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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 20 : Chapter 20
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 A/N: I am so sorry about the wait for this chapter! I had to finish writing half of it, but it's done now and is ready for all of you wonderful and amazing readers to read, and hopefully review. :p

“Scorpius is here!” Albus cried loudly as he jumped up and down on the spot, clapping his hands together as an excited grin spread across his face.

Albus had been looking out of the window eagerly for most of the day, as he waited for his friend to arrive. Even though he knew that Scorpius wouldn’t be arriving until at least two in the afternoon when Draco would be able to drop his son off, Albus wouldn’t move from his place at the window. He had even missed his lunch, which they had all been shocked by, until Albus had reminded them all that him and Scorpius would be eating for most of the day at the sleepover they had arranged.

Albus made it known that James would not be invited to this sleepover, but Adam, Lily and Amelia were more than welcome to join them. None of them knew what James had done to upset Albus this time, but Amelia found the look on James’s face at the news priceless. In fact he seemed to be in a slight sulk about it as he had disappeared with Adam to go into the garden, James had tried to make
Albus jealous by arranging his own sleepover, but Albus just told him to grow up and stop copying them.

“We know he’s here Albus, you need to calm down.” Ginny said placing her hand on her son’s shoulder to stop him from jumping around. Amelia looked out of the window with the others to see Scorpius walking towards the front door; he was wearing a long black coat buttoned almost to the top with dark blue jeans and, Scorpius’s most prized possession, leather shoes.

“Kelly is going to be really jealous if I tell her that I got to spend some of the holidays with Scorpius,” Amelia told Lily who was also looking out of the window, Scorpius waved at them and smiled.

Albus ran from Ginny’s grasp once the sound of the doorbell rang through the house, and hurried towards the door. Amelia and Lily moved away from the window and turned to face Ginny, who had given a loud sigh at her son’s behaviour.

There was a loud cry and the sound of someone falling into the wall, a few seconds later Scorpius walked into the room seeming to be carrying Albus, who had latched onto Scorpius.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to shut the front door, but your son appears to have attached himself to me.” Scorpius said apologetically to Ginny.

“Don’t worry about it Scorpius dear, I’ll go and close it now. Albus let go of Scorpius this instant, you’re hurting him.” Ginny said, scolding her son before walking out of the room so she could shut the front door.

Albus refused to let go of Scorpius as Scorpius tried to place his bag down on the floor as gently as he could, without falling over.

Amelia moved forward to take the bag from Scorpius. Scorpius was going to be spending the night at the Potter’s house so that he could get the train with them all to Hogwarts, he didn’t take much back with him over the holidays as he was staying at his home, the bag in his hand looked as though it were full of new clothes, which Amelia knew were brought from Draco. Scorpius’s father liked to encourage Scorpius’s interest in the latest fashions both in the Muggle and Wizarding world, even letting him give him a makeover to change his style of dress. This was because as much as Draco tried to get Scorpius interested in sports, Scorpius seemed unable to really get into them as much as his dad had hoped, but they managed to find an interest in shopping. Draco just never admitted to anyone that he himself enjoyed it as much as Scorpius did, pretending that it was his son that dragged him to all of these shops. Scorpius didn’t mind as he normally got new clothes out of these trips.

“Albus, let go of Scorpius,” came Harry’s stern reply as he walked into the front room to greet his fourth son, Albus, James and Adam taking up the other three places, Ginny followed him into the room. Albus let go of Scorpius reluctantly and Scorpius quickly straightened his coat before shaking Harry’s hand.

“How are you Scorpius?” Harry asked him.

“I’m very good thank you, Harry,” Scorpius said warmly. “My father sends his best wishes and hopes that you all had a good Easter.”

Even though Draco and Harry didn’t get on at Hogwarts, ignoring the fact that Harry had saved Draco’s life in the final battle of Hogwarts, they had settled into a pleasant situation of platonic companions, mainly due to the fact that their sons were best friends with each other. Draco and Harry’s ‘friendship’ had gotten to the stage of talking to each other if they saw the other and sending Christmas cards to one another. This was mainly due to Scorpius’s mother, who was a very charming and friendly woman, the complete opposite of Draco; Ron Weasley liked to say regularly.
Astoria Malfoy was the first to offer an olive branch to the Potter’s household, once Scorpius and Albus had become friends on the platform 9 ¾ whilst they were waiting to go off on their first year at Hogwarts. Scorpius had saved Albus from being trampled by a rogue trolley, which Adam had told Amelia was caused by James.

“Would you like anything to drink Scorpius?” Ginny asked Scorpius.

“Can I have water please?” he asked, following Ginny out of the room to help her, leaving Albus in the front room with the others.

They all turned to look at Albus, who still seemed quite giddy with excitement.

“Well I’m going to follow Scorpius around all day; I’ll see you two losers and dad later.” Albus told them before rushing out of the room. Harry gave a sigh as he rolled his eyes at his son’s behaviour, before walking out of the room.

Lily turned to face Amelia, “Shall we go outside into the garden and find Adam and James?”


Amelia tried not to stare at James as she sat with him, Adam and Lily on the grass at the back of the garden, next to the pen that kept Lily’s pet Niffler. A present that Lily had told Amelia had been a present from her Uncle George, something that Lily’s mum and dad hadn’t forgiven him for. Harry had built quite an impressive pen for the Niffler, complete with a house for the Niffler to go into if it was raining, fitted with a heating charm to keep the Niffler warm. Amelia was jealous that it seemed to have a better bedroom then she had.

Lily had climbed into the pen with the Niffler and was currently sitting with the Niffler lying on her legs asleep.

Albus and Scorpius were sitting on the old swing and slide set that the Potters, according to Lily, have had in the garden since James could walk. Amelia wondered how much magic was on it for it to still be standing and able to take the weight of everyone now. Especially Albus, who seemed to be trying to swing as high as he could, Scorpius had taken refuge on the slide that was attached to the end, laying down and looking up at the sky, whilst telling Albus to stop swinging so high.

“I wish that I could have a pet Niffler,” Amelia stated, turning to look into the pen and at Lily who was stroking her pet. She had called him Digger, as he was always digging around in search of gold.

“You really don’t,” James told her. “As cute as they are, they will destroy anything in their search for gold.”

“Don’t you dare throw a Galleon in here again James,” Lily scolded from inside the pen, as James began reaching towards his pockets. She knew exactly what he had been planning to do as soon as he had said it, Amelia could guess that maybe James had thrown some coins in before.

“What makes you think that I’ll do anything like that?” James asked innocently. Lily shot him a glare as the Niffler squirmed slightly in her lap, trying to get into a more comfortable position.

“You’ve done it to me before, James. I’ve got scars on my legs from where Digger raced to get the coins that you threw for it.” Lily pointed down at her legs, faint scratch marks could be seen going down them, you wouldn’t have noticed them if she hadn’t have pointed them out.

“I thought that Niffler’s lived underground?” Adam stated to Lily, turning to look at her.

“Well daddy made sure that where it sleeps was dark enough and full of enough dirt that the Digger wouldn’t have to burrow so far down and ruin the garden. Digger seems to really like his little pen; he only really comes out if we’re back from school or if dad’s feeding or playing with him.”

“As much as he moans about the mess that Digger makes sometimes, dad does really love looking after him.” James stated. “If mum allowed him, he’d have Digger sleeping in the house.”

“Mum’s banned Digger from the house after Albus took him inside; Digger destroyed the front room and took her necklace.”

“Albus is such an idiot at times,” James tutted, shaking his head. Amelia could tell that James was still in a sulk about Albus banning him from the sleepover.

A loud scream caused them to jump, and for Digger to jump off of Lily’s lap and into its little house to hide. Lily let out a yell of pain, looking down to see that Digger had scratched her again.

“Albus, I told you not to swing so high!” They heard Scorpius yell loudly, they all turned to look over at the swing set to see that Albus was lying on the floor as though he had jumped or fallen off of the swing. Amelia was guessing it was the latter.

They all rushed over to where Albus was groaning on the floor, Ginny and Harry rushed out of the house with their wands pointed in front of them seconds later. Their eyes searched around them for danger, as though it had been imprinted on them.

“Albus, are you okay?” Ginny asked kneeling next to her son, being careful not to move him too much as she didn’t know where his injury was. Harry’s body was tense as though he was waiting to spring into action if he needed to, still searching around for a sign of any danger, Amelia could tell that this was his Auror mode kicking in.

“He fell off of the swing,” Scorpius told Ginny, as Albus continued to moan in pain. He rolled onto his back and brought his leg up to cradle his foot, Amelia knew that he must have landed on it.

“We should take you to St Mungo’s; you might have broken your foot.” Ginny stated, turning to look at Harry.

Harry gave her a nod as he leant down to Albus, and wrapped his arms around his son. He lifted his son with ease and began to carry him into the house, Amelia must say that she was quite impressed that Harry had managed to carry Albus, he didn’t look that light. Ginny and Scorpius both followed Harry inside, leaving the others to stand by the swing set.

“How the hell did he manage to carry that lump inside? I struggle trying to drag him out of the comfy chair in the front room.”

“It’s because your dad is awesome,” Adam told him honestly, taking a seat on the swing that Albus had fallen off of. “Plus he’s the greatest wizard alive; he’s full of secret magic that we shall never know.”


Ginny, Harry, Albus and Scorpius didn’t come back to the house until late afternoon. They had waited nearly four hours at the hospital, only to be told that Albus had merely sprained his foot and that he would be fine within a few weeks as long as he kept it bandaged.

Albus had apparently asked for them to put his foot in a cast or to use a spell to make it better, but the Healer said that it would heal fine enough on its own. Albus had been given crutches to use until his foot got better, but he decided to leave those behind, claiming that he didn’t need them.

He instead decided to lean on Scorpius for help moving around, or by hopping. They were told by Ginny, whilst Harry was ordering them all pizza for dinner, that Albus had tried convincing Harry to carry him back. Harry refused point blank to his suggestion and told Albus that he should have taken the crutches when he had the chance too; otherwise he was going to do more damage to his foot.

“The hospital is stupid for not fixing my foot straight away, what’s the point in magic if they can’t heal my foot?” Albus asked them all angrily pointing down at his foot, which was propped up on a pillow on the coffee table of the front room. James was sulking because Albus was given the comfiest chair, but stopped sulking as soon as Amelia sat next to him on the sofa. It was a bit cramped as they were sharing it with Lily and Adam, but neither Amelia nor James seemed too bothered by this situation. Amelia tried to ignore the smirk on Lily’s face when she saw how close James and Amelia had to sit; Amelia could have sworn that Lily was taking up more room than necessary, just so Amelia and James would be close to each other.
The other sofa was taken by Scorpius, Ginny with a seat saved for Harry when he rejoined them whilst they watched TV.

“You’re the idiot who swung too high and fell off of the swing.” Scorpius told him honestly. Albus turned to face him with a frown on his face.

“You know I was actually excited about you being over today, but now I’m regretting asking you around.”

Scorpius rolled his eyes as Ginny scolded her son and told him to be nicer.

“Don’t worry Ginny,” Scorpius told her with a smile, “I’m the only one who can tolerate being around Albus, so he’s got to be nice to me. I’m he’s only friend.”

Albus raised his eyebrows at Scorpius’s statement, before giving Scorpius a smile. “It’s because I don’t like people Scorpius.”

“They also don’t like you,” Scorpius told him with his own smile.

“That’s because they’re jealous of my good looks,” Albus told him knowingly.


They had all gone upstairs earlier that night, each of them having to pack their things back up so that they could go back to school the next day.

Albus had complained most of the afternoon about the pain in his foot, which they had all tried their hardest to ignore. In the end Harry and Ginny had decided to go to bed early, telling them that Ginny will wake them up at eight the next morning so they could go to King’s Cross.

The rest of them all followed not that long afterwards, Albus hoping up the stairs very slowly and causing a queue up the stairs as he refused to let anyone past him.

Lily had fallen asleep not too long after she had packed her bag ready to go back to school, telling Amelia that she felt exhausted and wasn’t looking forward to getting up so early. Amelia had stayed awake; not wanting to go to sleep as she thought back to the kiss that her and James had shared, wondering if anything would happen now they were going back to school. As much as she wished that something would, she wasn’t holding out too much hope as James needed to focus on his N.E.W.Ts. Amelia gave a sigh as she opened the book that Lily had leant her the other day, and using the light of the lamp near her bed, began reading the third chapter.

A gentle knock on the door caused her to stop reading and look up; she glanced at Lily’s sleeping form across the room as she placed the book on her own camp bed. Amelia got out of bed and walked over to the door, opening it quietly and looking out of the gap that she created, careful not to wake up Lily with the bright light of the hallway.

“Hey Amelia,” James said quietly, a grin on his face. Amelia smiled as she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her, moving so she was away from the door.

“Hey James, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to say Goodnight,” James told her with a small shrug.

Amelia grinned at him, feeling like butterflies were flying around in her stomach at his words.

“Where’s Adam?” Amelia asked quietly, slowly becoming aware of the fact that she was wearing her pyjamas. She wasn’t sure how she felt knowing that James could see that she wore a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms with tiny bears on them to bed, she felt like she should be wearing something more suited to her age.

“He fell asleep, taking up most of the bed as well.” James told her with a roll of his eyes, shuffling on his feet and moving slightly closer to her.

Amelia gave a laugh at her brother’s actions, she had known that James and Adam had decided to share James’s double bed as neither of them could be bothered to put up the spare bed.

“Lily’s fallen asleep as well, so I’ve just been reading one of her books.” Amelia told him. They were trying to be quiet as the rest of the household had gone to bed, due to them having to get up early the next day to take the train back to Hogwarts. James had moved quite close to Amelia so that they could talk in whispers to each other, Amelia tried not to think of how close James was to her, knowing that she wanted nothing more than to kiss him.

“Is it any good?” James asked her, his eyes flickering to her lips before looking back up into her eyes.

Amelia swallowed before answering him. “It’s okay. It’s about a Wizard and his pet Dragon, they’re fighting crimes.”

“Ah, that book. It’s the one that made me start loving Dragons.” James told her, a nostalgic look crossing his face as he thought about the book.

Amelia gave him a smile, loving the way that his face lit up. “I should continue reading it then, if it meant so much to you.”

“That’s not the only thing that means a lot to me,” he whispered, leaning closer to her.

Amelia moved forwards to close the gap between them and gave James a kiss on the lips Goodnight, feeling a lot bolder than previously. She went to pull away but James grabbed hold of her arm gently, pulling her closer to him, bringing her lips to his again.

Amelia felt a warmth flooding through her as she moved her hands up James’s arms and up to behind his neck, wrapping them around him to pull him closer to her. James kissed her hungrily, pushing her back against the wall that she had been standing near to, as his own hands moved slowly down Amelia’s sides. His hands found her waist and she felt his thumbs begin to skim the hem of her T-shirt until they touched her skin, causing her to shiver.

Amelia pulled away breathlessly, looking up at James as she tried to quieten her rapid breathing. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was sure she had let out a small moan of pleasure; she hoped that no one had heard them.

“I think that maybe we should stop,” James told her, sounding breathless himself as he leant his forehead onto hers, he seemed as though he was torn by his own words.

“Maybe we should, anyone could come out here and see us,” Amelia stated, staring into his eyes and trying to stop herself from kissing him again.

James moved away from her, his hands lingering on her sides for a moment and Amelia pulled her arms away from him.

“Goodnight Amelia,” James said with a grin at her, backing away and walking back over to his room. He turned at the door as he opened it, and gave her a wink, before entering the room and closing the door quietly.

It took all of Amelia’s strength and willpower to not follow him, and to go into Lily’s room instead.

A/N: I hope you like the bit of James and Amelia love I put in for you all! :D

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