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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 12 : Night Storms and Talks
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Chapter 12

The pop into Scorpius’ living room was loud, everything was dark, with the exception of a small dim light that hung over his sink, allowing them to see each other’s shadows and eyes. Lightening flashed brightening the whole room momentarily, the storm was picking up, but that didn't stop them. They kissed roughly refusing to take their lips off one another. His hands quickly flung to the collar of his jacket, slipping it down her sticky wet arms, aggressively throwing it across the room, while she tugged on the bow tie, so it became undone and fell to the floor. Hurriedly she rubbed her palm over his cheek, bruising her lips against his, pulling his tongue further inside her.

The act was so simple, and yet so energetic, he couldn’t help but pull his lips away and spin her around so that her back was pulled into to his chest. He held her for a minute, letting their heavy breaths catch up, pressing his hand against her stomach so that she couldn’t move, he felt her shudder.

The rain harshly beating away at his windows being the only sound, besides the deep breathing of their mouths. Scorpius inclined his head back, burying his face into her wet hair which smelled like flowers. Rose raised her hand behind her, flinging her fingers through his own hair, giving a slight moan, as he used his free hand to briskly brush the hair from the back of her neck. He traced his fingers up her arm, stopping at hers, forcing them to let go of his hair as he clinched his between the spaces of hers.

Gently he began to tug her arm down, feeling as their fingertips traced the path that he made: down the back of his ear, to his jaw, to her hair, to beneath her ear lobe. He grazed his knuckle down her neck, and part of her shoulder, before extending her arm all the way out to the side. Rose’s breathes quickened as she bent her head back, his lips tenderly kissing her neck along the same path, the tip of his nose following.

She stumbled backwards slightly leaning into him even more, but he remained sturdy his lips continuing to press to her neck. His hand around her waist tightening, keeping her at the new level of closeness. Her bare back was hot against the wetness of his soaked shirt, she could feel his heat radiate off of him. More than anything she wanted to push her head to his chest, and listen to his heart the way she used to, but in the heals she couldn’t. Shifting slightly she kicked of the shoes, which put her at a more comfortable level with him.

She felt his lips smile on her arm, as he kissed down as far as his body would let him go without having to stretch. Slowly making his way back up she turned her head into his chest and caught his lips with hers. She tasted beautiful.

Using her free hand to touch his face, she spun around, feeling as he released her other hand, so she could wrap it around his neck. His hands encircling her waist, the soft skin of her back like silk. Scorpius couldn’t resist tracing his hand up the side of her ribs, following the fabric of the dress, stopping at the knot that kept it up he hesitated, afraid for her reaction.

Rose pulled her lips away from him, the lightening allowing him to see the desire on her face. They stared at one another, curious to what each other would do.

“We shouldn’t,” she whispered.

Scorpius nodded “We shouldn’t do a lot of things,”

She eyed him, contemplating his words. Letting her hand drop, she couldn’t read his expression. Turning so that she was out of his grip entirely, he thought that she was going to leave as she walked away from him. The feeling that washed over him was awful, why did she always have to run, he sighed prepared to take the pain of her absences when he noticed something.

Her figure was still standing in his apartment, in front of his hall that led to his bedroom. She turned to him and said “Are you coming?”

Scorpius rushed over to her lifting her in his arms and pressed his lips back on hers, pinning her to the wall.

Lifting his head up to look at her he felt her rapid breathes beneath him. “I was nervous that you were going to leave."

“I will have to leave, but not tonight,” she paused brushing some hair out of his eyes “Or tomorrow night, or the next,”

He searched her eyes “You would stay with me the weekend?”

“If you wanted it… yes,” she thought for a moment knowing that she had to be fair. “But come Sunday morning I will have to leave.” There were so many reasons why their relationship didn’t work out before and in many ways those reasons hadn’t changed, but in many ways they had

Scorpius continued to stare thinking over her words, “Come here,” he beckoned her head forward and kissed her lips, letting his forehead press against hers, he breathed her in “It’s going to kill me to watch you leave.”

Rose sighed, flinging her arms around him so that she was holding him, and for the first time in a long time she was being completely honest with him and herself “It’s going to kill me to leave you,” she choked.

“Why are you giving me this?” he asked, knowing the lengths she went to in order to avoid hurting herself.

She took a deep breath and shuddered at the look he was giving her, so full of love and desire. She didn’t speak, keeping her eyes locked on his, she nervously raised her fingers to the buttons of his shirt and began to undo them, listening as his breath hitched. When she was done she pressed her hand firmly against his abdomen, watching as his eyes closed, taking in her touch. Her hand moved over, tracing every line of his muscles following them to his chest stopping at his heart, his eyes opening at her lingering fingers.

"Because I want this," she answered.

He swallowed his breath, thunder hitting so hard that it shook the apartment with anticipation. Rose had all the cards in her hand and she wanted to play them, to have him, to remember what it was like to be his, and just love him. Tentatively she walked her fingers to his shoulder, carefully pealing his shirt back so that it exposed more of him, it fell to the ground.  

Scorpius pressed against her, forcing her breathing to mimic his pace. He leaned forward and kissed her again, it wasn’t rushed, instead it was coated in gentleness. Rose felt her stomach go weak, her knees giving away, the only thing holding her up was Scorpius and the wall. Pulling her closer to him, he hiked up her legs, hearing the fabric of her dress ripping apart at the slit.

“Sorry,” he mumbled unapologetically against her lips.

Rose smiled not caring about the dress. Circling her arms around his neck, she felt the release of pressure from his body loosen, as he moved away from the wall carrying her to his room, the entire time his lips reaming with hers.

They collided into his bed, falling into it. Sitting up with Rose in his lap he held her close to him, feeling every rugged breath that she made. “Rose,” he mumbled shifting his lips away from hers.

He just wanted to see her face. As he looked at her, there was something different in her eyes, something familiar, it was a look of pure love. This was his Rose that he had fallen in love with, the one who had kissed him in the woods, the one who didn’t give a damn about what her parents thought, the one who held his hand in front of the potions class, and the one who promised to always be his. This was the girl whom his heart had been stolen by. He had been pushing and begging her to come back to him for months and here she was right in front of him, and if felt like no time had passed at all. He couldn’t help but smile as he raised his hand to her cheek, watching as she leaned into it.

Rose didn’t dare shift her eyes from him as she said “I never stopped loving you. I never have and I never will,”

“You have no idea how much I love you on a daily bases,” and he kissed her.

“I think I do,” she said against his lips.

Scorpius skimmed his fingers along her spine, causing the hairs on her arm to stand from chills. Letting his hand rest on the knot again, he pulled the string without hesitation.

She left soft kisses along his jaw and his neck as she felt him tear the dress as far as it would go, so that no fabric had a hold on her. Swiftly he flipped her over, covering her body with his. He took in her skin, feeling as she rubbed her knees along his sides. Removing the rest of his clothes, he lifted her further up on the bed pulling the sheet over them. 

They moved together perfectly, as if nothing had changed. Scorpius dragged his lips down her neck, his breathing quick and rugged but he moved slow and gentile. Rose gave a small gasp as she ran her fingers along his back and through his hair, pulling his face up so that she could meet his lips.

For the first time in nearly six years she had let herself love him, and that was all that mattered to her in the moment, she wanted to explore him…to remember him. She traced her hand down his arms, skimmed the tips of her fingers through the familiar creases of his back. She couldn’t help but take it all in and squeeze her legs against him. She kissed him vigorously and he kissed her back with the same harshness. He felt her arch up and press into him, snaking his arm behind her back he held her at the slight angel. The arm around his neck gripped him tighter, as she moaned into his mouth. Scorpius felt as her other hand slowly began to slid up the bed sheets. Occasionally her thumb brushing against his side, as she searched for something to grasp onto. Her hand was almost to the head board when he caught it and thrust his fingers between hers, crushing them to the bed, refusing to let go while he continuously moved with her.

She gasped loudly, driving Scorpius to lift her up slightly more, ruffling her hair against the pillow. He felt her body convulse beneath his, pushing him to his limit as he shifted with her one last time.

“Scorpius,” she cried out softly, bending her head back breathless, as she quivered against him, squeezing his hand tightly, feeling as he did the same.

He remained still, clutching her body to him, kissing her exposed neck. Her mouth was slightly parted as she lifted her head up, pressing against his forehead breathing the same breaths as he. They both felt their hearts race along one another’s and slow together. He leaned in kissing her softly, while lowering her back on to the bed, and laying down beside her.

They both just breathed, laying on their backs and staring at the ceiling, listening to the rain pound against the windows.

Her chest moved deeply as she caught her breath, after a few minutes she said “Wow,” contemplating what had just happened.

“Yeah,” Scorpius said, attempting to catch his own breath.

Making sure that the sheet was fully covering her Rose let her hand lay across her chest. “That was…”

“Good,” he finished for her. “Unexpected but…”

“Good,” she quickly said, her breathing returning to normal. She bit her lip thinking something over in her head before she asked “That thing where you did…”

Scorpius grinned while he laughed slightly “What about it?”

She turned her head to face him, her mouth formed the words but had a hard time making them come out “How?” she was finally able to ask.  

Scorpius’ grin became wider as he looked down to her “I read a lot.” Was all he said.

“Shut up,” she joked.

“What?” he said in a cheeky way, raising his eyebrows. “It’s true,”

Rose couldn’t help but stare at him, “I’m sure it is, but how many times have you practiced it?” she said lightly.

“Now that it a completely different question,” Scorpius replied forcing a loud burst of laughter to come from Rose.

“I thought so,” she said sarcastically, flicking him in the arm with her hand forcing him to laugh with her.

Turning on his side he stopped laughing at the sight of her, she was beautiful, free, and his.

Feeling his eyes on hers, Rose stopped laughing and turned to meet his eyes “What?” she whispered her pulse racing from his intense gaze.

Scorpius extended his hand and stroked her cheek “Nothing,” he said seriously, “I’ve just missed you,”

Grabbing his wrist she closed her eyes inching closer to him “I’ve missed you too,”

Rolling back onto his back he lightly pulled her with him, allowing her to lay her head on his chest and fall asleep.


“So why did you leave London,” Rose said sitting up in the bed with her legs crossed wearing one of Scorpius’ white t-shirts. It was late evening on Saturday and they had spent most of the weekend in bed holding each other, talking, and in love, as if they were a normal couple that didn’t have a single care on their mind. It was absolutely perfect but Rose had some questions that she wanted answered and this was the time.

Scorpius sat across from her, wearing only his gym shorts, handing her the Chinese takeout box that had just been delivered to them. Straightening his posture he grabbed a fork, forcing Rose to roll her eyes at him. “I’m sorry I don’t like to fight for my food,” he commented digging the fork into the box.

Rose leaned back, “Fair enough,” she said grabbing her chopsticks and taking a large mouthful of noodles. Swallowing she took a sip of her drink, “Now back to the original subject why did you leave London.”

“Does it really matter?” Scorpius asked taking a bite of his vegetables.

She sighed she couldn’t make him tell her but she wanted to know. “It does to me,”

He tensed at her words, “There are so many reasons why I left, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Biting her lip “Why not try the begging?” she stated slowly.

He shook his head “That’s the thing I’m not sure where the beginning is, everything sort of happened all at once. One day everything seemed perfectly fine and the next I am standing in my house by myself.” Rose stiffened at his last words, keeping her eyes on him.

“Is that why you haven’t been able to sleep?” she asked.

“Partially,” he answered not giving any more information on it.

“Did she break your heart?” Rose asked curious.

He finished chewing his eggroll, “Surprisingly no,” he looked to Rose reaching his fork out to grab some of her noodles “It hurt, but it’s hard to break a heart if it’s already broken.”

“Then how is it that I keep breaking your heart?” she pulled back her box and took another bit of food.

Scorpius seeming somewhat relieved to change the subject smiled “Well seeing as how you are the one who broke it to begin with, somehow coming here and being around you started to heal it.”

“Did you love her?” Rose asked suddenly, surprising herself but still curious.

He shrugged “I tried,” Silence fell between them; slowly Rose put her box down on the bed side table, her appetite no longer there. Scorpius looked away from her “I tried to make her feel loved and appreciated but…” he shook his head “Her last words to me were I thought I could love you enough for the both of us.”

“Why did you get engaged if you didn’t want to be with anyone else?” she wondered remembering what he had told her the night before last.

“After that conversation in Germany I took your advice and attempted to start dating again,” He looked at Rose’s unmoving stare “And as time passed I realized I could do this, I could be with someone else and not feel awful for loving you. The next thing I know it is two years later and marriage seemed like the next step. So I took a long look at my life, I had this woman who was fun, smart, who loved me, and wanted to actually be with me.” Rose looked away from his eyes “I have always wanted a wife and kids and it finally hit me that the person I was waiting for wasn’t going to come.” He paused for a moment “That you were never going to come back for me,”

Rose’s eyes shot to his, there was a look of hurt and sadness in them and she knew that he felt the same way she had when she found out about his engagement. Sitting up on her knees Rose grabbed the box that was in his hand and laid it beside hers, it didn’t explain everything but it was enough for her. She moved toward him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed his forehead, holding him. It took him a few minutes but slowly he raised his hands around her waist, nuzzling his head into her chest, she buried her nose into his hair. Lifting her head up Rose smiled “In my own selfish opinion I’m glad she left you.” She paused “And in a practical opinion I think she is a fucking fool.”

Scorpius smiled at her words, so unexpected and yet so honest. Feeling as she wavered on her knees, he cupped his hand around her cheek and kissed her. Rose lowered herself onto her knees deepening the kiss, feeling as he pushed her back slightly so that she tumbled backwards and he was on top of her.

Turning her lips away she brushed her hand against his face, watching as a piece of his hair fell into his eye, moving it out of the way she let her hand linger “Why did it have to be you?” she said suddenly unable to hold beck her smile from being in his embrace.

“I ask myself that same question every day.” Said Scorpius as he pulled on one of her red curls and watched it bounce when he released it.

He reached to do it again but Rose caught his finger and kissed it. Scorpius chuckled slightly as he repositioned himself, entwining his legs with hers, pinning her beneath him. Catching the look in her eyes he smiled at it, “What are you thinking about?”

Rose bit her lip for a moment, slowly slithering her arms around his back she held him “Just how happy I am right now,”

Scorpius was slightly taken aback by her response, there was so much more that he had to tell her about what happened in London, but at the current moment his mind washed away from him as he kissed her again.

They kissed for what seemed like hours, neither of them wanting to stop. Hiking her leg up around his waist he rolled over so that she was on top of him. Sliding to his side Rose let her leg remain around his waist but she laid her head in his chest, loving the feeling of his arm as it was wrapped around her back. She felt like she was in a Scorpius cocoon and she never wanted to wake from this hibernation.

Taking a tiered breath she pulled away from his lips and closed her eyes on his chest. She heard him reach up and click the light out. “May I ask a question?”

Rose nodded her head against him, making him smile “Why is Albus still here?”

Rose gave a weak laugh “He had the time to stay and I wanted him too.” Yawning she said “He’s going to go back when we all go to London in a next week for the world cup.”

From the way that she was positioned Scorpius was able to trace his fingers from her ankle all the way to the edge of her shirt and back down again. “You’re going to the Quidditch World Cup… Willingly?”

Rose had her arm across his chest the palm of her hand pressed against the back of his neck almost as if she holding on to him. “I miss my family, and seeing as how I don’t have a reason not to go home now I figured why not, it’s a few hours of my life and I can talk to Carla the whole time if need be.”

Placing his chin on her head Scorpius nodded thinking that that made more sense. “So why did you ask Albus to stay?”

“After Rex showed up I didn’t really want to be alone with him, at least with Albus around he keeps a safe distance away from me.” Rose smiled to herself “He won’t even kiss me unless Albus is out of the room.”

Taking a deep breath Scorpius asked “When you said not yet what did you mean?”

Sighing Rose opened her eyes “Were talking right now, he’s not entirely too pleased to know that you are here.”

“He knows about me?” Scorpius asked keeping his eyes to the ceiling.

She nodded again “More than I would like, but he caught me in a moment of weakness. Obviously when he came back I was obligated to tell him that you were here.”

“What did he say?” he curiously asked.

“He wanted to know what this meant for us and our relationship, I told him that nothing had changed and I was still going to try.” She admitted more awake than she was before. “So we are taking it slow.”

Scorpius stopped moving his hand “So why are you with him” his voice seemed to boom off the walls even though it was barley a whisper.

Lifting her chin up she balanced it on Scorpius chest to meet his eyes “Rex isn’t a bad man, he is nice and he treats me much better than I deserve.” She paused thinking about her next words “For some unknown reason he accepts what I can give him, knowing that he will never have my heart.”

“Is he what you want?” Scorpius asked softly.

“You know he’s not… but he’s what I need.” And with that she put an end to the conversation.

Laying her head back on his chest he started to move his fingers along her leg again. “Tomorrow is Sunday,” he said more to himself.

“Tomorrow is Sunday,” she repeated hating the sentence, her hand squeezed him tightly as her eyes began to water slightly, she didn’t even want to think about leaving him. Holding her breath in attempt to not cry, she bit her lip.

Raising his hand to her chin he traced the outline of her face, a sudden wave of tiredness washing over him. “You know if you ever gave in I would never let you go.”

Blinking one of the tears escaped her eye and dripped down her face onto his chest “You know if I ever gave in you would never have to worry about letting me go.” closing her eyes she cried silently. Scorpius wrapped both his arms around her gripping her tightly, he ran his fingers through her hair and rocked her back and forth, remaining strong for her while she wept.


The next morning Rose awoke to Scorpius holding her, even though his hands had become loose throughout the night they still remained around her, cradling her.

She figured that he would already be awake like the day before but he wasn’t he was sound asleep. He looked so peaceful and tranquil that she couldn’t bare to wake him up.

So carefully shrugging out of his arms she went to the living room and grabbed her bag pulling out the spare change of clothes that she didn’t expect to need.

The entire time she changed she felt like she wanted to cry, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, but she held it down. Walking back into his room she grabbed one of his hoodies from his closet and put it on, noting the cool temperature from the rain which had finally stopped. It smelled like him, sweet and comforting. Turning her head she allowed her eyes to rest on him. Taking a reluctant step she walked over to him and sat down on the edge of the bed beside him running her fingers across his face and smiling at the man she loved.

“It would seem that I’m the fool now,” she said somberly to herself.

Bending down she kissed his lips one last time, before leaving a note beside him on the pillow knowing that she couldn’t leave him with nothing. She had to give some explanation to why she left without saying goodbye and hope that he didn’t hate her for it.

As she walked outside she stood still for a moment closing her eyes and letting the fresh air fill her lungs and sturdy her. She could do this, yes it was killing her but she had done it before and she could do it again, so taking the first step away from him she started to walk home.


A loud banging awoke Scorpius as he heard it continuously beat against his door. Rubbing his eyes he was slightly confused unsure of what was going on; looking at his clock he saw that it was almost eight-thirty, which meant he had slept for nearly eight hours.

He looked beside him for Rose but saw only a note on the pillow, and he knew that she was gone. Still he opened it and read:

I couldn’t let you watch me leave, please forgive me.

The banging occurred again and he got up out of bed walking to the door, hearing as the person on the other side continued to bag none stop until he opened it.

“Before I even question your sanity, or ask why Weasley was walking out of your apartment building ten minutes ago, may I start by reminding that your wife happens to be pregnant with Rose’s nephew?”

Scorpius tapped his finger on the door before widening it “Hello Vivian,”

A/N: So I hope that was enough Scorpius/Rose action. Please review because I am really curious about your opinion on this chapter, I don’t know about you but I felt that even though most of it took place in a bed, it was busy. I’m not going to lie I went back and forth for a while on if they were going to sleep together and eventually I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way because I felt that in that moment they would be just in love and feel like no time had passed. So I hope it doesn’t come across as them just randomly sleeping together, because that’s not what it is intended to be as. Anyways please review, tell me what you think about  what Scorpius said and also about what he didn’t tell her. Also Vivian? I’m nervously and excitedly looking forward to your feedback. Thank you for reading be back in two weeks with an update.


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