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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 39 : The Kidnapping (Sirius and Lily)
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Sirius’ POV:



Lina finally found about my abnormality. Just pure brilliant.


Still muttering curses under my breath, I went back into the compartment, going to grab my trunk and my owl. I bet Lina and James and the rest of the gang had left me behind, and it didn’t help my mood. Once I’d stood in front of the door of compartment, I saw Lily Evans still there. I wasn’t expecting her to be there, and it surprised me. She was crying silently as she tried so hard to reach for her trunk. It wasn’t difficult to figure that it had something to do with that filthy prat Snivelly. She was all focused with her thoughts, she didn’t even hear me coming behind her.


“Need help?” I said. A soft shriek came out of her lips, and she almost dropped her trunk onto her foot had I not been there to catch it.


“Damn you, Black!” she hissed, slapping my arm. “I could’ve got a heart-attack, you jerk!”


“Well, you didn’t, so I guess no harm done,” I said with a playfull grin. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, but gave no further comment.


“So?” she said after awhile.


“So?” I echoed.


“Are you going to help me?”


I grinned again, deciding on teasing her. “When I said do you need help, it didn’t mean I wanted to help. What I mean was to get someone to help you, Evans.”


“You’re an arse, do you know that,” Lily said, more like stating it. “I have no idea what Lina and other girls see in you.”


“If it helps, I never know it either,” I said, reaching out for her trunk to help her. Easily, I got the cage of her down on the seat beside her. “Who usually helped you, Evans?”


“Snape,” she mumbled faintly as we made our way out. She blushed slightly and I forced myself to comment no more. We walked in comfortable silence until Lily broke it with a scream after she touched the door knob of the exit way from the train.


“What happened?” I instantly asked, checking her hand. Her palm, that was white before, had turned red. An angry red-mark was marring her skin.


“It’s really hot,” she panted, hissing in pain when I tapped my wand on her palm to heal it. “I touched it and it burned my hand.” It made me frowned. That never happened before. Come to think of it, the door was never closed.


“Really?” I mumbled, eyeing the door. Taking a deep breath, I put my hand on the door knobw.


Pain shot through my hand, but I refused to let go. I clenched my jaw to hold back the pain. Lily had to pull my hand away or my hand would burn badly. Curious, I tried the other doors. Same thing happened. My hand had a worse red-mark that Lily’s. I shrugged off the pain and began to try the other door when the train moved. I let out a string of profanity under my breath. Lily began fussing around saying she didn’t want to go back all the way to King’s Cross. I wanted to snap at her, telling her to shut up, when one of the doors, probably the only one, slammed opened. I exchanged looks with Lily, and she shook her head frantically.


“Oh no...” she breathed. “I am NOT jumping off the train, Sirius Black!”


“You have no choice, Flower. It’s jump or bye-bye sixth year.”


She looked at the door, then at me, and repeated the motion until three times. I could literally hear the gears of her brain turning inside her skill, considering the options she had. She finally threw her hands in defeat, groaning loudly, and I knew what was her choice.


“I’m so going to regret this,” she said. I smirked but said nothing. Instead, I threw both of trunks out of the train. She looked like she was about to protest, so I explained it to her.


“You do not want to leave it here, don’t you?” She scowled after hearing my explanation. “Now, come on, Lily. I need to wrap my arms around you,” I said, earning a frown from her.


“Why? I thought you were in love with Lina.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance and pulled her roughly toward me, her body collinding into my arms.


“So that when you fall, you won’t have a bloody scratch on your porcelain sk, Evans. James would bloody murder me if your nails even broken. Understand?” She snorted.


“Whatever,” was all she said.


“On three, okay... One, two, three!”


We jumped off the train, rolling a few metres from the spot we landed. Lily screamed against my chest since our feet left the train; even until we stopped rolling with a loud crack from my left hand, that also happened to be my wand-hand. I growled, realising that it must be broken. Gritting my teeth, I checked Lily’s condition. She was still hysterical, but completely unharmed.


“Lily. Lily! We’re fine, for fuck’s sake. Stop screaming!” I said. She opened her eyes, touching ever inch of her skin that could be touched. She eyed me and her quickly found my broken hand.


“Sirius, your hand...” she said. I waved her comment easily and stuffed my wand in her hand.


“You don’t have your wand with you, right?” I said when she looked at me in confusion. “I know it’s with Lina. You can use my wand and mend my hand.” She stared at the wand in her hand dumbly.


“I can’t mend broken bones, Sirius,” she said quietly. “You don know that I haven’t  – “


“Yes, yes... I remember now,” I said quickly. I forgot that both James and I were smarter than most students our age. “Come on. Let’s just go get our trunks.”


We hadn’t walked quite far when about twenty Death Eaters attacked us. Panic began to rise inside me. I could fight five Death Eaters, and that only if my left hand wasn’t broken and I wasn’t protecting a wandless Lily Evans. I couldn’t even fight a bloody first year now! Still, I tried my best. I fought with my right hand, using my body to cover Lily’s like a shield. My spells weren’t half as good as they used to be. The Death Eaters came closer and it was getting harder for me to defend myself and Lily’s. She worked like an alarm, shouting if there was anyone behind me. It wasn’t enough though. Not at all.


“Sirius, above you!” Lily screamed.


“Above...?” I muttered, looking up. True, there was a Death Eater flying on a broom, aimed at me.


“Oh, shit...” I breathed and everything turned dark.

Lily’s POV


I watched in absolute fear as Sirius dropped to his knees when the spell hit him. Instinctively, I grabbed his wand and took over his role as the protector. However, none of the Death Eaters attacked me, merely staring at me behind their masks. I looked over my shoulder once in awhile, to make sure that none of the Death Eaters would attack me when I wasn’t looking. They were everywhere, surrounding me and Sirius. I had no idea how could Death Eaters be so close to Hogwarts without detected. It was a sign though, that the Dark Times were so close.


“What do you want with us?” I said. A sickening girlish laugh came, and a woman without the signature Death Eater mask stepped closer toward me


Bellatrix Black.


“It’s not you, that we want, Mudblood,” she spat. “It’s my dearest cousin.”


“You touch him and I swear I will kill you,” I hissed. The oldest child of the Black sisters cocked an eye brow at me.


“Kill me? You, wanted to kill me? You don’t how to kill, Evans. So please, don’t embarrass yourself.” Almost effortlessly, she made the wand in my hand flew out of my grasp. Another Death Eater caught the wand.


“Nice wand this is,” the Death Eater muttered, inspecting the wand.


“Dearest Sirius always got the best even when his parents hate him. Probably that's because he's the smartest between all of us,” Bellatrix said in great disdain. “McNair, Nott, get Sirius off the ground. We’ll go now.”


“And what about her?” the same Death Eater who caught Sirius’ wand said, nodding at my directiong. His voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I heard it.


“We can’t leave the Mudblood here. She’s to come with us,” Bellatrix said after awhile.


“Where are you – “



Author's Note: I AM THE WORST HUMAN BEING EVER. Oh my God, I am terribly sorry! My laptop was attacked my some nasty viruses and I lost this story! The other copy was in my sister's laptop, that used to be mine, but I forgot where I saved it. So yes, it took me months till I found it. Once again, I'm really sorry. If you're mad, I understand. Oh, I feel so bad... :(

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm really sorry for the extremely late update.

Love you guys forever,


Here's the sneak peek for the next chapter:

“James, I think we should talk about this to Dumbledore,” I told him when we had our break fast. He nodded his head, his eyes never stopped looking for Sirus and Lina.

“Yeah, I agree. Let’s just go now,” James said, pulling himself off the seat to stand beside me.

"We have our first class a ten minutes,” Remus reminded. “And this is our first day of school.”

“Fuck classes,” James spat. “Sirius and Lily come first before stupid bloody classes.”

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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile: The Kidnapping (Sirius and Lily)


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