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First Name Terms by MissesWeasley123
Chapter 9 : Aboard the Hogwarts Express
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 “Gin, you’re back from the party too?” asked Hermione brightly, her cheeks still flushed pink.

“Yeah, the night didn’t fare so well with Dean and I. Anyways, why are you glowing?” Ginny questioned, her eyebrow raised.

“Oh, nothing,” she lied.

“Please Hermione, don’t insult my intelligence, you can’t honestly think I’ll believe you if you said that you were happy because of McLaggen. Spill. Now,” threatened Ginny, one of the most annoying things about her was that she could get anything out of Hermione.

“IkissDraMalfoy,” she spluttered.

“Come again?”

“I – I kissed him. Draco.”

“Nice one Hermione. No really, what happened?” she asked, smirking.

“I’m not joking Ginny,” she whimpered, wishing more and more that she’d just kept her mouth shut.

“What, in the name of Hagrid’s smelly armpits made you do that!?” she shrieked.

Hermione let out a chuckle, “What did you just say?” Hagrid’s smelly armpits... Ginny must be really mad. Her smile faltered when she realized that Ginny Weasley was mad.

“Don’t change the subject. His dad’s a stinking, foul man who, if you don’t remember, was the reason I almost died and you were petrified for nearly a month. He’s a Death Eater,” she growled.

Speechless, she nervously trailed, “Draco’s different...”

“How many times has he called you a Mudblood?”

“Ten,” she whispered softly. Yes, she had been counting all those years, though ten was the amount of times he had called her that in front of Harry or Ron, there were plenty more but she didn’t add that for Ginny ploughed on.

“Exactly. I don’t know what got into you then Hermione, I hope it was just a spur-of-the-butterbeer type thing,” she huffed, and dragged herself up to the girl’s dormitory, leaving Hermione’s happy memory of the night tarnished and forgotten.

But her words has left an impact. God... How stupid had she been? She couldn't kiss him... She was a Mudblood. 

Hermione sat down at her usual spot in the Common Room, thinking things over. Her eyes bored into the blazing fire, and she inhaled deeply. Kissing Draco was the stupidest thing she could have ever done. And it must not happen again.

Hermione’s lips were on loop in Draco’s mind. He was sure he had a sheepish grin on his face. But tomorrow he would leave Hogwarts for the break. Just swell. An entire two weeks with his Mother, who would well mother him, and his delightful Aunt Bella who was a little ray of sunshine, she was.

The break also meant that there was no chance of a rendezvous with Hermione, but Draco being Draco would find a way around that. He always did.

“Merry Christmas Hermione, I have something to tell you after we get back!” yelled Harry over Ron and Lavender’s rather noisy snogging session.

“Merry Christmas to you too Harry,” she muttered bitterly, as she heaved her trunk up and out of the portrait door.

Setting out to the carriages that would take her to the Hogwarts Express, Hermione felt very lonely. Harry, Ginny, and even Ron were all Flooing to the Burrow, leaving Neville and Luna to share a carriage with her. The Ravenclaw and fellow Gryffindor were great, but it just wasn’t the same as them.

Entering a compartment, she, along with the airy blonde and forgetful boy placed their trunks onto the rail. Hermione sat down and began reading an old Daily Prophet, while Neville exited the compartment to find Dean and Seamus.

“Hermione, I think I’ll go on a walk... the Bindwinderleses are making me queasy...” sing-songed the Ravenclaw.

“You do that Luna,” she said from behind the newspaper. The moment she heard the door shut she put her paper down and curled up into the ball on the seat, taking advantage of no one seeing her. She tried crying, she really did, but tears would not come.

“Oh thank god, you’re finally alone –” came a voice as she heard the compartment door open and close, curtains being pulled.

She lifted her head from her knees, Draco Malfoy standing in her compartment.

“Every bloody time eh?” asked Draco, grinning.

“Every bloody time what?” she snapped.

“You’re always in PMS depression mode whenever we meet.”

“Shut up, you fat arse,” she said, gently shoving him, feeling her mood become better by the second. But then she remembered what Ginny said... His dad... She pushed that voice out of her mind and looked out the window. The snow was falling gently, clearly showing signs of a good winter. She sighed.

“Oi, don’t hate on my arse Granger. We all know that deep down, you are secretly infatuated with it,” he teased wisely.

Hermione turned red, trying to look anywhere but him.

“I love when you get worked up around me, it’s really cute,” he whispered, his warm breath making her neck erupt in goose bumps.

“Ew, no it’s not. It’s a dead giveaway that I feel uncomfortable –" she began, exasperated.

“Are you saying that I make you uncomfortable Granger?” he interrupted, his voice low and husky; intoxicating, as Malfoy leaned closer to her.

And before she knew it, his lips were on hers, his fingers under her shirt, onto her back, while her hands played with his hair. Hermione moaned as Draco pushed his body onto hers, deepening the kiss.

AN: Short chapter, I know, but hopefully the ending made up for that. And it's only a kissing session, nothing more, I'm not leading this story into teen pregnancy or something, Hermione has to help defeat Voldy after all! Please read and review, Hermione, Draco and I all need them :) I think everyone knows what Harry has to tell Hermione after the break, but the question is, how does she react to it internally? You'll find out soon enough. Thoughts and suggestions can go into the box below, along with any typos you find. Please point them out, it only makes it better for you to read!
Until the next!

Edited - 01/12/2013 -- typos

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First Name Terms: Aboard the Hogwarts Express


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