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The Moons Force by CauldronCharm130
Chapter 3 : Hogwarts-bound
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 Ok, so this took forever. Sorry about that but I hope that you enjoy this chapter even though it is just a filler chapter. Not really a whole lot happening, just some character development and some plot set up.

I don’t own anything that came from the mind-blowing imagination of J.K. Rowling.

The Burrow was in darkness. A tall, misshapen black silhouette against the orange sky as the sun rose behind it. No one was awake yet and as Teddy and I walked through the back door into the kitchen I noticed the almost eerie silence of a house that was normally so full of laughter and noise. After getting a drink of water from the tap I waved briefly to Teddy and started to ascend the creaky staircase with care; trying to not make any noise. The burrow had been extended after the war, rooms were added as the family grew and instead of building out they somewhat stupidly decided to build up. By the time I reached James and I’s room- which had originally been James, Al and Lilly’s room until Al decided to room with Rose and Lilly and Hugo started rooming with Louis- I was exhausted and out of breath. I tip-toed carefully across the room and quietly got into bed. Rolling onto my side and pulling the duvet up to my neck. It was about half seven, Nana Molly would be up any minute to start breakfast and James would wake around eight. I reached under my pillow to grab my shorts and sports bra. I pulled the shorts on under my dress and struggled silently to get my dress off and my top on while still lying down on my bed. After I stuffed my dress under my pillow I waited. I waited for either sleep to claim me or for James to wake up.

I had fallen asleep within a few short minutes of getting into bed only to we woken suddenly by James at ten past eight.

“Omph.” I mumbled as the dead weight of James’s limp body shoved my face into my pillow. “Geroff meeeee.” I grumbled as I tried to buck him off. He chuckled before mussing my hair and rolling off of me to sit next to me on the bed.

“Morning.” He beamed down me and I groaned into my pillow again. Bloody morning people!

“Why? Why do you do this to me? Can’t I have five more minutes?” I asked as I pulled my face from the pillow to glare blearily at him. He was grinning smugly at me, his hazel eyes twinkling and his hair more scruffy the normal. How was it fare that he could look so attractive in the morning and I always look like a troll?

“Because it’s fun and no, you can’t have five more minutes because breakfasts ready and we need to eat before Uncle Ron wakes up and eats all the good stuff.” He said as he got off of the bed, grabbed my hands and started pulling me through the door and down stairs to the kitchen. I was still too groggy to protest so I let him drag me into the kitchen and guide me to a chair. I sat down at the table and lay my head down on my arm, allowing my eyes to close.

“How late did you kids stay up last night? Poor Cora looks exhausted.” Nana Molly asked the half full kitchen. Most of the adults where awake except from Ron, George, Angelina and Bill but the only kids in the kitchen were me, James, Rose, Al and Scorp (Who was still wearing Rosie’s frilly pink bra- much to the confusion of the adults).

“We went to bed around three, but Corry duck out early and when to bed just before midnight so I don’t know why she’s so tired.” Al answered while waggling a finger and smirking at me smugly. It was the full moon; it always drained me the day before and after the transformation. I lifted my head briefly to glower at Al before collapsing my head back to the table.

“You know,” James whispered into my ear as he set a plate down in front of me, “If you didn’t sneak away in the dead of night you wouldn’t be so tired.” He sat down next to me at the table with a plate of his own and I immediately tensed, before sitting up and staring at him in confusion.

“What are you on about? I was in my bed all night.” I whispered back, pulling my eyebrows together as I picked up a slice of bacon off of my plate. I turned in my seat to face him and found him staring at my intensely and I shied into my chair slightly.

“Your bed was empty last night when I came in. I sat up for half an hour and waited.” He whispered back. His eyes were watching for my reaction which I kept calm.

“I left to go bathroom, when I came back you were already asleep.” I smiled slightly before taking a sip of orange juice.

“But that would put you in the bathroom for at least thirty-five minutes.” James stated skeptically. He knew something was up and he was determined to find out what.

“I wasn’t feeling well last night, that’s why I went to bed early and why I’m so tired. I was up and down to the loo all night last night. Honestly James, where would I sneak off to in the middle of the night?” I looked him straight in the eye, pleading him to let it drop as everyone was trying to listen in. Nosy Buggers.

“Why didn’t you come and get me if you were sick?” he asked, refusing to back down.

“I didn’t want to make a fuss and besides it wasn’t a pretty sight that I would force anyone to witness.” I said with a brief quiet laugh and he thankfully let it drop. I let out an inward sigh of relief before returning to my breakfast.

“Rose you want to go a walk with me?” I asked after I had finished my breakfast and gave her the face that said just say yes, don’t ask. She looked at me with weary eyes before pushing herself up from the table slowly with a cautious “Suuuurrre.” We put on the willies that were always on the back door steps and I pulled a zip jumper on as I was still in my flimsy pyjamas and walked out of the kitchen door. We walked towards the orchard and paused at the fence.

“Spill it.” I said simply at I stared out over the orchard.

“What?” she asked confusion clear on her pale oval shaped face.

“I am going to give you one clue and you are going to tell me everything.” Her eyes narrowed slightly before widening to twice their size in shock and or embarrassment when the next thing I said was “Scorpius?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said determinedly as she crossed her arms and looked out over the orchard as a blush crept up her neck and flooded her cheeks. I nudged her lightly on the shoulder. And she looked at me with pleading eyes. “Am I that obvious?”

“No,” the despair on her face faded slightly, “I just pay more attention to things like this. It’s just the way you act around him. No one else has noticed I don’t think and I won’t tell them if you don’t want me to.” I looked at her sideways and she nodded and smiled gratefully before we both looked towards the sun rising over the burrow.

“He likes you too you know.” I stated casually, leaning back on the fence with my arms propped on the rails. The unzipped jumper fell back, exposing my stomach to the warm rising sun. Rose took a sharp intake of breath and I looked to her curiously, subconsciously pulling the waist band of my shorts up a little higher on my hips.

Raising my eyebrows at her I asked “What is it?”

She shook her head as if shaking away a bad thought. “I just think you’re wrong. There is no way he likes me like that. In fact I’m not even sure he likes me at all. He can barely look at me and never talks to me anymore. We used to be really close. I just don’t know what happened. Maybe I scared him off.” She looked defeated and I wrapped my arm around her, giving her a small squeeze.

“He’s just nervous around you. Soon he will find his balls and actually ask you out but just hang in there. Trust me he would be nuts not to. And plus we all seen how he seemed to admire wearing your bra a little too much.” At this she giggled slightly and grinned at me thankfully. “Come on; let’s get inside before I catch even more of a cold.” And we both started back towards the burrow where most of the cousins were now awake.

The last week of summer holiday past too fast. James and I were scrambling to finish homework that we should have completed at the start of the holiday and trying to pack our trunks with all the things we needed for the school year. Before we knew it was Saturday morning and the house was in chaos. Lilly was running in and out of rooms with a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth while trying to catch her owl Squeaky. Scorpius was dragging a still sleeping Al down the multiple flights of stairs by his ankles to try and get him awake and down to breakfast. James was trying to pull me out of bed while I clung to the rails of my headboard for dear life, screeching at the top of my lungs that if he didn’t let me go then he would not see Hogwarts again. Harry was standing at the door laughing at us and Ginny was frantically checking and rechecking all of our trunks. After the chaos had died down and everyone was fed, showered and dressed we left Godrics Hollow at half nine and where drove to kings cross in the black ministry cars as always, picking up all the Weasleys who were going to Hogwarts on the way.

It was now half ten and James was carrying me piggy back style- after I convinced him I was too tired to walk- through the station at the spear point of what would appear to most muggles as a ginger army of trunk pushing, owl carrying weirdo’s.

“Big smile remember.” James mocked as he began pushing the trolley with both our trunks and owls towards the barrier and I laughed at him. We broke through the barrier and the flash bulbs on the reporter’s cameras exploded into life. We ignored the many questions they asked us as  James pushed through the mob towards the luggage car of the scarlet steam engine with me still perched on his back. When we got there the man who worked on the luggage car loaded our trunks for us and we waited on the rest of the family. One by one the family began to trickle through the sea of reporters to the luggage car and before long we were all saying our goodbyes and being pulled in for goodbye hugs from the adults before being shoved onto the train. The whistle blew loudly and excessive amounts of steam began to billow over the platform as the train began to chug slowly along the tracks. We all waved at the window before the train turned a corner and the station vanished from sight.

“Come on, we should get our compartment before some random first years do.” Rose said as she began to speed walk down the train.

“I don’t know why she bothers.” Freddie whispered to James and I. “I mean if anyone was stupid enough to try take our compartment then we would make them leave” he grinned menacingly flexing his muscles and James nodded slyly, rubbing his clenched right fist into his left palm. I rolled my eyes dramatically at the two of them before simultaneously elbowing them both in the stomach and following the others down the train. They were always so possessive over our compartment. It was the biggest one on the train and the only that we could all fit in together.

We always spent the train ride on the first of September together out of family tradition and as I pretty much stayed with the Potters during the summer I was practically family. Or so they all told me in second year we I tried to sit with Jen. However throughout the year we would all ride the train in different compartments with our friends while traveling home for Christmas and Easter. When I walked into the compartment I walked to my usual seat next to the window. Lilly and Lucy were lying on blankets on the luggage racks at either side of the compartment since they were no longer needed due to the luggage car that had been added. James sat down next to me and Freddie sat opposite to me. Dom sat next to Freddie. Al sat next to Dom with Scorp opposite him. Rose, Molly, Hugo, Louis and Roxy all sat on the floor of the compartment leaning back on people legs. It was a tight fit but not nearly as cramped as it had been the year that Victorie and her friends had decided to join us. I had been forced to share one of the luggage racks with James given that we were only second years, therefore smaller and lighter.

We spent the journey talking, eating sweets from the trolley, and made our predictions for the year. Every year everyone writes down one thing that they think will happen and one thing that they are going to do during term. Then everyone puts there parchment into a metal tin and it is locked by magic until the last day of school when we meet up to read them and see who was right and if everyone did the thing they said they were going to. There was the annual wizard’s chess tournament which Hugo won like always- having been taught by his dad- and at one point I was huddled together with James and Freddie putting the finishing touches on our welcome feast prank for this year. Friends came and went through out the journey, none staying to long due to how busy the compartment was. Jen and our other roommate Hayley came in towards the end on the day and I apologised to her begrudgingly for being short with her in Flourish and Blots that day. As the train began to slow they went back to the compartment they were sharing with Nina and Gabby who were both in Ravenclaw. Gabby wasn’t actually her name, it was Parker but she got given the nickname Gabby in first year- because seriously the girl never shuts up- and it just sort of stuck. Even the teachers and her parents call her Gabby now. As soon as the train came to a halt James Freddie and I were hurtling off the train and toward the carriages in order to get to the castle in time to set up the prank we had planned for the feast.

As the three of us came up from the dungeons near the Hufflepuff common room we merged in with the throng of students piling into the great hall. In the crowed I spotted the curly mop of unruly auburn hair and began to shove my way through the crowd towards him.

“Hugo,” I caught him by the wrist just as he was about to head over to the Slytherin table. He looked at me with expectant eyes. “Don’t drink your pumpkin juice. Tell Molly too but don’t tell James and Freddie that I told you.” I smiled and let go of his wrist.

“Thanks Corry but have I ever told them before? By the way what is it this year?” he smiled.

“You’ll just have to wait and see little Hughie.” I grinned and patted him on the head teasingly before walking off toward the Gryffindor table and sitting down in the seat that Freddie had saved me between him and James.

“What were you talking to Hugo about?” Freddie asked suspiciously. “You didn’t warn them again did you?”

“Freddie what have I been telling you all these years? Build their trust and then trick them when they least expects it. But yes I did warn him.” I grinned devilishly, “About their Pumpkin juice.”

“I thought that we put the potions in the food.” Freddie looked confused. James reached around me to hit Freddie upside the head while I fixed him with a look that read exactly. Soon the doors to the great hall swung open and Professor Longbottom lead a group of tiny scared looking first years through the hall for sorting. It was good to be back at Hogwarts. The castle with its secret passageways, and moving paintings and changing staircases was home to me. Regardless of how much time I spent at Godrics Hollow and the Burrow and even my own home in Tillicoultry, Hogwarts would always be home.

Aaah, I know. I have been stranded at procrastination station for the two month. I want to just make a special apology to jamessiriuspotter! because I promised that it would be up within a week and it’s been like three. I hope you don’t hate me too much and that you did well on your exams.

Hope you all liked the chapter and I will try to get chapters up sooner in future.

Also, my name is also in this chapter somewhere, and I have never put my name on this site before so if you want to guess it, send me a review and I might tell you next chapter!, which is kind of scary to me considering my friend is reading this story at the current time but doesn’t know that I am the one writing it.

‘Till next time

CauldronCharm130 xx

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