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Warped by Sgwilliams
Chapter 2 : A Day in The Life (Part II)
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A/N: We’re onto chapter two! A massive thanks to Voldys_Moldy for reviewing Chapter One :D I greatly appreciate the effort.

This chapter’s a little longer than the first, and as such, an even bigger thank-you must go to my Beta ‘appa-appa-away’ for proofreading it all. Hope you enjoy it!

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! Are you hurt?” My father’s dead godfather (Yeah... I’m pretty sure I’m insane) was crouched over me, concern in his eyes.

“I’m fine, I’m fine...” I attempted to assure him, keeping my voice as calm as possible, as if I wasn’t meeting a dead person I’d only ever heard about.

“You don’t look fine,” Sirius muttered.. “What’s your name? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before?”

Pushing past the panic that was overwhelming me, I struggled to find the words to answer his question.

“Errm... my name’s Lil-Luna. Luna,” I replied. Using my middle name was a result of a quick bit of inspiration on my part. I knew I was named after my grandmother, who had gone to school with Sirius. It had suddenly occurred to me that using my first name could potentially be a source of suspicion. Sirius already thought I was crazy after all.

“Your name’s Liluna-Luna?” asked Sirius, looking mildly puzzled.

“Luna. Just Luna. Sorry, guess the Quaffle hit me a little hard,” I answered, a slight blush lighting up my cheeks. “This might sound like a strange question, but...errm... What year is it?”

“1974,” said Sirius, his look of concern growing. He quickly inspected my forehead, probably looking for any permanent damage. “Are you concussed?”

“I’m fine.” I replied, vehemently, trying to ignore the fact that I was somehow on the Hogwarts Express, around 33 years before I was born. “I just... couldn’t remember the year is all.” Just listening to myself, I realized how crazy I must have sounded to him. I attempted to gather myself up and stand straight. A look of panic spread across Sirius’ features.

“You can’t stand up!” He yelped. “You have a concussion!!!”

“I’m FINE!” I yelled. I began walking down the train corridor, desperately wanting to escape Sirius, his Quaffle, his not-deadness and the constant look of concern for my sanity. Not that I could particularly blame him for such a look, mind. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to take the hint well.

“You’ve clearly got a concussion,” he explained, as he followed me down the train, ignoring the killer look I sent his way.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m fine!” I muttered, before dizzily stumbling into a nearby wall. Admittedly, the Quaffle had hit me pretty hard.

Sirius snorted loudly as he witnessed my disorientation. “You really should sit down for a bit,” he proclaimed, earnestly. “My compartment’s only a little way-aways. Come on!” He gave me a look that told me arguing with him would be futile.

“...I’m on the Hogwarts Express... Thirty years before I was born... A dead man thinks I’m concussed... I’m on the Hogwarts Express...” I repeated under my breath, receiving another concerned look from Sirius, who was standing ahead of me. I was so busy panicking that my brain didn’t even consider who I was likely to meet in Sirius’ compartment.

“Luna! Meet James, Peter and Remus! Hogwarts’ Marauders!” Sirius exclaimed as he flung the door open. A deep sinking seemed to land on my stomach, as I realized that I was in the same room as my grandfather, my dad’s godfather, Teddy’s dad and the reason my dad doesn’t have any parents. And they were all my age. Despite the fact that they should be dead.

I nearly fainted, right then and there.

I had been panicking before, but until this point I had succeeded in maintaining a ‘not entirely mad’ facade. But stepping into this compartment proved too much for me. I manically dashed out of the room, desperately wishing to get out of that hell. I sprinted down the train - ignoring the yell of “YOU HAVE A CONCUSSION!!!” from behind me - before thanking every god I’d ever heard of when I discovered that the location of the toilets hadn’t changed between 1974 and 2022. I burst through the open door into the ladies and pushed past the ginger girl who was washing her hands in the sinks. I flung myself into one of the empty cubicles and immediately vomited into the empty toilet bowl. Twice.

“Errm... Are you alright in there?” a voice from outside my cubicle asked.

The answer was obviously no. I couldn’t even attempt to hide that there was something bothering me. Finally away from Sirius, and his whole not-being-dead thing, I had let my fear and panic envelope me. Tears were streaming down my face, and my voice was hoarse and croaky. “Not really.” I admitted.

I heard a timid knocking against the door, coupled with the girl muttering, “Mind I come in?”

I didn’t have the energy to protest, so I allowed this stranger to enter the dingy cubicle. I had just enough time to acknowledge that this was the ginger girl who’d been washing her hands when I stormed in and broke her peace, before she pulled me into a tight, unquestioning hug. (It occurs to me as I’m writing that this sounds a bit creepy. I promise, it was kind of sweet in real life)

And so I spent the next ten minutes of my life bawling my eyes out in this poor, poor girl’s arms. I don’t know how she managed to put up with it - it mustn’t of been fun for her - but she simply let me, and for that I was grateful.

When the tears eventually slowed, and I was able to allow myself a small amount of composure, I shyly looked up at her. Blood rushing to my cheeks, I weakly managed to get out;

“Errm... Sorry you had to witness that...”

“Don’t be,” she replied bracingly. “Want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”

“Okay,” she said, simply. I sighed in relief; I don’t think my mind would’ve been capable of thinking up a believable story in my current state. “ you want to get out of the cubicle?” she asked, the slightest hint of humour entering her tone. I blushed again, before nodding profusely.

I immediately headed towards the bathroom mirror to clean myself up, taking the opportunity to look at the girl properly. As mentioned, she had vivid, ginger hair - an even more vibrant shade than my Weasley red - and stood a little shorter than me; probably 5’3 or 5’4. Her bare skin was covered in freckles, and eyes that shone out like emeralds from her face. She was dressed simply - a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt, with no makeup in sight. While I tried to make myself resemble a banshee just a little less, she began chatting casually, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just taken place.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around much?” she stated. “What year are you in?”

“Fourth year,” I replied, as I began washing my face in the basin.

“But I’m in fourth year!” she exclaimed in confusion. “Surely we’d have met?!”

“Ah...” I began, praying for my brain to give me an acceptable excuse. “You’d think that... but you see... I’m a... Errm... Exchange student!”

Good job brain. Thank you for working, just this once.

She turned to face me in interest. “An exchange student!? It’s been ages since we’ve had one of them! Where from?”

I was immediately starting to warm to this idea. “America.” I lied, attempting to sound convincing. “My family moved to England at the start of this year.”

The girl’s face lit up in interest. “Really!” she exclaimed, before barraging into more questions. “What’s living in America like? What school did you go to? How come you have a British accent?”

Shoot. In retrospect, I should’ve known that excuse would’ve resulted in more questions.

“Oh y’know... America’s good,” I bumbled. “Very... eh... Large. Lot’s of American’s living there.” The girl was beginning to give me a weird look. Oh, who am I kidding, she’d probably been giving me a weird look the whole time. She found me vomiting and crying in a toilet for pity’s sake!

“And I have a British accent because my family’s British,” I continued, beginning to warm to my cover story. “We moved when I was very young, but I still picked up the accent from them.”

The ginger nodded in interest. I’d finished cleaning myself up, and we were slowly edging towards the bathroom door. Just as we were reaching the exit, she suddenly stopped and faced me.

“Oh! I’m Lily by the way!” The girl thrust her hand towards me. “Sorry, forgot to introduce myself.”

“Your name’s Lily?” I responded in interest. “Cool, that’s my nam-” The sentence stopped dead, as the sudden realization of who this girl was hit me like a ton of bricks. How had I been so oblivious?! “Lily Evans?” I asked, weakly.

“Yeah, How do you know my name?” she asked in confusion, before eying me warily. “Wait! Are you okay?! You look like you’re going to-”

But before she had finished speaking, I threw up for a third time in our toilet cubicle.

“Luna!” Sirius yelled out to me from opposite the girls bathroom, relief evident in his voice. It seemed like he’d been waiting there to check I was okay. “Evans.” He then addressed Lily, a note of distaste evident in his voice.

“Black,” she responded shortly. “What’re you doing here?”

“I was waiting for Luna.” Lily turned towards me, and I shrugged in response to her gaze.

“Whatever. Errm - Luna, it was really nice meeting you, but I actually promised to meet someone. Find me at the carriages! We can ride back together!” I smiled back at her offer, wondering how she could possibly want to spend more time with a girl who’d just vomited three times in front of her. Lily shot Sirius a hard gaze.

“Black, I’ve got my eyes on you. I don’t want to hear about you doing anything I wouldn’t!” she threatened before walking away.

“Yeah, well that doesn’t leave much for me to do, does it, your majesty!” Sirius muttered towards her retreating back. He then turned towards me, adopting a more pleasant expression.

“Eh, sorry about that... Me and Evans don’t really get along,” he admitted. “And also, y’know, sorry about throwing a Quaffle at the back of your head. Suppose I’m not doing the best job at making a decent first impression,” he added, sheepishly.

Despite myself, I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re forgiven.” I smiled at him.

He smiled back. “So...” He began, stretching for a topic. “How come you know Evans?”

“I don’t,” I explained. “We met in the bathrooms, she sort of helped me out a little.”


“Errm...” I felt a blush rising to my cheek. “I was sort of throwing up. I think you might’ve been right when you said concussion.”

The guilt had found it’s way back to Sirius’ face, and I could see him scanning me up and down for more visible damage “I’m really, really sorry. I promise I didn’t mean to hit you, I know I should pay more attention and-”

“Sirius, It’s fine,” I cut off his stream of apologies. “I know you didn’t mean to hit me, and it’s as much my fault as yours. I should’ve been looking in front of me.”

“I still shouldn’t of-” I shot Sirius a look that finally made him change topic of conversation. “Okay, leaving it. So... d’you want to try meeting the Marauders again?”

Quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine a WORSE thing to do, but Sirius was already looking so guilty for, well... assaulting me, I couldn’t help but agree to his request. Besides, in my mind, I could feel a little bit of the panic that had been previously residing within me turning into excitement and interest. After all, it isn’t every day a girl gets to meet her teenage grandparents, right?

And so, not two minutes later, I found myself outside the Marauder’s compartment, meeting the remaining three of them for a second time. The one closest to me - James - had luxuriously stretched himself from his seat to the one opposite. Looking at him was like staring at the face of my dad in his youth. Long, unruly black hair. Large, round glasses. The only visible differences was the lack of the signature scar, and the eyes. Everyone knew that my dad had his mother’s eyes.

Sitting to the left of James, with his back pressed up against the window, was Remus. He gave off an aura of good-humour, though appeared more reserved than either James or Sirius.There were few visual hints to his wolf-like nature, only a tinge of tiredness that seemed to wear his face, suggesting that he had seen far more of the world than any child deserved to.

Opposite Remus sat Peter Pettigrew. A name which I’d only ever heard uttered with disgust, or contempt, didn’t seem to fit the small, mousy boy in front of me. I’d always imagined Wormtail to live up to his nickname, and appear as slippery and treacherous as he was made out to be. What I didn’t expect was a slightly shy-looking teenage male, of perfectly average appearance.

“Padfoot, what’d you do to her?” Remus was looking warily at Sirius, his eyebrows raised.

“What makes you assume I did something to her?” Sirius asked in outrage, at the same time as I replied “Hit me in the head with a Quaffle.”

“Years of experience,” Remus answered, shooting Sirius a wry grin, before facing me. “I’m Remus by the way. In case Padfoot’s already said anything about me, please note that about ninety-eight percent of what he says is bollocks.”

“Point noted,” I responded. “Nice to meet you, I’m Luna.”

James was the next to introduce himself. “Sorry you had to deal with getting assaulted by Pads; there’s a reason we leave the chasing to me. I’m James. Genius, prankster and lover-extraordinaire!” He shook my hand, and grinned at me. I couldn’t help but grin back.

“Not to mention modest,” Remus muttered from besides him.

“I’m Peter!” smiled Pettigrew, finishing off the introductions. He also took my hand. To say that it was disconcerting to realize that I was shaking hands with the man who resurrected Lord Voldemort would be an understatement.

“Okay, glad we’ve all introduced ourselves,” Sirius smiled, pushing me out of the doorway and into a seat between him and Peter.

I was decidedly shocked by how easily I relaxed into talking with the Marauders. They were generally a pretty charismatic bunch. Sirius and James never allowed it to be too quiet for too long and all of them seemed perfectly happy to include me in their conversations. I suspect I’d have even found Peter likeable, if I hadn’t known of what the future would bring for him. Once I sat down, the conversation first turned to me; who I was, what was America like, did I have any family, etc. From this exchange I discovered I was a surprisingly convincing liar, weaving stories about my ‘life in the States’ with ease. I was only tripped up when they asked me which school I went to. The fact that I had no clue about Wizarding America meant that I was had no idea of the names of any schools.

“Ah... see... I was actually homeschooled by my dad,” I fibbed, attempting to sound believable. “He and mum were a bit concerned about what school I would go to, so they decided to keep me and my brothers at home.”

Remus looked at me in surprise. “Funny... I heard that the Exeter School of Magic had a really good reputation.”

I briefly wondered where the hell the Exeter School of Magic was. “Oh, yeah... it was... but it was a fair journey from our home, and mum and dad didn’t want us living so far away from them.”

Remus began to slowly nod in understanding. “Yeah, I suppose Alaska would be a bit of a trek - you lived in one of the southern states?”

“Eh... yeah.” I responded, praying this conversation would end here. It didn’t.

“How’d your dad convince the Ministry to let him homeschool you?” he asked.

“Ah, y’know... Mum and Dad had a fair number of ties in the Department of Education, so they got away with it.”

Thankfully, Remus seemed to find this an appropriate answer, and the conversation moved from there...

“You support the Chudley Cannons?” James yelled at me in shock. “Do you have some kind of extreme case of masochism?”

“Hey! They’re getting better.” I defended. It appeared that even fifty years ago, being a Cannon’s supporter was a rather depressing occupation.

“They just had their worst season in sixteen years!?” James scoffed.

“Well, y’know... they were getting better for the sixteen years before this one! Who do you support then?”

At this James blushed slightly. “Prongsy here supports the Harpies,” Sirius answered for him.

“The Holyhead Harpies?” I clarified, before raising my eyebrows at James. “You know they’re all girls right?”

James’ blush deepened. I couldn’t particularly blame him. Admitting to being a fan of the Harpies was generally seen as a rather unmasculine thing to do by the Wizarding World.

“I bought him their official bottle of perfume for Christmas,” Remus joined in on the joking. “I’m pretty sure he tried it on too; the whole room reeked of the stuff the next day.”

“We keep trying to tell him that he won’t be able to join them when he leaves Hogwarts. I think it’s his biggest regret,” added Sirius.

“For all of your information, the Holyhead Harpies are a talented, sexy group of Quidditch players, who fully deserve my support. And I happen to find that perfume incredibly attractive on a girl who wears it.” James stated, stamping his foot at the same time.

“Very manly,” Peter remarked.

“Now Peter, be nice. It’s well within James’ right to support an all-girls team,” Remus responded, with mock-sincerity.

“THANK-YOU Remus.” James sighed.

“You’re welcome James. Just know that as your friends, we’re here to support you in this time of discovering your sexuality.”

“I’m not exploring my sexuality!” James ranted, his hand instantly raking through his hair, while the rest of us collapsed into laughter. “I’m supporting a Quidditch team!”

“Do you ever feel embarrassed going to their matches?” I teased him. “Y’know - considering how you’re the only male in the crowd?”

“Do you ever feel embarrassed going to the Cannons matches?” He replied. “Y’know - considering how you’re the only one supporting them?”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Touche, Mr. Potter.” I smiled.

The conversation about Quidditch lasted throughout the next hour. Following that, we played through a game of exploding snap, (“I don’t think my eyebrows will ever grow back,” remarked Peter) talked about Sirius’ unpleasant summer dealing with his parents and brother, and even discussed some of the pranks that the Marauders were planning to pull when they got back to school (“Repeat any of this, and we will have to turn your skin green. Sorry,” James informed me).

And as the conversation continued, and the train journeyed towards Hogwarts, I begin to steadily forget about the predicament I was in, forget about the fact that the people I were talking to were - in fact - all deceased, and just enjoy talking to them. There was just something about the four of them... they were all so carefree, so unequivocally happy, that it seemed as if all of the panic and fear I had been previously experiencing was just washed away. Until, that is, Remus reported that the train was approaching Hogwarts. I stepped outside the compartment to allow the four of them to get changed - I was already in robes, thank god - before the five of us headed down the train, and onto the platform at Hogsmeade.

“Luna! Luna! Over here!” Lily was yelling to me at the top of her lungs, waving frantically to get my attention. After briefly saying goodbye to the marauders, I pushed my way over to her.

“C’mon, let’s find a carriage,” she said over the noise of the station.

We did just that, finding a comfortable carriage just for ourselves. “Nervous?” Lily asked, indicating towards the castle. “I remember the first day I arrived here, I was a terrified wreck.” She giggled. “We had to cross the lake as first years. I was so frightened. Kept thinking I was going to fall in. Pettigrew actually did. Capsized his and Black’s boat. The two of them arrived at school soaked to their skin.” I found myself giggling with her. I got the sense that she had detected my nerves and was trying to make me feel better, and I had to give it to her; the tactic was working.

I was still pretty worried about arriving at the school though. I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. Would they sort me? Would I be sent home? Would they demand to see my parents, who weren’t due to be born for another seven to eight years?

“So basically...” Lily was saying, “As far as entrances go, you really can’t do worse than Pettigrew.” I grinned at her, before I felt the carriage grind to a stop. We were at the doors to the castle. My stomach was churning with a sickening sense of fear. I was rooted to the spot.

“Luna?! What’re you waiting for?”

Lily was halfway out of the carriage, waiting for me. I was frozen to my seat, with the fears that were running through my head becoming more and more exaggerated by the moment. The school would obviously recognize that I didn’t belong! They’d report me to the ministry! The ministry would find out who I was, a 14 year old girl from 2022! They’d lock me up in the Department of Mysteries! Ship me off to St. Mungo’s for experiments! Or turn me into a time-travelling freak show!

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. Lily was standing in front of me, clearly mistaking my fearing for my sanity and future as simply the nerves of attending a new school.

“I know you must be scared,” she was saying. “New school, new country... weird ginger girls talking to you in toilets and strange guys aiming Quaffle’s at your skull. But I promise; you’ll fit in here. I promise.”

Regardless of the fact that she clearly didn’t understand the situation I was in, I couldn’t help but feel a little comfort from Lily’s words. With a deep sigh, I rose to my feet, and followed Lily out into the courtyard.

“Who in the blazes are you!” A tall, stern looking woman in emerald-green robes stood in front of me; someone I recognized from my own time. Minerva McGonagall. The expression she was wearing made me want to crawl back into the carriage and hide from sight. I had only met her a couple of times, usually when she had arrived at my house to visit dad, who I knew she was close to. She had a reputation of being a rather severe individual, though dad swore she was ‘just a big softie when you got to know her.’ Looking at her right now, I found that claim very difficult to believe. And of course, the woman in front of me had never met me. Or met my dad. I would appear a complete stranger. Which is probably why she was staring at me in confusion. I’d never felt so intimidated in my life.

"Ah... My name’s Luna and... errm... I’m an exchange student... Can I... see the headmaster, please?” I stammered.

McGonagall looked at me over her glasses, fixing me with an intelligent stare.

“Albus never mentioned a new student...” she mused. “Still, seems like the best place for you to go. I will take you to his office for the time being, I’m afraid you will have to wait until the start-of-term-feast has concluded until he can speak with you.

I silently nodded. The professor immediately began walking towards the Headmasters office in long, swift strides. Lily shot my a hopeful smile and mouthed “Good luck!” before I sped up to keep pace with McGonagall.

It appeared that Hogwarts was a rather timeless castle, as it’s layout appeared much the same as it did in 2022. The only notable differences I could spot would be that the Hourglasses which displayed the house points were positioned atop the Grand Staircase, as opposed to outside the main entranceway, and also the memorial for students who had died during the Battle of Hogwarts obviously hadn’t been constructed yet. Otherwise, it was the same Hogwarts that I knew and loved.

Before long, I had reached the intimidating stone Gargoyle that led to the Headmaster’s office. After muttering the password (I don’t think I want to know what a ‘cockroach cluster’ is,) the familiar spiral staircase appeared, and the Transfiguration Professor led me down into the grand office.

Pointing her wand towards the table, she cast a non-verbal spell, resulting in a large plate of sandwiches appearing. “These are for you to eat until the Headmaster arrives. I am afraid that my presence is required at the feast, so I will not be able to supervise you.” She cast me a severely withering glance. “Don’t break anything.” And with that, she left the office, leaving me to my own devices.

I immediately gravitated towards the plate of food. I hadn’t eaten anything on the train and I could feel myself getting hungry. Once I had finished munching on four or five sandwiches, I took a look around the room. My overall conclusion, Albus Dumbledore - recognized for his legendary defeat of the dark wizard Grindlewald and considered the greatest wizard of his time - was one hell of a hoarder.

Like seriously, who has any need for all this crap?! I mean, I’m sure that they all serve very useful, impressive purposes, but surely he doesn’t need ALL of them in his office. I could hardly walk through the room without tripping on various gadgets, books or (oddly enough) random pairs of socks. Seriously - he might be an impressive wizard, but I’m pretty sure my Mum’d have a heart attack if she saw this room. This guy seriously needed a basement. Or better yet, he needed to sell some of his stuff. Has he ever heard of a garage sale?

I was just exploring a strange glass orb, that seemed to fog up the closer I got to it, when I heard a slight cough from behind me. I spun around to see a bespectacled old man standing in the entranceway to the office. He had piercing blue eyes, and a long, bushy white beard that tucked into his belt. It took a moment to recognize that I stood in front of the legend himself.

“When Professor McGonagall came into the Great Hall and informed me that there was a young girl waiting in my office - claiming to be an exchange student from America - I have to admit I was rather surprised.” Dumbledore began. “Mostly, because as the Headmaster, I do tend to hear about any new students attending my school, and I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about you. This leads me to believe that you are not, in fact, a new exchange student. Am I correct in presuming this?”

He said it so calmly, as if finding a random ginger girl in his office was a normal occurrence. “Ermm... Yes sir,” I replied, my eyes towards the floor.

“Then, with all respect, may I ask who you are, and why you currently find yourself in my office?” He asked, politely.

“My real name is Lily Luna Potter, sir,” I answered. “And I’m not certain I can answer your second question.”

“And why would that be?”

“I’m not sure you’d believe me, Professor.”

Dumbledore looked piercingly at me through his half-moon glasses. I felt as if his sharp blue eyes could stare into my soul. For some, inexplicable reason, I was suddenly tempted to tell him the absolute truth.

“You will find I am capable of believing a good many things, Ms. Potter, should you bring yourself to trust me.”

I took a deep breath.

“I’m a time-traveller from the year 2022, and I have absolutely no idea how I arrived on the Hogwarts Express!” I blurted out.

Dumbledore looked at me, his face a mask of patience, showing no surprise, or fear, or disbelief. He seemed to take a few moments to digest this information before speaking.

“I admit, that was not necessarily what I expected. However, I do - in fact - believe you,” he said, with the same gentle tone as before. “If you’ll forgive me, I’d appreciate hearing your tale from the beginning please.”

And so I told him my entire story, beginning with arriving on the train, then bumping into Sirius, then Lily, then eventually arriving at the school. He didn’t attempt to interrupt me as I explained my situation, and he only spoke up once I’d finished my story.

“So you are telling me that you fell asleep a night ago, only to wake up in the past, and as a result met your grandparents and their friends?” he clarified. He had now begun pacing the room.

I nodded in response. It only seemed crazier when someone else said it.

“Hmmm... This is a very troubling matter,” the Headmaster said, looking at me in concern. “And you are sure you have absolutely no idea what could’ve caused this event. No clue whatsoever?”

“I have no clue, Professor.”

The elderly man looked at me in concern. “There are clearly forces at work here that neither of us can fully understand yet... forces completely out of our control. The amount of magical power that would be required to send you this far back in time is insurmountable.”

He continued to stride up and down the room, before stopping and facing me.

“I do not think it is a coincidence that you have arrived here, in the exact time your grandparents were present at the school. That being said, I feel it is necessary to allow events to run their course. I shall inform the staff that you are, as you have claimed, an American exchange student, and allow you to study here. You will be sorted into Gryffindor, to allow you the opportunity to meet your grandparents and their friends, and hopefully figure out exactly what has caused you to come to this time period. The current password to the common room is Hollyhop, and there is a vacant bed in the fourth-year girls dormitory for you to occupy. I feel you were wise to choose to go by your middle name, the fewer who know or have suspicions about your time-travelling nature, the better.”

I nodded to show my understanding. Dumbledore’s voice instantly became graver.

“Before I allow you to leave my office, however, I wish to impress the dangers that travelling in time can pose, and the rules you will need to follow in order to guarantee your safety.

“Firstly, I must impress upon you, do not attempt to significantly alter past events. From what we know of through the limited use of time turners, it is known that the universe is able to cope with small changes to history. However, a major change as a result of altering the timeline could result in cataclysmic destruction. Along with inadvertently changing the future in ways you cannot understand, you also run the risk of triggering an event known as a paradox, which is when a timeline enters an infinite loop and as such, causes colossal damage to history as we know it. You can observe, but you must never, ever get involved. Believe me when I say that while it may not seem it at the time, it will be significantly better for humanity in general if you do not interfere.”

Dumbledore’s words of cataclysmic destruction made me feel sick with fear. Somehow, I managed to choke out; “I understand, Professor.”

He looked at me with a strange expression of both pity and regret.

“I fear the strains of time-travel will be most heavy on you. I recognize that it must seem intimidating right now, but try not to forget that you are being given an unbelievable opportunity. Hopefully you will be able to make some good out of it.”

As he beckoned me out of the room, he gave me one last warning.

“Remember, do not interfere. And do not alert or warn anyone of future events. You must allow things to play out as they previously happened, with minimal interference. It has been a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Potter.”

And with that, I found myself taking the spiral staircase back to the third floor, trying to wrap my head around the conversation that had just taken place.

After I found my way back to the Gryffindor Common Room, climbed my way up to the Girls Dormitory, and collapsed onto the only empty four-poster bed, I prayed that I would wake up to find myself back in the present.

Never in my life had I felt so far away from home.

A/N: And that’s chapter two! I’m sticking with a schedule for uploading chapters, so Chapter 3 should come out in exactly two weeks time :D

As always, reviews and favourites are greatly appreciated!


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