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Everything Happens For A Reason by LeatherAndHeelsKindaGirl
Chapter 1 : Train rides, Hogwarts, and Roommates
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Teresa palmer as Dahlia Malfoy 



Dahlia’s P.O.V

       “Dahlia, Wake up or we’ll be late” I heard my mum yelling from down stairs. I moaned into my pillow and hopped up my bed. I picked up the shirt that was sitting on the chair beside my bedroom window. After I had my top on, I put on my pants and the rest of my outfit that I had planned last night.

       I walked across the hall into the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror; I grabbed my wand and sleepily cast a spell. Just in seconds my wavy/curly sandy blonde hair was straight. I preferred it that way rather than being untamable and all over the place. I quickly applied all my makeup and my jewelry.  On my right hand on my third finger I slipped on my lucky ring.

       My lucky ring was a silver serpent that wraps around my finger. My grandfather had given it to me on my 11th birthday. He was so happy that day, but towards the end of the day he and my father started to argue and he left. They’ve forgiven each other but you can still feel the tension in the room whenever my grandparents visit.

       “Dahlia are you ready yet?” my mum asked coming up the stairs. She stood in the door way of my bedroom.

     “I’m right here” I said and she turned around, I gave her a small smile

       “Your father already loaded all your stuff. Do you have everything else you need? Tooth brush? Do you have you contacts?” She bombarded me with questions.

       “Yes, yes, and yes” I said “I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be. After all it is my first year at Hogwarts.” I said

       My mother sighed “Are you still upset about this whole thing?” she asked

       “What? Nah, I’m completely over the facts that I have to start a new school that’s full of magic. Do I mind the fact that I’m already 16 and just now starting to go to Hogwarts? Of course I don’t.” I said sarcastically

       She gave me a hard look and walked out of the room. I went into my bedroom and did a double check to make sure I had everything and I did. I walked back downstairs to find my dad and my brother loading up the car.

       “There she is! Are you ready for your first day?” my dad asked

       “I couldn’t be any more excited” I said sounding sarcastic “Am I going to have to do the sorting hat thing? Because it will be embarrassing to have to do it at 16 years old.” I pointed out

My brother agreed with me on this “She right, it would look kind of strange.” He said

“Thanks Big bro” I said

“No problem little sis” he said back getting in the car.

My dad pulled me into a hug “I’ve already talked to Professor McGonagall. She said that as soon as you get to Hogwarts go straight to her office. There you will be able to be sorted privately.” He said

I hugged him back “Thank you so much dad!” I said


“It’s no problem at all.” He said “Don’t worry about fitting in anyways. Remember your mother and I have taught you everything there is to know. Plus your brother helped you every time he was home from break. You’ll be fine. You’re strong. You’re a Malfoy.” He said and kissed the top of my head.

       “Thanks dad” I said and got into the car.

       The car ride there was silent we really didn’t talk much anyways. It wasn’t long before we were at kings cross station. I got out and grabbed my bags. I didn’t even wait for my family before running through the brick wall. I stood there for a bit while I waited for the rest of them to hurry.

       Finally they came through “About time!” I said

       They rolled their eyes, while they hugged us good bye. My mum was constantly reminding me to make sure I had everything. I kissed her good-bye and hugged my dad good-bye. After saying our good-byes my brother and I boarded the train.

       He found a compartment and I sat down “It’s okay if I sit here right? I mean endless you don’t want your friends meeting or something.” I said

       He gave me a weird look “What? No, your fine, I mean you can sit there” he said “So are excited?” He asked

       “Maybe just a little, I’m more nervous than excited. I mean come on I’m starting as a 6th year, doesn’t that seem strange? I really don’t want people asking question” I told him.

       “Hey its okay sis, I completely understand. I still don’t know why mum and dad just didn’t send you the same time they sent me.” He said shrugging his shoulders

       I cocked my head to the side “Huh” I said let out a sigh.

       “What? What is it?” Scorpius asked me

       “It nothing, just the fact that not even I know why they home schooled me instead of just sending me here in the first place.” I told him

       I hear the door to the compartment open and saw a boy with tawny skin standing there. “Hey, look who it is. It the other Malfoy, man I haven’t seen you in two years! Can you believe that?” He said. The kid’s face looked familiar, I have seen him before but I can’t remember his name.

       “You probably don’t remember my name. It’s Chad, Chad Zabini. You know Blaise Zabini’s kid, your dad’s best friend” H said

       Then my eyes lit up and I gave me a huge hug. “I knew who were I just couldn’t put a name with a face” I explained.

       “It’s okay kid, I can’t blame you. We haven’t seen each other in years” he said “But I mean, damn! You’ve gotten so much older in those two years. Say how old are you now?” he asked

       I gave the are-you-kidding-me look. “Oh that’s right, you and Scorp are twin. Forgot all about that” he said sounding embarrassed. Then he gave me a puzzled look.

       “Say, did your hair get darker or something? I mean you used to be a spitting image of your dad and your brother but something seems different about you.” Chad said

       I grabbed a piece of my sandy blonde hair and looked at it. Then I looked at my brother’s snow colored hair. Over vacation I had dyed my hair a darker color and cast a spell to turn my skin color a shade darker. I would have gotten tan the regular way, except for the fact being so pale I would just burn instead of getting a tan. I did all these things because of this year. I didn’t want to come to Hogwarts being the exact copy of my brother.

       I liked the new me better anyways. I looked better with a darker shade of blonde and a little color to my skin. My mum, dad, and my brother all agreed that I had looked better with this change. My parents said it made me look older. My grandmother told me it added a different kind of beauty to me face even though I had no idea what she was saying. I mean was I ugly before?

       If you ignore the darker hair and darker skin I still looked like my brother. My facial features weren’t as pointed as his. My facial features were a bit softer then his and my fathers. Just like the both of them I have hard stone grey eyes, with pale pink lips.

       “Yeah, I dyed it and decided to get a tan. I didn’t want to come to school looking exactly like Scorp.” I explained

       “Hey! What’s wrong with looking like me?” He asked pretending to be hurt

       I just shook my head at his stupidity. I looked at chad, his skin was dark. His brow eyes were so dark hey were almost black. He looked much like his father, Blaise. His cheeks bones were also just as high.

       ‘I’m going to take a nap. Let me know when we’re almost there so I can change” I said laying my head down to sleep.

       A while after I felt a tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up to see my brother.

       “It’s time to get ready sleepy head” he said ruffling my hair “Go and get ready.” He said and I did so.

       Quickly I got my robes on and sat back down in the compartment. Scorpius was already in his robes as was Chad. I took a seat and waited until the train stopped. Soon enough we were at Hogwarts. I, my brother, and Chad all got off the train.

       After getting on the boats and finally arriving I looked at my brother. “Where is McGonagall’s office?” I asked

       He gave me directions and then I left. I went up the stair case and walked to a giant oak door. I slowly pushed it open, and looked around. Inside was a fireplace with a couch and a chair.

       “You must be Ms. Malfoy” I heard a voice and I turned around.  

       There was an elderly woman with long black hair. There were specs of grey along with all the black. Square spectacles framed her emerald eyes. 

       “Yes ma’am, I’m Dahlia Malfoy” I said shaking her extended hand.

       She studied me closely “I thought that you and your brother were twins? Why is it that you are darker than him?” She asked walking over to a desk

       “I wanted a change, therefore I gave myself one.” I answered


       She lifted her head and picked up a tatter brown leather hat. “Put this on and it will tell you what house you will be in. There’s no doubt that you won’t be in Slytherin.” She said

       “Why is that?” I asked

       “All Malfoys, sense the beginning of time has been Slytherin.” She explained and sat the hat on top of my head.

       I jumped whenever the hat started to talk.

       “Slytherin!” It yelled

       I smiled to myself. I looked up at McGonagall, “I remember when your father was being sorted. The hat barley even touched his head before it yelled Slytherin.” She said “You may go on to the great hall. Do you know your way?” She asked

       I just nodded my head as I left and started for the great hall. I walked in and saw my brother sitting down. He had seen me to because motioned for me to come on. I walked over to him and sat down in the middle of him and Chad.   

       “Listen up guys” he said getting his friends attention “This is my sister, Dahlia and if any of you mess with her I will hurt you.” He explained

       Then he turned to me “this is Adrian Hall and Jerome Taylor.” He said pointing to two boys.

       Adrian was a boy with tan skin and olive green eyes. His black hair was kept cut and spiked up. He was that boy you’d hope to see at a beach, the one with toned muscles that you day dreamed about in class. Adrian was good looking don't get me wrong. .

       Jerome's skin was much lighter. His skin complexion was fair with dirty ashy brown hair. His eyes were big and blue. His facial features were like Scorp’s and dad’s-Pointed. Jerome that cut clean look to him. He didn't seem like the playful type that Adrian put off as. Instead he seemed like the serious one that never did anything wrong.

       Adrian stuck his hand out and I took it happily and shook it. “I thought you said she was your twin?” He asked.

       After talking a little more it was time for bed. Scorpius showed me around the common room and told me the passwords. I headed up to my dorm and opened the door. Inside was two girls, both of them immediately looked at me.

       “Are you Scorpius’s sister?”  One of them asked

       “Yeah, I am. I’m Dahlia” I said

       Her face lit up with joy ‘I have been dying to meet you ever sense your brother said you’d be rooming with us” She squeaked

       “I’m Talia Reed” she said pointing to herself

        Talia had dark brown hair that was at her shoulders. She had green  eyes with bits of brown in them. Her skin was light and clear. She was kind of short and with a petite figure. 

       The other girl in the room introduced herself “I’m Camry Murphy” she said smiling.

       Camry was a skinny girl who was actually somewhat tall. Her hair was long and  light red. Her eyes were a bright baby blue and small. Her skin complexion was light, and suprisingly she didnt have any freckles. I know that sounds stereotypical but almost all redheads are covered in freckles. 

       “Your bed it right here” Talia said and I sat my stuff down and sat on the bed.

       “So do you have your schedule yet?” She asked

       “Yep it’s right here” I said taking out the piece of paper and handing over to her.

       “Yeah you have all classes with me and only one without Camry.” She said excited filling her voice

       “I’m really sleepy so I’m going to go to sleep. I’ll see you two in the morning.” I told them getting ready for bed.

       “We’ll wait for you and we can go to breakfast together.” Camry said

       “Thanks! Good night girls” I said drifting to sleep, waiting to wake and start my first year at Hogwarts.

       If Only I knew what I was getting into.

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