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Aphrodite by potterfan310
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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"Ro-Ro," James called to me rather loudly which made me look up as I saw him climbing through the portrait hole, "Affy, Ditey, Ro, Do-do." He called using nearly of his nicknames for me.

I shut my book with a 'snap' and glared at him as he swaggered over and sat next to me on the old squishy sofa, "Say one more nickname Potter and I swear you won't be able to walk for a week."

He laughed, "Empty threats are no good Do-do, I know you wouldn't dare hurt me deliberately." James said as he slung an arm over the back of the sofa and around my shoulders. I shrugged him off which made him laugh some more, "Ooo someone's touchy, what's a matter Affy?"

"One more nickname," I threatened, "And I swear you'll have a little accident with your broom at Quidditch practice later tonight."

He pretended to look oh so innocent as he batted his big hazel brown eyes at me. I looked away from him and out of the corner of my eye I saw him kneel on the floor in front of me before starting to serenade me with some muggle song about love.

I recognised it instantly because it was by a band his sister Lily loves and I had heard it a lot of the summer just gone, especially since I was staying at their mansion. Pretty cool huh? The fact I am best friends with someone who lives in a mansion and I got to stay there for the whole summer thanks to my mother and her job, although I'm not complaining.

My other best friend came over, her long blonde hair was trailing around her shoulders and her blue eyes were sparkling like diamonds, not to mention the massive smile she had plastered on her face. In actually fact she looked like a super model, well if you got rid of the school uniform and put her in a dress she would definitely look like one I swear. In fact you could put her in a bin bag and she'd still look like a super model.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed." James crooned as the whispers and laughs started around the room.

She took one look at James and nodded to the dorms and the mouthed, "We need to talk."

I nodded in reply as the whole common room started to look at us and picked my book up as James continued singing, "You don't know, you don't know you're beautiful!"

I crossed the common room just as James went for in and belted out the last lines of the song at full volume, myself and Nicky were halfway up to the dorms when James realised we had left him and he tried to follow us. We stood at the top of the steps to see James run all the way up them, he stopped on the top step puffing away like it was hard work.

I mean the boy pretty much eats, sleeps and breathes Quidditch just like his best friend Caleb. James is fit and I mean in the sporty, athletic way, not the 'I would climb him like a tree' way. Although the boy did get a little more toned over the summer, seems he's been working out just a little bit more than normal. Where the hell did that thought come from? I wondered.

"See easy." He grinned at us once he stopped puffing.

I looked at Nicky and she smiled at me, we both looked at James and just as he stood there looking proud of himself and then they slid from under his feet and turned into a slide.

His face froze in horror as he looked down and saw a slide, both of his arms flapped wildly and his legs sort of tried running even though it was useless. It was a pretty comical moment, especially on James' behalf. I mean he was just stood there one minute and gone the next.

"Bye Jamesie poo." I called down after him as I heard some very colourful language, the stuff that his mother and Nan would hex him for.

"Girl talk," Nicky yelled, "No boys allowed."

We high fived each other and laughed as we carried on up the stairs to the seventh year girls dorm. I pushed open the door to our dorm and was greeted by the smell of nail varnish, and the friendly face of our friend and fellow dorm mate; Allie Wood.

"What's going on out there?" Allie asked as she looked up from painting her toenails.

I exchanged looks with Nicky and laughed, "Just James being an idiot."

Allie laughed, "When's he not?"

"When he's trying to get Ro to set him up on a date." Nicky replied shooting a glance at me as I flopped stomach first on my un-made bed.

I groaned into my quilt as I was hoping that wouldn't come up. In fact we had nearly made it a whole five days without that coming up. I lifted my head up so that I could see Allie and Nicky who was now looking through Allie's extensive nail polish collection. I mean that girl literally has about eight shades of yellow and at least five shades of white. I mean who the hell needs five different shades of white?

"Ro, you've really got to say no to him, you can't keep playing cupid for the rest of his life." Allie told me as the door opened and a small girl with black hair stood there.

"Um, are any of you Aphrodite Leighton?" She asked timidly.

I propped myself on my elbows for a better look and nodded, "Whose asking?"

"James Potter."

I dropped my face and groaned again into my quilt, as I heard Nicky talking, "You tell my dear cousin to leave Ro alone. She's having a girly night and he's certainly not invited."

I heard the door close and stayed staring blankly at my quilt, which was making my vision go funny so I shut my eyes. In case you haven't guessed already my best friend is James Potter. Yep that's right; I'm best friends with the first son of the man who defeated you-know-who.

What's that, you've never heard of him. Well I think his name was voldy-gone-moldy or something like that, but he wasn't a nice guy. Don't trust people without noses, I mean they may have a club called 'Death Eaters' and have cool tattoo's but I mean it seriously don't trust people without noses. You never know what they might do, I mean who noes.

Get it? Nose, who knows. I'm a comical genius I swear. I giggled to myself as I wondered what sort of stuff we'd be doing at Quidditch practice tonight.

Joking aside, I've known James since before I was born if that's possible. My mother Clara Leighton used to write for the travel column in the Daily Prophet newspaper which until she became pregnant with me and my twin sister Athena at the tender age of nineteen, although if anyone asks her she says twenty as she was only a month away from her birthday. Ginny Weasley (James' mum) used to write for the Quidditch column whilst she was playing for The Holyhead Harpies and helped with the sports pages as well.

My mum and Ginny became friends and then they both found out they were pregnant, mine and Athena's dad was nowhere to be seen, he cleared off as soon as the words 'I'm pregnant' came out of my mum's mouth. Throughout their pregnancies mum and Ginny stayed in contact and then once we were born within eighteen days of each other we grew up together.

It was always me and James because I loved playing outside in the mud and dirt, whereas Athena was always clean and wanted to play with dolls and make-up not cars and diggers like I did. It's always been me and James, I even refused when my mother tried to send me to the all-girls primary school so I could become 'prim and proper' so instead she sent me to the local primary with James.

We've been inseparable ever since which is why I was so glad when my mother announced her and her new husband Patrick McKenzie were going on their honeymoon and were then going travelling if my mother could make it. I mean she was five months pregnant last time I saw her and my new sibling should be coming any day soon, especially considering that mum is eight days overdue.

After me and my siblings waved them off onto the plane it was car ride over to James' where I stayed for the summer. Don't go thinking that my mother dumped all five of her kids on the Potter's for the summer. Nope that was just me; my twin sister Athena went to the Weasley's, specifically Percy and Audrey Weasley as she's best friends with their eldest daughter Molly.

Our fifteen year old brother Skylar went to the Malfoy's along with James' younger brother Albus, leaving our thirteen year old sister Artemis and eight year old Thor (Yes I have a brother called Thor, you're argument is invalid), to stay with our grandparents who we like to call Nanny Gaia and Grandpa Poseidon Of course that's not their real names, they're actually Gail and Paul Leighton. Give me some credit, not all of my family are mad, those special places are reserved for my mother and Artemis.

My mother for naming us all such weird first names (I mean our middle names are pretty normal) and Artemis because she's almost as crazy as our mother, especially now she's going out with Lorcan Scamander and let's just say that boy is just one stone throw away from crazy town.

Not that I look anything like my namesake, in fact my twin sister Athena looks more like the Greek god Aphrodite than I do. I've got long dark hair and blue eyes whilst Thena has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She follows our mum whilst I look like our father, except for my eyes as they're the same colour as mum's and Thena's.

I giggled again at nothing in particular and I felt something soft hit my back; I looked up and saw a pillow on the bed next to me. "Ro did you hear anything we just said?" Nicky asked from where she was sat on her own bed.

I looked at her and Allie blankly, "Huh?"

Nicky rolled her eyes and muttered, "I swear sometimes you're as bad as my cousin."

Nicky is James' cousin and her full name is Dominique but if you call her Dom she will hex you, mainly because some boys used to call her 'Domi freak' when she was younger so now she goes by Nicky.

"She said you've got to say no to James, Ro." Allie chimed in.

Both of Allie's parents are famous, but they're Quidditch famous not I saved the world famous. Her dad is Oliver Wood who may be getting on a bit but man he is still hot, and her mother is Katie Bell. I love going to her house in the summer especially because there's a Quidditch pitch in their garden. No kidding, it may be a smaller version but it's still a Quidditch pitch.

"But I can't," I told them as I propped myself back up on my elbows, "He does these big, brown eyes and looks at me all sad. I can't say no to him, I just can't."

Allie sighed as she started putting away her nail polishes, "You have to Ro, you just have to or who knows what'll happen."

"Yeah," Nicky said as she stood up and went over to her trunk to get something, "You might end up as his personal cupid forever."

I sighed as I pushed the thought of me and James forever out of my mind, "Anyway what's go you so happy and smiley for Nicky?" I asked changing the subject as she sat back down but this time behind Allie and opened the book which contains everything from ideas of what to wear, what hairstyles to do, what colour to paint your nails on a first date etc... It's pretty much our girl bible, we've even added our own pages in with stuff that's worked and what hasn't.

"Well, it's official, me and Caleb that is!" She squealed as she started to plait Allie's long black hair.

I squealed myself, "Ohmygod Nicky! That's great!"

There's always been sexual tension between Nicky and Caleb but they didn't get together because of James since he's her cousin and his best friend. Towards the end of last year I knew they were sneaking around and that it was only a matter of time of them getting together.

Nicky's faced dropped, "One small problem thought."

Allie looked at me and in unison we said, "James."

It was no doubt that James was over protective when it came to his younger sister and cousins, but the thought of one of his cousin's having a boyfriend that was a big no. We spent the next few hours talking about boys and which ones were pretty hot, the one who weren't and the ones who had suddenly gotten hot over the summer.

"Shane's pretty cute." Allie stated and I agreed when suddenly I noticed a big shadow on the other side of the window, getting bigger and bigger. I stood up to investigate and as I was halfway to the window it came through with a 'smash' sending glass across the floor and a huge red ball in the room and causing both Allie and Nicky to scream.

"OI! Do-do, come on Quidditch practice." Yelled a familiar voice as the person it belonged to floated outside our window on a broom.

I screamed in frustration and stamped my foot on the floor as I put my hands on my hips and glared at him, "James Sirius Potter why the hell have you sent a quaffle into our dorm room?" I questioned.

He shrugged, "Quidditch practice? Anyway I only thought girls in movies did that?"

"Argh! James we have at least another hour until the scheduled practice, can't you go find Caleb or Sean?"

He shrugged again and I heard the words, "Duck." from behind me so I did and then I heard James scream like a little girl. I looked up to see him trying and failing to catch the quaffle that Nicky must have thrown back at him. I went over to the window sill, careful to avoid the glass and looked out to see James trying to be cocky and impress the four girls whose heads were sticking out of the window above me.

I rolled my eyes as I muttered, "Reparo." at the broken window and the glass fixed itself before going over to my bed, "He's trying to charm the three K's and Jodie." I muttered as I sat down.

The three K's and Jodie, the other half of the girls in our year. They've got the dorm upstairs as there are seven of us, so those four are in the other dorm which was added. Jodie is the leader and then there's the three K's which stand for Kelly, Khloe and Kate. You know how when you're in school and there's always those girls who are bitchy, sleep around and are likely to get pregnant at sixteen, well that perfectly describes Jodie and the three K's although none of them have gotten pregnant yet. Well at least I don't think they have.

Nicky made a noise of disgust, "Eurgh really, those bitches?"

"Sadly yes."

"Any bets he'll be asking Ro to get him a date with one of them?" Allie said to Nicky who nodded vigorously which made her hair bounce like crazy.

"Just say no." Allie advised me, "Tell him you won't do it anymore otherwise it'll drive you insane."

I sighed and at the thought of going insane, my mind jumped to my mother. I wondered whether there was any news yet on whether my newest sibling had arrived yet. Although if they had Patrick would have owled me, what with me being the eldest.

I smiled to myself as I thought of home and my siblings, like I said before mine and Thena's dad didn't stick around so we never knew him and to be honest I'm glad, according to my nan he was a right bastard, 'scuse my French. Skylar, Artemis and Thor's dad died in an accident whilst he was working, he was an Auror for the ministry and apparently this crazy dude shot a spell right at him and they believe it was an unforgivable curse because he died on the spot.

Mum met Patrick at the Daily Prophet, as she still writes travel pieces for them whilst we're all at school, leaving Thor to stay with Nanny Gaia and Grandpa Poseidon. Unless mum takes him with her, which he loves of course. Mum met Patrick in Greece (which she loves, hence our names) when she was on one of her expeditions and according to her they clicked straight away and she learnt he worked for the prophet as well and that he was on holiday for his sister's wedding.

Patrick is a really nice guy and he's certainly great with Thor, he and mum only got engaged last January and then got married in the December and then just over a month later mum found herself pregnant with baby number six.

I still can't believe that there might be another Thor or even Artemis in the world soon; I really hope it's a girl and I certainly hope that Patrick can talk mum out of giving them a weird name like ours. He's a reasonable guy, I'm sure he can come up with a normal name like Holly or Corey.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard more screaming coming from outside, I exchanged glances with Allie and Nicky who both shrugged, when it came to James neither of them cared that much since he was always one for dramatics.

I got up and walked over to the window and opened it, outside I could see James hovering on his broom but his arm were going wild and then I realised why. A large snowy white owl was attacking his arms which were trying to protect his face.

"Not my face, anywhere but my face." James cried as the owl carried on.

It took me a second to realise that I recognised the owl as it belongs to my mum. My stomach did a flip of excitement as I whistled and called, "Romeo."

Yes our family owl is called Romeo; again I blame my mother for the weird name. He took one look at me with his big amber eyes and stopped attacking James and came soaring this way. I moved back from the window as he flew in. He landed on my bed with a soft thump and held out his foot, I took the letter from him and went into the bathroom to get him some water in a dish. He looked at with his big eyes, "If you want food you'll have to go to the owlery."

He ruffled his feathers and drank the water whilst James came flying in and made a not so smooth landing on the floor in front of us. "I see Romeo remembers you James." I said whilst trying not laugh at the heap on the floor. My family owl and James haven't got the best relationship, well as far as boy and owl relationships go. He once turned his lovely white feathers multi-coloured and tried to attach a mini version of the sorting hat to him, Merlin knows why. Anyway Romeo didn't exactly take to well and has now got it in for James.

"That bloody bird tried to kill me." He complained as he got up and sat on the empty bed by the window and looked at his arms, "Oww!" He moaned as he poked at the scratches Romeo had made, "Oh I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking." He said sarcastically as I opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Aphrodite, Athena, Skylar and Artemis,

Great news, it's a little girl born at four, thirty six this morning weighing seven pounds and six ounces. Your mother is doing fine as is your little sister; she sends her love to you all and of course Thor. We've decided on a name and although it is Greek name just like yours, it's not as unusual. Your new baby sister is called Theia Grace Leighton-Mckenzie.

You're mother hopes you're all okay and that you, Athena and Skylar are working especially hard because of your upcoming NEWT's and OWL's. Good luck and do your best.

All our love,

Patrick, mum and baby Theia. xxx

P.s There's pictures enclosed.


"Guys guess what!" I said as I jumped up which frightened Romeo and made him hoot, "I've got a new baby sister!" I grabbed the envelope and found two pictures, one of mum who looked tired, Patrick who was smiling and a little bundle in a pink blanket. And one of my new sister Theia, the picture moved and I was able to see her wriggling slightly in the blanket that surrounded her. She had blonde hair just like mum (no surprise there) and Patrick's green eyes.

Nicky and Allie both smiled and issued me, "Congratulations."

I showed them the pictures and they both awwed at the newest addition to the Leighton family, even though her name is actually Leighton-Mckenzie as she's having Patrick name as well. Myself and Athena have mum's last name for obvious reasons, Skylar, Artemis and Thor all have mum's last name as well because she never married their dad and his surname didn't exactly go with the names mum picked.

"Isn't a bit weird?" James piped up and I looked at him, "I mean you're seventeen and your mum's just had another baby. Doesn't the thought of your mum y'know bother you?"

It didn't until now, "James ew. I don't ever think of that and thanks for mentally scaring me now."

He shrugged, "It is a bit weird though."

"Not really," Nicky said as she glared at her cousin for being such an idiot, "Vic is twenty-one, I'm seventeen and Louis' two. So what that her mum's had another baby, I mean she is only what thirty-something."

"Thirty-eight actually."

"See James, she's not exactly old." Nicky pointed out.

He huffed and mocked Nicky as he said, "She's not exactly old."

"I hope Romeo took a nice chunk out of your arm James." I shot at him.

"Yeah well if your mum's that young she can be classed as a MILF." James smirked at me as he stood up.

I looked at him confused, "What the hell is one of them?"

He simply smirked again as he mounted his broom, "See you in an hour Do-do."

"It means, Mother I'd like to fu-." Allie started to say but I cut her off.

"Ewww, James you fucking perv. That's my mother." I yelled at him as he flew out of the window, I ran over and looked out to see him hovering just out of my reach, "You sicko Potter, I hope you rot in hell. I'm pretty sure you and Satan would have a great time together!"

James laughed, "Love you to Do-do and don't be late for practice."

I watched him fly over to the boys window and I suddenly had the urge to throw something at him, but then again I wouldn't get it back. "Argh boys! Is that all they bloody think about?"

"Pretty much." Allie said, "Ollie's even worse, especially when you two sleep over ours." She shuddered, "I wish he'd move out already with his girlfriend Tammie, they've been together nearly two years. I thought she'd have made him better, but he's still the same."

"He is pretty hot though." I heard Nicky mutter.

"Eww, really Nicky?"

She shrugged as she got up and headed into the bathroom, "How long have you got until you have to James drags you away from us?"

"About an hour, although I'm purposely going to be late."

Nicky came back out with packets of facemasks, "Like I said we're having a girly night."

"But it's not night." I pointed out.

"That's a technicality." She shrugged as she sat down.

I sighed, I need a good girly night, I mean I may hang around with James far too much and play Quidditch but I'm a full girly girl at heart. I love the colour pink and at any chance I get I'll wear a skirt or dress, not to mention I love make-up even though I don't wear a lot of it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, flicking through magazines which were both muggle and wizarding as well as putting on our faces masks. Let's just say when Caleb came flew in, in the hope of finding Nicky alone he got a fright. We all had different coloured face packs on as well as cucumber on our eyes (which Allie went and got from the kitchens).

Caleb didn't stay long after that, he shouted a quick, "Bye." over his shoulder as he flew back through the window. What is it with boys and flying through our window today?, I wondered as I leant back against my head board and shut my eyes for a quick nap.


Quidditch practice on a cold Saturday night in November is so not fun but then again when you have James Potter for a captain you're not likely to argue, what with the whole 'his dad defeated Voldy and could do the same to you' thing that sits in the back of your mind.

I know I said I wasn't going to be late, but I only meant a couple of minutes not an hour. I fell asleep and even though both Nicky and Allie tried waking me they couldn't because I sleep like a log.

I managed to wash off most of my face mask before picking up my hoodie and grabbing my trainers before running down the stairs two at a time and into the common room. I called a hurried, "See you at dinner." to Allie who was at in front of the fire with books spread around her and Nicky who was sat on the sofa.

I sprinted through the castle in nothing but my socks and took all the shortcuts that I could so that I could get down to the entrance hall. It seemed to take forever and I checked my watch once again and cursed under my breath. I'm over an hour late; James is going to kill me.

Once I was in the entrance hall I skidded to a stop and sat on the bottom step of the grand staircase and shoved my feet into my trainers whilst over students looked with curiosity and some even pointed at me as they passed.

I know that I'm pretty well known around here and not just for my stupid name or the fact I'm James' best friend but for the fact that I am the goddess of love. Quite literally according to my name. Basically I'm known because back in my sixth year and when they were fourth years I got my brother Skylar's friend Scorpius Malfoy together with Rose Weasley.

I mean I knew about all the hatred and rivalry between their families but I also knew from Skylar that Scorpius was mad about Rose and that he was too afraid to ask her out because she hated him. And voila that's where I stepped in, along with Skylar and Albus' help we set them up in a broom cupboard and wouldn't let them out for a few hours and when I say a few I mean six.

So yeah, that's how I got my fame at Hogwarts, by making two enemies fall in love. I stood up and headed for the castle doors and headed outside only to get soaked by the rain. I groaned, just my luck that it bloody rains when we've got practice. I mean we don't start the Quidditch season until after Christmas so I really don't see the need to star training until then but James wants his team in tip top condition so we can win the House cup this year.

I cursed under my breath as I ran down through the Hogwarts grounds and didn't stop until I was in the stadium. James and the others were huddled together and although I couldn't make out what James was saying over the sound of the rain but I knew he was angry.

"WHERE THE HELLS IS SHE?" He yelled at them as I got closer, his back was to me so I knew he couldn't see me coming.

"S-she's coming now." Stammered Bridget Snow, whose a small fourth year and is one of our chasers.

I saw one of the boys sniggering at me and I knew I didn't exactly look pristine because my hair was a mess, my mascara had probably run and my clothes were sticking to me.

James whipped around, his black hair was stuck to his face and he looked so much younger, "Where the hell have you been?" He snapped.

"I-I fell asleep." I managed to say.

"Go get changed and then run four laps around the pitch." James growled at me.

I stalked off to the girls changing rooms and peeled off my soaked hoodie, t-shirt and jeans so I could put on my Quidditch shirt and trousers. I looked in the mirror and saw why the boys were sniggering, and it wasn't just because of the mascara streaks. I had missed some of the face mask which had been red, I scrubbed it off before going back outside. Everyone was on their brooms and were in the air, the three chasers; Bridget, Jason Price whose a third year and is very light and speedy and James were throwing the quaffle between them as well as back and forth to Caleb whose a beater and sixth year Jessica Davies who plays seeker.

I muttered to myself as I started off at a slow jog from the changing rooms, "Stupid boys, thinking they're all that. Not my bloody fault I sleep like a log, I blame my stupid dead beat dad for that since mum wakes up at the slightest noise."

It felt like forever as I run the laps, I was just finishing my second one when James sent the others to the changing rooms, but he stayed up in the air on his broom going around in circles and doing fancy tricks.

The others waved bye to me and I waved back even though I could just about keep my head up. I really need to get fitter. "Bloody show off." I murmured.

In the end I managed to finish the last lap, I was soaked to the skin, "I officially hate Potter." I muttered, "Stupid Potter thinking he's all that, well I hope he trips over his broom. Him and his stupid Quidditch practices when we don't even need them. Stupid saint Potter."

"Talking about me are you?" I screamed and whipped around ready for an attack wishing I hadn't left my wand in the pocket of my jeans, only to see James hovering beside me, "Jeeze chill Do-do, it's just me."

I hit him as hard as I could, "You-," whack, "Complete-," whack, "And-," Whack, "Utter-," whack, "Prat!" I growled at him.

With every whack he kept saying 'ow' but I didn't feel any remorse he deserved it. I stormed off into the girl changing rooms knowing that he wouldn't follow me. I got out of my Quidditch uniform as quick as possible and threw it in the laundry bag for that the house elves were scheduled to pick up tonight.

I stepped into one of the shower stalls and turned it on, I was grateful for the hot water that helped ease the dull ache that was growing in my legs. Once I was out of the shower I wrapped myself in one of the big fluffy white towels and pulled my wand out of my jean pocket and pointed at my clothes. I muttered a heat spell and they started to dry right away.

It didn't take long and I got dressed immediately whilst they were still a bit warm, from out of my locker I picked up my hair brush and started to brush my long dark hair. I heard the door creak open a little and then a voice, "Are you decent?"

I thought about it for a second and then said, "No." James then came walking in without a care in the world, "Excuse me Potter, but what if I had just been in a towel?"

He shrugged as he sat on one of the benches, "I'd get to see that beautiful body of yours." He grinned cheekily.

I threw my trainer at him but he dodged it with ease, damn his stupid chaser skills, "Why'd you make me do laps?"

"You were late," He stated, "And plus if I let you join straight in they'd think it was favouritism, especially if you didn't go without punishment."

I rolled my eyes and he muttered something that I couldn't here, "Huh?" I said.

"Do-do," James sang suddenly as he watched me in the mirror, "Do you think you could set me up with Jodie, y'know from upstairs."

I didn't dare move my eyes to look at him, I kept them looking at my reflection but then James stood up and came closer. I felt his muscly arms go around my waist and before I had time to react he span me around the room. He eventually put me down after much protest, "Please Do-do." He pouted and did that thing where he makes his eyes go really wide and sad.

I refuse to give in, I refuse to give in, I told myself as he whimpered and batted his eyelashes. I swear that boy has girl's eyelashes, I mean they're really long and thick and why the hell am I thinking about my best friends eye lashes. My male best friend's eye lashes to be precise.

I groaned, "Fine! I'll ask her but if she says no or if you don't get the soul mate vibe off of her don't come crying to me."

James and his god damn sad eyes, that is my weakness. Not chocolate, not shoes (although I love them a lot) or even clothes. My weakness is James' eyes.

James smiled which matched the dopey expression on his face and ran a hand through his messy black hair, which made him look at least twelve. "Thanks so much Do-do, and you know me I never doubt your magic powers of love."

"Please don't call them that. I haven't got any magic powers." I saw him smirk as his eyes wandered to my wand which I was currently putting in my pocket, "You know what I mean, I can't make you magically fall in love with someone."

"You did it with Rose and Scorpius."

"That's different; they just needed a little pushing in the right direction."

"And so do I, you've got to help me find the right girl Do-do."

I put my hairbrush back in my locker once I had scraped my hair into a ponytail and put my hood up ready to brave the outside. "What if the right girl's staring you in the face?" I said under my breath and then froze in the doorway.

Why the hell did I just say that?

"Oof, why the hell did you just stop Do-do."

I didn't turn around, I didn't say anything I just ran even though my legs were sore and I was tired. I didn't stop until I was outside the fat lady huffing and puffing like I had just run a marathon.


I stood against the wall and slid down it and landed on the floor in a heap, "C-c-chocolate f-frogs." I wheezed as she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

I pulled myself and climbed in through the portrait hole, in was empty except for the two figures on the sofa who were entwined with one another and looked like that were having a serious make out session. I was glad that everyone else was at dinner at least that meant I had time to try and get my head around what I had said.

I couldn't stand, in fact I didn't want to stand and get caught by the love birds so I dropped to the floor and crawled on my hands and knees across the floor. I looked up as I went behind the sofa and saw the boy had blonde hair, and then I saw the girl's eyes following me.

I crawled even faster and just before I could reach the bottom of the stairs, a pair of feet and some very long legs which were glad in blue skinny jeans. I looked up slowly and saw Nicky staring down at me, "What the hell Ro?"

I just blinked at her and she held her hand out to help me up, as I stumbled to my feet I saw Caleb on the sofa who looked slightly embarrassed.

"Caleb said James had you doing laps in the rain, come on let's get you upstairs and dried off."

I sent Caleb an apologetic smile for ruining his time with Nicky and he smiled back. Nicky started blabbering on about one thing and another whilst I still tried to get my head around what I had said.

James is my best friend; I've known him for years. I mean I can't be developing feelings for him in a lovey dovey way can I?

That's ridiculous. But is it? A part of my brain I never knew existed chimed in.

Nicky forced me into the bathroom and turned to shower on, she handed me clean underwear, a pair of leggings and a top. "Shower, get changed and then you're coming down to dinner with us."

I nodded half heartily as she shut the door behind her and stepped into the shower for the second time tonight. Is that why his eyes are my weakness, I wondered.

But he's James; he's like a brother to me, one of the family. How can I have developed feelings for him?

Maybe it's because you constantly set him up with girls as the oh so mighty James Potter chooses to use you as his personal assistant when it comes to love. And because he believes you have magic love powers which can find his soul mate, I laughed out loud because nothing seemed to make sense.

"You okay?" Nicky called to me.

"Yeah." I replied even though I wasn't sure.

Once out the shower I got dressed into nice warm, dry clothes and put on a clean hoodie and socks.

"Shoes," Nicky pointed out as I made my way to the door, "You're coming to dinner."

I let out a sigh and pulled on my boots because Nicky was giving me her death glare, and when she gives you that look you do as she says.

Reluctantly Nicky and Caleb persuaded me to go down to dinner with them and I did.

A/N I was inspired to write this by the beautiful banner which I saw over at The Darks Arts in the up for grabs forum. It's not going to be a full blown novel, just a short story. It's also a lot different to what I normally write as it's so light, happy and upbeat!!

Aphrodite's friends call her Ro and James calls her Do-do (most of the time) or an assortment of her nicknames.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed." and "You don't know, you don't know you're beautiful." - I don't own these lyrics or the song which both belong to One Direction.


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