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Potter's North to Alaska by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 1 : Potters North to Alaska
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The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes was relatively slow today. All I had was a case where a child turned his whole family to ducks. As I sat gazing off into memory land, one memory hit me really hard. I mean that literally; seeing as the photo album I keep on my book shelve fell on my head.

This was one of my favorite memories back in school. This was the time the Potter family and I took a trip … can you guess where? No? Alaska! That's right be jealous, I went to Alaska. I think the only reason we went was because Harry confiscated a cursed pamphlet about Alaska.

Oh! I am Teddy Lupin by the way. Nice to meet all of you imaginary kittens sitting in my office. Does my job seem boring to you?

Harry had gotten a couple weeks off from work; allowing his brother in law a chance to become.... how did he put it, “Supreme Ruler of the Auror office.” Yeah.... the power went a little to his head.

It was the summer before my seventh year so I was satisfactorily seventeen. We had to be up at five thirty in the morning to catch our per-arranged flue trip to America. The flue plan was pretty simple, sort of.

We caught our flue.... literally as Lily made a big deal about her outfit and we almost missed it. We hopped over to Salem and got to see the Salem's Witches Institute, then caught our next flue to the Grand Canyon.

After we Rescued Albus from a Tribe of Deer Women, we were able to catch our last flue to Anchorage, Alaska. Now a thing to know about Harry Potter is, is that he is stubborn. Harry also is not the most conventional trip planner.

Harry's Goal was to rent a muggle automobile, and drive 358 miles to the small-ish town of Fairbanks. Now I know a lot of you are thinking that it sounds like a lot of fun, and will be a great bonding experience. To be honest, it was a bonding experience. If you count the following things under the definition of experience: Color-changing charms, explosions, M.F.P's (Miscellaneous Flying Potter's), being attacked by an angry crowd of tourists, and last but not least... more explosions.

I am getting way to ahead of my self here though; let me start at the part where we got our rental car.

“Daddy! Why did you get a mini van! That is so embarrassing!” Bawled Lily. “Why can't we get a mustang.”

“Because darling, it would look unusual to these weird Alaskan muggles if six people got out of a Corvette that can only hold two.” Harry said to his “Little Angel”, though his tone sounded like a very strong finite charm.

After many squabbles, James and I ended up in the way back. Lily and Albus where in the middle section, so Harry and Ginny could keep an eye on them from the front seats.

After finding our way out of Anchorage, we worked our way onto the highway and ended up in Wasilla an hour later. After stopping at the oh so conveniently placed coffee shop, which was surrounded by two more of the same coffee shop, all within one block.

On the road again, we stopped in the small town of Talkeetna to go see the grave yard; yeah Lily has to see old town graveyards. This one was supposedly haunted by the long-deceased mayor of the the town... which happened to be a cat. Way to go Alaska!

Two more long hours of intense boredom, James had eventually fallen asleep. Now you may wonder, “He is a good person, he won't do anything, right?” You my friend, could not be any more wrong than a Hungarian Horntail trying to be a sheep.

One Color-changing charm, and a pink-haired, very angry James Potter later, we made it too our resting point. It was a (this will sound cheesy) magical view of Mount Denali. Now I would generally call it Mount McKinley, but the broista (as he called himself) was very adamant about the “true name” of the mountain.

Albus, being the wise guy he is decided to speak up at this moment in my thought train, “Did you know Mount McKinley is the tallest mountain in the world?”

“Albus, I think you mean Everest is the tallest mountain in the world,” Ginny mumbled behind her pamphlet.

“No mom,” He started looking extremely annoyed. “Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, which means it is at the highest elevation. Mount McKinley starts at a lower elevation but is taller than Mount Everest.”

“That's nice dear,” Replied Ginny much to mine and James amusement.

Continuing on for a couple more hours we stopped in a small, what would you call it, a settlement? While we were stopped at the gas station in Cantwell, James and I decided to take a look around. At the back of the gas station we found this neat little handle hanging on the wall.

Not knowing what it was, we decided to turn it. To our disappointment, it only made a sharp hissing noise. Going to light a cigarette I had just pulled out my pocket was a big mistake. With a huge explosion, and singed eyebrows later; the Potters where heading down the highway. Don't worry, Harry made sure to wipe the memories of the muggles before we left.

We came to a winding canyon and Harry was (after a very frustrating talk about smoking to me) in the mood to be a lead foot. Lily being the adorable little angel she is, got car sick and puked on Albus' lap. Albus, who has a very weak stomach puked on the back of Ginny's chair; getting it all over her back and head.

Finally we made it to Chena hot springs, which was just north of Fairbanks. We all got showered up and all jumped into the springs. That night crowded in our room, we all had a good laugh but decided tomorrow morning we would flue home.

Now do any of you have any questions?

“Yeah I have a couple, who are you talking to and do you want to come over for dinner tonight?” I was shocked to see Harry standing at my office door, his aged face pulled into a smile.

“umm yeah, sure let me grab my things,”
Do you know the last thing he said to me on our trip? The same thing he said now to me, “You better throw away those cigarettes before we leave this room Teddy.”

A/N: My first attempt at a one-shot and a competition... sort of. Just so you know a lot of the facts of the road do exist. It is called the Parks Highway and the gas station in Cantwell did burn down. Mount Denalli is the true name of the mountain.... sorry people of Ohio. And yes Talkeetna has a mayor who is a cat, and it is a really nice town. :) Tell me what you think! 

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Potter's North to Alaska: Potters North to Alaska


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