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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : A Wasps Attention
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 A/N: Hello and welcome to my new story, I really hope that you all enjoy this. Now onto things that I don't own. :D

Grease is owned by Paramount Pictures, which the quote, "I'll make an honest woman of you." is from.

'Beat it' is a song owned by Michael Jackson.

Cody McIntyre is owned by TheHeirOfSlytherin. :D Who also helped me edit my summary. Thank you! :D

Chapter image of Roxanne Weasley


“I will never understand why the federation makes this draw meeting mandatory,” Roxanne Weasley muttered over a glass of red wine. She scanned the room at the large crowd of Witches and Wizards that had gathered in the very large hall. “There’s always trouble.”

“I know what you mean,” Violet Addams stated back, taking a sip of her own glass of wine. “They complain about the rivalry between the teams, yet force us to all be in the same room to tell us what teams we’ll be playing. They could always just send word to our coaches and they’ll let us know. It’ll save a lot of money and a few trips to St. Mungo’s.”

“It’s got to be about the publicity this brings the club. There are so many reporters here trying to dig up whatever dirt they can before the matches begin.”

Roxanne looked down at her dress and smoothed down a small crease that had appeared in the dark blue silk. She must admit that she did love an excuse to dress up; any situation that required her to dress up like a girl was a bonus. There weren’t many chances as a professional Quidditch player to dress up, unless you were going to a promotional event, or coming to the draw meeting, like today.

Roxanne had played the position of Beater for the Appleby Arrows since she was eighteen, having spent two years on the reserve team before making her big break three years ago, when the old Beater had retired.

Violet had been a Seeker for even longer than Roxanne had been on the team, being three years older than Roxanne’s twenty three years she had a lot more experience on the pitch.

“These meetings are always the same though; I wonder who’s going to start trouble first? Shall we bet on the first punch being thrown before the draw even begins?”

Roxanne gave a laugh at her friends comment, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until something happened. The free bar was bound to cause some sort of problem. The teams were quite rowdy when drunk, some more so then others. The Ballycastle Bats were the worst drunks out of all of the teams, but they always seemed like they were enjoying themselves, when they weren’t dancing on the tables.

The draw meeting was one of the biggest parties that the Quidditch federation hosted. It wasn’t exactly mandatory for them to attend, that was just what the coaches told the teams, but the club would frown upon the people that didn’t turn up. Plus the promise of a free bar helped bring them all in.

“Shall we go and find a seat?” Roxanne asked her friend, who took a bigger sip of her drink before nodding. They both moved away from the bar and made their way slowly through the big group of people, giving smiles at anyone that they recognised.

“Let’s not go over near the back, that’s where the Wimbourne Wasps are sitting,” Violet told Roxanne as she hitched up the side of her long red dress, so that it wouldn’t snag on the floor as she walked.

They had been forbidden from going near the Wimbourne Wasps through the entire meeting, in fact their entire team did. Roxanne’s team the Appleby Arrows were fierce rivals of the Wimbourne Wasps, and had been for as long as anyone could remember. In the few years that Roxanne had played Quidditch professionally, she had been told to not socialise with the other team. The bad publicity, risk of harm and the lawsuits that resulted from the two teams clashing, meant that it wasn’t worth even attempting to have a conversation with them. Clashing on the pitch, however, was a different subject entirely; it wasn’t a true match until at least twenty fouls had been committed and three players were forced to see a Healer.

“We should probably warn someone that Jerome is close to treading on enemy territory,” Violet muttered to Roxanne as they found a seat back at the Appleby Arrows table. It was empty as their other team mates were socialising with the players from the other teams, leaving them to have their conversation alone. Roxanne looked over at where Jerome was standing, she saw that he was standing with his back to the Wimbourne Wasps table and was talking to Cody McIntyre, a Chaser for the Montrose Magpies. A few players from the Wimbourne Wasps were watching Jerome carefully, distasteful looks on their faces.

Roxanne knew that Jerome could handle himself if one of them tried to start and argument or a fight with him, as a Beater he had enough upper arm strength to be able to defend himself, probably winning.

“He’ll be fine; he knows not to go over there. He’s probably trying to antagonise them into one of them throwing the first punch and getting either a fine or a ban,” Roxanne told her, she finished the last of her wine and placed the empty glass on the table.

“Want me to go and get more drinks?” Roxanne asked Violet, who gave a nod and a smile, before turning to wave at Trudy Abston, the Chaser of the Holyhead Harpies.

Roxanne left the table and made her way through the crowd and over to the bar, greeting a few players that she passed along the way.

“I wondered when I would be seeing your beautiful face, Weasley.”

Roxanne turned to the source of the voice, and saw Jason Turner a Beater for the Wimbourne Wasps. He was also the number one Beater in England and one of the best players the country had seen.

There wasn’t a week that went passed where Jason wasn’t mentioned at least half a dozen times in the Daily Prophet, mentioning his achievements both on and off the pitch.

“Shouldn’t you be with your team?” Roxanne asked him sternly, as she raised a hand up to smooth down her normally curly hair, she had used a potion to make it sleak enough to put up in an elegant hairstyle. She wasn’t really up to facing the trouble she would be in with her coach when he found out that she was talking to Turner.

“Do you think that I’ll be sitting with them when there’s an attractive woman at the bar?” Jason asked with a smirk. Roxanne looked behind her to see if there was someone else standing next to her that he meant. She saw that she was the only woman standing at the bar at that moment. She turned to look back at Jason and gave a small frown at him.

“I thought that you would have brought along one of those leggy blondes that you’re always photographed with. You know, those ones with low self respect and little to no dignity or clothes. The one’s that you ditch after a few days like they’re yesterday’s fashion,” Roxanne said smiling at him sweetly.

Jason gave a laugh as he brought his hand up to his chest, a pained expression on his face. “The lady has bite,” He said, biting his lip slightly as he looked Roxanne up and down, before he thanked the barman for his Firewhiskey, neat and on the rocks. He took a sip of his drink, before placing it back on the bar, licking his lips as he looked back at Roxanne, who felt satisfaction at her comment. “Are you jealous Miss Weasley?”

“Hardly,” Roxanne told him honestly. “I have higher standards than you.”

“One day you’ll want me,” Jason told her.

“Don’t hold your breath for that to be happening any time soon,” Roxanne said shaking her head at him.

“So, it’s going to be happening eventually?”

“In your wildest dreams, maybe?” Roxanne told him as she picked up the glasses the barman placed in front of her.

“I’ll make an honest woman of you one day, Miss Weasley,” Jason said, “Mrs. Roxanne Turner has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

“That is never going to happen,” Roxanne told him, walking away from the bar as she shook her head at him, trying to stop the smirk that was crossing her lips.

“I love watching you walk away from me, Mrs. Turner. I must say that I adore how that dress looks on you, although, I’ll admit that it’ll look even better on my bedroom floor.”

Roxanne turned to glance back at Jason, who was grinning madly; a few people around them were chuckling at Jason’s cheesy chat up line.

“That has got to be the worst line I have ever heard, Turner,” Roxanne stated, “even for you.”

She turned back around and walked away from him again, not letting herself glance behind her at him.

She took a seat at her teams' table and saw that most of them had come back and sat down. She figured that the draw must be taking place soon if everyone was beginning to take their seats.

“What took you so long?” Violet asked, after thanking Roxanne when she was handed the drink. “Was the bar crowded?”

“Yeah, with a large ego,” Roxanne stated, looking up and seeing that Jason was making his way over to where his fellow Wasps were sitting. He gave a wink to Roxanne as he passed, which she chose to ignore. Violet turned to look at Jason before turning to Roxanne with her mouth open slightly in shock.

“Roxanne, do not even think about going there,” Violet warned Roxanne. Roxanne swallowed her mouthful of wine as she shook her head.

“No way in hell am I going to go there. He was just flirting with me at the bar, probably trying to get inside information about our plays this year. He’s not interested in me like that, and I’m not interested in him at all.”

“Just make sure that you keep it that way. With a rivalry as big as our teams, there’s no way any kind of relationship between the two is going to be anything but a mistake.”

Roxanne gave Violet a nod of agreement before slouching slightly in her chair as she looked up at the stage where the announcer would be standing. He had called for the rest of the teams to take their seats so that they could begin to read out the results of the draw.

Once everyone had been seated, the long process of picking the teams played out. Roxanne found herself a few times looking over at the Wimbourne Wasps table, she could just about manage to see Jason from where she was sitting if people didn’t move in her way. She didn’t understand why she was looking for him, he was her rival and she wanted nothing more than to beat him during the game. Possibly one day she would be stealing the crown of best Beater in England from the top of his head, which would wipe the smug smirk off of his face.

Jason was watching her carefully, and Roxanne felt like she couldn’t pull herself away from his gaze as though trapped in some sort of a spell. Jason waggled his eyebrows at her seductively, before giving her a wink and licking his lips slowly, causing her to begin fuming slightly. She looked down as her hand found the bracelet she was wearing, pushing it around her wrist, the silver and crystals shining brightly against her darker skin, it was a gift from her parents for making it onto the team and she wore it for all special occasions.

“The fifth game of the season will be between Appleby Arrows and Caerphilly Catapults,” There were claps around her as she realised what the announcer had said. Roxanne was thankful that her first match would be against them, knowing that she didn’t want her team’s first match to be against the Wimbourne Wasps. She didn’t much fancy being banned for a match for throwing a Beater's bat at Jason at the beginning of the season. She wasn’t sure how much more of his flirting she was going to be able to tolerate, especially if it was during a game.

There were more claps around her as more games were announced, as well as the dates of the other games. It turned out that Roxanne’s team wouldn’t be facing Jason’s for around two months at the least, depending on the outcome of the other games. Roxanne was extremely thankful for this; she didn’t much like the idea of Jason seeming to have set his sights on her. If his reputation in the papers was anything to go by, she would be nothing more than a cheap fling and she didn’t want to be another notch in his bedpost.

The rest of the matches were drawn and the teams were allowed to continue drinking again. Roxanne watched as Jason stood up from his chair and seemed to boldly begin making his way over to where Roxanne was sitting.

“Oh no, Turner is making his way over here,” Roxanne hissed at Violet, who looked up quickly and searched for Jason.

“I think we should go over to the bar,” Violet stated, grabbing for Roxanne’s hand and pulling her up and through the crowds that had begun forming again. “If I’m going to have to sit through Turner chatting you up, I want to be a lot drunker than I am now.”

“Let’s hope that Turner loses interest soon,” Roxanne muttered to Violet as they walked away. “I’d hate to have to destroy him both on and off the pitch.”

Violet gave a laugh as they made their way over to the bar, sliding into a vacated seat as Roxanne took the other.

"Maybe you should enjoy the attention; he is very nice to look at, even if he is a Wasp,” Violet muttered, looking into the crowd for a sign of Jason Turner, who was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m not denying that he’s not nice to look at, I’m just saying that I’m not interested. Plus, you told me to not even go there if I remember rightly?”

“You shouldn’t go near him, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look at him. There are some fine men playing Quidditch at the moment, we are some very lucky girls.”

Roxanne gave a laugh as she picked up her new glass full of wine and took a mouthful, feeling the effects of the alcohol she had consumed that night beginning to take effect.

“That we are,” Roxanne said with a smile. Violet and Roxanne both clinked their glasses together before erupting into a fit of giggles. “Now shall we get the rest of our team over and enjoy the benefits of the free bar by getting absolutely drunk?”

“I think that’s a requirement of being at this meeting,” Roxanne said with a laugh, knowing that practice the next day was going to be eventful to say the least.  

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