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Tear Stained Heart by aurevoir
Chapter 1 : Scene One
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I wiped my hands on my pants leg and tried to control my breathing – who would have thought that we were old enough to be getting engaged. Let alone that I was going to be asking the question. Hermione was supposed to be coming to meet me at the park soon . I just hoped I had found the right place – I still was not familiar with some of the places in muggle London that she loved and they were so large. I could not even use my magic to ensure my location – there were far too many people wondering around here. Looking down at the piece of paper in my hand, I reread the Hermione’s scribble on the paper. Hyde Park. I looked around with a sigh. Christmas was only one week away and the park was in full swing. There was music everywhere, children running amuck, and the general chatter of people.

Someone grabbed my arm and I turned to look at Hermione, smiling. She looked so happy, her cheeks slightly pink from the wind. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” She sighed happily, looking around at the lights and the people. The smell of roasted nuts reached my nose, and I inhaled slightly, also smelling the parchment and ink smell coming off of Hermione. “My parents used to bring me to this every year – the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. It was always a bonding time.” Hermione leaned into me and smiled hazily, remembering her days as a child. “My mum used to get so upset because dad was constantly taking me on the rides – she thought any second it would all come crashing down. Rides like this always made her paranoid, she would stay down by the side, just watching anxiously.” Hermione trailed off, turning suddenly to look at me. “Let’s ride one?” Hermione gave me her puppy eyes and I sighed.

“I’ll ride one. But I’m not going to risk my life more than necessary.” Hermione laughed and pulled me along by the hand. I could not help but chuckle lightly to myself as Hermione pulled me along, gushing about something or another in the festival. I let myself just sort of lose myself in the sound of her voice and everyone else’s, not particularly paying attention to where we were going.

Before too long, we were standing in front of a tall, rickety metal contraption that had little cars zooming around it, two people in each car. Hermione pulled me towards the line, “Oh, Ron, this one is going to be so much fun!” I instinctually dug my feet in and tried to keep from moving towards that line. Hermione looked back at me, a furrow forming in-between her eyes. “Ron, don’t be silly. It’s just a ride – nothing is going to happen to us.”

“Hermione, it looks like a screaming, screeching, metal death trap!” Despite my words, I allowed her to pull me forward towards the line, At that point in my life, I could not decide what was scaring me more – riding the death contraption or proposing to her at the perfect moment tonight. Hermione kept chattering by my side, but I couldn’t really focus on what she was saying.

I’d be lying if I said I could remember the ride itself. I remember bright lights, Hermione screaming next to me, and the wind in my face. Outside of that, I just remember getting off, my legs all shaky and Hermione rolling her eyes at me. The next few hours went by in a blur, walking through the shops and buying candies, going ice skating for the first time, laughing at some of the decorations on the stands that sold the beer and such. We walked away from the chaos and headed off in a seemingly random direction, though Hermione insisted she knew where we were headed. Up ahead, I could see a large building with lights, and I assumed it was the palace. Curious where Hermione was leading me, I followed along placidly, even though we had left the park.

We stopped suddenly and Hermione sighed. She pointed across the street at a giant Christmas tree. “My father loved to go over there after we would go to Winter Wonderland – Hard Rock Café. He always loved the décor inside, his inner childhood wishes to be musically inclined coming out.” She sighed and wrapped her arms around me, leaning against my chest. Taking a deep breath, I fingered the box I had stuck in the pocket of my jacket. Looking around carefully, I noted all the people around, the sounds of festivity in the air, and the Christmas tree that Hermione was still staring at wistfully.

“Hermione –“ I started and stopped, my throat going bone drive. She looked up at me, the curiosity evident in her face. “I…Hermione-“ Frustrated, I stared at the ground for a second, taking a step back. “Hermione, I just…” I trailed off again, just going down on my knee and pulling the jewel box out of my pocket. Harry had helped me with some of the traditional stuff Hermione would expect, and as I opened the box for her, I was very glad I had asked him to help me. “Marry me? You’re my best friend and I just can’t imagine being apart from you any longer.” Cringing a little on the inside, wondering where the elaborate speech I had prepared had gone.

“Oh, Ron.” She whispered, tears filling her eyes. I slid the ring on her finger, hands shaking. “Of course, of course.” She pulled me up lightly and kissed me, laughing and crying all at the same time. I heard people around us clapping, but I didn’t care because I was holding the most perfect woman in my arms.


I watched Harry walk around the room, pulling on his suit unconsciously as he talked to me. Absently, I noted that I had not heard a word he had said in the last ten minutes, but I continued to nod along. I stared straight ahead at the wall, thinking back on the last six months. Watching women plan a wedding was a terrifying thing – especially when they expected you to join along in some of the activities. I was perfectly content letting Hermione and Ginny take over on the entire thing. Instead, they had expected me to make the decisions with me, in turn yelling at me when I chose the wrong color for the place settings. I never remembered Harry talking about the two girls doing that to him in the months that led up to his wedding, but then again, I had been a nervous wreck then just as the best man. As the groom, I felt like I was going to throw up everything I had eaten in the last week.

I felt Harry grab my shoulder and I abruptly realized that he was standing in front of me. “Ron? Are you alright?” Harry himself did not look up to 100% and I smiled weakly.

“Did you feel like throwing up everywhere on your wedding day?” My voice came out a strained whisper and Harry began to chuckle.

“I think it is how every groom feels. It’s time for us to go out there.” I swallowed thickly and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath. “I promise it’ll be fine, Ron. No one is going to die and it’s going to be the best night of your life.” Harry clasped my arm and headed toward the door, pulling me slightly along behind me.

We walked to the back entry of the chapel, Harry turning and pulling my tux and making sure all my clothes were put together. “I have to go back with the wedding party, but I promise everything will be okay. Just pretend it’s a championship Quidditch match or something.” He smiled at me and walked down the hall briskly, leaving me to slide through the partially open door.

After several deep breaths, I steeled through the door, walking up the steps to my spot, trying to ignore as all the eyes in the room turned towards me. I smiled briefly at my family that was sitting in the front row, but otherwise planted my eyes on the ground, noting that the shoes in front of me were awfully scuffed and well worn. The chattering in the room continued, and though I tried, I cannot tell you what one person was saying during those minutes that felt like hours. My nerves had come out full force and I was so thankful for the spell Ginny had found to keep my hands from sweating the entire time I was up there.

Finally, the chatter quieted down as the music began to play and I forced myself to look at the back of the church. I tried a smile at Neville and Luna who were the first to come down – though Neville later told me it looked like I was about to be sick over everyone in the church. They made their way down and as soon as they had reached their spots, Harry and Ginny started their way down. Seeing how happy the two of them were made me a little less nervous, knowing that would soon be my happiness. But at that moment, all I could focus on was the fact that after the little girl walking down, Hermione would be here. I would finally get to see her on our wedding day – that morning when I had been stressed, I had just wanted to be able to hold her and do nothing else, but she had been adamant about keeping to the traditions of a typical wedding.

Harry and Ginny finally took their places and Harry squeezed my shoulder gently. Keeping my eyes locked at the end of the aisle, I heard the rustle of cloth as everyone stood up and the music changed. I held my breath, almost forgetting to breath, letting it out in a rush of air as Hermione finally stepped onto the aisle.

Immediately, everyone around me faded into black. All I could see was the beautiful woman in front of me. Her eyes immediately sought mine and I felt my heart begin to slow. Finally, I knew everything was going to be alright because Hermione was almost there, almost close enough for me to hold. As she looked down at the ground, breaking eye contact, I was left breathless yet again as I noticed how she looked. Her hair framed her face with ringlets left loose and I longed to be able to pull on one of her curls. She wore a dress with a single strap that was covered with elaborate beading, falling to the floor in ruffles. As soon as she looked back up at me, I felt myself lost in her eyes again. After what felt like forever, her father placed her hand in mind and I pulled her up level to me, not daring to look forward at the preacher. The next few minutes passed in a blur as the preacher talked about the two of us and before I knew what had happened, I found myself facing Hermione, gripping both of her hands tightly in my own, about to deliver my vows.

“Hermione Granger, though I may have been too dense to realize it, I have loved you from the beginning. No matter what I did or said, you were always there for me. I always came back for you and I cannot imagine having it any other way. You were my rock in the hard times and my supporter in difficult times. Though I may be a fool at times, I know that you will always stick by me. Remember that when I am angry and frustrated with you, it is often because I get upset that I cannot keep up with your brain. I have no idea what I did to deserve a girl like you, but I promise to never do anything to drive you away. I absolutely cannot wait for the rest of my life with you, though I know it will never be enough time to spend with you. I love you.” I whispered the last few words and Hermione squeezed my hands, tears already rolling down her face. I pulled a hand away to wipe a tear and she laughed softly.

I slowly placed my hand back in hers as she opened her mouth to speak. “Ronald Weasley, though you may often be one of the densest people I know, I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. You help me see the reality of a situation when I cannot even fathom making it through and you are always there to hold me when life gets rough. Even with life was dark, you showed me how to love in order to keep someone alive. You showed me a love that means spending days awake because your other half cannot sleep. You showed me that love has the ability to heal wounds that gape and seem so painful, that it seems they will never disappear. I cannot imagine explaining things to anyone else and I cannot imagine what I would do without you to hold me when it gets rough. I love you no matter what, Ron.” Halfway through Hermione’s vows, I felt tears prickle at the corners of my eyes and I smiled at her.

Holding her hands tightly, I repeated my lines and felt my heart speeding up a little. It still seemed surreal that before too long, this beautiful and amazing woman was going to be my wife. We exchanged rings and I noticed her hands shook just as mine did. After this, we listened to the priest and I could not help but keep a goofy smile off my face, looking down at Hermione. Hermione quietly voiced her I do’s and I did as well, though my voice felt tiny and my throat felt dry.

“You may now kiss your bride.” Before the priest even finished his sentence, I pulled Hermione towards me and kissed the woman who was now my wife with all the love in the world. I pulled away reluctantly and caught the regretful look Hermione threw me. We locked hands and turned to face everyone. As the priest announced us, I heard Hermione’s voice over the cheers.

“I love you.”


Author's Note: I promise I'm still working on Nothing is Perfect! I'm a third of the way through the next chapter, but the challenge for this story ends July 7th so I have to get the first two chapters posted by then. I have the third chapter written, so once I finish the second one you'll get two very quickly. I'm going to get a beta for this as soon as possible and I will edit it with the changes. Please R&R!

Beta'd as of July 7th. Thank you Lindsey, <3!


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