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Careful What You Wish For by Courtney Dark
Chapter 1 : Brothers and Sisters
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Chapter One: Brothers and Sisters


“THEY’RE IN THE PANTRY!” my mother’s voice echoed from somewhere in the depths of our house.

“NO THEY’RE NOT!” I screamed back. “I ALREADY CHECKED!”

There was suddenly the sound of footsteps on the cold marble floor of our kitchen. I closed the pantry door and whirled around to see that my sister, Kat, was now sitting at the bench. And she was eating a Pop Tart.

I stared at her. “What have you got there?” I demanded, folding my arms across my chest.

“Good morning to you too, little sister,” Kat said, taking another large bite of raspberry-pastry-icing goodness.

I scowled. “Stop calling me little sister. I’m only ten minutes younger than you. And that’s my Pop-Tart you’ve got there. Did you not see the label on the box? It specifically said ‘These are Dani’s Pop-Tarts. Do not eat.”

Kat just grinned. “Oops,” she said, popping the last of my Pop-Tart into her mouth. “I must have missed it, sorry.”

I let out an angry growl. “God, you’re so annoying!” I shouted, stomping back over to the pantry and pulling out a sad looking box of cornflakes. There weren’t very many left, so I tipped the remainder into a bowl, poured in some milk and went and sat next to Kat, still glaring at her. To my annoyance, Kat just kept smiling back in a superior sort of way.

I didn’t dislike my sister. In fact, we usually got on very well. We were both in Ravenclaw at school and because we were in the same year, we slept in the same dormitory. But sometimes it was hard not to feel frustrated with her.

“How are the cornflakes?” Kat asked, as I shovelled them into my mouth, perhaps more viciously than was necessary.

“Foul,” I said loudly.

“Now, now Daniella, no raised voices in the morning,” Mum said, suddenly appearing in the kitchen. You never knew when people were approaching in our house, because it was just so big! My stepfather Bob was Head of some department at the Ministry and was very well-off. This was his house. But Mum had married him several years ago and now we all lived here, all six of us, trying not to get too annoyed with each other.

I just poked my tongue out in a very immature way, and continued eating my cornflakes. It was a bright, sunny day and already very warm. Rays of sunlight shone into the kitchen through the huge windows and I could see that the sky was a cloudless blue.

“Nice day for going back to school,” Mum said, as though reading my thoughts, as she busied herself with the kettle.

“Not really,” Kat said. “We’ll be stuck on the train all day. By the way Mum, we need to get to the station early this year.”


Kat sighed dramatically. “Last year there was only one compartment left when we got onto the train and it had a giant vomit stain on one of the cushions.”

I scrunched up my nose, remembering. “That’s right,” I said. “We tricked Angus into sitting there, though.”

Angus McCullough was one of mine and Kat’s best friends.

“Well, if you want to get there on time, we’ll have to leave soon,” Mum said. “Do you both have your trunks packed?”

“Almost,” Kat said. “I still have a few things to go…”

I snorted. “Yeah, only because you’re trying to cram your whole wardrobe into a single trunk.”

“I want to look fashionable,” Kat said in a dignified voice.

“It’s school, Kat, not a fashion parade.”

My sister and I were two very different people, even though we were almost identical. We both had the same very dark red, almost brown hair, big brown eyes and were the exact same height, down to the last inch. However while I was a bit of a tomboy, Kat was the most girly person I had ever met. She loved a good bit of gossip and was always obsessing about what she looked like. Our many differences were part of the reason we tended to have so many arguments.

Mum was now pouring tea into several cups. “Where is your brother?” she asked in exasperation, handing me some tea “I told him and Oliver to get out of bed half an hour ago!”

I sprayed the tea I had just sipped all over the bench top – and all over Kat’s t-shirt (“Dani! I’m going to have to change now!”) “Why didn’t you tell me Oliver was here?” I asked mum indignantly.

“Probably because you’d get overly excited and flummoxed at the news,” said a sudden voice behind me. I turned around to see my brother, Brandon, who was only wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms and had a very stupid, sleepy look on his face and Oliver Wood, who had just spoken.

“Merlin, Bran,” Kat said, wrinkling up her nose. “Put some clothes on, would you? No-one wants to see anymore of you than we’re forced to.”

I scowled at Oliver. “What do you mean, ‘flummoxed’?”

“It means you are confused and don’t know what to say or do,” Brandon said helpfully, sitting down next to Kat and grabbing the carton of milk.

“I know what it means,” I said. “I’m the one in Ravenclaw, not you.”

Kat, Brandon and I were triplets. Our first few years at Hogwarts, we’d gotten a lot of attention because of this. Bran was the only one out of the three of us who wasn’t in Ravenclaw. I wasn’t surprised, considering he was as thick as an old leather boot. Instead, he’d been placed in Gryffindor, and was always bragging about how it was the best house. Which it definitely wasn’t. Everyone knew Gryffindor’s were all brawn and no brain.

“We’re giving Oliver a lift to King’s Cross,” Mum said helpfully, as Oliver sat down next to me and grinned broadly. “His parent’s are…Brandon Mason, what on earth are you doing?”

We all turned immediately to stare at my charming brother. He had tipped the whole carton of milk to his mouth.

“Drinking,” he said.

Mum sighed impatiently. “How many times do I have to tell you to use a glass?” she asked, pulling one out from under the counter and banging it on the bench. “Honestly, you’re going to make Oliver think we’re all a pack of pigs!”

“No worries, Mrs Mason,” Oliver said, as mum passed him a cup of tea. “I’m kind of used to it by now.”

I slurped up the dregs of my tea. “Does anyone know where I put my Nimbus?” I asked, referring to my brand new broomstick. I absolutely loved Quidditch. I’d been on the team since my second year at Hogwarts, but we’d never won. As this year was my final year at school, I was determined to help Ravenclaw win the House Cup. I’d been dead disappointed when I hadn’t been elected captain this year. I only hoped to any gods out there that pretty-boy Roger Davies hadn’t been elected in my stead.

Oliver choked on his tea. “You’ve got a Nimbus?” he demanded, sounding dismayed.

“Yep,” I said proudly. “Got it for my birthday last month.”

Oliver looked horrified. Oliver and Brandon had been best friends ever since they started at Hogwarts, meaning that I was used to his visits to our house. We didn’t exactly hate each other – in fact, we got on quite well, and I could very almost call him a friend. Sort of. However we were both very competitive when it came to Quidditch. “You can’t have a Nimbus!” Oliver said.

“Too bad, I do,” I replied smugly.

Oliver scowled. “Just because you have a good broomstick, doesn’t mean you’re going to beat Gryffindor this year.”

I snorted. “Oh yeah, wanna bet?”

“Hmm, let’s think. How many times have Ravenclaw beat Gryffindor?” Oliver said loudly, speaking over top of me. “Oh, that’s right! Once!”

“That’s only because our Seeker’s been off with injuries!” I said, my voice so loud I was almost screaming. “But she’s back now and…”

“Well, we have the youngest Quidditch player in a century on our team,” Oliver said smugly. “So there,” he added immaturely.

I was about to make a smart retort, when Kat groaned loudly. “For Merlin’s sake, shut up about Quidditch,” she said. “Is that all you two talk about?”

Oliver and I looked at each other. To my surprise, he grinned. “Yeah, pretty much.”

Kat muttered something that sounded like ‘preposterous’ into her tea. I sighed loudly and clambered from my seat.

“Oh yeah, I borrowed your Nimbus yesterday,” Brandon said suddenly – I noticed that he had a large milk moustache on his upper lip. It made him look even more ridiculous than usual.

“Why?” I wanted to know. “You don’t even play Quidditch! You probably don’t even know which way to sit on a broomstick…”

“One,” said Brandon, attempting to sound dignified. “Just because I’m not on the team doesn’t mean I can’t play. And two, I think I left your broomstick outside in the middle of the lawn.”

“Bran!” I cried, horror struck. “You can’t just leave a brand new Nimbus outside! It might get wrecked!” I spun on Oliver, who looked mildly terrified. “You should know better by now!”

“Sorry,” he squeaked.

Still seething about this blatant abuse of my beloved broomstick by my dim witted brother, I marched from the kitchen.

“By the way Dani, I love your pyjamas!” Oliver called, and I felt my cheeks going pink. I’d completely forgotten what I was wearing – a very loose, slightly see-through pink singlet and a pair of baggy shorts covered in pictures of cherries. Fantastic.

Hey there! Welcome to my newest story! I've been having a case of the writing blues lately, but I am super excited about this story! This chapter was really just an introduction, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! All feeback would definitely be appreciated. Story banner by the magnificent &themoon and chapter image by abielle.reveuse, both @ TDA!


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