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Twelve by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 2 : Still January
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Still January

It was Monday January 9th, the first day of classes and two days after Scorpius had agreed to the bet. He was sitting with Rose at the end of the Gryffindor table in the great hall for breakfast when an owl swooped by and dropped a parcel right in front of him.

Scorpius just stared at the box. There was no letter or label attached to it, but the sickening feeling suddenly taking over his stomach told him what it was about. Raising his head he searched across the hall for Marcus, who he caught staring at him.

Marcus had an almost humorous expression on his face as he narrowed his eyes at Scorpius, nodding to the untouched package.

Shaking his head, Scorpius looked back down to the box timidly picking it up, he lifted the lid off and stared. Inside laid a tickless watch with black leather straps and a white face with both of the hands permanently stuck on twelve. Just below the watch was a folded piece of parchment. Flipping open the note, he read the name Miranda Crawsher and quickly closed it before Rose saw the name, deciding that he would read the rest later.

“Who’s it from?” Rose asked, looking at Scorpius with her curious brown eyes.

“Umm,” he stuttered. “Father.”

Rose squinted her eyes at his delayed response. She didn’t doubt Scorpius, but it was an odd lapse in memory for him “May I see it?” she asked kindly.

“Sure,” Scorpius said, picking up the watch and handing it to Rose who took it tenderly in her hands, which he appreciated. To him a clock was a clock, no matter what its purpose was.

“It’s broken.” She commented after a few moments.

He took a long sip of his pumpkin juice attempting to hide his lies. “Yeah,” he nodded his head in agreement while putting the cup down. “That’s why he sent it to me. Found it in a shop and thought that I might like to try and fix it.” The lie felt like acid on his lips, but he gave a reassuring smile.

“Well that was nice of him,” she spoke, honestly believing that the gesture was an act of decency. “Especially since he’s never understood your attachment to watches.”

Scorpius shrugged. “I suppose he’s having a change of heart,” he mumbled.


Rose gazed back down to the watch delicately flipping it over in her hand. “To keep track,” she said slowly, looking back to Scorpius.

“What?” He asked, meeting her eyes.

“That’s what it says,” she leaned in slightly, handing the watch back to Scorpius. “See.”

Peering down he looked at the words carved into the golden back: To Keep Track.

There was silence for minute as she gave a slight sigh. “What a funny thing to put on the back of a watch.”

Lifting his eyes back to Marcus. “Yes, real funny,” Scorpius mumbled in a dark tone, shaking his head he dropped the watch on the table surprising Rose as it hit the wood. “What?” he shrugged, looking to Rose and then moving his eyes to his plate.

Rose had a baffled look on her face, not sure what had suddenly come over her friend. Carefully she picked up the watch and turned it around. Reaching for his hand with a look of determination, she placed the face of the watch on the underside of his wrist.

Scorpius wasn’t sure why he was shocked by the movement, but he was. He watched as Rose wrapped the bands of the watch around his wrist, her fingers lightly brushing against the hairs of his skin while she fiddled with the belt loop. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Weren’t you the one who said that watches as gifts were always meant to serve a purpose?” She answered simply, using her thumb to twist the watch around so that the face was on the top of his wrist.

“Yes,” a ping of guilt washing over him. If she knew the real reason for this watch she would not only never talk to him again, and that was something that he wasn’t sure he could take. 

Rose smiled as she traced the circular face. “Well what a horrible way to show disrespect than by not acknowledging its purpose.” Covering the watch with her hand wrapped her fingers around his wrist, her thumb pressed against his pulse

Seeing where she was getting at he asked, “And what exactly do you think is this watch’s purpose?” swinging his wrist back and forth so that her hand followed.

“In my opinion,” she said, biting her lip. “I think your father bought it attempting to reach out to you because he does care.” Giving his wrist a squeeze she peered at Scorpius through her long eyelashes.

Something about the hopeful look in Rose’s eye from the thought that his father seemed to take an interest in his passion forced Scorpius to look away.

Feeling slightly off ease, he distractedly glanced around the room and caught Marcus staring, not at him but at Rose, or more specifically Rose’s hand that held his wrist. He watched as Marcus’ eyes followed up Rose’s arm fixating themselves on her face. Marcus didn’t have a look of hatred or annoyance on his, but instead a complex look almost as if he was watching for no reason other than to watch her.

Scorpius turned his head and looked to Rose. Her lips were pressed in a thin smile that one only gets when they truly think that no one is looking. A piece of her wavy red hair fell into her face, but she didn’t seem to notice, her eyes still on the watch touching it as if it were fragile and capable of feelings. Tilting his head, he smiled at the gentleness of her actions. There really was something rare about her beauty, something that was all pure and kind, he thought.  

“Good morning cousin,” Scorpius heard a voice say from behind him, breaking his concentration of her movements.

Rose dropped his hand turned to look up at Albus with a bright smile. “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

“Splendid,” Albus said, slightly uncomfortable as he gave Scorpius the slightest hint of an acknowledgement before turning to Rose. “You ready for Ancient Runes?”

Scorpius had lived in the same dorm as Albus for six years and they had had exactly one conversation and that was in second year when he had become friends with Rose.

Albus marched right up to him and cornered him in the Gryffindor common room. “Rose will give a chance to anyone. If you break her faith I will kill you myself.” He warned.

Scorpius’ only response was, “I wouldn’t do that.”

Albus bore his eyes into Scorpius, testing him in a way. Taking a step backwards, he turned around and walked away. Since that day it’s been a long string of occasional encounters and tension filled nods to one another.

“I’ll see you later,” Rose smirked, standing up and grabbing her bag, walking with Albus out of the Great Hall.

Cracking his neck, Scorpius looked around the large room noticing how almost everyone had cleared out, making their way to class. He glanced down to the watch, the weight of it becoming a constant reminder of his hope for the company and his guilt for the lies he would tell for the deal.

Reaching for the note, he unfolded it. Miranda Crawsher was written and directly under it was the line Convince Her To Like You.  


Rose sat in the back of the library on the third floor, looking fondly at Timothy, a first year Slytherin that she tutored once a week. She had told him that if he passed all of his exams before the break that she would teach him how to make a paper crane fly. Well last week, when Timothy marched in and proudly displayed his pre Holliday grade marks, she was overjoyed and made sure that she was prepared this week to make good on her end of the bargain.

Pulling out a stack of parchment from her bag, Timothy’s face lit up with excitement. “January 20th the day I learned how to fly a paper crane,” Timothy joked. Rose smiled, handing him a sheet of paper. She knew that this charm was over Timothy’s difficulty level, but she had faith that he would be able to pick up on it.

Rose was about halfway done with talking him through folding the paper crane when Marcus came in and sat at the far end of the table that they were working at. He didn’t say or do anything; instead he only kept his eyes on Rose with an unreadable expression.

Shifting uncomfortably under his potent glare, Rose did her best to ignore him, which was easier said than done. She became slightly relieved when Timothy started having trouble, because it gave her a distraction from Marcus and what he was doing there.

“Forcing it isn’t going to make him go,” she said softly after she watched Timothy exhale a deep breath of air onto the bird and it fall to the table motionless.

Laying her hand flat, palm up she placed her own white paper crane in its center. Marcus observed how the crane was nothing short of perfection with its exact folds and creases, and yet she made it seem effortless. Rose took a short moment before she blew a light puff of air from her lips and the bird started to flutter straight up, soaring into the shelves of the balcony.

Timothy slightly in awe, picking up his bird again, he mimicked her gesture and dropped the bird in his hand. Giving another rough blow, it skipped out of his hand and straight to the table. Narrowing his eyes at the crane, he sighed “I’ll never be able to do it.”

Hearing a loud snicker at Timothy’s expense, Rose quickly darted her eyes to Marcus and gave him warning glare. If Marcus was going to insist on staying there, she wasn’t going to tolerate any form of ill-manners from him. Not changing her expression for Timothy, she scowled at his attitude. “Do you really think that I would offer to teach you something if I didn’t think you could do it?” Carefully picking up the bird, she tweaked the left wing and smiled, placing it back in the boy’s hand. “You have to believe in it.” She said in a gentler tone.

“How can I when it’s just a folded piece of paper,” he commented.

“It’s just a folded piece of paper,” Rose repeated, shocked by the boy’s words, shaking her head she crossed her arms, “Timothy, you have created it into a crane, so it’s a crane.” She lectured. “Now if you want me to continue to teach you how to do this, I don’t want to hear any more talk about it being just a folded piece of paper. Do you understand me?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Timothy gazed at Rose as she held her stern expression, waiting for him to respond. Looking back to the bird, which was unevenly folded and leaning slightly, he nodded. “It’s a crane,” he reassured.

Rose’s expression immediately softened into a smile. “Very well,” her voice pleased. “Here,” she said positioning herself behind the boy. Kneeling down so that they were the same height, she laid one hand across the back of Timothy’s chair for balance and gently tucked her other under his, so that they both were holding the crane in their palms.

Marcus couldn’t help but stare while she bent her head forward so that it was beside Timothy’s. Noticing how her long, red, wavy hair had become unpinned, falling tenderly into her face. Not attempting to fix it, she shook her head, flipping it back behind her back and exposing her neck. His eyes remained stuck as he watched her movements.  

“Do you know how to whistle?” Rose asked turning her head, careful not to bump into Timothy’s.

He looked to her confused. “Sometimes I find that whistling helps,” she said, blowing a soft whistle which tickled his ear.

Understanding, Timothy nodded a yes and fixed his eyes back upon the crane. “Okay now when I say so whistle,” she spoke softly keeping her eyes on Timothy.

“Concentrate,” she said. “Feel it as if it were real, as if it were more than just paper.” The boy’s face softened from frustration to tenderness as his eyes began to look more fondly on the bird. She smiled, knowing that he was believing in it, along with himself.

Marcus’ body shifted. Leaning forward in his seat, he peered closely at the bird. “Are you ready?” Rose asked, breaking the silence in the room. Slowly the boy’s hair lightly brushed against her cheek, he so immersed by the sight of the bird that he was unable to speak.

Feeling as everything around them seemed to no longer matter, she knew that he was ready and lowered her eyes to the crane. “Whistle,” Rose whispered in a way that only she could whisper. In a way that was almost weightless and pure.

Whistling to the bird, its wings started to twitch as it was being blown from Timothy’s hand. As it took off, Rose’s eyes were immediately met with Marcus’, who had a fiery look in his eyes as they burned into her. His lips were slightly parted and he looked at Rose as if he had never seen her before, his expression still unreadable, but she knew what he was thinking. She unknowingly held her breath, her pulse racing, and her cheeks flushing bright. It seemed that time had stopped between them; he captivated her eyes for only moment longer before she had to awkwardly look away. 

Timothy looked to Rose in joy. “I did it,” he said excitedly.

Still confused by the look that Marcus gave her, she pushed a smile on her face remembering what Timothy had done. “Yes you did,” she said, returning to her usual self, her eyes following the bird as it soared around the room and landed right in front of them.

Straightening her posture, she glanced at the clock on the wall. “I think our lesson is done for the day.” attempting to avoid Marcus at all cost.

“Thanks Rose,” he said as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

Rose nodded, patting him on the back. “I’ll see you next week for your charms studies,” watching as he jumped down from his chair taking the crane with him.

She could still feel Marcus’ eyes on hers as she began to stack unfolded parchment in a thin pile. It was almost as if he was studying her. Becoming increasingly aware of his presence, she stopped what she was doing and suddenly turned to face him. “What are you doing here Marcus?” She crossed her arms, trying to not show how unhindered she was.

Marcus, having returned back to his arrogant self, said cockily, “It’s the library many students come here besides you.”

“It’s the third floor. No one comes here except me,” she stated clearly.

“Well aren’t you special.” He glowered.

Rose only shook her head. “Never mind,” she said, looking back down to the table and continued to stack the paper evenly, wrapping a piece of twine around it so that it would stay together. Hearing Marcus stand up and walk down the other side of the table, he stopped when he was directly across from her.

Rose didn’t even look up as she collected her things and put them into her bag, reaching for the stack of parchment Marcus bent over letting his hand land on it so that she couldn’t move it. “You insulted me,” he stated, looking up to meet her eyes.

His eyes were dark brown and gave away none of his thoughts. Sighing she brushed a piece of her bangs off of her forehead, not wanting to be reminded of the incident on the train. Marcus leaned his head in and tilted it so that he could see her eyes which were looking to the floor. “No one has ever insulted me before.”

Her head shot up and her eyes hard. “Well then, that makes a first for the both of us because I don’t believe I have ever had the pleasure of insulting someone before. And I’ll tell you what, I hated doing it, but you deserved it and you know it, so don’t you dare try to argue with me about it.” She said quickly, holding strong to her beliefs.

“I wasn’t going to argue with that fact.” He said. “I deserve to be insulted every day. But I find it odd that you’re the first to succeed.”

Dropping her bag over her shoulders, she tugged down on the straps so that it shifted the weight of the pack. “What’s that have to do with anything?” she asked, growing uncomfortable by the intensity of his gaze.

“You see, for some reason I can’t seem to get you out of my head. Your words are stuck there, constantly repeating themselves.” Rose was still as Marcus strutted around the corner of the table so that he was towering over her, the entire time keeping his hand on the papers. “There is something about you that has…”  Marcus thought for a moment. “Bewitched me entirely and I find it intriguing,” he said the word slowly, noticing how her body froze.

Rose was painfully self-conscious of how close he was standing to her, his alluring words prickling up her spine giving her shivers. Her chest pounded heavily as her cheeks became even redder from her uneasiness. “May I please have my papers back?” she asked weakly, looking down to his hand.

Marcus shifted lightly becoming closer to her. He wasn’t used to girls trying to ignore him. Hesitating, he extended his hand under her chin, giving her time to object he lifted it up, forcing his eyes into hers. Rose felt immobilized as he looked at her with the same look he had earlier. There was something different in this look from his usual way. This one was full of wanting and desperation with a hint of determination.

“Since that day on the train, I can’t help but want to prove your words wrong,” he said gently, stroking her face tenderly. “It truly is maddening,” he honestly added, skimming his fingers across her lips.

Rose remained still, feeling the warmness of his touch. She couldn’t understand how he could be so mean and cruel, but still be able to touch her with such delicacy, almost as if he knew he could break her but choose not to. His hot breath beat against her skin as he continued to study her, tracing the outline of her face circling her eyes.

Marcus loved the feel of her skin on his hand. Unaware how she could insult him and it make him want to kiss her. He had never wanted to kiss someone so much in his life. He didn’t just want to kiss her, he wanted to devour her, to feel the lips that had done the crime, and they were beautiful lips. He tilted her head back, and leaned in. “Please don’t, Marcus,” she whispered his name in that weightless way of hers, which pushed him over the edge. Crushing his lips on top of hers, he moaned.

Rose had never imagined that this was how her first kiss would be. She let her lips mold with his, let him run her fingers through her hair and down her face. She felt as he kissed her fiercely, as if he couldn’t get enough of her. Her own hands running across his cheek, her heart racing with his, she felt the urge to want to kiss him forever, to take in the taste of his lips on hers, and never move from this place. She couldn’t explain why, but she wanted to be kissing, she wanted to be kissing Marcus, and that’s when it hit her, she was kissing Marcus.

Marcus the only person who had ever made her lose her temper, the one person who took advantage of other peoples weakness and was mean for sport. A wave of guilt washed over her as her mind turned to Cathleen, Timothy, and worst of all Scorpius. This was the one person who Scorpius would not approve of, who he despised and for good reason. Rose couldn’t even think about what his reaction would be if he found out.

Marcus moaned again, taking her away from her panicked thoughts and back to the reality that she was still kissing him. Pulling her lips away quickly, he was taken aback as he watched her rip away from his arms, grab the papers off the table, and turn to walk away as fast as she could.

“You know you feel the same,” he said after her.

Rose stopped walking and turned around with an almost sympathetic expression on her face. “That may be” she stated, willingly meeting his eyes. “But that doesn’t mean I approve of what you do.”

Marcus remained very still, her words more jeering than before.

She waited a moment before adding, “I really do think that you could prove me wrong if you wanted to, but that’s the thing. You would have to want to.” She didn’t say it just because she wanted him to be right for her. She also said it because that was Rose, always believing in the good in people and their ability to redeem themselves to others. “Good night Marcus,” she finished, turning to leave.

Marcus’ face was in a set scowl. He felt more rejected by Rose now than when he came in. He wasn’t sure how she had managed to get to him, but she had and it ticked at him constantly. “I would have to want to,” he mumbled to himself, wondering what that was supposed to mean.

Hearing a crunching noise coming from behind him, Marcus extended his hand and caught the source of the sound. Glancing down to his hand, it was perfect paper crane that Rose had made, with its delicately folded edges and creases. He stared at it for a long moment. He had half a mind to crush it to relieve his frustration, but he didn’t. Instead, he carefully slipped it into his pocket and left the library as if he had done no such thing.


Scorpius stood in the entrance way of the study hall, gripping his bag tightly. He looked down to Marcus’ note again Miranda Crawsher and the words Convince Her To Like You.

Shaking his head, he folded the note again and placed it in his robe. He knew that Marcus had given him this task almost as a joke, not believing him when he said that he could get a girl to like him. It was true he didn’t talk to a lot of girls nor did he have much of a desire too. He had Rose and that was enough to satisfy him. He had dated Raven Heartly for a brief period of time last year, but at the end of the day it was Rose who he always found as his preferred company.

Clinching his teeth together, Scorpius remained still, replaying the task at hand. He had procrastinated a bit with his task, but that was partially because he dreaded doing it. By dating Raven, he knew that he could get a girl, although the more he started to think about it the more he wasn’t sure how he was able to make her like him… she sort of just did. That thought having just occurred to him made his eyes go wide and his throat suddenly dry.

What if he couldn’t do it? He thought. Marcus could have very well been right, and he would lose his chance for the company on the first try. Scorpius realized that that was Marcus’ plan all along, offer him a bet which he knew he couldn’t complete and wouldn’t refuse, have him wager his rights to the company, that way when the signing day came he wouldn’t have to worry about Scorpius attempting to fight it. “The evil bastard,” Scorpius muttered.

Well he was going to prove Marcus wrong. Scorpius wasn’t exactly ugly, he was tall with broad shoulders that came from his position as chaser on the quidditch team, pale blond hair which he kept short, and strong facial features that weren’t as pointed as his father’s but still prominent, his mother’s genes smoothing them out. He also had grey-blue eyes which Rose had said a person could become lost in if they wanted to. Not to mention, he was a Malfoy. He knew how to manipulate a person… At least he thought he did. He had to admit that he had never actually tried, always seeing it as tricking someone or mean, but his family had generations of master manipulators in it so he was sure that the ability lay somewhere within him.

He took a deep breath as he straightened himself and poked out his chest. If he was going to do this, now was the time. Taking slow steps down the hall, he walked to one of the long tables, stopping in front of a girl who had her brownish blond hair pulled into a tight bun on top of her head. She didn’t seem to notice that anyone was in front of her so in a sly way Scorpius attempted to clear his throat which turned into more of a cough.

The girl’s head shot up as she noticed Scorpius for the first time. “Mind if I sit?” he pushed out weakly, taking note of the confused and startled look on her face.

Shrugging, she looked back down to the parchment she had been writing on and the book which was open beside her.

Taking a seat, Scorpius pulled out his own books while he occasionally glanced at her, attempting to think back to what he knew about her.

Miranda Crawsher was in their year and in the Ravenclaw house. He had talked to her on the quidditch pitch a couple of times after games against Ravenclaw, usually complementing her on her catches.

Pulling out his quill, it was time for him to see if he could do this. “What’s the date?” he half whispered.

“Sunday, January 22nd. Do you need the year?” she whispered politely not looking up from her paper.

Scorpius gave a cheeky grin. “2023, I think I got it. Thank you,”

Miranda looked up and extended a small smile before going back to what she was doing. His heart raced rapidly with nerves. He could do this, he reminded himself, releasing a slow breath he felt as his heart slowed down.

Dipping his quill in ink, he wrote the date down on the parchment and observed her again, watching as she tilted her head back and forth as she wrote. He had to get a conversation going, ease his way in. He took another nervous breath, about to ask something else, when she lifted her head up and asked, “Why do you keep staring at me?”

Taken off guard, he shrugged his shoulders “No reason,” he answered, wrong noticing as her face went from curious to confused. She started to glance back to her parchment when Scorpius added, “You just look very nice today.”

Her eyes quickly looked up, meeting his before quickly looking down to her notes again, her cheeks becoming pink against her pale skin. Scorpius grinned to himself, pleased with his recovery. He focused his eyes on his own notes as he allowed Miranda to continuously peer up at him, her becoming more curious about him. Occasionally he would lift his own eyes to meet hers; he would show a weak smile as if he hadn’t planned to get caught trying to steal a peak at her, which made her cheeks go up.

After that went on for a couple of hours, Miranda finally plucked up the courage to ask, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Now that question did shock Scorpius as the smile was wiped off his face. “Who told you that?” he asked.

Miranda shrugged “No one did, I just… assumed… that…” she tripped over her words. “I mean you and Rose…”

Scorpius laughed, shaking his head quickly. “No,” he stated relieved, his smile growing larger.

“No?” Miranda repeated, her own face showing signs of relief.

“Not even close,” he clarified with a chuckle, feeling himself become looser with the conversation. “Don’t get me wrong, she’s my best friend and I’d do anything for her but…” he looked for a way to describe it. “I don’t see her like that.” He looked straight into Miranda’s eyes as he said, “I kind of like someone else.”

Miranda bit her lip, looking back down to her notes. Scorpius waited before asking, “You’re not still dating that prat O’Connell, right?” he waited for her to respond, even though he already knew the answer.

Miranda shook her head. “No,” she whispered.

“Good,” He said sweetly, throwing his quill to the table having completed his homework for the weekend, he stretched out his hands “Finished.”

“Oh, okay.” Her voice covered in disappointment. 

Scorpius stood up and gathered his things, shoving them into his bag, before stopping and looking down to Miranda. “Would you like to go for a walk with me?”

Miranda’s face brightened immediately. “Sure,” she replied. “Give me few minutes to finish this up.”

“No rush,” he answered, glancing around the room. “I’ll meet you by the exit of the hall.”

Scorpius couldn’t help but feel slightly satisfied that he had talked to her so easily, although he had a slight ting of guilt, course through him.

Spotting Marcus who was whispering something to Clark in a frustrated way. Scorpius wasn’t sure what made him do it, probably the lack of confidence that Marcus had in him, but he walked right over to him and bent his head down beside him interrupting whatever it was that they were talking about. “Don’t underestimate me Cousin,” he said into Marcus’ ear.

It was visible that Marcus was in a bad mood. Still, they both turned their heads to Miranda who looked absolutely smitten, turning her head to Scorpius. He winked at her and turned to face Marcus again. “I would start working on February.”

“You haven’t completed this month yet,” Marcus spat.

Scorpius leaned in closer. “Oh I know, but I will.”

It seemed that Marcus was going to come back with some rude or snarky remark, but he didn’t. He remained silent which was surprising to Scorpius. Their eyes stayed narrowed at each other for a moment before Scorpius got up to go the exit.

As he walked to the exit, his mind began to wonder. It was very unlike Marcus to not give a jab to him, and he had the perfect opportunity too. His mind was so lost that he hadn’t realized where he had been walking until he felt his body collide into someone else’s.

“I’m sorry, I was distracted,” Scorpius heard the familiar voice say.

Looking down to her, he saw Rose who was picking her books up off the ground. Bending down to help her, he said, “I have a hard time believing that you are ever distracted.”

Rose seemed startled to hear Scorpius’ voice as she looked him in the eyes. taking the books from him. She seemed tiered and slightly frazzled with an odd look in her eyes. Suddenly, everything that had just happened with Miranda and Marcus disappeared from his thoughts, his mind becoming worried and concerned.

Gently taking ahold of her elbow, he helped her stand. “Is everything alright?” he asked, refusing to let go of her.

Rose stared back and forth into his eyes, searching for words, but none came. After her encounter with Marcus on Friday she felt upset and confused, so when she went into the common room that night, she told Scorpius that she wasn’t feeling well and that she wanted to go to bed. It wasn’t a lie, because she felt like an absolute wreck. Unsure what to think, a part of her felt like she was betraying Scorpius and a part of herself by kissing him and yet the kiss was absolutely perfect. Even though Marcus stolen her first kiss, she would have been lying to herself if she said that a part of her didn’t want to kiss him, and that’s what confused her the most because he was Marcus.

Right now she felt awful staring at Scorpius a part of her didn’t want to tell him about what happened with Marcus, but she couldn’t lie to him so she had been intentionally avoiding him.

Unable to look at Scorpius, she pulled her eyes away and looked into the hall, which was even a bigger mistake because there Marcus was staring intently at her with the same look he had given her in the library and that unnerved Rose. Scorpius turned his head slowly to follow Rose’s stare, noticing how she wasn’t able to look away.

Seeing Marcus in a way that he had never seen him before, he felt himself become rigged as his stomach dropped slightly. “What’s going on Rose?” he asked, turning back to her.

“Marcus umm…” she tried to say kissed me, but the words refused to come out.

“What did he do Rose?” Scorpius asked, slightly aggressive.

Rose just couldn’t get the words out, her stomach turning around inside of itself, as she tried. Sighing, she looked back up to Scorpius’ worried eyes. “May I please tell you later?” she simply asked.

“Are you ready?” a small voice said behind them. Rose and Scorpius both looked to Miranda.

Scorpius still kept ahold Rose’s arm. “Yeah, one moment,” he motioned quickly, looking back to Rose who looked down to the ground to avoid his gaze, and closed her eyes. “You promise you’ll tell me?” he whispered.

Rose held her books tightly to her chest as she gave a feeble nod, keeping her eyes closed. Reluctantly Scorpius agreed. “Okay.” Letting go of her arm he turned around to Miranda and waved her over.

Taking Miranda’s hand they walked passed Rose out of the hall, and Rose sighed a deep breath.

Lifting her head up Rose opened her eyes and found that Marcus had still not removed his gaze. She watched as he made a lunge to stand. Not wanting to talk to him either, she walked out of the hall. No longer feeling like she could focus on much of anything, so she headed back to the Gryffindor tower to climb back in bed.


Miranda and Scorpius walked around the black lake talking mostly about quidditch. His mind would occasionally go back to Rose. Never in his life had seen her so… he couldn’t think of a word, and it worried him. He had to keep reminding himself that at the current moment in time he had to focus on Miranda, and complete his task.

As they reached the spot where they started, he smiled to her. “I had a nice time.”

Miranda nodded in agreement, her face still bright and chipper. Lifting her head up and leaning in to his a bit, she smiled back at him, biting her lip patiently.

Scorpius knew what it was going to take to complete this task. He could tell from how she was standing. Having no desire to do so he, leaned in and let his lips fall on hers, feeling as she deepened the kiss. He kept his eyes open the entire time. It wasn’t until Scorpius felt the single sharp tick from the watch on his wrist that he jumped back and stared at her. Quickly glancing down and pulling up his sleeve, he saw as the hour hand slowly moved to one while the minute stayed at twelve. “To keep track,” he said to himself, confusing Miranda.

“What is it?” she asked, shocked.

“Uhh, I have to go to prefect duty,” he said quickly, still looking at the watch, knowing that he had completed his first task.

Rushing to get away, he heard Miranda say, “Alright I guess I’ll see you around.” Scorpius shook his head in agreement as he headed up the hill to the castle. When he arrived at the entrance, he stopped to breath in the cold January air. He felt oddly pleased with himself even though he knew that what he did was wrong. Everything, including Rose, had left his mind, as a surge of hope rushed though him. For the first time in two years, the prospect that he might actually get the company ran through him, and that overjoyed him in a way that almost made leading Miranda on worth it.

A/N: Alright I am so sorry for the wait, I don’t think it should take that long again. I had some major rewrites for this chapter and that was what held me back. Anyways I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know if the kiss between Rose and Marcus was believable or too random? I’m not a huge fan of rushing relationships but with them it was sort of necessary for what I have planned in the story, so I did my best to make it believable and add some time in. Also most of the task wont be that easy I was just trying to set up how the story was going to work, with the watch and the girls. Now that I have set everything up I won't be rushing things near as much.
Speaking of time, this story I realized might be confusing if I only went with the month so I will occasionally sneak the dates in so you have an idea of where they are. I know I didn’t do that in the first chapter, which I am going to add in, but the bet was made on Saturday January 7th 2023.

Thank you so much for reading and please review and let me know what you think. I am really curious if this idea will work out.

Also Thanks to Luvinpadfoot for betaing.


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