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Grand Scheme by charm_the_stag
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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I'm putting a disclaimer early this time: I don't own Harry Potter. Pure fanfiction and  no profits for me =P

Well, I hope this chapter answers a lot of questions. Though a few more mysteries will be solved in the next chapters. James won't make an appearance in this chapter but he will in the next one. So will Caleb!

Again, hope this answers some questions.

“Ugh! Did anyone file a complaint against the Knight Bus?”Groaned Arwen, in a horse voice.  Alice handed her a glass of water as she sat up. Arwen smiled at her thankfully.

“Arwen!”Shrieked Gwen, and threw her arms around Arwen.


“Shit! Sorry Renny!”Yelped Gwen.

“Wha- What happened?”Arwen questioned, looking at the faces of her dorm mates.

“You had a mild panic attack, Arwen.”Answered June.

Arwen’s eyes widened.

“Panic attack?”Asked Gwen.  June nodded.

Realisation hit her like a lightning bolt. She quickly scrambled up from the floor where she was sitting, and where her dorm mates congregated around her.

“Uh...I need to go...Need fresh air-“Arwen rambled.

“You can’t go out in this weather!”Admonished Rose.

“Warming charms and a coat.”Arwen shot back, as she looked for her coat.

“You’ll  get caught and we will lose point!”Shrieked Rose.

“Shut up Rose.”Sighed Arwen.”I won’t get caught. Gwen I’ll see you later. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you later.”Giving her best friend a small smile. Gwen frowned but nodded.

She was almost out the door when she looked over her shoulder.  They were all back on their beds. Rose was giving her an angry look. The rest looked concerned.

“You will not tell anyone about what transpired here tonight.”She voiced softly, her wand weaving a confundus charm. Excluding Gwen, their eyes glazed over. Gwen pulled out her wand and shot sleeping spells at them. She looked at Arwen and waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

“Go. You look like you need a walk. We can all talk after classes end.”

Arwen muttered the disillusionment charm over herself and walked off towards the Room of Requirement, hoping there was no party going on over there.

She was lucky. It was empty. She asked for her music room.

The piano sat in the middle of the cold room. The polished wooden floors, the dark walls and the single torch burning in the room did little to add warmth; the room was too clinical to look warm.

Her long, slender fingers ghosted over the ivory and charcoal black keys, at an impressive pace.  Music was her secret. One she allowed herself to have. Everything else was bared for her friends to see.  The melancholic notes drifted into her mindscape. It was a type of occlumency exercise itself.

She had to tell her friends about her powers.  Someone needed to know if something happened to her.

Natural necromancers never lived very long.  Hunted and exploited. An abomination even in the magical world.

Albus. Sigh...Albus would use this to his advantage. He would be the first person to keep her safe and treat her right. He had the power. She let out an amused snort. 

He shed his insecurities the moment he stepped into Slytherin. He knew what he wanted. He was a Slytherin! Their ambitious natures were legendary. He patiently waited like a snake and struck when the time was right. He gained the power in his house fairly quickly. He wasn’t jaded by wealth or bigoted, like the majority in his house. He respected power and opinion.

She knew he needed her mind for his future plans.

She sometimes pondered over the fact that if she had never met Gwen and Scorpius that day on the train, she would never have found her talent in magic. She would have remained ignorant and gone through Hogwarts, learning basic magic, getting adequate grades, and finding a hard time attaining mastery in her chosen field of study.

Being with them opened her mind to the intricacies of magic and the neglected magicks.

All that research, runic sequences and magical theory would never have come to egress without the help of her friends.

What made them unique was their drive. They were highly determined and ambitious teenagers, with a common goal.

Albus was their phantom leader. Operating from the shadows. He was a complex fifteen year old. But then again Dark Lords always were exceptionally brilliant individuals, from a very young age. What made him different from the others was the fact that he was compassionate. A revolutionary with a logical set of plans.  He had his flaws and weaknesses like any other human being but never let his weaknesses rule him. He loved his sister. Little Lily Potter was the only one who could get him to act his age or adorably dumb. While James was his brash carefree older brother, who never understood him, he cared for his brother. 

Like any leader, he had his masks. Different masks for different people. But he was himself around the other three.

Scorpius was their mediator, researcher and Albus’ second in command. He came from a predominantly dark family, with a bitter past. He faced a lot of distrust and speculation from people. His family were one of the few dark families of Britain to survive the last war. Almost all the other families were sentenced to the Death Veil in the department of mysteries, and their children orphaned. Harry Potter had officially vouched for his family and saved them from extermination.  His father created a shaky truce with Harry Potter, which with time became a friendship and an understanding towards each other’s views. 

Scorpius was always wary of people. He wasn’t one to believe that everyone was dandy that had rainbows shooting out of their arses. He studied people closely, trying to determine their motives. While he put up a friendly and easy going front, inside he was calculating different case scenarios. Ravenclaw to the core, he loved books and reverently worshipped knowledge.  His charmed notebook was always on him. He loved writing about his experiences and observations.

Gwendolyn hated her name. She hated her family.  She hated her lycanthropy. Coming from a pureblood family, she had to cover certain parameters from her family’s approval. 

First- Get sorted into Slytherin. That would have worked out well, but the hat said she was more Gryffindor than Slytherin. Her lack of patience, her headstrongness and her fighting spirit.

Second- Do not mingle with undesirables.  As if Arwen was some last season fashion trend!

Third- Be a well bred pureblood, it will attract rich suitors. Of course, her family cared about its status and wealth. Prancing her around like a breeding mare during social events and grooming her from a very young age. It just was not her! 

She broke all the rules. It just wasn’t in her nature to be stuffy and bigoted. Her love for muggle culture was barely tolerated. She was intrigued by the fact that they survive everyday without magic.

After breaking all the rules, she didn’t have to wear a mask anymore. She could be what she wanted to be. She behaved as she pleased. Eating in a manner that would make the elitist pray to Voldemort for salvation.  Dressing up in muggle clothes, which were far better than wizarding wear.

She was their soldier, their brave heart and their joy. Fiercely protective of what was hers. She brought life into a dull party. She was vibrant.

They suspected her to be an empath.  On her bad days, they could feel her turbulent emotions wash upon them like waves.

Arwen...She was their constant. A jack of all trades, master in progress. She was a perfectionist by nature and nurture. She had a mind hardwired into innovation and development. It came easy to her. She was their inventor.

She had a fierce yet mild personality. She had the Gryffindor bravery and the headstrong nature of all Gryffindors. Something that got her caught in many sticky situations for charging ahead without prior planning, during the heat of battle. She was a no-nonsense type of a person, and James Potter’s attitude just grated on her fine-tuned patience. Although, these days James had not done anything to invoke her wrath. Other working on her OWL assignments, and their groups various side-projects, she spent quite some time with him on the quidditch pitch.  

Quidditch was their stress relief. Well, not for Gwen, though she loved ogling at quidditch players.

Together the four of them were a well oiled machine.  They worked well together and enjoyed each other’s company. 


She had to tell them.


“What happened last night?”Questioned Albus.  They were sitting in the Room of Requirement. Classes were done, and all day they endured a distracted Arwen.

Her eyes glazed over. It was as if she was not present in the room with them.

“Over seven hundred years ago, there were three brilliant brothers, said to have been blessed by magic itself. The three Peverell brothers were exceptional wizards-“Albus’ eyes widened. Scorpius and Gwen sat quietly beside her, and Albus across. The room reflected their sombre mood.

“The eldest was a dueller. Strong, skilled and ruthless. He devoted himself to Battle Magicks and his quest for power. He was Antioch Peverell. The second...was a necromancer. Immersed in the cursed dark arts. A rare prodigy...he was a natural. He was Cadmus Peverell. The third brother was compassionate and wise. Devoting his life to uncovering the secrets of magic.  He lived by Ravenclaw’s saying, ‘Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.’  He was Ignotus Peverell. Your ancestor Albus.”She said, looking Albus in the eye. Before anyone could ask questions, she continued.

“After finishing their education, they went travelling around the world. They amassed immense amounts of knowledge. Each brother gaining more command over their respective domain. They met numerous people, trading stories and talents, building a collection of life debts, which of course they took advantage of.

 Those endangering incidents were engineered by them. The people they tricked were fooled into relinquishing their heavily guarded tribal secrets.

But unfortunately, their luck ran out. They were cursed, unknowingly, by a dying woman who caught onto their schemes. Before attaining those three magical objects, that changed their lives, did Ignotus discover the presence of an unknown curse. Horrified, that their brilliant lives could come crashing down upon them, they created a maze.

The maze was created to protect them in their hour of need. It was a magnificent design. Cadmus Peverell took extra time on designing the last frontier. His masterpiece. A Summoner.” They noticed that Arwen’s eyes turned slightly stormy as she talked about the necromancer.

“Ignotus Peverell did not trust the maze to help him, but he helped plan the maze. Antioch put the defence mechanisms and Cadmus-“She let out a condescending snort.”Blood wards, that only his descendants would access. Selfish on his part really. The maze was inspired by the Greek tale of Daedalus and his labyrinth on Crete. After spending time in Greece and gaining some unholy secrets of the magical maze, they were able to recreate a maze of the same concept. It is said to hide treasures and tomes of ancient times. Cadmus was not the only one who was selfish. The other brothers also set up their own hidden level of knowledge; though Cadmus’ was just plain terrifying. They spent a few years, fortifying their maze and sealed it up and put it on stasis. After that, they created a memory spell for their promising heirs and descendants.”She grimaced. “Like the passing on of pureblood family secrets, like you said.”She met Scorpius’ eyes.”Or a family grimoire.”  

“It was their greatest accomplishment...or so they thought. Then arrived the Deathly Hallows. Antioch fell first, as you know. He became careless and confident. His bloodlust knew no bounds, as he decimated challenger upon challenger. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”She chuckled humourlessly. The others were entranced by her tale. It was never heard. They knew after this, she would bind this knowledge and hide it within the dark recesses of their minds, never another soul to tell, other than between them.

“As the story goes, Cadmus’ beloved died prematurely and Ignotus was the last brother to go. The youngest realised that the curse was set. After years of researching, he realised that she called upon magic itself to curse them. Justice, you may say. Antioch took the worst hit, being the leader and planner. Cadmus suffered like the victims he inflicted pain upon. The pain of losing a beloved. Ignotus was cursed for his ignorance, as he let his brothers scheme and take advantage of people. His knowledge of the maze wiped and the pain of losing his brothers. He lived a full life. Yet, he didn’t remember the maze that he and his brothers worked so hard on. Only his famed invisibility cloak and family grimoire was passed on to his heir. The grimoire had no account of the maze and its secrets. Cadmus’ line was the only line which had partial knowledge of the maze. Which birthed the Guardians. “

“Guardians?”Enquired Gwen.

“An old sect or you can say bound servants of the line of Cadmus Peverell.”Albus raised a questioning brow.

“Life debt...Again.”

“My, don’t these people love karma.”Muttered Gwen.

“I guess I now know why Ryan ran away.”Remarked Arwen.

“Why?”Asked Scorpius. But then his eyes widened in realisation.

“The maze is best left alone. The Guardians protect the maze, as one of the entrances is in their ancestral home.”

“Cadmus lacked space?”Gwen guffawed.

 “Nope, he just liked bugging his neighbours.”

“Oooh...Okay! Yeah that makes sense. Lovely chap!”

“Get on with it Arwen!”Albus sighed.

“So, where was I...So yeah, he called in the life debt, created an entrance and sealed the knowledge into a blood based secret. And yes, Caleb Ryan is a direct descendant.”

“He went off to inform them?”Enquired Scorpius.

“Yes. I think it’s going to open again.”She said quietly. Gwen looked alarmed. Scorpius and Albus sat straighter and looked at her seriously.

“Where do you come into this play?”Asked Albus.

“The curse on Cadmus Peverell was that the knowledge that he had sealed would only come forth for a female descendant...Born when the three stars aligned.”  Her eyes widened in realisation.

She knew...She knew...She fucking knew!”Arwen screamed. Her vision turned red. 


“Mallory! Shit! Arwen-“

Aguamenti!”Intoned Albus.

“Calm down Renny.”He said slowly.

“You didn’t have to pour water on me.”She seethed. Gwen muttered a drying spell.

Scorpius rummaged around in his and then pulled out a vial of Calming Draught and handed it to her. She gulped it down and felt the effects instantly.

“My...My mother. Her last words to me were ‘The stars have aligned themselves. Better work harder girl.’ She fumed. “Bloody bitch knew what was happening to me!”

“Arwen, explain.”Demanded Albus. Arwen squared her shoulders, adopted a blank look and started speaking.

“I was born under the influence of three stars that align once in a millennium. Enhancing my, now unlocked, talent of necromancy. As we know, Cadmus prepared an inheritance ritual for worthy descendants, the night-“She paused and took a deep breath.”I was in the Forbidden Forest; the last male descendent visited me. Well, he wasn’t human anymore, of course. Living a half life till he could pass on the knowledge of natural necromancers. He performed the ritual, the resurrection was nearby. It felt my presence and...And it melded with my core. Shattering my bones and weakening me. He locked all information with a superb memory charm that would shatter at a crucial moment. He faded from existence that day. His duty towards his ancestors, over. He said he had seen me when I was born but waited till I was at Hogwarts, to use the castle’s ambient magic for the ritual. Orrin Gaunt. Almost squib, cast out of his family for not being a parselmouth. Came into his partial inheritance that all potential scions of the Peverell line attain...Which I’m sure Tom Riddle got too. ” She guessed.

“So do you think he knows about the maze?”Asked Gwen.

“Yes. From what knowledge I gained yesterday, half of which makes me sick by the way...they found the door but had no key.”

“Bloody hell! You’re the key!”Scorpius’ eyes widened. Albus closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Dad told me there’s some stirring going on within the old crowd.”Albus muttered.

“Death Eater crowd?”Albus nodded.

“You think someone knows and is targeting Arwen?”Asked Scorpius. Albus nodded again.

“Hmm you were right about the family talent it seems.”

“I know.”

“What’s going on?”Asked Gwen nervously. Arwen stared at the patterns on the coffee table.

“I got two mysterious notes. They were threatening my friends. So, yes Albus, someone is after me. Someone knows about the maze. I’ve been dreaming about it.”She gulped nervously. Their eyes widened.

“We need to do something about this. We have to go to Gringotts to get an Abilities test for you.”Said Albus. “With necromancy as an ability...You’ll be hunted.” Everyone looked grim.

“We need more answers.”Stated Scorpius. The others nodded.

“I don’t think I can take this anymore. I need air.”Gwen stated.

“I think we all need some air before we can discuss this further. I’ll weave the secrecy spell.”Arwen proclaimed. They shrugged, knowing she would have done that.

After she finished her spell, they all got up and left the room in silence. Their minds overloaded with information and a sense of dread creeping in on them.


SO there it is.

P.S.Wikipedia had a timeline for the three brothers and used it for the story. All grammar errors will be checked when I get the time, been busy with college and stuff. Please leave a review to tell me what you think about this chapter.

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