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Frozen Hearts by Grumblebump
Chapter 1 : Surprise
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The air exploded in a puff of fluffy, white flakes as the young child was hit on the back with a large snowball.

'You'll pay dearly for that one!' he yelled excitedly, kneeling down to scoop up an handful of snow.

The younger boy launched the snowball into the air, aiming straight for the attacker's face. Backing away quickly, the older boy whipped out a slender wand from under his robes. 'Stupefy!' he yelled, pointing the wand at the incoming snowball.

The ball stopped in mid-air, hovering between the two boys. Suddenly, it pitched backwards hitting the younger boy in the chest and sending him flying to the ground.

'That's cheating!' the younger boy yelled, rising and stomping his foot indignantly.

'No, it's magic.' the older boy clarified.

'But you can stun and I can't!' the younger child whined, beating the air with his fists.

The older boy simply winked, pocketing his wand. He walked back across the beaten path, trotting up the stairs into the mansion looming overhead.


The boy's grey eyes narrowed as he watched the scene from his bedroom window. He saw the older boy freeze the snowball in midair, and send it hurtling back towards his younger brother as he strode off. The appearance of the two could only mean one thing. His cousins were home.

His gaze shifted upwards to the grey, cloudy sky. He glared, his gaze cold as steel. His family was always a bore, save his cousin, Nigel. The two had much in common, more than the boy would have liked to admit. The two were in almost constant competition, and he figured this visit would be no different.

The boy continued to stare out the window, listening to the clunk of footsteps approaching his door. He turned around, waiting for a knock on the heavy wooden portal, but glared as his father simply strode in and grabbed him by the sleeve.

'Come, Draco. We have company.'


Lucius Malfoy guided his son down the long, wooden steps, instructing him on what to do when they arrived in the Greeting Hall. Turning the corner of the elegant hallway, he again urged Draco forward.

'...and when I tell them, you will be silent. Being loud and obnoxious will give them all the upper hand, Draco.' he rambled, his cold eyes staring straight ahead.

'Tell them what?' asked Draco angrily, quickly becoming annoyed with his father's elusive manner.

'Quiet, Draco! We're here!' Lucius said harsly, straightening his back, sending his long silver hair into place behind his shoulders.

Lucius opened the door to the Greeting Room. The two entered the familiar chamber, smiling politely at the guests. Sitting on the ancient, and elegant couches were all six members of Draco's family, the one's that were still on good terms at least. Draco's uncle Fredegar sat with his wife and two children, Nigel included. Draco nodded, and Nigel winked back. Next to Nigel sat Draco's Aunt Veronique, with her husband. Veronique had never married, and sat with her nose upturned at the children sitting next to her.

There was a third party, though. A couple that Draco had never seen before sat on two chairs. They both had sleek, brown hair, and sat with an air that Draco could only descern as triumph. They smiled smugly as Draco looked at them.

'Greetings Malfoy's, and our honored guests, the Willtive's' Lucius said, bowing to the couple in the chairs.

A bow? Something important must be coming, thought Draco.

'As you know, our master has returned.' Lucius said, smiling triumphantly. 'This new age for man and beast alike has brought great joy among his Master's minions, and this household is no exception.'

Draco continued to stare at the new couple, watching them smile smugly as Lucius went on.

'A great joy has come with Mr. and Mrs. Willtive.' Lucius continued. "A joy only amplified by my son, Draco.'

Draco whipped his head around to face Lucius, who's pale eyes had taken a seethingly happy glow.

'Draco is to be married.' Lucius said contentedly.

Draco's insides jumped. He felt anger bubble inside him as the room burst into noise and excitement. His cousin leapt up and clapped him on the shoulder, smiling broadly. Draco backed up, still staring at his father.

'The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willtive is just upstairs, and will be arriving down to meet us very soon.' Lucius told them, still giving that sarcastic smile. 'I'm sure you'll all give her a formidalbe welcome, especially you, Draco'

Draco, glared, hating the elusive way in which his father spoke.

'Ah, here she is.' Lucius said calmly, waving a hand towards the door.

Nigel's mouth dropped open as the beautiful creature walked through the doorway. Shifting his glance to the back of the room, Draco saw what Nigel was gawking at, and if he hadn't been so furious, he would have gawked too.

His bride-to-be stood, elegant and fair against the back wall. Her long black hair hung, shimmering down her back. Her features were flawless, as if a permanent beauty charm had been cast upon them. Her eyes, however, were cold and mean. Their dark emerald hue shone ominously, matching Draco's gaze with equal intimidation, possibly more.

'Draco, meet Marissa,' Lucius said, smiling darkly once again. 'Your fiancée.'

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Frozen Hearts: Surprise


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