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Next Generation at Hogwarts: The Beginning by priamistry
Chapter 3 : Meeting the Dorm-mates
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 As soon as the feast ended and the the first year Gryffindors reached their Common Room, Albus and Scorpious caught hold of Rose.


‘’Where were you all this time? I,er,we were worried about you. I am sorry that I teased you,’’said Scorpious breathlessly.


‘’I am not angry about that. Not anymore,at least. Its just that I ran into a Slytherin bully after I left you two. Then I made a new friend and I went to sit with her,’’said Rose.


‘’A Slytherin bully! How did you escape? Are you hurt,’’asked Albus worriedly.


‘’Well that’s a long story,’’said Rose while grinning. Then she told Albus and Scorpious about that little incident on the train.


‘’Elizabeth Clayworth! Is she the redheaded girl with dark brown eyes who was standing beside you during the sorting?’’Albus asked.


‘’Yeah. She might be the one.’’


‘’Well I must thank her for saving my cousin.’’


‘’Now that you have completed your interrogation may I please go to my dorm. I am quiet tired and besides,I would like to meet my dorm-mates. So goodnight then,’’said Rose and she starting hurrying towards her dorm.


‘’Goodnight cousin.’’


‘’Goodnight Rosie-Posie.’’


‘’Just because I said that I am not angry anymore doesn’t mean you can call me that,Scorpious,’’called Rose while climbing the stairs.




Rose entered her dormitory to find Eli and two other girls engaged in conversation. They noticed her only when she walked right in front of them.


‘’Rose,where have you been? One second you were right beside me and the next moment you just vanished.’’ Eli was the first one to speak.


‘’I was just talking to my cousin Albus and his friend Scorpius,’’said Rose and then she turned to the other two girls and spoke while extending her hand ,’’I am Rose Weasley.’’


‘’Nice to meet you , Rose. I am Julia Wilson ,’’said the girl with golden brown hair and hazel eyes while shaking Rose’s hand.


‘’Myself Sarah Cooper. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We have heard so much about your family,’’said the girl with blonde hair and sandy brown eyes.


‘’ I have heard that generally the people who share a dormitory end up being best friends forever. I hope the same thing happens to us,’’said Eli with a smile.




Albus and Scorpius reachec their dormitory to find two other boys already present there. One of them had dark brown hair while the other one had golden hair. As soon as they saw Albus and Scorpius they stopped their conversation.


The boy with dark brown hair spoke first. ‘’This is so cool. I am sharing a dorm with a Potter and a Malfoy who got sorted into Gryffindor. I am Richard Parker.’’ He extended his hands .


‘’I am Scorpius and this is Albus. You already know our surnames. And call me Scorp if you want to be my friend,’’said Scorpius  while shaking his hands.


Albus followed his suit and said,”nice to meet you. Call me Al.’’


‘’ Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Al and Scorp. I am Matthew Anderson,’’said the other boy.  He too shook hands with Albus and Scorpius.


‘’ So anyone up for a game of exploding snaps,’’asked Richard while drawing his cards of exploding snaps.


‘’ I am in,’’said Scorpius. Albus and Matthew joined too.



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Next Generation at Hogwarts: The Beginning: Meeting the Dorm-mates


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