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Dear Al by randomwriter
Chapter 3 : Hogsmeade
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 So I present to you all... Chapter three! :)

Hope y'all like it!

Disclaimer- This universe belongs to JKR! 

Dear Al

"I think James Potter is ridiculous." Lily flopped down next to Snape and grabbed the apple that he was eating. She took a bite of it and decided she didn't want it and gave it back to him. He watched her, as a feeling of security washed over him. He loved how comfortable they were with each other.

They were sitting near the Whomping Willow. Not close enough to be within its range, of course. Snape had observed James Potter over the past three years. It started off because of his obsession with Lily, which Snape was sure would pass over time. He had been wrong. Snape had felt a compulsive need to protect Lily from James, a task which wasn't too hard because Lily made no effort in hiding her dislike for Potter. In spite of this, Snape still felt a surge of pleasure every time she insulted him. However, Potter had suddenly started to ascribe to some weird pattern, he had had noticed. Every full moon night, he and his meddlesome friends would sneak out. They would be in class the following day, looking tired and worn-out, but their eyes never failed to hold a mischievous glint. This maddened Snape. He felt like he was being denied exclusive knowledge. This behaviour had only started mid-way through this year, which was their third year in Hogwarts. He made a mental note to figure it out and reverted his attention back to the girl who was sitting next to him. She was still ranting about what an idiot James Potter was. He smiled to himself, content.

"I wish I was in Ravenclaw," she proclaimed dramatically.

"Why not Slytherin?"

She made a face and shrugged.

"Actually, any house without Potter works."

Snape smiled and fell back into the grass. The sky was clear and the blue, alluring. Lily fell back next to him and they talked about the one thing that all third years talked about.


"So, you know there a visit this Saturday, Lils? Snape asked, hopefully. He was going to ask her to spend the day with him.

"Mmmhmm. The second one." She mumbled, in a lost and absent-minded tone.

"Do you think... I mean...Could you..we-" Snape stuttered, before he was interrupted.

"Hey Evans. Thought I might find you in some horrid company. I'm here to save you." Potter grinned down at Lily and stretched out his hand. Lily eyed it for a second.

"I'll be in horrid company if I take that." She said simply and moved closer towards Snape.

"What does Snivellus have to say anyway?" Potter laughed as he drew out his wand. "You know, I read about an excellent hex the other day..." He fingered his wand, looking thoughtful.

"Back off Potter. I can do ten times the damage." Snape said, as he sat up hastily. Lily had, too.

"I dare you to try," snickered Potter. He had crouched down and now his eyes were level with Snape, their noses almost touching.

"Hexing Snape isn't going to impress Lily, James. Come on. Let's go."  Remus Lupin stepped out of the shadows and grabbed Potter's arm and dragged him away. Nobody had noticed Lupin till then. It was so typical. James Potter always made sure that his presence was felt. Lupin, on the other hand, was always around, but he stepped in only when necessary.

James tried to retaliate, but Lupin pulled him along, back up the hill, and towards the castle. Lily continued to stare after them even after they had left. She stared into the distance till they were faint specks in the distance.

And then, as if someone had jerked her out of her reverie, she turned towards Snape and asked, "What were you saying then? Sounded important."

Snape shrugged. The moment had passed. His mood was tainted by the arrival of Potter, and he had lost his sudden burst of confidence.

"Let's go back. It's getting cold." He told her and helped her up. They walked back to college slowly, talking about everything but Hogsmeade.




"There is a new dark magic store down the road, and you insist on dragging me to 'The Three Broomsticks'?" Avery asked Snape, clearly annoyed.

"It's a Hogsmeade tradition, apparently." Snape defended himself.

They continued walking towards the crowded pub, despite Avery's objections.

"Don't tell me that you're taking me there so that you can stare at that red-haired girl." Avery warned. "She's from Gryffindor. She's bad news."

"Shut up, Avery. If you knew her, you'd know."

"Know what?"

"That she isn't like the other Gryffindors."

"Yeah," sniggered Avery. "She actually talks to you."

Snape made a face, as he pushed open the door. They were immediately engulfed by  warmth and inviting smells that one could associate only with 'The Three Broomsticks.'

"First Honeydukes. That, I can understand. But now, this place? I can see teachers here. We should have gone to the Hog's head instead." Avery continued to whine.

"You know what? You should shut up. You loved this place last time." Snape pointed out.

"Yes, but that was before the new dark arts store opened. We have to go there soon.  Every one will be there. "


"Yes, Dolohov, Mulciber, Lestrange..."

"Okay, half an hour. That's all. And then well go there." Snape promised.

They walked further in and towards one of the corner tables. They picked a small booth and settled in. Avery tried to get them Frirewhiskey, but failed. He also kept eyeing a young woman who was serving drinks at the opposite table.

"Name's Rosmerta." She was saying. her voice was loud and jolly. "Finest butterbeer in all of Scotland. Right here. Under this roof."

"You know," Avery said slowly, "We could stay here a little while longer."

Snape smirked. "As you wish. Now..."

He slowly surveyed the room, until he saw her, seated a few tables away, with two of her girlfriends. They were all drinking butterbeer and laughing about something. A couple of shy boys were walking by, looking at her, but saying nothing. Snape continued to watch her.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and Rosmerta fell back, dropping drinks all over the floor, and herself. The glasses smashed onto the floor and cracked and broke.

"What was that?" A girl with a high pitched voice screamed.

Two people had blasted a hole in the front wall of the pub. They were running away, towards the end of the street.

"The Carrows." Someone exclaimed loudly. "Maybe they got their supplies from that new Dark Arts place."

Snape's eyes darted towards where Lily had been seated a few seconds ago. The table had upturned and Lily, along with her friends was sprawled across the floor. Snape tried to recover quickly, but by the time he stood up to go towards her, he saw that James Potter had already rushed to her. He lifted her up and she showed no resistance.

"Are you okay?" It would be impossibly hard to miss the concern in his voice. She mumbled something to him and he took her, and her friends towards where his pesky gang was seated.

Snape watched. It was like a slap across the face to see Lily sitting with James and having a civil conversation.

"Let's go, Avery."

But Avery was busy eyeing Rosmerta. Snape wondered, once again, where his own priorities were. Sooner or later, Lily would know. But would she approve if she knew? No, definitely not.  But he hoped that she would accept his new-found interest and fascination for the dark arts.

He wondered if he would have an edge over Potter if he knew dark magic. Someday, he wanted to sit in this very pub, and share a booth with Lily Evans.

He got up and sighed.

Lady Luck would nit shine upon him today no matter how much he hung around.

She hadn't even noticed him.

"Come on Avery."

This time, he obliged and then walked out.


 Author's Note:

So, I wonder what you all have to say about this chapter! I've been putting off writing this because I've been more interested in writing the later chapters. Since this is a short story, it isn't going to be very long.

Anyway, do review :)

Whatever you have to say, will be heard and appreciated. So write down everything, good, bad or ugly, in the little grey box below :)

Thanks! ^_^

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