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Changed by True Author
Chapter 1 : Changed
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Ileana Willows opened her bedroom window to let some fresh air in. The sun was vanishing behind the tall, unknown mountains. The sky was full of the shades of twilight, like a beautiful picture brought to life. The green and golden farms of the village were bathed with the golden sunlight while the river flowed silently, carrying thousands of reflections of the reddish sun with her. The air was cool, though summer was approaching.


Ileana tossed her blonde hair back, to let the cool breeze touch her face. She couldn’t absorb every single detail of the scene in front of her with those strands of hair falling on her eyes. The blonde threads she used to be proud of. She used to be very talkative and hated to be alone, but the past few months had taught her to find peace in the silence and loneliness. She was now fond of the nature and the depth of her thoughts instead of the shallow people she used to be fond of. They were nothing to her now. Just faded photographs of forgotten moments.


Ileana couldn’t believe how much a war had changed her. It had changed her world. In Hogwarts, her world was nothing but boys, beauty and fame. She was the prettiest, the hottest, and the best. Every boy in the school longed for her. Every girl looked at her with jealousy. She was the queen of the school. Her perfectly straight blonde locks, her crimson lips, electric blue eyes, perfect figure and style. She was a sensation! Now she was skinny, pale, and grim-faced. Her blonde strands hung lifeless over her shoulders.


The war had changed her. She joined the Order and entered a new world. People’s lives were important. No one’s looks were considered. They just had to fight, to save the love in the world. But one incident had destroyed her.


She could remember the mission she had taken with Alice and Frank… The Death Eaters had attacked and she had managed to hide. But Frank and Alice faced Bellatrix. She knew they did it to save her. The moment she saw Alice and Frank being cruelly tortured while she watched from her hiding place… their screams still echoed through her ears. The tortures had changed her.


She was never the same after she returned to the headquarters. She had cried her heart out. She couldn’t bear it. She had saved herself and had let her friends be tortured. How could she forget the way they grabbed the ground, trying not to scream? The pain in their eyes?


Ileanna took a deep breath and let her tears roll down. The pain was never to be cured. She had left everything behind her and had devoted herself to this meaningless life alone in the Muggle village. She may not be respected as a Muggle teacher, but her soul found peace in the silence. Because the silence punished her for every single moment.


She found peace in punishments too.

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