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Just A Game by TearsIMustConceal
Chapter 18 : We're all just pieces in their games
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amazing chapter image by abeille.reveuse @ tda!

Chaper 17

“Gigi, wake up, it’s Christmas day!” I woke groggily to an excited 15 year old who already had an arm full of presents. Yawning, I sat up, noting that I had fallen asleep in the common room and smiled at Lola.


“Merry Christmas Lola.”


She launched herself at me, arms going around my neck. “Merry Christmas Gigi,” she let go and sat down cross legged on the floor, ripping open her first present. “Your presents are on the table over there.”

I looked to where she pointed and saw a neat pile of presents sat on the table next to the arm chair. I remember spotting them last night before I fell asleep but I never gave them much thought. Moving over to them, I scooped them up and brought them to where Lola was sitting. Unwrapping them carefully, I relaxed when I saw books, stationery and sweets off Lily and the boys, which meant they were all off Lily. The only one I could guarantee was off the boys was the bottle of fire whiskey with a tag saying ‘to share’. I had to laugh at that. Moving the strips of red wrapping paper out of the way, the last present I was left with was a small green box. Before I could get to it, Lola made a grab for it.


“Can I open it?” She had already begun tearing the green paper away whilst she asked. A peculiar feeling rested in my stomach and I knew something was off.

“Lola, give me back the present,” My voice was calm but I felt anything but. She pouted but she tore the last strip of paper off, leaving the black jewellery box.

 “Don’t be a spoil sport, let me see what it is!” She opened the lid and gasped as she saw the ring that was sitting in it. “This is gorgeous, can I try it on?” Before I even had a chance to say no and take it off her, she touched the ring and suddenly went rigid before letting out an ear piercing scream.

I watched on in horror as she began to shake furiously before, rising into the air before stopping abruptly and falling to the ground. Once she had fallen I gained my senses and crawled towards her, absolutely horrified at what had happened. Grabbing the blanket off the couch, I prised the ring from her hand and threw it to the side. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs but I was more interested in my sister. I felt the tears coming to my eyes as I stroked her hair.

“Gisela, what happened?” Remus’ voice filled my eyes and I shook my head.


“The ring,” I pointed a shaky hand to where it was lying on the blanket, “It’s cursed, she touched it before I could stop her and then she…” I didn’t finish the sentence and turned my head to look at Remus. “it was meant for me, it was meant for me.”



It didn’t take long for McGonagall to arrive and I heard the unmistakable gasp of the scottish woman before she sprung into action. I felt like I was in a trance as McGonagall took my shoulders and moved me away from my sister as she was taken away to the hospital wing. I felt myself being led away from the common room and towards Dumbledore’s office but I couldn’t hear what was being said around me. I watched as McGonagall’s mouth moved but I couldn’t process what she was saying to me. Everything was blurry and I couldn’t concentrate, the only thing I could think about was my sister lying motionless on the floor. She didn’t deserve it, it was meant for me. I couldn’t help but feel the guilt wash over me. I was to blame for this, it should have been me on that floor.

I felt myself being placed in the chair and I saw Dumbledore at his desk before he stood up and came towards me. I put my head in my hands and I let the tears fall onto my thighs, watching them darken the denim of my jeans as they were absorbed. Gentle hands removed my hands from head and placed them on my lap. I looked up slowly and saw Dumbledore looking at me sadly.



“What happened, Miss Martinez?”

“The ring was cursed,” my voice was hoarse from the crying I had done and I barely recognised it. “Lola touched it.” I took a shaky breath, “It was meant for me.”

“Don’t blame yourself Miss Martinez, it is not your fault. Now, how is it your sister came across the ring?” Dumbledore’s voice was gentle and soothing and I felt myself relax a little in his presence.


“It was a Christmas gift, it had no tag,” I closed my eyes and pictured the present sitting with the others, “the wrapping paper was green. It stood out among all the red wrapped presents,”


I could see the wheels turning in Dumbledore’s head and I knew he was coming to the conclusion I had come to. “And you think it’s from a member of Slytherin?”



I nodded, “Yes, or at least someone pure-blooded. It was aimed at me, I’m the traitor, I’m the one everyone has it in for, it has to be someone who has been offended by my change of sides, someone I was close to because it seemed personal,” I took another breath, “It was a ring and anyone who knows me well, knows I love rings, I have a collection of them at home.”

“Minerva, please can you go and wake Professor Merrythought and have her come here. I will go and collect the ring and bring it here so she can examine it.” Dumbledore then turned to me and smiled slightly, “Please wait here Miss Martine. Mr Lupin, will you wait with her?”

I had totally forgotten about Remus being present and I turned to see him sat next to me. I tried to smile at him but found I couldn’t. I gave up and looked away, not wanting him to see me cry. I felt his hand on my shoulder and I let out a shaky sigh. “It’s my fault Remus, it should be me in that hospital wing.”




“You can’t say that, you didn’t know what was in that box,” Remus’ voice was soft but it wasn’t helping me feel better, it made me feel worse,”

“But I had some horrible feeling that something was wrong and I wasn’t fast enough to stop her touching it. I should have been quicker. I should have known instantly that something was wrong. It was wrapped in green paper for Merlin’s sake!” I stood up and put my hands through my hair in a frustrated manner. “How could I have been so stupid? I knew they were going to come after me! Why didn’t I see it?” Remus stood up and came towards me but I backed away, not wanting him to touch me. “No! It’s your fault, it’s all your faults! Being in Gryffindor has made me weak, made me stop being cautious! And look what happens when I let my guard down! My sister is lying in a hospital bed because I was weak!” I choked back a sob and I went quiet, “I was too weak to help her.”


I wrapped my arms around my body and fell to the floor. Remus awkwardly hugged me into his side and stayed silent as I cried. We stayed like that for ten minutes, until I had finished crying. Remus had let go by then and helped me up just in time for Dumbledore to walk back into the office, along with McGonagall and Professor Merrythought. Dumbledore placed the cursed ring onto his desk and I watched as Professor Merrythought waved her wand above the ring and then nod solemnly to Dumbledore.


“It’s been cursed, and powerfully too, might I add. Whoever did this was skilled in the dark arts,” That narrowed it down no more than before. As pureblood, we were all trained in the dark arts, I knew powerful dark magic and even Lola had been made to have a couple of lessons. It was still a strong possibility it was one of the gang, in fact, I knew it was one of them, I just didn’t know which.


“Thank you Galatea, sorry to wake you from your sleep,” Professor Merrythought nodded and left the office quickly. I kept my eyes on the ring, scarcely believing that so much evil had come from something so beautiful. The ring was everything I loved, it was delicate yet strong and it was silver with a black onyx in the middle. It was familiar but I guess it looked like a lot of other rings I had seen and admired.


“Miss Martinez?” I was broken out of my thoughts by Dumbledore’s voice. I shook my head and looked at him expectantly. “You may go and see your sister now. She is in a stable condition and currently in the hospital wing. She will be moved to St. Mungo’s in the next hour or so, you have until then to sit with her.”


I nodded and left the office quickly, heading to the fifth floor as fast as I could. I reached the hospital wing in less than five minutes and raced in, brushing past Madame Pomfrey to my sister’s bedside. Taking the closest seat to it, I grabbed my sister’s hand and squeezed it tightly. I brushed her hair from her face and smiled at her softly. She looked so peaceful but I knew it wasn’t true. What she had gone through wasn’t peaceful and I knew she would have nightmares about it after she woke up.


I rested my head on the side of her bed and closed my eyes tight, feeling the grasp of sleep come over me even though it was only morning. Flashes of what happened this morning and over the last few weeks appeared in front of my eyes and I opened them, rubbing a tired hand over them. Closing my eyes again, I watched more images appear until one particular image caught my attention.


It was the ring. I knew it was familiar and now I knew it was from a shop in Diagon Alley. I had seen it during the summer and I had wanted it but I was told I had to wait until Christmas to see if I got. It was then I realised who I was with that day. The one who told me to wait until Christmas. Never had words sounded so ominous after what had happened. The one person I didn’t think it would be.



A/N; i am so so sorry for the long wait for an update, uni has been a killer and i've had time for nothing else but now i am back and hopefully i can start writing for Gisela again. Hopefully this dramatic chapter will make up for how long i made you guys wait. Hope you enjoy it :)

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Just A Game: We're all just pieces in their games


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