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Apple Trees by xDearDiaryx
Chapter 1 : Him
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The overpowering darkness, it was only a myth. We know differently now, things change. They say it’s like saying goodbye to the last breath that few cling onto so desperately. The sadness that overpowered the world was and still is to overbearing for some, the violence and fear that trailed in front of everyone’s eyes followed after that one storm, most couldn’t stand it. Their bodies may be limp lying somewhere, no one knows quite where but, we know that once they go they never return. The few that hang onto the breath of life struggling in the corners of the world, that quickly is being invaded. Nobody could have stopped it; nobody could have even thought this would happen. But, its when on the urge of extinction that survival kicks in and we decide to change.


She dared to close her eyes, staring at the door. Holding her arms over her legs, she heard the screams from the outside. She had promised never to cry, the pain and sadness only proves she was still alive. The coldness hurting her bones, shivering in the clothes that she only possessed. Her red hair, messed, dirty and rough to the touch. She had promise never to cry. The ear breaking screams, they never seem to disappear every night no matter where everyone may be.  How did things become so bad? How did they change so? Her head riddling with the same questions as her eyes began to weigh down, she couldn’t stop them as the comforting darkness took over her body as her arms slowly dropped and her head fell.


The girl slowly rising as the sun light beamed from the tiny gap of the cardboard over the window, she woke slowly as the dreamless night had been one of the better ones. The screaming had gone, like usual. Her young teenage body stretching, rising from the hard flooring, her body stiff, nothing out of the normal. She signed as her dark eyes trailed the small room, the door tempting her body forward but the resistance in the girl was big as she knew she’d have to wait till the coast was clear. Through the gap she saw the orange sun rising, early as it was she waited, pondering the empty room for a while. The sun finally in the high sky she moved towards the door, her grubby boots sliding along the flooring. Removing the chair and random other peaces of furniture she’d used for her protection.  Her pale thin hand clenching the icy door handle, taking a deep breath she prayed as she turned the handle slowly.


Nothing was there, giving a sign of relief from her pounding heart she allowed it to relax, scanning the area she knew they had left, whatever it was anyway. But no one seemed to know exactly what they were, this she guessed was what scared many the most. After all, they came at the dead of night when the darkness blinded the living if they were in sight for their advantage and, with the living only finding out till it was to late on what the screams were, it all seemed far to much for many to handle. The chill in the air brushing across her face, sending a small shiver down her spine. The groan in her stomach, she’d grown more used to the feeling. The pain not so much. He should have been back by now. She wondered a bit more out of the small shed building she’d been hiding in. The dark eyes looking down the dirt road that she’d followed to find the abandoned wooden shelter. No one, the silence was all that she could hear. Waiting longer and longer, the pain becoming more as she felt more light headed as she sat on a large rock. The sun beaming down on her body felt nice as she felt certain parts absorbing the sun’s rays while others holding desperately onto the chilling nerve that had never seemed to disappear.


Worry starting to creep up as she jumped down from the rock, her head turning, her eyes scanning to every brush of the slight wind. He had to come back. He had to. She couldn’t face if he wouldn’t. He’d told her he’d comeback after sunrise. Time ageing as she waited, the sun being tormented by the dark clouds in the distance. She prayed he’d be okay, she wanted him here. Now. Her stomach growling more violently, she winced in the pain of the lack of nutrition. Taking deep breaths she couldn’t face to look at that side of the facts that she knew were very important. Flicking her burning coloured hair from her face, she used to be smart when it had mattered. The sun travelling across the sky before her eyes she saw the minute when it would set. She looked down the road one last time before making her way back into the shed.


The night lasted the same as every other one, the screams, torturing temptation to go a check if he’d come but she knew she’d find nothing after sunset. The dreams not as welcoming this night as the screams had grown longer and louder that night. But, the same awakening happened as she was torn from the comfortless of the dreamless sleep. Light beaming down upon her once more tearing her eyes open, the sun rising in its orange burning shade as she looked through the gap. Her stomach as if it had a creature inside growled louder as she winced over, her hand on it controlling the beast inside. She wanted him. She needed him. She waited till the sun was in its safest as she did the same and excited the shed only to be welcomed by the country. She sniffed slightly closing her eyes slowly. She had promised not to cry as she felt the pain once more arise; she knew she had to go.


Quickly ripping a small peace of her chequered t-shirt and placing it carefully under a heavy stone in the forgotten shed. Setting off she dared not look back as she followed the dry, dirt road. At a quick pace she knew she needed to find somewhere before sunset. Her target set her legs moving one after the other as, her body more or less travelled under the deceivingly cold sun. Rubbing her hands together and a couple of times blowing her breath onto them to try and warm herself up. It didn’t work as after a while her legs became tired and her stomach growling became over bearing she had to stop. No she firmly told herself as she paused for a moment. The moment that lasted only that, her eyes looking up from ground up to the road ahead there had to be others.


Ignoring the beast’s demands, ignoring the painful thoughts she looked ahead. Thinking of the times she’d been happy. Before any of it happened. She could see her mother’s face so clearly now. Her long fair blonde hair that never obeyed as it swayed to one side most of the time. Her Hazel eyes that always made her feel as if she would be safe and at home when ever she was in trouble or even in any sort of mess, but only the eyes couldn’t last forever. She could see her father’s face the clearest through the lot, his dark brown hair that was mostly messy as he would ruffle his grubby hands through it as he’d be working, his dark brown eyes full of wisdom but, wisdom comes to an extent. She could see her brother and sisters not the clearest but she could see them, mostly the petty sibling arguments but the others were more or less a blur.  However most importantly she’d forgotten what it’d felt like to be part of a family, the times had changed and survival had taken over. She had promised never to cry, shaking the family from her mind along with the thoughts, she concentrated on looking around on the move for any sign of anything. Her feet becoming swore she could swear she now had blisters, sweat trickling down her face she looked around only to see the sun just past midway.


Wiping her hair from her forehead she could feel the time ticking past herself. She knew that she mustn’t stop. It was how her brother had gone. The images of him came and gone at the thought of him, the sun playing its mind tricks. The growling from the beast exploded once more causing her to stop at the pain. “No” she screamed this time to herself yet out loud, I must carry one she thought making her legs move slowly dragging each other across the neglected dirt road which echoed her voice as if it went on forever. Making a long turn around some fields in the distance she thought her mind was playing its tricks as she saw a small cottage planted on the outskirt of surrounding fields upon fields of various growing crops, quiet neglected barns that she could have imagined once that it was home to so many different animals that had seemed to disappear once the screams had appeared. Her heart thudding deep inside, clinging onto the last stock of hope she had left as, she began to run forward to the peaceful seeming house. The sun near it’s time she saw it from her gaze, her legs pelting at such a speed to the house that when she got to the door she didn’t know what to do. Knocking furiously a few times on the white wooden door, she received no response. Knocking a few more times fists clenching as it hit the wood. No one came. The sun going downwards before her eyes she threw the door open to find the silver trigger pointing towards her body. Not surprised or scared she was happy for a change, it meant she wasn’t alone. 

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Apple Trees: Him


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