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An Anniversary by annie snape
Chapter 1 : Anniversary
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 It had been twenty-five years since the Battle of Hogwarts, since the fall of Voldemort, since the lives of those certain witches and wizards had taken a turn for normal. Twenty-five years had passed, twenty-five years of happiness.






 The year 2023 was special for the certain Weasley family too. In May 2023, there had been a grand event at Hogwarts celebrating the Silver Jubilee of freedom from the most Evil wizard of the century. Then in July Rose Weasley had come of age and had celebrated her seventeenth birthday – it had been a grand event too. Then at the beginning of August, Rose and Hugo had got their Hogwarts letters along with two special badges. Hugo, who was about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts, got his Gryffindor Prefect badge and Rose, who was about to start her seventh year, had been made the Head Girl of Hogwarts. And now, on twenty-sixth August 2023, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger-Weasley were about to celebrate their twentieth marriage anniversary.






 “Blimey Harry! I didn’t even realize I lived this long with her!” Ron said, grinning, “I mean it’s been twenty-five years since we’re together!”






 “And twenty years since Hermione’s a Weasley!” Harry said smiling, “Congrats on that Ron!”






 “Isn’t anyone gonna wish me?” Hermione said, emerging from the kitchen, “Without me he won’t be celebrating this day, would you Ron?” Hermione placed the tea on the table, “You didn’t bring Ginny along?” she asked Harry.






 “She’s gone to the Burrow,” Harry replied, picking up his cup of tea.






 “Mum! Hugo and I are going to the Burrow,” Rose declared as she and Hugo descended down the stairs, “Uncle Harry, Al, Jamie and Lil are there too, aren’t they?”






 “Yeah, they are,” Harry said smiling at Rose, “maybe you’ll meet Ginny there too, if she hasn’t left for Mungo’s yet.”






 “Rosy, wait a moment,” Hermione said, hurrying into her room. She came back with a box, “Molly wanted this, give it to her,” she said giving the box to Rose. “Anything for Grandpa?” Hugo asked. “No, now get going,” Hermione sat down across Harry, sipping on her tea.






 Rose and Hugo disappeared one-by-one into the floo.






 “Well I must leave too, you’re on a leave, I’m not,” Harry grabbed his bag, hugged Ron and Hermione and walked out of their house. Ron heard a pop as Harry disapparated.






 Ron and Hermione had been married five years after the war, and three years later they had their first child – Rose. Hermione had completed her NEWTs after the battle, along with Ginny while Harry and Ron had taken up jobs as Aurors. Ginny went up to become a healer while Hermione got a job at Ministry in Magical Law Enforcement. Harry and Ginny had been married one year prior to Ron and Hermione and lived at number twelve Grimmauld Place while Ron had bought a house in London, where he now lived with Hermione and his two children.






 “Mr. Ronald Weasley, did you even remember that it’s our anniversary today before Harry arrived?” Hermione asked once Harry had left. Ron was very forgetful and often forgot birthdays and anniversaries. “Of course I did dear,” he said planting a kiss on Hermione’s cheek, “how couldn’t I?” Hermione only glared at Ron, still sure about her point that Ron had remembered about their anniversary only after Harry’s arrival.






 Sighing, Ron led her to their room and brought out a package from his cupboard and handed it to Hermione. “I couldn’t have bought this gift for you if I had forgotten, could I?” he said, handing her the gift. Hermione’s expressions softened as she looked at the gift and a smile spread on her face as she unwrapped it.






 “Magical Minutes!” she exclaimed as she saw the book by Flora Harper. “You know I had wanted this since it was released two weeks back! Oh Ron, you’re so sweet!” Hermione gave Ron a quick kiss and went back to admiring the book. Ron only looked at her, hinting a smile. He had wanted to buy a necklace for her but it was Rose’s idea to gift her with a book. ‘She’d forgive all your crimes if you give her a book she wants to include in her collection’, Rose had said. Ron was now glad he had listened to his daughter.






 Unlike Ron, Hermione hadn’t taken the day off, but told Ron she would take a half-day and come home soon, as she left for work. Ron spent the free time in sleeping as he had spent last few nights sleepless due to work overload. He didn’t even notice it when Hermione returned later in the afternoon.






 “You didn’t even eat anything?” Hermione demanded while literally feeding Ron a sandwich, “How could you sleep the whole day?”






 “Er-Moi-Nee,” Ron said, his mouth full, “I-os-tirred!”






 “So tired?” Hermione shook her head. “Anyways, Rose and Hugo aren’t back yet, are they?”






 “You can see, they aren’t,” Ron said after he had swallowed the food. “How about we ask them to stay over at Burrow tonight and we go for dinner?” he suggested, his eyes sparkling. “I’m not making my children suffer only so we can enjoy,” Hermione said adamantly. “Darling it’s our anniversary! And our children won’t suffer at my parents’ place!” Ron exclaimed.






 “Yes, but…” Hermione said, sounding unsure.






 “Mum! Dad! We’re back!” Rose and Hugo stepped out of the fireplace. “Both of you enjoyed today?” Rose asked.






 “Yeah we did,” Ron said bitterly, “I slept and your mother worked at the Ministry.”






 “Mum you didn’t take the day off?” Hugo asked, clearly surprised.






 “I came back early,” Hermione tried to defend herself but saw that Ron was angry. “Rose, Hugo, would both of you like to stay over at the Burrow tonight?” Hermione asked.






 Rose and Hugo looked at one another for a few seconds. “Er…” Hugo looked at Rose. “We will, on one condition,” Rose said firmly.






 “Condition?” Ron asked, “Did you forget we are your parents and it is our twentieth anniversary today?”






 “Dad, I was just going to ask you both to come to the Burrow with us to drop us,” Rose shrugged.






 “Grandpa and Grandma want to wish you,” Hugo added seeing the confused looks on his parents’ faces.






 “Alright,” Ron said getting up from the table. “Get ready then.”






 After around half an hour they were ready and this time they apparated to the Burrow. Rose had got her license and Hugo side-along apparated with Hermione. Four of them went inside.






 “Surprise!” they were attacked by around fifty people. Ron and Hermione looked around, bewildered. Rose and Hugo joined the group, grinning. Whole of the Potter-Weasley family was there. Bill, Charlie, Percy, George along with their wives Fleur, Samantha, Joe, Alicia had brought their children along – Victoire, Gabriella, Ben, Andrew, Heather, Mark, Sarah, Georgia, Cedric, Edward, Fred, Remus, Angelina. Harry and Ginny had come along with James, Albus and Lily. Ted Lupin had come with his grandmother. Arthur and Molly Weasley were joined by Rose and Hugo. Hermione’s parents had come too. “Happy twentieth Anniversary!” everyone shouted together.






 After a while, Hermione and Ron overcame their surprise and joined in the party that was meant for them. There were all kinds of sweets, lots of drinks – pumpkin juice and butterbeer being the popular ones. Molly and Ginny along with a bit of help from Fleur had baked a huge cake with bottom layer shaped like Gryffindor lion, middle like rose and top like a heart. Ron and Hermione cut the cake together, and soon after that cheers erupted from whole family.






 No one had come empty handed, and Ron and Hermione got a lot of gifts, most of those being books, flowers and silverware. After around two hours, everyone left one by one and Ron, Hermione, Rose, Hugo, Harry, Ginny, Albus, James, Lily and Arthur and Molly were the only ones left behind. “We hadn’t given our gift,” Molly said handing Ron and Hermione two movie tickets, “Enjoy!”






 “We’ll stay here, don’t worry,” Rose said grinning. Hermione bent down and kissed both of her children and then held Ron’s hand, “Let’s go dear,” she said. Ron thanked everyone once again and then taking Hermione’s hand both of them apparated away.






 “I love you dear,” Hermione said once they reached their destination.






 “Happy anniversary dear,” Ron replied smiling.

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An Anniversary: Anniversary


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