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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 15 : Missing
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Hermione’s head hurt more than being knocked off a broom twenty feet up. Putting her small pale hand up to her hairline, she felt sticky warm blood. Groaning she struggled to open her eyes, she could barely see anything.

Near the edge of her vision, she could just vaguely see the outline of a wall, moving her hand to her pocket she found that her wand was gone. Looking down at her legs, she could see blood coming from a number of differecent lacerations, the pain was immense. As she shakily tried to stand, she fell with a scream- her leg was broken and without her wand there was not much she could do about it. Dragging herself across the floor, she made her way towards the distant light coming from the left side of the room. After an agonizing twenty minutes Hermione got herself to the doorway, it was metal and had bars, through this she could see a historic looking stone hallway, leading to a set of marble stairs. The only light was coming from an orb about halfway up the wall. A sound caused Hermione to drag herself nearer to the wall, away from the field of vision of anyone at the door. Ominous footsteps began to sound down the stairwell...




“What do you mean, they?!” Neville yelled at Draco


“It must be my uncle and his friends.” Draco replied, finally showing some emotion, his face drawn with pain.


“What do you know Malfoy?” Neville asked, teeth clenched.


“Not much, almost nothing really. My mother let me know of some correspondence she had heard from some of our relatives still wearing their dark marks. They spoke of a possible kidnapping of someone close to the order”.


“Any specifics? Anything at all?” Neville questioned earnestly “Think man, think!”


“Give me a minute damn it” Draco snarled


“We don't have a damn minute! For merlins sake, this is Hermione!” Neville shouted back.


“I'm well aware, she's my wife Longbottom!” Draco sighed, head in his hands. Rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand, Draco suddely sat up straight. “Hold on a mo, I remember something.... An old prison not too far from my uncle's old castle..”


Draco shot out of his seat and strode out the door, Neville following closely behind. Neville walked into Draco's office to see him rifling through one of the large black filing cabinets. “I know that we had a vial with a memory of an important interview that led Rapalphous to not be imprisoned... I think the prison might be mentioned in it!”


Draco pulled the vial out of the cabinet and motioning to Neville, walked over the pensive. Draining the vial into it, Draco and Neville were sucked in after it.




Inside a small concrete room Radalphous Lestrange sat across a large metal table from a ministry official. After a period of general questioning the official asked “In our records we have you owning more than your family estate, it says here that you own a prison?”


“Yes” Lestrange answered cooly, “what of it?”


“We have records that some dark events have happened at this prison, care to elaborate?”


“No, not really.”


“Well if you don't want to talk... We have a beautiful cell in Askaban for you, ready right now!”


“Don't be so hasty... The dark lord used it for the keeping of certain high risk visitors during the wars, don't send me to Askaban! I have so much more information, so much more!”


“Where is the prison, Lestrange?”


“Near our estate, five miles North to be exact.”




Draco and Neville came back to reality with the slight grogginess that going into someone else's memory gives you.


“So do you think you could find it?!” Neville asked excitedly.


“I believe so, let's get some backup and go!” Draco replied


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