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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 8 : R-Claw Bonding plus Three
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super awesome bloody amazing CI by the uber-mega rad Lady Asphodel@TDA ! 


“Brielle! Are you talking to the plant over there? For the last time, the plant doesn’t care about your bloody problems!”




“I’m not talking to the plant but thanks for embarrassing me, Leslie.” I mumbled, a red blush coming over my cheeks. Al gave me a cheeky grin from underneath me. Ugh, that sounds really dirty. I swear I’m not a slut or anything!




“Not that I don’t love having you on top of me, Bri, but I think James and I may be killing poor ole’ Freddy.” Al said, continuing to grin like a child, flicking some raven black haired out of his eyes.




“I’m already dead.” Fred grunted from underneath the mass of us and James groaned when Fred’s knee jerked up and made contact with his manhood. Ouch. Tough luck for him.




“Um..I’m just going to stand up.” I mumbled, using the tree to help push myself off the group of boys on the floor underneath me. I brushed off the grass off my pajamas as I looked at the mess of boys as they began to move off each other, violently pushing each other around.




“What the fuck are they doing here?” Amelia popped up next to me, her dark eyebrows knitted into confusion. “I mean, I love hot guys and all, but this is supposed to be a Ravenclaw bonding session. We already have Leslie crashing it and we don’t need more people.”




“I was invited you bitch!”




Amelia turned out to give our friend the finger before making some hand motion towards her neck which I was pretty sure meant that she was going to cut Leslie if she didn’t shut up. Merlin, I had some pretty psychopathic friends.




Perhaps I should re-evaluate who I hang out with.




“C’mon love,” James had his usual Potter smirk already on his face as he stood up and brushed the remaining dirt off him. “I’m sure we won’t be too much of a hassle to have as company.” James seemed to recover from having Freddy smash his manhood into little pieces and was back to his happy self.




Joy to the world.




“Besides,” Freddy grunted, pulling up a backpack as he stood up. “We brought drinks.” He wiggled his eyebrows as he threw the bag towards Amelia who caught it.




She arched an eyebrow before looking into the contents of the bag. She looked up with a smirk on her face before turned towards the rest of our friends that we left sitting in a circle, yelling at them, “Make room for three more, guys!”




And it seems like this night just got even more eventful.




“Who’s turn is it?” I found myself asking out loud in my mind boggling state. My thoughts were fuzzy and I couldn’t focus on much. All I knew is that it wasn’t my turn in the game and that Albus’s hand was resting on my knee.




It kind of felt nice; I’m not going to lie. His hands were large compared to my tiny ones and they were warm though luckily they weren’t sweaty or anything gross like that.




“Leslie’s,” Someone answered for me though I’m not really sure.




“Oh fudge, no more for me.” Leslie whined protesting as the bottle came her way. She shook her head violently before instantly regretting it and putting her hand to it. “I’ll just confess.”




“Well go ahead, you little Asian, confess your little heart away.”




Leslie narrowed her eyes as her lips curved up into a smile, “James, that’s very raciest of you.”




“I guess I’m a raciest man, then.” James shot back lamely, shrugging his shoulders.




What a loser.




“I don’t know what to confess.” She admitted with a sheepish grin.




“I know what you can confess!” Malcolm said loudly with a grin on his face. “I want to know that boy Mel and Bri are always talking to you about. The bloke you fancy!” His voice was loud and it made me want to cry.




My head hurt, ouch.




Who did Leslie like? I don’t really remember right now. There was something in my gut telling me to stop her from talking though I don’t know why…




“Oh!” Her face lit up as she lent in towards the circle, her eyes trained on to Malcolm’s as if she was only speaking to him. “It’s a secret so you can’t tell anyone, you got it?” He nodded quickly. “You better not tell…but…it’s Freddy Weasley.”




There was a pregnant pause and I felt Albus shift from next to me to give Freddy some weird look. Hmph, now I remember who she likes. Perhaps I should have stopped her when I had the chance. Eh, whatever, Fred was probably drunk and wouldn’t even remember it.




“It’s like an uber secret though so don’t go spilling the beans!” She began again, nodding over and over again as she pushed her dark hair out of her eyes.




“Why is it an uber secret?” Malcolm arched his eyebrow as he stared at Leslie. “Ow!” He cried when Amelia smacked him across the shoulder. She must have too remembered that we probably should have stopped Leslie considering Fred was in our little circle.




“Because he’ll never like me back.”




Cue another long, awkward, pregnant pause were Freddy stares blankly at Leslie as if she had grown four hundred heads.




“My turns!” I called loudly, trying to divert attention away from Leslie. I snatched the bottle from her and took a drink of it quickly. I had drunken so much that I barely noticed the drink going down anymore. “Dare.”




I was so going to regret this one.




“I’ve got this one,” Jenna perked up, her eyes lighting up with mischievous. Uh-oh. I’m pretty sure she was  the only sober one in the whole group and she had just been madly watching the commotion going on with amusement. “I dare you to kiss James.” She smirked.




I blinked and I felt Albus’s hands tighten around my knee. Um, ow Al, that kind of fucking hurts. “James as in big James?” I asked to clarify, pointing across the circle to James who looked slightly perplexed by the dare.




“Yes, big James.” She rolled her eyes as if I was stupid. Wow, no need to be rude, Jenna! I just wanted be positive before I go kissing someone.




“James has a girlfriend.” Albus nearly blurted out as I was about to make my way towards him.




Wait – WHAT?! Since when did James get a girlfriend? Second of all, since when did James get a girlfriend and not have the bloody nerve to tell me? I thought we were tight. You know bros before hoes. In a more spiritual rather than literal way, of course, considering I’m not a bro nor a hoe.




“It’s a dare, Al,” James shared some odd exchange of looks with his brother before giving him some pointed look. “One kiss won’t do any harm, besides, Kayla is barely my girlfriend. She just thinks she is.”




Oh well now that the whole girlfriend situation is all cleared up, not that I cared (don’t judge me!), it was time to kiss James. Woah, never thought I would ever be thinking that. I kindly pried Albus’s hand off my knee considering he had a death grip on it.




What a nutter he was. I had no clue why he was acting so weird.




I crawled my way towards James and it just felt so bloody weird. We made eye contact and I just don’t know. His eyes were prettier than I remembered. The brown orbs had more depth to them. He gave me a half-smile that seemed more genuine than his usual smirks. It reminded me of Albus’s smiles.




Ugh, Bri, don’t think of Al when you are about to kiss his brother. That’s just gross man.




So, after summoning all my Gryffindor balls I leaned forward and kissed James. It wasn’t anything special nor was it a complete fail. His lips were slightly chapped from the winter night though they were trained to know what they were doing from all the plenty of times he had snogged girls before. His lips moved against my own momentarily and it wasn’t until I felt his tongue brush against my bottom lip that I jerked back and nearly threw myself back into my seat.




Holy shit, I just almost snogged James Potter in front of my quidditch team and his bloody family members. Way to make things even more awkward.




“Um, someone else’s turn now?” I asked quietly, hoping everyone would stop staring at me. It was just a kiss guys. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT AND JUDGING.




“Mine.” Al grunted and sounded slightly irritated as he took the bottle and downed much more than was needed for his dare. Perhaps Albus was an alcoholic and I was just unaware.




Or maybe he was upset about something he had just witnessed.




Ugh, I pushed that little thought to the back of my head as we waited for his dare. Jenna, being the only sober one and deciding she was done doing nothing and wanted to make up the dares now, perked up and gave Albus a flirtatious smile.




Excuse me, uptight fifth year, he’s out of your league. Mine too, ha! The world is so cruel and unfair.




“I dare you too….” And the game continued like this for thirty more minutes. After the whole James via me snogging incident there was a little less promiscuous dares considering we were all a little worried at how people would react. I mean we were only humans, guys.


Jenna did, however, dare Albus to hug the prettiest blonde in the circle. Y’know, way to be obvious since you’re the only bleach blonde in the little circle besides McClagan and he’s not that attractive of a bloke. I’d also like to mention that her hair color is fake, by the way.


It was around four in the morning and we were all settling down. Luckily, Fred had his wand on him and conjured up some sleeping bags for the three crashers (a.k.a. al, fred, & james). We were all pretty exhausted from our long night and with the alcohol’s lasting effect we were quickly hitting the pillows like flies.


I couldn’t help but notice Fred tucking Leslie in after she, in her drunken state, rolled out of her sleeping bag and insisted that she wanted to go for a swim.


It was cute.


I’m totally going to have to set them up together. I’ll just have to bring it up to one of the boys so everyone knows.


“This was fun tonight,” Al’s voice was hoarse as he spoke from his spot next to me, laying down. He had his hands behind his head as he gazed up at the sky, speaking to me without looking at me.


“It was,” I gave him a smile but he barely returned it because he was so focused on something else. “We should hang out more often as a big group.”


“You don’t like your quality time with just me and you?” I knew he was teasing me but there was something in his tone of voice and when he actually turned to look at me I watched a mixture of emotions flash by his face before he gave me his usual genuine smile once again.


“Nonsense, Al, of course I love spending time with you. You’re probably the only person as weird as I am besides my crazy Ravenclaw mates.” He seemed the smile wider at my response and it made me happy.


“I’m just going to take that as a compliment,” There was a pause as he let out a huff of breath. “Sleep tight, Bri.”


“Night,” I snuggled into my blankets, closing my eyes. “See you in the morning…”I mumbled as I drifted off into a comfortable sleep. 

A/N: Sorry about the long wait but I had exams and stuff to do! Finally my exams are done and i'm so glad! I'm in summer right now but i'm prewarning you that this week i'll be busy with some personal things so I may or may not be able to update once this is posted. I have the next two chapters written so hopefully I can find time just to log on and post it.

So, back to the chapter, what did you think? I know we would all rather have Bri kissing Al but trust me - it's for the plot! What do you think will happen after the kiss? Any ideas of how this all might evolve? Something juicy will be happening in the next chapter so get excited! As always, review for more! 


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