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The Potter Problem by rey
Chapter 13 : The Flirting Escapades Of Jillian Kenward Part One
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Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: This chapter contains a lot of Tatum's natural craziness. And a sensitive topic. So if you are not up for funny and outrageous mixed with sad parts, you should skip this one.

Also, the chapter is filled with sexual innuendos and what not. But since it's called the way it's called, I think you guessed that on your own. :)

The Flirting Escapades Of Jillian Kenward Part I


So, it’s four in the morning, October the twenty eight, and after fifteen days of intense thinking, I’ve finally composed the final list of Best flirting techniques with Albus Potter for all occasions.


Number one: Look into his eyes. Not in a creepy manner like Louis Weasley does-Salazar, is he annoying or what, but in a very, very sexy one, to the point of making him squirm.


Number two: Make skin contact. Again, not in a creepy, molesting manner (I’m looking at you again, Louis!), but in a sweet, seductive, (falsely) innocent one.


Number three: Speak in a low, silky tone. The one that could cure cancer, if voices were given such a power. Or the one that will turn him on so profoundly, he’ll have no option but to throw you on your bed. No, his bed, because you have a room mate and she probably wouldn’t approve of your antics. Even though Will did catch her doing a similarly unsettling deed in the apartment that one time, of which’s nature they still refuse to inform you. So, yeah, maybe you should do it in the flat, just for good measure and revenge! Anyway... where was I? Ah, yes!


Number four: Use the things that he loves against him. For example, vanilla ice cream. Al adores it. So, make sure to be eating it at all times possible. And by eating I mean licking it in a highly suggestive way, with side moans as a bonus! If this doesn’t make him want to rip your clothes off, well, then... he’s secretly gay.


Number five: As a continuation of the above technique, speak in a highly suggestive way. Anything can be traced back to sex. For example, say, he notes that he enjoys the night sky and its stars, because he does, Al is such a romantic, bless him. You can retort in the following fashion. Oh, you know what I enjoy that is usually done at night and makes you see stars, if performed rightly? See, everything, and I don’t say that lightly, everything can be sexually suggestive.


Number six: Do those little things for him that no other person is aware of he enjoys, because he’s mainly embarrassed about them. Like, say, buy him patchy socks. The patchier, the better! Or play Ford Bubbles for him. He knows he wants to listen to those ridiculous songs! This way, he’ll remember that he can be silly and relaxed in your presence, not ashamed of anything-and by that I mean not ashamed of ravishing you in your-HIS bed.


Number seven: Let him do things for you. Case in point, let him finally teach you how to cook, as he promised he would, anyway. This will provide for more close proximity between the two of you and if food is not a natural aphrodisiac, I don’t know what is! Plus, guys like helping a lady out, because that usually sets them up for receiving a favour in return and you know what that is most of the time. Wink, wink.


Number eight: Dress to impress. But not like you’re going into an interview. Lose the professional, tame look. Make it spicy! If you insist on the work thing, though, choose a shorter skirt/tighter pants and undo some of the buttons on your shirt. Tight is right! Short is hot! Remember it. Repeat it. Live it.


Number nine: Learn German, even if it’s just a few words. Apparently, Albus Potter has a recurring dream of a German girl yelling at him in that slightly stiff, strict language (Well, that’s how it appears to my ears, anyway.). I guess that’s the main reason he finds it hot. The girl seems angry and too proper, but when over taken by his passion toward her Al jumps her the two engage in... well, you get the drift. So, learn German and then yell something at him. He’ll surely snog the living daylight out of you (And do other naughty, naughty things.).


Number ten: Which brings me to the ultimate weapon. If all of these above things don’t work out, this one is fail proofed. Tell him that you hate him. Let him do something stupid and tell him those exact words. I. Hate. You. Once, while sleepy, Albus told me, not consciously, of course, this is, after all, rather embarrassing for him, that angry girls are a weak spot of his. And not just angry, but furious and downright out of their minds with rage. The more you reject him, the more he’ll want you. Cliches are, after all, cliches for a reason.


That’s all, my little tormented soul. I wish you luck. I hope you shag Albus Potter and are, afterwards, able to move on from this love nonsense. Because you’re rubbish at love. You can barely manage being a decent friend. A girlfriend would be an unrealistic expectation on your part.

It’s just one shag, anyway. Al is a guy, so there shouldn’t be problems concerning him. And, after all, he’s ditched Phan, which is a plus. Yes, it merely happened yesterday, but who cares. The guy probably hasn’t had sex since Emma... er, ok, never think of that again. Ever! Where was I? Ah, yes! Al hasn’t had sex since... forever (I doubt he did it with Phan, because he told me there has to be an emotional connection -snort- and the two were together for barely two weeks. There wasn’t a connection of any kind, besides both of them being Healers. Because I know Al likes to give chances, no mater how slim they are-except to Mary the vegetarian, but that’s understandable-and if he dumped Phan after two weeks only that truly means something.), so I’m fairly certain he’ll be up for it. As for the emotional connection issue... well, you’ll just have to persuade him to forget about the stupid thing that is love for a second and simply... do it!

Because you ought to, I repeat ought to get him out of your system. Or else... you’ll go mad and then no one will want to associate with you, anyway.

So, once again-good luck and on with it!


Yes, I know I’m (slightly) insane-even my psychologist has confirmed this to me. You don’t have to constantly point it out, though. That won’t stop me from acting crazy, you know.




The late morning finds me in an uncomfortable sleepless state, my eyes red from the maniac behaviour and plans I can’t seem to stop envisioning. In every single one of them, Potter and I end up in my, I mean, HIS bed.

I’m developing an obsession. This is unhealthy, it is. But that’s exactly why I have to do it. So the madness can be over with. And Albus and I can go back to just being friends. In any case, after all is said and done (But mostly done. And by all, I mean me. Hehe.), I can’t be worse off than I am now.









For the scene of my first flirting attack, I mean ACT! Flirting act! Ahem. As I was saying, for the scene of my first flirting act, I have chosen Al’s work place... Because he’s currently working, I finished early at the Prophet and I can’t get him out of my head. The last bit is a constant, though.

As I’m a control freak in disguise, I decide to follow my flirting list serially. So, today, I have to maintain eye contact at all and any cost! Which may have resulted in some... accidents.

„Hey, Al!“ I cheer from the entrance.

He turns around and gives me a warm smile that melts my heart and prompts me to almost look to the side in order to hide my furious blush. But I can’t give up so easily! So I persist in staring at him in a surely unsettling way.

„Hey. What are you doing here? Did you drink cherry tea again?“ He smirks.

I stick my tongue out at him. „No, I finished work early. Can’t I come here to visit you with no other reason but... to visit you?“

Merlin, I’m so awkward.

Al nods. „I suppose you can. It’s just that you usually avoid St. Mungo’s, so, naturally, I’m curious.“

Yes, I avoid it because people constantly tell me I should get locked up in here, at the loony department. I don’t want to give them many opportunities to actually do that!

„Oh, you’re imagining it.“ I chuckle nervously. „Anyway, I’ve missed you.“

Albus suddenly directs all of his attention towards me, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the Potions table. „Ok, what do you need, Ty? Spill it out.“

I try to appear thoroughly shocked. „Nothing of the sort you probably think. Just your company.“

I finish that with a small, albeit slightly forced, smile. All the while, I don’t look away. So I near him, ending up leaning against the table as well.

„You’re acting weird.“ Al notes suspiciously.

„I’m always weird.“ I snort, very attractively may I add. „You know that.“

„Yes, but now it’s more so than usually. Much more.“ Al finally grins, as if he just realized he can poke fun at me.

„Well...“ I try to move closer, but with insisting to maintain eye contact, I forget to look around myself.

Which causes me to knock down almost all of Al’s potions at the table, some twenty or thirty of them. This finally prompts me to look away, after giving Al one horrified stare.

He pushes me away gently. „Watch out, mixing potions can be very dangerous!“

I sneak a glance at the table behind Al’s back and notice that some of them have made a gaping hole in it, while others are disappearing into the air in purple steam form.

„Oh, Merlin, I’m so sorry, Al!“

„Don’t worry. It may seem so, but this is not the first time something like this has happened. I always tell my superior that I need a separate room for making potions, but he disagrees. Maybe this will finally convince him.“

I bite my lip, defeated. „How can I make things right?“

As soon as I say this, who should come in but Jade, the little red headed girl who visits Al far too often. She peeks into the room, puzzled, her burly eyes reflecting all the steam in the room.

Merlin has a great sense of humour, I see.

„Keep her away for awhile.“ Al nods toward the girl, to my utter dismay.

Let me refresh your memory-Jade and I... not the best of friends, exactly. But Al needs a favour and I caused this whole mess, so I owe him.

I sigh and walk to the curious girl, taking her hand and pulling her outside.

„I want to play with Albus.“ She protests.

„He’s busy right now. So I will have to do.“

„But I don’t like you.“ She says, again, in that annoyingly honest manner children do.

„Well, you know, life’s like that. Sometimes you have to try and tolerate people you detest.“

„You use fancy words.“ She just answers.

„Why, thank you.“ I decide to view that as a compliment.

The girl suddenly pulls on my jeans and I look down to her. „I need to make the water go away.“

„What?“ I frown at her, confused.

Who can understand children’s language? And she says I use fancy words.

In order to demonstrate, since I can’t seem to follow her gibberish talk, Jade crouches down and lifts her little dress, making a shhhh sound.

„Oh.“ I blush, annoyed that I didn’t understand her the first time around. „You want to take a piss.“

The girl nods.

„Well, we need to find a Healer who can help you.“ I look around, but, unfortunately, the floor we’re at seems rather deserted.

Jade shakes her head. „I have to go, now!“

„Ok, ok!“ I roll my eyes. „Geeze, don’t be so impatient.“

I pick her up from the floor into my arms, concluding that she seems lighter than she looks. But as she comes into my clear sight, I notice a strange rash on her whole body, which immediately attracts my full attention. A feeling of sadness suddenly overwhelms me.

„Jade, what illness is it that you have?“

She just shrugs, looking down at her tiny fingers playing with a ring. That’s the other thing I haven’t noticed until now.

„Can I...?“ I show to the pretty piece of jewelry.

The girl practically shoves it to my chest. With an oomph sound (The child can be quite forceful.) I take it. The ring is made of gold and has a writing engraved on the inner side.

It says. „Love has already saved me.“ Then the saying changes to be replaced by another sentence. „Don’t mourn me, Theodore.“

„Jade.“ I feel my whole body going stiff. „Is your dad’s name Theodore?“

She nods. „He fell asleep. For a long time. That’s what my grandma told me.“

I can barely hold my tears in at this point. „Like your mum?“

„Like my mum. But she was sick. Dad was just sad.“ The girl shrugs again, looking down at her now empty palms.

I give her the ring back, trying hard not to sniff too loudly, which proves to be quite difficult. „Let’s go find that piss room.“




„We’re back!“ I announce to Al some half an hour later and Jade runs to him, hugging his leg.

He laughs, lifting the girl into his arms with no visible effort.

„We went to take a piss!“ Jade yells.

I stare at her, mortified.

Al almost drops her from laughing too hard. „Who taught you to say that?“

Almost instantly, Jade points her tiny finger at me.

I gasp. That little traitor!

„I take it you two had fun.“

To my surprise, Jade nods, a little smile dancing on her sealed lips. Al gives me a grateful look, while I nod in return.

„But I have to go now.“ I say, to what Jade protests with a loud no.

„I’ll come back again, sometime.“ I assure her.

She calls for me to near her, gesticulating with her tiny hands. I walk towards Al and her, standing too close for my own comfort. His presence has an intoxicating effect on me. Jade doesn’t seem to notice, though. She leans over and links her hands around my neck sweetly, the affectionate gesture taking my mind off a certain black haired man in my proximity.

Promise you’ll come back again.“

I smile into her silky red hair. „I promise.“

She then gives me a peck on the cheek and leans back into Albus. He, on the other hand, directs his eyes at me in a way I don’t believe he ever has. They’re twinkling with something unusual, something...

„Thank you.“ He mouths. „I’ll see you after work?“

I nod and, before I can examine his gaze and guess its meaning, I stalk outside. I don’t think I could have handled it any longer, anyway, to be quite honest.

Damn it, how am I supposed to maintain eye contact, when he gives me such intense looks?

Ok, mission failed. At least step one. But that’s what I have the other nine for-I think to myself in delight, which results in a slightly devilish laugh. And since I’m still at St. Mungo’s people are staring at me. No! I’m not insane-I think while running out as fast as I can.








Later that day, Al invites me over to his flat. Which is a perfect setting for number two from my Best flirting techniques with Albus Potter for all occasions list to be carried out. The touching step, to be more precise.

As soon as Al notices me pop in the middle of his room, he smiles. I, on the other hand, take the opportunity and hug him. He doesn’t hesitate in returning the embrace. Well, someone seems eager. Maybe the second step will be all I need to...

„Thanks for looking out for Jade today. She really liked you.“ Al grins.

„Yes, I really liked her, too.“ But what I’m trying to say here is-I really like you.

„I had the impression you’re not a children’s person. What happened?“ Al leads me to his living room, that show with Orin Wadding, the guy Willow has a crush on, babbling on his WiTV screen.

I sit down on the couch, turning my whole body towards Al. Also, I make sure to rest one palm on his knee. Subtle, yet assertive. He doesn’t seem to notice it much, however. Damn it, why is he so oblivious?

Maybe because he’s focused on Jade at the moment?

Right! Jade!

„I... I saw her ring.“ I mutter back to his remark.

Remembering that moment makes me misty eyed even now. It was all that took to make me realize how small, fragile and breakable Jade is. How much protection and affection she deserves. And how I’m finding myself suddenly wanting to be the person to give her all that.

Crap! I’m supposed to look my best. And I don’t look my best when on a verge to cry, let me tell you.

Al sighs. „It’s so tragic.“

„Does she have the same illness her mum had?“ I wonder.

„I’m afraid so.“ Al says quietly.

„So that means... she can...?“ I don’t even have the strength to finish that sentence.

Al nods, not able to produce an answer in the form of words. So I take his hand, this time genuinely, and squeeze it with care. He turns to me, his eyes glimmering just like earlier today. The combination of the heat I’m feeling holding his palm and the intensity of his look prove to be too much for me, yet again.

So I stand up in alarm. „I just remembered... I left my purse at work.“

And with that blatant lie, I apparate away from his apartment.




Frick! How am I supposed to seduce him when even the first two steps are giving me trouble, being the most innocent ones?

Maybe I jumped into this list too fast. I need better preparation.

Hm, I could maybe practise on Keyon.








No.You will not practise on my boyfriend!“ Emma gives me the deepest frown I have ever attested.

„Oh, come on, Emma, it’ll be fun.“ Key laughs beside her, the only one not sitting by the window in Leaky Cauldron.

He’s such a gentleman.

„Maybe for you.“ She growls in response.

Who knew Emma could be so possessive? Well, I should have figured with her character, really.

You see, the two have gone out on their first date immediately following the concert. They’ve been together for two weeks and, contrary to Phan and Al’s two weeks, that time was enough for them to realize they’re crazy about each other. Key even promised to stop smoking, since Emma as a Healer won’t have it.

It’s insane, really. But, as I like to say, who am I to talk about what’s mad?

„You’re mad.“ Emma shakes her head at me.

See what I mean?

„Come on! I helped you two hook up! Don’t I deserve a little aid in return?“

You didn’t do anything. It was all me. I even found out where Emma works and lives from Ash. Because you were too busy developing your seduction plan.“ Keyon reminds me stirring his coffee calmly, contradicting his slightly accusing tone.

Bugger. I need to get more involved with my mates’ lives. If anything, I can always have some gain from it.

„Jill, I warned you. This will just destroy your friendship will Al. You need to stop pursuing him in a romantic sense until he’s made the first step.“ Emma jumps in, assuming my attention.

„Aren’t you an expert on Albus Potter.“ Keyon teases.

„Oh, shut up, mister I failed in wooing Jill.“ She rolls her eyes in response.

„Aw, such a sweet, gentle soul this one is.“ Key snickers.

Emma turns to him, probably to slap him, but he catches her lips in a passionate kiss instead.


When they stop, I take my chance with talking to them again, before they resume to more revolting physical actions. „But I don’t want to pursue him in a romantic sense, you see. More like in a purely sexual one.“

„So, I repeat, you’re mad.“ Emma nods her head.

„Why are you denying that you’re in love with him, Jill?“ Key wonders. „It’s so obvious that it hurts my eyes, to be honest.“

„Because I can’t be his girlfriend!“ I suddenly shriek.

Luckily we’re under the Muffliato spell-you can never be too careful. I can only assume how crazy I look to the other guests.

„I...“ My voice breaks a little. „Key, you’ve seen it. I don’t do relationships well. I just end up hurting myself or the other person involved. I ruin everything, every time.“

The two stare at me in silence for a while, until Emma reaches over the table and rests her hand on my shoulder.

„Did you consider that, maybe... All of those times it happened because it was supposed to?“

„What are you implying?“ I ask her, unsure.

„That there’s usually that one relationship standing against the odds. The one that survives, in spite of everything.“ She now looks to Key and smiles gently, to what he responds by kissing her forehead. „Maybe Al and you... you’re the ones who won’t break in the end.“

„I can’t take that chance.“ I mutter. „I wouldn’t stand losing him.“

„Oh, but you think having sex with him won’t ruin everything, too?“ Key interrupts my moment of honesty.

„It’s just sex.“ I shrug and then get up. „Fine, if you won’t help me, I’ll... I’ll practise on Felix!“

„I wouldn’t try asking Ash if I were you.“ Emma smirks. „Imagine my reaction and then  multiply it by ten-that’s how she’ll respond to you request.“

No, she won’t. I think I know my room mate better than Emma. She’ll gladly help me.




Ok, so maybe Emma does know Ash better than I do, which doesn’t help my case of wanting to be a good friend.

„You are insane!“ Ash screams at me, upon my plea.

Damn Emma, why does she get to be right all the time?

Whatever, I have other things to focus on right now. Like ravishing Albus Potter.

But there are no males left for me to practise on. How am I ever going to get Al out of my system now?




And that’s when it clicks.








„Hi, dad!“ I jump into his embrace the moment he opens the door.

No, you sick people, I won’t practise my flirting skills on dad. I’m just going to ask him for advice, seeing how he’s the only male left in my life that I can talk to without hesitation. Mum is out with a female friend of hers, so dad and I resume our seats in the empty living room. Not before he brings us some hot chocolate, that is. Have I mentioned that I adore my father? Yes, I possibly have. I never get tired of repeating it, though.

The room is decorated with pumpkins carved to resemble faces-smiling, in rage and downright scary. The nearing Halloween has already made its presence known in my parents’ house, you see. There are even a few magically enhanced pumpkins hanging from the ceiling with their grimaces changing constantly, which makes me slightly dizzy as I stare them down.

Finally, I look away from them to my father’s curious face.

„Dad, I came here to talk to you about... matters of the... heart.“ I finish awkwardly.

It’s more the matters of some other parts of my body, but dad doesn’t need to have it spelled out like that.

He closes his eyes and joins his hands for a moment, as if in a deep meditation state.

After a moment of silence, he smiles at me. „I have been waiting for this day.“

„Er... ok?“

„Jill.“ He shifts slightly in his spot on the couch to look me directly in the eyes. „When two people love each other, they... ahem, engage in... how should I put this...“

„Dad!“ I jump up in embarrassment. „I don’t need a sex talk! You do realize that mum had the honour way back when I was fourteen and she caught me snogging Terrence from down the street?“

„Ah...“ My father stays still for a moment and rubs his chin, lost in his thoughts. „I wasn’t aware?“

„That’s besides the point, though, because, really, don’t I seem old enough to you to have already... engaged... in... you know?“ I stammer, blushing furiously.

Why did I think this wouldn’t be uncomfortable? No matter how much daughters love their fathers, it’s always going to be awkward talking about sex with them. Trust me.

„Indeed.“ He nods, clearing his throat. „Well, what did you want to talk about, then?“

„I wanted to know which one of the two of you made the first move, mum or you? And what was the move that made you become romantically involved, anyway?“ I want to ask sexually involved, but I’m afraid to bring that word up again so soon.

Dad sighs, a content grin on his face. Then, he stands up and leaves the room, just like that. I stare after him, stunned. Until he comes back, carrying a photo album and a stack of, what appear to be, love letters.


Oh Merlin, what have I gotten myself into?


„That’s a long story.“ Dad grins, opening the album to its first page.

There rests the first photo of my parents together, ever. They appear to be in an amusement park, smiling at each other warmly. He urges me look at the pictures, some moving, some not, until I finish the album on a picture of myself as a baby. He always does this, lets me get lost in the photos, but never clues me into how some of them were made. I guess it’s because I usually groan when he tries to talk about mum and the olden days.

But now I need to know.

Dad then gives me a letter without an address on it, written by him and clearly meant to be sent to Elisa. After that, he hands me another, much shorter, one containing his name on the back, and encourages me to read it.




Esteemed Mr Percival Kenward,


I’m sorry to inform you, but, instead of writing down the number 113 in your nameless address, which I assume is what you wanted to do, you wrote 123, prompting the postman to get confused and leave the letter at my door. Since, you know, there isn’t a number 123 in our street. My home, under the number of 122, is the last one in Exchange Alley. I wish to inform you this in order for you to know that a certain Miss Elisa Llewelyn hasn’t received her letter yet, as a result of this confusion. And I don’t want to have a possible break up on my conscious. I would have given her the letter myself, had I not opened it beforehand (There was no way for me to be certain that it wasn’t for someone in my house, after all. Please, in the future, be sure to write the name of the person you are scribing to.). Now, I don’t feel it would be appropriate.

PS I want you to know that Miss Elisa may be up to something behind your back, because I have seen her holding hands with a young man while frolicking around the village. I reckon you should be aware of that, in case you plan to marry her.



Miss Mirabelle Austin.




„Dad.“ I snicker. „How come you didn’t write the name on the letter, anyway?“

„Oh, I was in an awful hurry.“ He waves his hand. „But since the village where they lived was mostly of family houses, having only the number and street written down was enough clues for the postman to find the right recipient, anyway.“

„Only, you managed to mess even that part up.“ I giggle.

„It’s true. But had I written Elisa’s name on the letter, your mum and I would probably never come to be.“

„So I have to thank aunt Elisa for my existence.“ I smile, amused by the fact that mum thought Elisa was dad’s girlfriend, even after reading his clearly non romantic letter.

I guess I’m crazy thanks to her side of the family, which dad likes to point out, too.

„Has’t she bragged about that to you already?“ Dad wonders.

„Not really. Although, now that I think about it, one time at her second wedding with uncle Rory she did mention that she’s a natural matchmaker and that she’ll help me get married, too, if I want, so that we can follow the tradition in our family. I thought she was just mumbling, because she was rather drunk.“ I chuckle.

„Well, your aunt is not one to be trusted at weddings.“ He smiles, agreeing.

„Especially since she keeps having them over and over.“ I note.

„Forsooth.“ Dad agrees.

„But you were telling me about mum and you.“ I remind him.

„Right!“ He composes himself again. „You see, it’s hard to determine who made the first move, as you say nowadays. Was it me with my lost letter or your mum writing back? Or was it me again, answering her, curious to find out who this Mirabelle was? I guess fate made the first move for us.“ He laughs.

„Dad!“ I nudge him a little. „I didn’t know you were this romantic.“

„It’s clear you haven’t read any of my letters to your mum.“ He notes, teasing me for always running away when he starts talking about mum and their romance.

„Well, can I now?“ I look over to the pile on the table, curious.

„Oh, lord.“ He blushes slightly, clearly unprepared for my sincere interest in their story. „All right, have this one. It’s the least embarrassing. And that says something.“

Dad hands me a piece of paper addressed to Mirabelle Austin. I lean back into the couch, crossing my legs, and start to read, intrigued.




Dear Mirabelle,


Oh, how happy has your last letter made me, you will never truly know. I was just back from the hospital, visiting my ill mother (I wince at this, the memories of nana still making my heart ache.), and was feeling very dismal. But your sharp words, your quick mind, your colorful humour-they made me smile amidst all of that sorrow. Which has prompted me to think about, well, us.

Mirabelle, even without seeing eye to eye with you, I know that I’m in love with you. Because, love is born not from mere sight, but from the ties between two hearts. And you have captured mine so quickly, so firmly, yet so gently, all at once, that I can’t imagine my days without your presence any more. I feel as if I could cross the whole country, just to see you, making an unexpected visit to my sister and her husband my excuse. I know it has only been three weeks since we started exchanging words, but for me, time is irrelevant when it comes to the matters of the heart.

So, Mirabelle, will you accept me coming to your village, will you be my guide, will you give me a chance to finally see the woman that I know I will love forever?



Percival Kenward.




„Dad!“ I exclaim. „This is so...“

„Cheesy, I know.“ He laughs. „Your mother and I liked writing like we fell out of a middle century novel.“

„No, I was going to say that it’s sweet.“ I smile at him. „How you fell in love so quickly and even without seeing each other. And yet, here you are, so many years later, still enamoured.“

He nods. „It’s because we were insanely lucky. We found each other in a world full of wrong choices. Yet, somehow, we beat the odds.“

„Do you think...“ I utter. „I will be lucky as you?“

Dad hugs me and kisses the top of my head. „You will. Because you’re our daughter and the odds are always on our side in this family, at least where love is concerned.“

I beg to differ, I want to add. But dad seems so certain and giddy that I don’t want to ruin the mood.

Yet, a small part of me becomes hopeful, if only for a second. If friendships and fame and a large number of relatives are not our strength, the Kenwards do appear to have unusual luck in love. Even aunt Elisa. Maybe you thought she keeps having weddings with different men. But no. It’s always with uncle Rory. They have this weird, romantic-as they claim, tradition of renewing their vows every now and then.

So you see, all Kenwards appear to be finding their partners fairly early on in their lives.

I know that my romantic history isn’t really... stellar. But maybe that just means I’m up for a great reward for all that thrall I have endured up until now.

And maybe... maybe that reward will indeed come in the form of Albus Potter.




But, right now, that maybe is not enough to satisfy my needs.

So, no matter how crazy everyone thinks I am, I will go back to my original plan of seduction. Because I haven’t had fifteen sleepless nights for a flimsy maybe. I had them in order to entice Albus Potter and that I will do.


A/N: Yeah, I know, Tatum is cray-cray. She knows it, too, as was said. :D

I just feel the need to point out that a lot of Tatum's opinions and slight prejudice are her own, NOT mine. She is not me and I am not her, although every character that I write has a small part of me inside of them (Don't think dirty thoughts, you perverts. ;)).


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