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Radio War by s2rocks
Chapter 1 : I, Ciara Jordan
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A/n: This story is inspired from a fanfic called Love and War by JordanQ which is now removed from this site. I loved the concept of the story and when she said that she didn't want to continue I asked her to let me try. 

So here is the story with some changes and differences but I didn't change the name of main character, I really liked it.

So, here it comes...


Chapter 1:  I, Ciara Jordan


wonderful image by contour@tda


"Good morning, all you crazy Wizards. It's Monday, August thirty-first, eight o'clock on the dot. You're listening to the Witching hour, straight from Hogsmeade, Great Britain. I'm Ciara Jordan. Sitting beside me on this fine morning is my gorgeous co-host Shawn Holmes."

I boom out loud on the microphone, wishing the whole Wizarding World a very good morning, when all I really want to do is collapse on my welcoming bed.

I really need some sleep. I am not a vampire. I had only three hours of sleep last night, for Merlin's sake!


"Really, Ciara, gorgeous? I don't think any guy will appreciate the compliment," Shawn says, looking crest fallen, as if he is hurt by my words, my compliments.

Yeah, hurt *snort*.


Oh, please! He is the creepiest guy I have ever met.


What! I am not being rude, he is. Trust me!


"Oh! Don't feel bad, Shawn. Okay, my dashing co-host Holmes," I correct myself, giving a small chuckle and teasing him more. This is what I do; I deprive myself from my sleep and work my arse off.


But firstly, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ciara Jordan, the only daughter of Lee Jordan and Alicia Spinnet.


Their love story was simple.


It’s really cliché.

Best friends who became lovers.


Told you! it’s cliché.


My mum and dad were in the same friend circle at the school (the big almighty Hogwarts), best friends with the Weasley twins and they both love Quidditch.


See, my dad has two left feet and mum’s a superb flier, but my dad was the World Cup’s commentator a few years back, so that made up for it. Also, the Order of Merlin: the Third Class, which was rewarded to my father (that’s huge * big proud grin*) as he had started the Potterwatch, for the awareness about the war status and also due to Potterwatch, a lot of people got the news about the Second Battle—the one where the chosen one killed the frozen one.


Voldemort, Tom Riddle, Voldymorty, You-know-who or my favorite – Noseless or Nosey.

I called him the frozen one as he thought he had attained the immortality.

Stupid git.

He forgot Harry Potter existed.

Well, it’s a rule—never underestimate your enemy.


If you do that, and you will become like Voldemort. I mean, you will end like him.


Forget about him. Let’s focus on my parents now.

Where was I…?

Oh! Yeah.

Dad used to have a big crush on Angelina Johnson, who married my favorite twin (George), let’s not tell that to everyone, whose best friend was my mum. My mum was closer to Fred and George Weasley than my dad as they were on same team. Hell, she even knew Oliver Wood better than my dad.

But, the War changed everything.


My mum and dad lost their close friend, Fred Weasley, Merlin bless his soul. and They were there to support the Weasley’s, especially George, and spent a lot time together and gradually became close. My dad popped the question, you know the Big Question, after dating each other for two years and they got married.


After a few years—okay the exact number is six—BAM, I popped out.


There is a big but.

There were a few complications. Actually, my mum had a miscarriage three years before I was born, and my dad was frightened beyond anything. He didn’t want to take any chance and they stopped trying for a baby.

But see, my luck, my mum wanted me and was willing to try again. It took a lot of persuasion from mum as my father, the one who didn’t want me at that time (*growl*) denied many times but he reluctantly agreed to give another shot after my mum's whining (she is quite stubborn and very persuasive) and then, I came along.


Let’s not talk about the persuasion thing, I feel like I am going to throw up.

What! They are my parents; you don’t know I have gone through since my childhood, it’s terrible. Let’s just say, my parents are very affectionate. There, I said it.


Let’s come back to the topic. Me.


I am the only Jordan child and you could say, I am both the good and the bad one.

It’s been a year since I have graduated from Hogwarts and have been working my arse off since my fifth year to save money for my internship. I am training to become a healer and the two fucking years of training (it’s three but I was trained under Madam Pomfrey in my seventh year, which got me entry into second year instead) required quite a steep fee, which I didn't want my parents to pay. They had money but I didn’t want to be a rich daddy’s little girl.


So, here I am, depriving myself from some much-needed sleep and joking around at this early hour on a morning radio show. It's my part time job and even though I hate the timing, but I loved just working here.

But Today though, I just wanted to go to bed and have some peaceful, alone and long sleep. I don’t get any one of the above favorable conditions anyway though.

I’m not joking, I am damn serious.


"Well guys, let's start with some news which I know you are all waiting for! I guess, like always, we are going to start with my favourite topic – Quidditch matches," I announce with more enthusiasm as my favorite part of the show starts.

Quidditch, by Merlin's grace, is a gift to us wizards and witches from the heaven. Unlike my dad, who didn't play when he was at Hogwarts, I played as chaser from my fifth year onwards on Gryffindor team, that was my house of course. Not being too immodest, I have a vast knowledge of the game. I was, after all, the commentator in third and fourth year

(Professor Longbottom is better than Headmistress McGonagall as he ignores some sarcastic comments from time to time)

I know what most would be thinking, why the hell am I not working for the Department of Magical games and Sports, at the Ministry of Magic?

That was my first plan or maybe, I could have followed in dad’s step.

But I didn’t.


I followed my way.


Well, the truth is, I wanted to become a healer after my fourth year, which changed my view of thinking. It was the year my best friend, Lily, got injured in the Quidditch final, Gryffindor versus Slytherin. It was a tough game and my-ever-so-never-giving-up-best-friend received some broken ribs and bones and a horrifying head injury and was taken to Madam Pomfrey. She was made to stay in the Hospital Wing for an entire week, and I was always visiting. I watched how Madam Pomfrey healed everyone and was fascinated by the way she worked; okay, not a bad word to say about Pomfrey, she’s great and I decided then and there that I wanted to save and heal people.

So, I started collecting from then on, which leads me to my morning show.


"Well Shawn, I heard the Harpies kicked the Chudley Cannons’ arses by 350-40. No surprise that the star of the game, Mary Jones, scored eighty goals, maintaining the legacy of the Jones' family."

Chudley Cannons are the jokers, I mean who likes them?


Except Ron Weasley.


"Yeah, I saw the match and let me tell you, that girl plays an awesome game, what with her being totally hot and the number three contender in the top five most sexiest girl of the Wizarding world in my opinion," he is almost drooling imagining her and from the look on his face, I can tell what he is thinking about and it’s irking me.



"Yeah, that girl certainly has potential and will keep rising. Moving on, Pride of Portree is going to clash with Appleby Arrows next week and this game will decide who is going to be in third position of the 215th British-Irish Quidditch cup, which I tell you is already won by the one and only Puddlemere United." I grin as I say the name of my favorite team.


"You’re right, Ciara. Puddlemere United has already won the cup for the second year and the credit has to go to its outstanding team," Holmes says fawningly and with excitement in his eyes. I know he has become a big fan of them since they started winning *insert a growl*.

Hell, I have been supporting them since I was three, what with it being my dad's favorite team.

"Well, when you have got Wood as keeper and Potter as chaser, they just become unstoppable. Damien Wood blocked fifty goals in the final and only missed six, beating the hell out of the Wasps. That boy is going down the same road as his father, who you all know is now the head coach of the team and the co-owner," I tell the listeners about the Wood family and my favorite Wood.

I know them pretty well too. I will talk about that later.

"And you can't forget the big hotshot and the best looking player himself, James Potter. Mr. Potter has been playing for the team for almost four years now and since then, the team has been scoring more in each game. He is like a tornado that breaks through every team's defenses and scores without a fail. He is the best chaser the team has had since Waddock."  Shawn said.

This is true, he is a great player. I had watched him in school and he was quite amazing. I was given his spot when he graduated and I lost my chance of being the captain as I was the Head girl, the happiest moment of my mum's life and the most horrifying moment of my dad’s.

His exact words were 'you didn’t get enough detentions' for which he was scolded like hell from my mum.

Also, I had a pro-like playing best friend, Lily Potter, with me.

So, I never had a chance.

"Well, you are in luck Shawn because tomorrow, we are going to share this show with none other than James Potter. So, guys, make sure to tune in at the same time tomorrow to find out all about James Potter and his private life. You are all invited to call in to ask him a question, and he will be answering the first ten callers. Now, it's time for some music. But first, here comes the famous song from the muggle singer Taylor Swift, whose music has become quite famous in the Wizarding world and I am not going to comment on her as she has got quite the witch-following. This is ‘22’ from her album Red." I close the Quidditch section with the song and work for four more hours to complete my shift, two on air and two for tomorrow’s preparation.


I gather my bag from the studio fast and literally yell to Anna, the manager's secretary about tomorrow's show before rushing from the office in an attempt to escape him today.


"Hey, Ciara!" I hear Shawn calling me from behind. I groan. Every day he asks me out, and I have to turn him down every time.


You may ask what the problem is.

The big problem is that he just doesn't get the hint that I am not fucking interested in him. I don't want to scare him off by yelling otherwise I will become the scary psycho in the office.

The She-devil.

Moreover, the name is Kee-ara, not See-ara.

My mum loved the name Ciara called as Kee-ara, as it was of Irish origin and my mum absolutely loved Irish things.

Sometimes, I wonder why she didn’t marry an Irish.

There was Seamus Finnegan, after all!

But then if she did, I wouldn’t exist.

"I was thinking maybe…" I cut him off even before he completes his sentence.


Can’t say no. I don't want to hurt hsi feelings.


"Sorry, Holmes I am going to be late. I've got to go, see you tomorrow." I wave him off and leave him standing there.

I look at my watch and realize I actually am going to be five minutes late, so I increase my pace as I walk to the Three Broomsticks to meet Lily.

I wave at Rosaria, the new owner of the pub and she says to wait for five minute for my order and I move to my regular table; as usual my best friend is late.

She’s always been late since she moved out of the apartment which she and I used to share. But now, I pay for it alone.


Hmm... I have to look for a new roommate.


"Sorry, I'm late. It's all Lorcan's fault," she is panting as if she ran here – which she may have – and once she’s breathing properly again, she gives me her big grin and slides into the chair beside me, flipping her hair back.

Lily Luna Potter is my best friend. She’s the only daughter of the famous Chosen one, Harry Potter and Harpy Queen, Ginny Potter neé Weasley. We have been friends from our first year when we met each other on the train when Louis recognized me.

I know what you are thinking; I became familiar with her family early on.


Well no, I didn't.


I am an only child and my mum’s parents died when she was small and well, my dad had only my grandparents who passed away when I was sixteen. So it’s been just us three and from childhood I have been nervous with crowds.

Her big family, the Wotters, scared me off by its size and I was never able to meet her whole family until my fourth year.

Hell I've never even met her elder brother James officially yet.

He was a seventh year, when I was in the fourth year he was doing his NEWTs and being a no-one at that time didn't give me much attention.

Well you could say that I was shy at that time.

My dad used to tell me that they were a crazy bunch but when I finally went to the Weasleys’ annual family get together at the start of my fifth year, I came to know that they were indeed crazy but I love them.

It took me two Weasley dinners to get me out of my shyness.

Lily is currently dating Lorcan Scamander, the calmer one of the twin, who is the best friend of her brother Al, Albus Potter, and she has recently moved in with him, leaving me all alone.

But I can’t stop myself from laughing when I remember what that decision led to.

Let me tell you, it was one of the most hilarious moments of my life when Lorcan asked Harry if his daughter could move in with him. Harry scared the shit out of him by his I-killed-Voldermort glare but his princess' puppy dog eyes made him agree.

"It's always his fault, when I know you are the one who is always ready for a quickie," I tease her, smirking when she blushes.

"Well, when you have a hot boyfriend you just can't get enough, so what can I say," she reply with a sly grin, blushing a deep red. Classic Weasley genes, making me laugh at her tomato red cheeks.

"Hot, I could pay galleons if you say that infront of dear Albus or maybe better, Harry?" I wink at her and she slaps me on the arm and I wince. Damn it, the former Quidditch player.

Finally, our order arrives and we begin to eat.

"I heard you are hosting the show tomorrow when my prat of a brother is on," she asks looking at me with her wide eyes alight with curiosity.

The gossip queen.

"Yes, I'm so excited. I thought I wasn't going to get it but I did. So, tomorrow, I will be interviewing the famous James bloody Potter," I tell her, finishing my mouthful of food to do a happy dance in my seat. This is a big opportunity for our show and for Amy.
Interviewing James Potter is big.

"Good luck. I knew you would get it, you are good. I just hope my brother comes on time, I haven't seen him for two whole months and mum is worried about him," she says with sadness showing on her face and then grins “I hop she sends him a howler.” And that made me crack up too. Ginny Potter’s howler is even worse than Molly Weasley’s.


It’s from personal experience. Believe me.

Let’s just say we hexed Mrs Norris so that her colour changed every time she hissed (as she did that a lot) and when we got detention in Filch’s office, we kind of exploded it.

We means Lily, Louis and I.

Terrible aftermath, I tell you. Even, if everyone applauded for us for hexing Mrs Norris II.


"Tell Ginny not to worry about him, I will convey your message if you want to and tell your brother to come tomorrow on time. Otherwise, I am going to kick his hot ass in front of the whole Wizarding world," I am serious when I say this. I don't want anything to destroy my perfect tomorrow and if he does...

"Hot urgh," she wrinkles her face and I chuckle. This is our usual lunch spot.

We talk about her work; she works for the Daily Prophet in the Quidditch department under her mother.


Soon, I apparate home and change into my comfortable black jeans and a cream colored shirt before pulling on my healer robe and stare at my image in the mirror.

I’ve pulled my slightly ruffled hair into a ponytail. I have dark brown hair with tints of red, which I inherited from my grandma – not like Lily whose hair is just like her mothers' auburn – with my big sea green eyes. I’m 5'7'', with my father's genes as mum is only 5’3, and tan skin, a few shades lighter than my mother and I am slightly curvier than her but I don't look much better with it. Any fashion sense I have is down to Lily and Dom, her cousin, who is a famous fashion designer and loves me like a sister. She is the big sister I always wanted.

Many times Louis said that she loved me more than him and sometimes I think it’s true too but then again he is her brother.

  don’t look like a Jordan much as I only inherited height genes but I am and a proud one too.


I am just waiting for the next month when my late night shift of training will be going to end so I will get my good sleep and normal life back.

Now, let’s talk about the reason I am working so hard.

Charles Bonham is the best healer in St. Mungos. He is the great grandson of Mungo, who established the hospital and he is also technically the owner of all the branches. I am lucky enough to be an intern working under him. It took all O's in my NEWTs and one year training from Madam Pomfrey in Hogwarts to get me this position. He hasn't trained anyone for thirty-five years and the one he had trained was now the head healer in France. He is strict (initially) but the man knows his work. It takes a lot to work under him but in the end I get to work under the best.

I am learning about muggle technology now. Charlie is trying to teach me all about muggle treatments and I have read so many books about the muggle surgeons and doctors that I am kind of fascinated by their ways. It’s just amazing how muggles work without magic and potions. Charlie wants me to know about muggle medicines, he thinks that proper healing training should have a muggle medicine course too but the authorities had ignored his request as they think that muggle technology is not so good.


Pureblood-y idiots.


I had requested for an afternoon shift due to airing of the show tomorrow morning and my luck was with me as Charlie is going to be away tomorrow. So I was given the choice to choose any shift and I chose the evening one.

That’s why I am able to climb into my bed at eleven o'clock tonight and pray to god that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.


But I guess luck isn’t with me.



A/n: what do you think? Is the story any good.

(Edited by MadiMalfoy and mammateej. Thanks a lot guys. You're the best!)

Tell me your views, I will appreciate the reviews and will motivate me to progress on. Feel free to ask anything you want.

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