No answer, sorry. What was it like?”

“Terrible, she made me go through every single one of her students class notes and order them! But I must say miss Evans that a certain gryfinndor has many L.E.’s written in the corner of his” She winked and Lily blushed bright red but pretended she didn’t hear anything.

“I’m sorry, just try not to cover up for them anymore”

There was a moment of silence as the two girls stared into space, sleep seeming only to tease them.

“Why are you up anyway?” Marlene questioned.

Lily shrugged in reply; the answer was she wasn’t quite sure. Why did she care where the marauders were, apart from the fact she was nosy? Other than that, she couldn’t quite think of a reason why she cared so much that the marauders hadn’t returned from a trip out. It wasn’t like it was rare for them to do something so stupid and wild.

“You don’t have any idea where Potter, Black, Remus and Peter are, do you?”

Straight away Marlene shook her head, but turned back again to Lily a smirk appearing “Why do you care so much Lily?” titling her head to the side questionably.

“I don’t” shot back, Lily, her face reddening “They were just acting strange, and also Severus has this theory-”

But she quickly shut up, not wanting to spread rumours about Remus and cause unnecessary drama, for all she knew it was all made up, but looking up at the full moon the idea was possible.

“A theory?”

“Nothing” She replied quickly, regretting saying anything.

“You can tell me, you know?”

Lily bit her lip and sighed “Alright, basically…” she paused, unsure of how to word it “You can’t tell anyone, but Severus might have a slight suspicion he’s a werewolf”

A grin spread across Marlene’s face as she found it desperately hard not to burst out laughing at that very point in time “What and y-you believe him?” She cried out, struggling to breath as tears of laughter poured down her face.

“No, I just…” But lily drifted of feeling foolish for even bringing it up but thinking it only right to defend herself “Just think about it though! He does go off once every full moon, Doesn’t he? And always says it’s because of his family, saying his grandmothers ill but I’ve researched it. His grandmother has one hundred percent attendance in the auror office and I’ve also looked up how to recognize a werewolf and he has everything, the scarring, the way he reacts when the moons just out and haven’t you noticed how he’s always getting put into the hospital wing on the night after a full moon and the marauders always pass it off that he’s ill or his family member is…” Lily trailed off realizing now she had rambled and refused to look at a baffled Marlene McKinnon who stared at her open mouthed.

“Really?” Marlene commented “You believe Snape? Lily, use some sense, Remus is as much as a werewolf as I am. It may be a bit odd that he goes of every month on a full moon to see his grandmother in hospital but it’s just a coincidence, you know how strict the visiting times are at St.mungo’s, and it could be his other granmother”

She’s probably right Lily thought in her head but not wanting to admit that she may or may not be wrong on this one, it was probably just some grudge against Remus that Severus thought was funny.

“I’m going to bed, I have a history of magic exam tomorrow” Marlene finally said removing herself from the couch arm and leaving through the girls dormitories, out of sight.

Lily sat back into the crimson armchair and yawned watching as the fire slowly died out and her eyes drooped preciously, she was tired, very tired, and eventually sleep took her in.


The morning came and after a very restless night Lily was awake having not moved from the comfy armchair by the fire, she arose yawning and made her way towards the great hall with knotty and messy bed hair, but she really didn’t care less.

Taking a seat on the bench she grabbed herself two pieces of toast and began to eat laying her head down on her arms, willing her eyes to close again so she could just go back to a peaceful sleep.

It was only then when every girls head turned towards the great hall doors when Sirius, James and Peter stepped through and walked up the hall, not taking any notice at the many eyes that lingered on them, instead they were whispering furiously to one another but from a distance Lily could still she the rings under their eyes telling her they didn’t sleep at all last night.

She hopped of her bench and strideded over to them, her head held high as she plopped herself down next to Peter and glared down at Sirius and James who only looked at her innocently.

“Where were the three of you last night and where’s Remus?” She questioned her nostrils flaring and continued before they could even take a breath “and don’t tell me you were in the boys dormitories last night, I’m not stupid I saw you leave and I didn’t take my eyes of the portrait hole”

“You were asleep on the armchair when we came in, Lily flower” James smirked before winking “and I must say you do looked rather pretty asleep”

She stared open mouthed at him and groaned but pretended she didn’t hear the last comment before continuing, though she had to admit the idea of Potter staring at her while sleeping embarrassed her immensely “I didn’t fall asleep until at least three in the morning!” She almost shouted causing to turn the attention of nearby students to drop their cereal, something that seemed to happen a lot around the marauders.

The boys had no answer to this and refused to meet her eyes before Sirius rolled his eyes and explained “Listen, Remus isn’t feeling well, we took him to the hospital wing and we didn’t want to leave him. I hope there is nothing wrong with that?” He raised an eyebrow to her before grabbing himself a glass of orange juice and attacking his mouth with all sorts of food in every combination.

Lily’s suspicions grew worse but by the way Peter huddled nervously next to her, tense and James’s awkward shuffling it told her the matter was closed. She rose and went over to Snape who was peering curiously over the daily prophet at her and the marauders together.

“That was way close” Peter let out just as Lily was out of sight and had sat herself down next to Snape on the slytherine table.

“I agree with Pete’s, and you know what she’s like Prongs she’ll be on us for the rest of the year” Sirius concluded rolling his eyes as he watched Lily and Snape pull into a friendly hug but as James said every time they hugged it was just a little too friendly on Snape’s part.

“Don’t worry” shrugged James hardly bothered “I’m sure by this time next month she’ll have forgotten, we’ll just have to be extra careful. Next time, we’re taking the cloak though”


Remus was currently in the hospital wing taking in lots of medicine to help with the side effects of his transformation and only hoped his friends didn’t hate him for what he had become. Thankfully the three of them had survived without a scratch on them, and though he didn’t like to say it out loud was glad to have the company on those dreadful full moon nights.

His bed was completely sealed off from the rest of the hospital, with white curtains surrounding off his single bed which was covered in chocolate that Sirius, James and Peter had brought him during their last hogsmeade visit.

At the moment his eyes were closed pretending to be asleep not wanting the irritating madam Pomfrey to come hassle him anymore, ensuring him of her loyalty, that she wouldn’t tell anyone, something she did every month and something that Remus knew she wouldn’t do considering he’s been coming to her for five years and not one word had slipped.

It was only then did Remus quickly sit up, almost hitting his head on the shelf just sitting above his bed because he had heard a certain voice from behind the white curtain.

“Madam Pomfrey?” Said Lily.

“What is so important to bother me Evans? Is it a message? Another patient? What has Potter done now!” Madam Pomfrey sighed “I’ll have to sort out another bed, that boy is making me go crazy, it’s only the third month in and he’s already been in here four times”

Lily shook her head immediately cutting her off from further talk “I’m here wondering if my friend Remus Lupin is here?”

There was a moment of silence between the two ladies and Remus gulped back, his palms beginning to sweat horribly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Finally Pomfrey replied “I haven’t seen Remus in here for a while, anyway you have lessons, you should be going to them not visiting friends now chop, chop” She snapped loudly and there was a loud bang of the hospital wing doors closing and then there was silence.

A/N I quite enjoyed writing this chapter and I know there hasn’t been an update in a while but as the summer is coming soon I’ll have more time to just write!


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Seriously Black: Lily's suspicions


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