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The Beginning by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 9 : Staircases
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A huge thanks to my reviewers for the last chapter:

Harmonia, Keeling, Kristalee,  Starkidgleek, DracoM4eva, KxxDxx, J E P Andela, Izzy from Claudiaandizzy, maraduerlover11, and my ever-so-faithful reviewers: Harmonia and We Are Padfoot and Prongs. You guys are all amazing.


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the wonderful characters from Harry Potter (though, I wish I did :P). They all belong to the wonderful mind of JK Rowling, without whom we wouldn't be on this website. I'm merely a bored person writing a story using her characters.


Harry laughed after a few seconds, along with a few scattered laughs around the hall. He immediately looked frantic and looked at Percy.

“He’s joking, right?” he asked, sounding scared.

“He wouldn’t joke about something like that. Though it’s odd to tell us exactly why we can’t go somewhere,” he sat up a little straighter and the corner of his mouth twitched upwards. “He’ll probably tell us prefects later.”

“Will you tell me if he does?” I whispered to Percy who looked at me and smiled.

“We’ll see,” he said and turned back to the front, where I realized Dumbledore was speaking again.

“Now, before we make our way out of the Great Hall, it’s time to sing the school song!” he exclaimed, looking delighted. “Choose your favorite song and off we go!” Dumbledore said, raising his wand as if he were conducting an orchestra and the wand was his baton.

He began waving his wand and his hands, his eyes closed. He smiled as the whole student body sang along, though it was merely gibberish because everyone was singing at different times.

I sang along to the tune of “Greensleeves”, grateful for having read and memorized the song from Hogwarts, a History. I finished a few moments before Fred and George, who were singing to a rather slow funeral march.

“Ah, music,” Dumbledore said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here! And now, bedtime. Off you trot!” **

Everyone stood up and Percy raised his hand, “First years, follow me!” he shouted and we all huddled behind him.

He led us out of the Great Hall and up a large marble staircase. My mind began racing as I looked around the castle, soaking it all in. Though I’d read about the castle’s history, seeing it in person was something different entirely.

I knew there were one hundred and forty-two stair cases in the castle, but glancing up and seeing several above me, all moving and clicking into place, really put into perspective how many that was.

Percy led us up staircases and through corridors lined with moving picture after moving picture. It was strange to see so many photographs and paintings move as if watching dully-lit televisions.

We continued to climb higher and higher and I knew exactly where we were going because I’d done my reading. I knew we were headed up into one of the towers.

Suddenly, we stopped and I looked above us to see a large bundle of what appeared to be walking sticks floating a couple feet above the group and nearly directly over Percy.

“Peeves, you show yourself this instant,” Percy said before turning to the students. “He’s the school’s poltergeist… lucky us.”

There was a loud, wailing noise, though no one had appeared.

“Don’t make me go tell the Bloody Baron, Peeves,” Percy said in a steady tone.

A loud popping noise echoed in the corridor and at the same time, a tiny man appeared, floating cross-legged, holding the walking sticks to his chest.

“You’d better go now, or I’ll tell the Bloody Baron, I mean it,” Percy said, more forceful this time.

Peeve’s eyes narrowed and he stuck out his tongue before disappearing and dropping the sticks where they landed with a thud on Neville Longbottom’s head.

I ran over to Neville and asked if he was okay and he nodded a little before wincing. I grabbed his arm and helped lead him after the rest of the group.

We walked to the end of the corridor and there was a large portrait of a very big woman, wearing a pink dress. She looked at us and smiled.

“Password?” she asked.

“Caput Draconis,” Percy said and she swung forward, revealing a round tunnel behind the portrait. We all made our way through it, though I had to help Neville up. The tunnel led to the Gryffindor common room.

Large, comfy looking armchairs took up just about every inch of the room. There were a few tables with lamps on them, and a large fireplace with a huge fire roaring in its center.

“Girls, your dormitory is on the left, follow the stairs to the very top, that’s where first years dorms are. Boys, same but to your right,” Percy said and the other girls and myself hesitantly made our way to the staircase on the left, making our way up the stairs.

There were five beds in the round dormitory, each an equal distance apart, the headboards each towards the wall of the dormitory. Our trunks were at the foot of our beds, mine was the first bed to the left of the door.

The beds were four poster beds with deep scarlet curtains that you could pull closed to conceal your bed from the rest of the room.

I glanced around and noticed that there was another door next to the one that led to the stairs, which I opened and found to be the bathroom.

There were three sinks and mirrors against one wall with two small shelves for toiletries next to each of them. As I got closer to the sink, I saw that each one had two mugs on it and that five bore the names of the girls in the dormitory, mine resting on the left side of the middle sink next to Lavender’s.

 Against the opposite wall were three bathroom stalls with scarlet curtains and a gold stripe going down the left side of the curtain, the Gryffindor colors.

On the wall furthest from the door were two shower stalls with towel hooks in between, gold curtains covered them, with a scarlet stripe running along the bottom.

I made my way back into the dormitory and introduced myself to the other girls in the room, Lavender Brown was the bed to the right of mine, Rachel Kohl next to her, Samantha Acton next to her, whom I learned was Rachel’s best friend from before Hogwarts, and Parvati Patil, whose twin sister had been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Rachel and Samantha sat on Rachel’s bed and immediately began chatting and giggling and Lavender began shyly talking to Parvati, the two of them instantly clicking.

I made my way to my bed, which was covered in a deep scarlet comforter with gold trim around the edges, and pulled out my Transfiguration book, hoping to start memorizing everything. Before I knew it, however, the food settled in and my eyelids grew heavy.

I slid off the bed and opened my trunk, grabbing my pajamas from the top, as well as my toiletry bag, before making my way to the bathroom.

I used the restroom before quickly changing into my pajamas and then making my way to the sink to brush my teeth, setting my clothes and toiletry bag on one of the shelves.

A few seconds later, Lavender brown came in, holding her toiletries as well, beaming at me.

“Isn’t this exciting??” she said, bouncing up and down.

“S-sure, I mean, I didn’t expect any of it…” I said, suddenly unable to stop myself. “I’m muggle-born, so getting my letter was a total shock. I’ve done all the reading ahead of time because I wanted to make sure I’d at least have some idea what was going on when I got here, but I’m nervous that I’ll completely fail, or that something won’t go right.”

“You’ll be fine, I’m sure,” she said, smiling at me. “Everyone gets nervous about things going wrong, but since you’ve read some of the stuff already, you’ll probably be ahead of most of us.”

“You think so?” I asked, suddenly hopeful.

She nodded and I couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, I’m off to bed. See you in the morning?” I asked and she beamed.

“Yes, you will!” she said and hugged me.

I gave her a quick smile and grabbed my stuff from the shelf, making my way from the room. I shoved my stuff into my trunk and closed it before climbing onto my bed. I pulled my curtains shut and climbed under the covers.

It had been a long, eventful day, but I couldn’t be happier with all that had happened. I smiled to myself and made a mental note to write my parents the next day; I would go talk to McGonagall about using a school owl to send it.

Here I was, at a school for witches and wizards, about to start studying magic. I’d made the house I really wanted to make, and finally found a place that I felt at home in. Within minutes, I was sound asleep.

A/N: ** Sorcerer's Stone, Page 128 (Author- J.K. Rowling)

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed it! Please please please leave a review so I know where I can improve and how everyone is enjoying it so far. :) 


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