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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 18 : The Truth
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I picked up my article of Wizard Rock that my owl had delivered this morning and I read the huge front cover story: 


My eyes widened at the sight. Three five hard months my life has been run by this secret, five bloody months. And now I finally get to find out who they are. I turned over the thick glossy page hastily, wanting nothing more than to find out the truth about Music is Might. 

My eyes skimmed over the page... quickly taking in all of the information and more importantly trying to pinpoint the actual information.


My chest was pumping, I thrived on this story. I couldn't wait to find out more. 

After taking the world by storm with their hits such as: let the bird fly free and their original song which put them on the wizarding rock map: Imperio. But their hit songs aren’t the only thing that has been swarming around them, so have their secrets. The band Music is Might who is most recognisable from their lead singer Phoenix are astound for hiding behind their masks. Hiding from the limelight they have created a profile for themselves. One the world has been eager to pull down. And after almost five months of keeping this secret on lock down the band has finally decided that now after recently signing up for their first label, (ours truly). That now is finally the time to reveal the face behind the masks.

Turn over for our 10 paged interview to find out more.

Oh my Merlin! This is it! I flipped the page over without a second thought. I would finally find out who my idol was and couldn't fucking wait. I teared the page slighly from turning it over so fast, but I didn't care. This. Was. It.
The question which has been on everybody’s lips is what house to the band belongs to? We’ve had guess after guess. But we can be certain now when we say nobody guessed this. The talented musicians, who have surprised the world once again by changing the Ravenclaw stereotype for once and for all. Ravenclaw will no longer be remembered for their brains or diadem, but will go down in Hogwarts’ history for hiding the biggest secret since the heir of Slytherin himself.

They're in Ravenclaw! That's my house. Oh my. Maybe I know them! I don't think I've been this excited since Christmas eve. My eyes shot back down to the paper wanting to learn more about my fellow Ravenclaws...

We now speak with the famous Ravenclaws themselves…

This is it. I thought. My head wondered around thinking who they could be, I didn't know many Ravenclaws. I really didn't think they would be Ravenclaws. I thought they would have been Slytherin like me. 

[interviewer]: so tell me about yourselves, the world is dying to know all about you.

[Adam]: (Laughs) what exactly do you want to know?

[Interviewer]: Well how about we start with names and ages and what your part is in the band?


[Adam]: (Laughs again) Well I’m Adam Horan, I’m the mysterious base player and I’m 17.

[Marcus]: I’m Marcus Jordan, drummer and 17.

[Spencer]: Spencer Pegg and back up vocalist and guitarist, again I’m 17.

[Phoenix]: I’m Ally Lockridge alternatively known as Phoenix, so lead singer and well you already know that (laughs nervously) and I’m 16, 17 next month.



Ally Lockridge, she's the girl from potions who flipped out at Slughorn the other day. Wow. I would have never expected it to be her.

Wow. I didn't think they had it in them.


Wow. Who knew? 

[Interviewer]: That’s fantastic, so let me get this right you’re all in your sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

[Dominique Weasley – Band Manager]: Yes that’s correct.


[Interviewer]: So now that you’ve come out, are you worried that your school life is going to change? Do you have any plans for next year?

[Adam]: At the minute, we’re currently taking each day as it comes. We haven’t really talked about our plans for next year, we know that we want to continue making music but to whether we go straight into that or leave it for a while really depends on how people react to us coming out.

[Interviewer]: so are you saying there is a possibility that you won’t continue your seventh year and your newts?

[Dominique]: we will have to get back to you on that.

I wish I didn't have to do my N.E.W.T.s bloody musicians. 

[Interviewer]: Ok then, how about we move on to our next question… Why have you suddenly decided to tell your secret?

Yes. Why have they decided to finally tell us their precious secret... I still couldn't get over it, they were Ravenclaws, sixth years and nobody had a clue. 

[Phoenix]: I’ll answer this one… The band generally only had the secret for me in a way, believe it or not but I’m usually cowering behind people shy and in all honesty I was scared to how people would react to myself being up there performing. I needed in a  way a security blanket so if things went wrong, I could go back to my normal self. And well after 5 months of living this double life, things just seemed a bit pointless, it was getting harder to hide and well in a way I’ve grew up as a person so I don’t feel the need to hide behind Phoenix anymore. It just felt right coming out now, rather than hiding it any longer.

I love her. I want to be her. She's my idol. 

[Interviewer]: that’s very inspirational, however I do have to ask did a certain bet between Hogwarts very own hotties have anything to do with the secret coming out?

[Phoenix]: (Laughs) of course it did, they pushed me to my limits. They pushed all of us. They were adamant in finding out who we were so they’ve finally got their wish. It just made sense rather than keep hiding it just to get it out the way.

I hate the trio. They should never have treated her like that. I looked up from the cover and searched the Gryffindor table for them. Seething. Nobody treats Phoenix like that. 

[Interviewer]: Just like ripping of the band aid?

[Phoenix]: exactly.

[Interviewer]: Can the rest of you tell me your opinions on the bet?

[Marcus]: it did make life hard for us but especially Ally, it’s unbelievable how many times I felt like hexing one of them for the treatment of her… not that I encourage hexing people in any way… but yeah it was hard on us and really to put it bluntly annoying.

[Spencer]: I agree with Marcus. It was hard sometimes it didn’t seem like the secret was worth keeping with all the hassle they were giving us, or Phoenix for that matter. But we were waiting for the right time to come out and by them pushing us they kind of gave us the right time, especially since we’ve just signed with Wizard Rock anyway.

[Adam]: Totally agree. They were being idiots, I don’t think they understood that it wasn’t just a snog at the end of the secret but our lives and futures. But yeah we’re happy now and hopefully this will be the end of it.

[Dom]: Pardon my French here but my cousins were being Dicks. They were. They’ve had stardom almost their whole lives, me included. They don’t understand that people aren’t use to it, nor want to keep their private life private. In all honestly I think they just wanted to be part of the story. Some of the stuff they did was brutal and I cannot wait until their parents and mine find out exactly what they’ve done.

[Interviewer]: sounds like they’re going to get what they de

[Dom]: hopefully (laughs)

I had a new resound respect for the band and a newly formed hatred for the trio. I hope they do get what they deserve. Team Phoenix all the way!

This article is blowing it all out of proportion it wasn't that bad. 

[Interviewer]: But tell me, are you happy that your secret is finally out?

[Phoenix]: Surprisingly yeah, as we’re doing this interview now I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

[Marcus]: I can’t wait to put that mask in the bin, it itched like hell.

[Adam]: I second that, although Spencer did do a brilliant job with the charms.

[Interviewer]: So they were your idea?
[Spencer]: Yeah, what can I say I’m good with my wand (Marcus laughs) not like that. I just dabble in spell creating.

[Interviewer]: sounds complicated

[Spencer]: They’re quite simple really if you understand it, to put it simply it’s like a cloud of the confundus charm surrounding the mask at all times.

I should have known! He did ask me about that spell. How did I not put one and one together?

[Interviewer]: Incredible. Back to the secret though, do you have any fears now that the secret is out that people will lose interest in the band?

[Adam]: There’s always that. But hopefully our fans liked us for our music and if that’s true it really shouldn’t matter what we look like nor who we are.

[Interviewer]: Well if you want my opinion, I’d say you all looked better without the masks anyway. - I second that, I've had a crush on Adam for years, he's perfect - So can I ask, Phoenix, or Ally what do you plan on doing about the secret are there any plans on carrying on with the charade.
[Phoenix]: I think Phoenix is a huge part of Music is Might, and even I struggle to see the band without her and to be honest I do prefer my hair when its orange (laughs) I’m not sure why, I just find myself more interesting. So even though people will know it’s me I still Phoenix will still play a huge part in Music is Might, it will be great I can have a stage name, like a lot of muggle artist used to. That way I still get to be as crazy as I want on stage and still return to my normal self after the night is over.

PHOENIX LIVES! wait did I just scream that out loud? 

[Interviewer]: Seems like you’ve thought about it a lot

[Phoenix]: of course I have, when you have a secret as big as this running your life, you’re not going to give it up willy nilly without any thought. It’s been agonizing how long and hard I’ve been thinking about this it will be a relief when it’s finally out there, I think.

[Interviewer]: Are you nervous on what the public’s reactions will be?

[Phoenix]: (Laughs) of course I am, I’d be stupid not to be. But like Adam implied I hope they can look past our faces and just focus on our music.

I can focus on your music. I just can't focus on the fact you lied to everybody. We were your fans you should have trusted us. Eurgh I'm so angry. Why not tell us in the first place.

[Interviewer]: I totally agree. So is there any plans of releasing any new music soon, with the record deal I presume there will be an album?

[Dom]: Yes there are plans for an Album, which should be coming out later this year possibly summer or autumn, but we will be speaking more about that with the record deal, so you will know soon.


[Interviewer]: Sounds great, I look forward to it, is it true you write all your own songs?

[Adam]: Yes that’s true, most are down to Ally’s genius but we do tend to write them together too.

[Interviewer]: Brilliant, can I ask where you get your inspiration from?

[Adam]: me personally, I get my inspiration from my parents and how I’ve been brought up, they’re both music teachers so my whole life has been music based, so it’s not hard when coming up with inspiration I just think about all the great musicians through time and well things just happen.

[Marcus]: I’m not really the song writing type, but you give me some lyrics and I can come up with a beat for it no problem.

[Spencer]: Like Adam said, we get some inspiration from other artists and obviously our own life

[Phoenix]: yeah, most my songs come from my own life experiences or experiences that friends or family have experienced.

[Interviewer]: Ah with the mention of that a lot of us, myself including are wondering what your most well-known song is about, imperio.

[Phoenix]: funnily enough that’s not about one of my experience, I don’t have very many with the whole love and that such. But it’s actually from something I witnessed during my time at school, I’m usually quiet and hide away in the background and you’ll be surprised what you notice so that songs actually about one of the couples at Hogwarts who I watched in least creepiest way possible, well he was the dominant one in the relationship and kind of took advantage, but they’ll remain anonymous for obvious reasons. One because I don’t actually know their names and two it’s their lives.

I think I know who that was about.

Is that about me?

[Interviewer]: Ah now you mention relationships, this is a question for the band now, are any of you seeing anyone?

(laughter from the band)

[Adam]: I’m currently in a relationship, yes.

[Dom]: I am too.

[Marcus]: me too.

[Spencer]: and me.


[Phoenix]: You guys are ridiculous; unlike the rest of them no I’m not currently in a relationship.

Yes Phoenix is single. MAYBE I SHOULD MAKE MY MOVE.


[Interviewer]: You say currently, like that could change soon?

[Phoenix]: Who knows? I might find myself boarding upon SS Relation.

Oh my merlin, she's hilarious. I want to be her friend so bad...

I don't get it. Boarding the SS relation? OH RELATION-SHIP I get it. Oh that's clever. No one she is a Ravenclaw!

[Interviewer]: Well I hope that goes well for you. Would the rest of the band like to expand on their relationships?

[Marcus]: Well they don’t stray much out of the four of us…

[Interviewer]: But there is only one girl, oh. I understand. That’s brilliant, so who’s with who?

[Spencer]: Marcus and me. And Dom and Adam.


That is such a waste. They should be straight.


[Interviewer]: and you’re happy?

[Spencer]: I wouldn’t be with him if I wasn’t

[Interviewer]: that’s great, honestly I wish more celebrities would come out of the closet. It’s such an inspiration for younger people struggling with their sexuality

[Spencer]: Here’s hoping we’ll be helping people.

Maybe I should come out, if they have... I could too. 

[Interviewer]: And your parents are ok with it all?

[Spencer]: (Laughs) Honestly I think my parents knew I was before I did, they weren’t shocked in the slightest when I told them.

[Marcus]: My dad was shocked at first but he came round I think it was more out the blue than anything. Cause it’s only been recently that well yeah I actually discovered it myself or accepted it.

  I hope I didn't turn him gay. It was cause I was a bad kisser wasn't it. Oh my god I turned Marcus gay. 

[Interviewer]: That is fantastic, I am happy for the two of your and wish you the best for your future. One last question… Are you ready for tomorrow?

[Adam]: Yes

[Marcus]: Yes

[Dom]: got my damage control at the ready

[Spencer]: Yeah.

[Phoenix]: We’re going to have to be

I want to find them and hug them and get them to sign my tshirt. Oh my Merlin, I love them so much!

I can't wait to see them.
[Interviewer]: Well I’d like to thank you for your time, it’s been fantastic. And on Wizard Rocks’ behalf I’d like to thank you for letting us being the ones to tells your secret thank you.

After interviewing the band, we decided to draw up some character profiles on the band. So turn over to learn more about your favourite band members.

  I looked up from my table, I watched as people gradually finished reading their papers. All their faces were filled with shock and suprise. Some looked angry and other looked like bubbly fan girls. Myself I had mixed feelings about it all. I watched as half the hall stood up a small girl with blonde pigtails shouted "Music is Might!" the rest of the hall applauded "Let's find them" another shouted. At that they led a fan girl army out of the hall, destroying everything in their path. They were excited finally getting to meet their idols, they charged like there was no tomorrow. They wanted to find them now... I guess everyone knows now. I just hope they don't regret telling their secret...


-James' P.O.V-

We'd been chased back to our dorm. Like Music is Might, the golden trio were now in hiding. The school hated or, or should I say the crazed Music is Might fans did. I read what Ally said in the interview and I can't understand why they hate us so much, the band is glad the secret is out. So why aren't they. 

I couldn't even sneak out because one there was about a hundred girls camped outside of dorm ready to destroy us if we even bothered to leave out barracaded dorm. And two I gave Ally my cloak, in a weak romantic jesture. I can tell you now, I wish I had it. Louis was currently threating over the fact one of the crazed fans had charmed his hair off and he's now bald... He's currently swearing in french as attempting to charm it back, he's going to be here a while... Let's just say it's not a very good luck for him... The candel light illumnates off of it and it's blinding. Freddie on the other hand missed the jinxes but is currently ripping his music is might posters off the wall. Using a very colourful vocabulary as he does so. 

Both of them weren't speaking to me at the moment. They were pissed off with me. I'd broken the bro code apprently, I should have told them as soon as I found out "my little girlfriend" (as Freddie refered to her as) told me. I can understand where they are coming from, but I was completely in the right. It wasn't my secret to tell. And Freddie can't be that angry, Ally did tell him this morning before everybody else found out... It wasn't my fault he didn't believe her. So instead I was watching my wonderful map, I could see the hundreds of little dots all piled on top of each other on the other side of the door. I sighed, we're going to be in here ages. 

I'd thought of some possible escape routes, waiting for the house elves to clean the dorm and getting them to apparate us out of here. The only problem with that plan was the house elves have kind of boycotted our room, with the reason that it goes against their rights and no creature should have to clean that. I didn't think it was that messy though... My other idea was accio-ing up my broom and flying away, but I didn't really have a destination to fly to. So instead I'm lying on my bed being ignored by my two best friends and watching the map waiting for Ally to pop up. I'm guessing she was still camped out in the room of requirement. I wish I was there... not to be with her, well yeah to be with her but because that room is so more useful than our dorm. Thank heavens they ensuites installed otherwise we'd be back to the medieval stage of throwing buckets out of the window. 

"This is all your fault you know" Freddie said stubbornly as he ripped straight through Ally's face. I flinched internally as the moving wizarding photo went still. 

"How is it?" I said dryly. 

"You just had to pronounce your love for her at the valentines dance. If it wasn't for you we would never have had this bet. You would have never won. And we wouldn't be locked up in our bloody dorm and Louis wouldn't be bald"

"I never made you make the bet" I said heatedly as I stood up and looked at him.

"No you didn't. But you sure as hell made sure it would be you the one she fell for"

"It's not my fault you two are so"

"Are so what? Mr Perfect little James. Please care to tell us why your darling little Althea Lockridge prefers you over us"

"Her name is Ally" I said stubbornly.

"My apologies, please tell us Jamiepooo why is it that ALLY would rather have you? Let me guess was it all that one to one time in tutoring. Did things get hot and steamy. Was she the sexy librarian you've always wanted"

"Stop talking about her like that"

"Or what? What are you going to do James? Nothing that's what nothing, because this is just a stupid phase. Like me you were brain washed by the bloody secret and now I find out the band I've been obsessing over for half the year is a bunch of stuck up gay ravenclaws. I idolised them and have you seen them?"

"They might be gay but they can beat your arse anyday. I'm pretty sure Marcus already did" I reminded him of third year when Freddie decided to hit on Marcus' girlfriend and well Marcus decided it was best to show him a lesson the muggle way. Freddie ended up with bust up eye and a broken nose. We got our revenge though, ten million pranks later. I think Freddie still holds a grudge, his nose has been slightly crooked ever since. 

"Fuck off James" he remarked.

"No you fuck off Freddie and you Louis"

"I haven't said anything" Louis said looking more astonished than annoyed.

"Yeah well your bald head is annoying me" Louis started laughing as he stroked his scalp sadly. Before we knew it, we were all laughing. That's the thing with the three of us, we couldn't stay made at each other. It wasn't in our blood, or should I say they were in my blood. No that's just weird. 

"Bros?" asked Freddie.

"technically we're cousins" I said.

"Fine, friends?" 

"Yup" I replied, damm I think I'm spending too much time with Ally... Or not enough the little voice in my head said snidely. 

I looked back over to the map. Ally and her band had just reappeared on the seventh floor. I felt a pang go out for them, they had a hell of a lot coming their way. If we thought what happened to us was bad, they'd get it word. I smiled sadly and whispered "Good Luck".


Author's note:

As always I do not own anything that you recognise... They belong to whoever invented them...

Sorry about the wait, I put it in just before the queue closed for the holiday but it got rejected, so I've changed it a lot and hopefully there won't be any problems this time... So if you didn't guess the oadinary writiing i.e the ones not in bold I'm not sure what its called, but anyway they were all opinions of various hogwarts students on the matter in hand... So tell what did you think? Which was your favourite opinion and which one was your worse... (Apologies for any major spelling mistakes, I'm writing this straight on to here, and well I'm rubbish at spelling so...)

lots of love, I'll try update soon!


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Music is Might: The Truth


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