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Love in Secret by CrimsonCharmRose
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 ~ Mrs. Weasley
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Sorry it took so long to update, the site wouldn't let me for a few days. But... here it is. Hope you readers are liking it.

~ Anything super recognizable from the HP books does NOT belong to  me


Chapter 6 ~ Mrs. Weasley


Hermione woke up, starring at the ceiling thinking of last night. After they had eaten their ice cream and talked for awhile Fred had hinted that he could join her when she slept. She had put her foot down and said no. It was just too soon for her to feel comfortable with that because even though she loved him and was happy he was back, there was still residual anger from him staying away so long and that made her careful with her actions. She glanced at the clock and saw it was much earlier than she thought, why am I awake? I never just wake up willingly at this time. That’s when she heard noises from the kitchen. Oh, that’s why. Hermione wondered what he was doing up at this time. She moaned and snuggled down into her covers, pulling a pillow over her head. Around twenty minutes later there was a soft knock at her door and then it opened after a slight pause.

“Good morning beautiful!”

She heard him say, although slightly muffled since she still had the pillow over her head. She smiled, he could be so sweet. Slowly, she peeked out from between her pillow and covers to look at him. She took an extra intake of air, he was shirtless and standing at the foot of her bed with a tray of food and a single red rose in his hand. He was looking at where her head should be and grinned when he saw her looking at him.

“I thought I’d make you breakfast, and by the way you’re looking at me, give you a show as well.”

She blushed. Well how could she not look at him he was shirtless. His smooth skin and his very toned torso was starring her in the face. She scooted herself upright and patted the bed beside her. Fred walked over with the tray and set it down but didn’t sit himself, instead he leaned over and kissed her forehead gently. She felt like she melted a little. Then he took a step back and looked at her with a mischievous smile,

“You eat and I’ll entertain you.”

Before she could ask him what he meant, he darted out of the room. She looked at the tray and picked up the rose, smelling it, and then began to eat the pancakes he had made her. Two bites later, he re-entered wearing a pair of faded jeans and one of the button up shirts, the blue one, she’d gotten him. He walked in with his shirt tucked in but as he walked towards her, he did a little spin and then untucked it. As soon as he made sure she saw him, he ran back out of the room. Hermione laughed. Five seconds later he was back and wearing a different shirt, this time the green one. He did the same thing as before and then ran out of the room. This continued until he had put on and showed her every item of clothing she had gotten him, although every time he came into her room he would do something more obscene to make her laugh. By the time he came in wearing the last shirt she’d bought for him, her ribs hurt from laughing. He left one last time and then came back in having returned to his pajama pants and no shirt. He was so unfair.

Fred walked over and this time joined her on her bed, leaning in and kissing her temple. She snuggled close to him and inhaled his lovely smell. Being up early and laughing so much had made her tired again and she soon fell back asleep, tucked up next to him and very content. A few hours later she opened her eyes and saw that Fred was still sitting next to her. Looking at the clock she saw that she had now overslept her normal time, but that was ok, she could use the sleep since she had a later shift today. She sat up and as she stretched looked at her room. There were rose petals everywhere, but not in a messy and untidy way, they were laying around in an elegant and romantic way. The shades had been closed and a couple beautifully molded candles were lit. She looked over at the man next to her and saw that his eyes were closed, but she knew he was only pretending to sleep because he couldn’t keep the smile from forming on his lips.

“You… are so sweet.” She said and leaned over giving him a hug.
“Why thank you, but you should really thank my mother because it was her who sprinkled sugar on me as a child.”

Hermione giggled and then felt her stomach drop. His mother.

“Fred, I have to tell you something.” She said, suddenly very interested in her covers.
“It’s your mum, she doesn’t like me anymore. She has barely spoken to me and completely ignored me when I was at Harry’s last Saturday.”

She looked up tentatively at him and saw that he looked puzzled.

“Has anything happened?”
“Nothing specific that I can think of, I mean I went off and was missing for awhile but I don’t see why that would make your mother hate me.”
“You were missing? What do you mean?” Concern evident on his face.
“Well not really missing but I was gone for a month and no one knew where I was. I went to find my parents, but they had been killed, so I camped out at the Forest of Dean for about a month.”
“Oh I’m sorry Hermione… are you sure that there was nothing else? My mum loved you.”
“No, but it was when I got back and started pulling myself together that she starting ignoring me.”

Fred didn’t say anything and so they sat in silence. Hermione knew that she had needed to tell him, but she wished that it could’ve waited so that she didn’t ruin a pleasant morning. Fred, however, seemed to snap out of it sooner and rolled over on top of her.

“Don’t worry about it, we still have to figure out how to bring me back without the family hexing my head off.”

She smiled a small smile; he could always make her feel better. They ate lunch, played with Freddie - he was delighted- and then Hermione went to work.


Over the next three weeks, Hermione and Fred fell into a pattern. He helped out around her place and made meals for them while she went to work. They still had not yet made a plan of how to reveal Fred and luckily Fred had only needed to dive out of sight and hide once when Harry came over to check on her. She had still insisted that Fred sleep on the couch, to which he protested but Hermione had needed to remind him that he had been away for a long time and she didn’t think it was right to let him do whatever he wanted. She also kept him waiting for more romance as well, she would give him kisses and be affectionate, but she also insisted and struggled to keep the snogging sessions at a minimum. She was doing this for her own protection.


Almost a month after Fred had returned, Hermione was on her day off and Fred approached her as she was quickly checking a couple patient files she had brought home. Because she was so brilliant, she had been made a full healer but St. Mungo’s had insisted on making her complete some intern work as well. She was sitting on her couch with Freddie on her lap when Fred walked over and sat on the couch looking at her. She glanced at him and saw that he was nervous, this made her put down her files and turn her attention to him.

“What is it Fred?”
I’vebeenthinkingandIthinkIwanttoseemyfamilynow.” He said in a fast rush of words.
“Excuse me?” She said.

He took a breath and then tried again,

“I think I want to see my family now.”
“Oh, ok.” 

She wondered what had made him suddenly decide that now was the time, but it didn’t really matter. Hermione had known this day was coming. She had thought of how to try and incorporate him back in, hadn’t really talked with him about it. Looking at him fidgeting across from her made her nervous as well. She spoke again,

“Ok, so what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know… I’ve thought about it and the only thing I can think of is us just going to The Burrow and explaining.” He said looking terrified.
“Yes, that is the conclusion I’ve come to as well.”

They decided to wait until Monday, which was her next day off. That gave them just over a day to figure it out. Fred settled on just telling them the truth and hoping they would understand and believe him. Once he saw how that went, then he’d tell them about “them”. Hermione was nervous but knew that it was the best way to handle things. So the days went by and they tried to stay as relaxed as possible. Finally, Sunday night came and they relaxed on the couch, Hermione reading a book and Fred looking at the newspaper. At around 11:15, Hermione said that she was going to try and get some sleep and walked to her bedroom. She changed, brushed her teeth and then got into bed, starring at the blank ceiling once again. Her door opened a little, but she thought it was just Freddie coming in to curl up next to her for the night so when the bed lowered a significant amount on one side, she jumped.

“It’s me.” Fred’s voice said out of the darkness.
“What are you doing in here? I told you I was going to bed.”
“I know, why do you think I’m in here?”
“I told you no.”
“Well, if you really want me to leave I will.”


Hermione realized that she didn’t want him too, she wanted him to stay. She sighed and then scooted over a little making room for him, knowing that he was smiling as he lifted her covers and slid in next to her. A strong arm wrapped around her belly and pulled her so that she was pressed right up against his chest. Since Hermione was in a tank top, she could feel his warm bare skin against hers. He wasn’t wearing a shirt again. One of his hands found hers and he lightly drew circles on the top of it making Hermione feel very relaxed and she soon slipped into a dreamless sleep.


The next morning Hermione woke up and felt the weight of Fred’s arm draped over her side. His mouth was resting against her shoulders and she could feel his breath on her skin. She smiled. This was the first time she had slept next to a guy in a bed and it felt amazing. She shifted to face him and took in his relaxed state. His face was peaceful and his mouth open slightly as he slept. His hair feel over his eyes and his muscles rippled when he breathed in and out. He was very attractive, but Hermione almost felt self conscious because this was the closest she’d ever been to him. No other man had ever taken the place of Fred that she held in her heart. Victor had tried, but she had never liked him that much and Ron, well Ron was an idiot. She reached out and brushed the hair out of Fred’s eyes and let her hand drift over his arm, down to his hand. He stirred and then slowly opened his eyes,

“Good morning Fred.”
“Morning beautiful” he said stifling a yawn. “What time is it?”
“I don’t know, I just woke up a little bit ago and haven’t checked.”

He looked at her and grinned.

“Not in a rush for today huh?”

She stuck out her tongue at him. He knew very well that she was just as nervous as he was about announcing him to his family. In reply to her childish behavior, Fred rolled over onto her and gave her all of his weight. Hermione could barely breathe,

“Fred… I. Can’t. Breathe.” She said gasping.

He chuckled and then pushed himself in a plank position over her,

“That’s what happens when you stick your tongue out at me.”

Hermione saw his eyes gleaming with laughter and rolled her own. She was just about to push him away so she could get up when he leaned in and kissed her. They had shared kisses in the last month, but this time her lips felt as though electricity was being sent through them. Her stomach flipped and she involuntarily moaned as he kissed her. She could feel him smile and then he deepened the kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he lowered himself back onto her, but holding enough of his weight so he didn’t crush her. Coming out of a long kiss, Fred started kissing down her neck and her breath caught. No one had ever kissed her like this; no one had ever kissed her with so much feeling and emotion. As he was trailing kisses along her collarbone and then back up, they were interrupted by Hermione’s lovely little furball. Freddie had apparently decided that they had taken enough time to themselves and that it was now his turn. Hermione looked up at Fred and saw him slightly disappointed. This made her laugh,

“I did tell you that you would have to share with Freddie.”

He frowned. Then he picked up the cat and snuggled with it, rubbing his face along the cat and scratching its head. Freddie looked happy and Hermione realized just how attractive Fred looked holding a kitten and cuddling with it, shirtless. She knew there were cat and men calendars, but she had the real thing in front of her, she smirked.

“What are you smirking about love?” He said looking at her.
“Oh you know, just how I have an attractive man holding an adorable kitten sitting on my bed with no shirt on.”

Now it was his turn to smile his cheeky smile.

“So I’m attractive am I?” He said with a wink.

Hermione blushed. She had always thought that the twins were attractive, but she had never uttered her thoughts. She had never really had anyone to tell and it had never been appropriate to say so either, so she had always kept it to herself. To keep a little pride, she ignored his comment and proceeded to take Freddie from him and baby talk him and she snuggled with him. Her cat’s purring increased and the man sitting on her bed pretended to be gag. After a few more minutes of cat-cuddling, Hermione thought she better get herself ready for the day ahead.


After a shower, she let Fred have the bathroom as she decided what to wear. This was not really a special event and it wasn’t for her either, it was for Fred. She decided on a nice pair of dark gray jeans and a fitted purple long-sleeve shirt. She left her hair the way it was and tucked her wand in her back pocket, walking out into the kitchen and making herself a quick bagel. When Fred came out, he wearing a faded pair of jeans and carrying the one button up that he had actually brought with him. His hair was still damp and drooped over his eyes in a very sexy way, making Hermione forget how to swallow for a second. When they were ready, ready as either of them would ever be, both of them apparated to a small clearing just outside the boundaries of The Burrow. They nodded to each once and then set off for the house, keeping a safe distance from each other so no one got any ideas.


When the house came into view, Hermione paused and let Fred take the lead. Her stomach was nowhere to be found and what was left of it was clenched into a little ball. Fred had paled some but continued walking towards the house. Something must have alerted the people inside to their presence because they were about 50 feet away from the door when it opened and Mrs. Weasley came running out, followed by Mr. Weasley and Ron. Taking in the person who was standing in front of them made them stop.

“George?” Mrs. Weasley in a small voice.
“ Uh no… Mom, I’m Fred.”

Everyone looked at him like he was crazy and then Mr. Weasley spoke,

“This is no time to play games and that is not funny.”
“I’m not being funny. I’m Fred, but I have a lot to explain. Please listen.”

There was a world ending pause and then Mrs. Weasley spotted Hermione in the background. Her face turned a little pink and she glared,

“What are you doing here? Are you a part of this? Did you think it would be funny to mess with us one last time and prank me with my dead son? How dare you! Ron was right about you.”

Hermione just starred and felt as though she’d been struck by a paralyzing spell. Mrs. Weasley spoke with so much venom and what did she mean, “Ron was right”? What? Apparently Ron had told his mother something and that was the reason Mrs. Weasley hated her. Before Hermione could attempt to think of an answer, Fred intervened,

“Mum, this is not Hermione’s fault and its not a prank. Can we just go inside so I can explain?”
“Have you been staying with her? When did you come back?”
“Why does it matter where I’ve been staying? Just leave her out of this, ok?”

He gave Hermione a look that fully said “I’m sorry” and then focused on his mother. Mrs. Weasley noticed the exchange and glared at Hermione again,

“Since when have you two been friends? Well, I won’t allow it when you’re near me. To think of you ruining another son of mine and breaking his heart, I don’t think so. You stay away from my son Hermione Granger. You hear me? Stay away.”

With that she turned around and walked back into the house, Mr. Weasley beckoned for Ron and Fred to follow as well. Hermione just stood there in shock. They thought this was her fault? Had Ron told his mum that she’d broken his heart? What a liar… So much for telling the family that she and Fred were together, Hermione might as well go dig herself a grave now to prepare for Mrs. Weasley murdering her. Turning around, she made her way back to the clearing they had entered and never looked back. She knew it had been too good to last. Now Fred would move back to the space above his shop and spend lots of time with his family, while Hermione continues with the life she had started by herself. She felt tears sliding down her face. Why had Ron said that? I never tried to lead him on and he was the one who kissed me. He was the one who said never mind. But now Mrs. Weasley hates me for whatever he told her and she wants me to stay away. Am I to live alone the rest of my life? She apparated back to her flat and went straight to her bed, curling up under the covers and waiting for darkness to come. It did not come, instead she laid there for hours trying to calm her mind.

She didn’t know when it was or how long exactly she had been curled under her covers, but at some point, she had fallen into a light sleep. What woke her was a hand sliding along her cheek and someone saying her name softly. She knew who it was but she couldn’t bare looking at him. She rolled over and pulled the blankets up as she began to cry again. Part of her wanted to fling herself into his arms, but the other part just wanted him to leave because she felt that it was going to happen anyways.

“Hermione?” His voice said gently, “Hermione please look at me.”

When she didn’t respond he continued,

“I am so sorry for what my mum said to you. Apparently Ron is still the biggest jerk in the world and made up all this rubbish about you leading him on and then breaking his heart during the battle after he’d fallen in love with you. With me and George gone and everyone else off as well, she soaked up his every word. I guess the whole family thought that you two would end up together and it made his story that much more believable. I wasn’t able to change my mother’s mind, at least not right now, but I will keep trying.”

She couldn’t look at him, she just couldn’t, so instead she mumbled.

“You’re just going to leave. Your mother doesn’t want me around and pretty much threatened me. I’m going to be all alone again. I should never have let you stay here because now they all hate me for it.”
“Hermione I’m not leaving, not unless you want me to. I’m a big boy and can make my own decisions. I’ve gotten so used to being here and being with you, this is my home now. I’ll always have the shop and the loft above it, but it doesn’t mean I have to stay there.”

There was more silence and Hermione let his words sink in. He was staying, he wanted to be here. She rolled over and looked at him, noticing that he looked pained again. This must be really hard on him too, wanting to be accepted by his family but not allowed to share that he was in a relationship because they hated her. She was overcome with gratitude at him being here and wanting to stay with her even though he was risking a lot.

“You’re going to stay?” Hermione said quietly.
“Is that all you got out of what I said.” He said smiling slightly.
“Sort of. It was the most important part.”

He looked at her straight in the eyes and they seemed to beg her,

“Please Hermione, I will stay with you as long as you want. I finally get to be with you, after all these years of waiting. I’ve had a crush on you since I helped you load your trunk onto the train all those years ago. Of course I played it off in school for a long time, but I always wanted you. My bloody brother held me back a couple times because I thought he was going to ask you and you guys were always hanging out and I was two years ahead, so I stepped aside.”

Hermione looked at him and could tell he was serious. She had always been the girl he wanted and was never able to have. Even now when they had the chance, there was still something making it difficult.

“I want you to stay… please stay with me.”

He climbed onto the bed next to her and offered his arms. She quickly scrambled out of the covers and into his outstretched arms, it felt like exactly where she belonged.

Hermione woke up the next morning to her wand buzzing and making a beeping sound; her alarm. Ugh, she had an early shift today 7am to 3pm. Why? Why today… But she knew why. Everyone had to take a few of each shift and this was one of her early ones. She quickly tapped her wand and looked over at Fred, who was still dressed, laying on her bed fast asleep. She smiled as she leaned across and kissed him slightly on the forehead. He didn’t budge. She hurriedly got herself ready, scribbled a quick note of where she was and when she’d be back and then apparated to work. These early days she definitely made use of the apparition sections on each floor so she didn’t have to walk as far. Mary was waiting for her with a coffee in her hand today’s roster of appointments. Taking the coffee gratefully and sipping it, she glanced at the list.

            1. Michael Steffins –check up on lesions
            2. Lily Montishar – buzzing ear
            3. Devin Pickin – infected pixie bites
            4. Scottie M. Contrarier – normal checkup

And the list went on for another whole page. She sighed, hoping that all her patients would be on time and stay within the time frame. As the day progressed, Hermione wondered how Fred was back at her flat. They hadn’t talked much after she had climbed into his arms last night. Her goal was just to get through the day and then get home as soon as she could, at least that was the plan. Head Healer Englethort seemed to have other ideas because just as she was heading out to leave, he cornered her with questions about the upcoming fall charity event and had a bunch of useless questions for her that any MN (Magical Nurse) could have answered. By the time she finally set foot in her place, it was almost 8pm and she was exhausted. The first thing she noticed when getting back was that it was warm and smelled wonderful. Fred must have cooked dinner again. Looking around she saw that his stuff that had been neatly tucked in a corner was missing and that the couch had been scooted a little further over so that her table could be more centered.

What was he doing and where is his stuff? Did he leave? Her heart sank. Maybe he had left. She trudged her way to her room and was greeted with a surprise as she opened the door. Fred was laying on her bed reading a book and her dresser was now twice the size it normally was. Oh, he moved in! He looked up when she walked in and smiled, putting down his book.

“How was work?” He asked.
“Ugh, it was long and one of the Head Healer’s was being an arrogant asshole again.”

He walked over to her, lifted her chin and kissed her deeply. She practically melted into his arms and her day became so much better. He slowly moved his hands down her back and she shivered as he continued to kiss her. Pulling away and smiling he spoke,

“Better? “

When she nodded he continued,

“Good, I knew just the cure for arrogant assholes and I’m glad it worked.”

Hermione laughed and smiled. The man in front of her was truly a gift to her and she loved him so much. Despite everything going on, he could still be jovial and make her smile. He was a keeper.

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Love in Secret : Chapter 6 ~ Mrs. Weasley


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