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Sins of the Father by APerkins
Chapter 1 : Sins of the Father
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Avery snickered as he and Mulciber swaggered over to the round-faced Hufflepuff, sitting alone with his toad on the long side of the courtyard.

“Didn’t you get the memo, mudblood? Filthy first-years like you don’t belong here,” Avery smiled maliciously as the boy stood up abruptly and made to leave, clutching the toad to his chest.

“Don’t you walk off when we are talking to you!” Mulciber yelled as he grabbed the boy’s robes and thrust him back down on the bench, pointing his wand straight into the boy’s face.

“You were warned last time, you snivelling wart." Avery's voice was like ice. "But did you listen? No. I think it’s time we taught you a more… lasting lesson, don’t you think so Mulciber?”

Mulciber sniggered, and Avery continued. “I think maybe we might need to see to your toad here, so that we make sure you never make the same mistake again.” Avery shook his head in mock-disappointment. “I really thought you would have learned.”

“D-don’t h-hurt him!” The boy squeaked out, eyes wide with fear, clutching the toad to his chest. The sight of the fear in the boy’s eyes gave Avery a surging feeling of power.

“DROP IT!” he commanded, feeling a thrill as the quivering, snivelling blonde boy stood shaking, too scared to let go of his toad. But that was alright, Avery knew exactly what it took to force someone past their fear.  You just had to give them something worse to fear. Avery had learnt that the hard way.  He raised his wand so it was pointing at the boy’s face, right between his eyes. He kept his voice low, and quiet.

“I…Said… Drop… It.” There was no-one around, most people were still in the Great Hall for dinner, not that it mattered. People had learned to stay out of his way. Not just his, their way.  He, Mulciber, Rosier, Wilkes, Lestrange, even Snape.  The other students knew there was something different about them, something dangerous, something powerful. They just didn’t realise how powerful, or what their full destiny was. That was a mistake.

The blonde first year finally seemed to unlock his trembling legs. He started breathing quickly, jerking breaths that seemed to rip from his throat as he kept his pleading, fearful eyes on Avery.

Mulciber kept his want pointing towards the stout Hufflepuff boy gave a harsh laugh. “I don’t think you’ll be sitting where you aren’t wanted again, blubber-face.”

Avery grinned, wand still pointing at the toad. “See this toad of yours? You wouldn’t want to lose it would you? You wouldn’t want me to hurt it, would you?” This was good. His father had used this curse often enough on Avery; training, he had called it. But this would be the first time Avery had used it himself. This would be the first time Avery would be on the training end, rather than the receiving end. His father had made it clear how the Dark Lord used certain spells to train, control and gain power. Ultimately, the Dark Lord would have more power than any wizard ever before, or that any would to come. Avery needed to train, to learn, so that when the time came, he would be there, right beside the Dark Lord.  The time was coming when pure-blood wizards would take their rightful position of power.

The toad sat blinking up at him, puffing out its gullet at him. The Hufflepuff boy just stood trembling and shaking, Mulciber’s wand aimed at his face and preventing him from moving. Avery could see the tension in the boy as he waited, and he relished it, prolonging the feeling of pure power. Then without any warning, he lifted his wand slightly, and brought it straight down to point directly at the toad

“Crucio!” Avery yelled, and trembled with the ecstasy he felt flowing through him. The toad swelled, stiffening its legs and quivering, as it bellowed with an unnaturally high croak. The Hufflepuff boy actually screamed in horror, too shocked to move. Whatever he had been expecting Avery to do, it was not this.

Mulciber shouted “langlock!” and the boys mouth snapped shut, eyes bulging and tears starting to stream down his face as he stood by and watched helpless, as his toad was tortured in front of him.

 This is it, Avery thought. This is why Father has shown me this spell so often. This is why the Dark Lord will take over the ministry.

The Dark Lord; the Death Eaters and Avery's father had all realised the amount of power contained in that one spell. They understood the feeling of control.

Now, Avery knew too. He had taken the first step. He was destined to become a Death Eater. He had been trained well.

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Sins of the Father: Sins of the Father


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