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A Very Weasley Camping Trip by Harrysavesme
Chapter 12 : A quiet journey home
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                Hermione stood in the middle of full blown Weasley Chaos.  It was already mid-morning and they still hadn’t gotten the bus loaded.  First everyone slept in; after the fireworks excitement everyone had been exhausted.  Then, rucksacks had to be packed and tents cleaned up, breakfast of course, and a little chaos for good measure. 

                Hermione quickly scanned the campsite taking an inventory of the troubles.  Bill and Fleur were packed, but having trouble comforting Victoire, she had been screaming for the last twenty minutes.  Charlie was trying to find his underwear, though Hermione didn’t want to know how he managed to lose that.  Audrey was trying to comfort a distressed Percy, it seemed his check list had gone missing and now he couldn’t ensure he had all his possessions.  George was hiding behind the bus snickering, he seemed to have both Charlie’s underwear and Percy’s list, though mercifully he was packed.  Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were having a disagreement about the tents, while Mrs. Weasley was shoving bits of breakfast in people’s hands as they hurried by her.  Mr. Weasley thought the only way to pack the tents was the muggle way and Mrs. Weasley had taken his tent mallet and told him to use his wand.  Harry was trying to explain to a saddened Teddy that they had to go home, and finally she spotted Ron and Ginny.  Hermione sighed when she saw that the two siblings were arguing about something and headed her way. 




                Ginny was arguing with Ron again, bickering was probably the better term.  They just couldn’t help themselves sometimes.  Ginny caught one look at Hermione’s face as they approached her and stopped in her tracks, “What do you need?”  Hermione’s face flooded with relief, “George has Charlie’s underwear, and Percy’s list, if you Ginny could go get them from him.  Ron could you help your dad pack up the tents, and send Harry and Teddy over to me.”  Ginny couldn’t help but smile at Hermione’s ability to manage the chaos her family created. 

                Ginny tapped George on the shoulder, he turned to face her and she fixed him with the glare she had learned from her mum.  The smirk melted off George’s face, “Are you going to tell mum?”  Ginny smirked at George, “I won’t as long as you help.”  The smirk returned to George’s face, “What do you need to do.”  Ginny looked at her older brother with amazement, George could do anything, “Well for starters, Charlie needs his underwear back, and Percy needs his list, then we need to get everyone packed and in the bus.”  George saluted at Ginny and hurried off to return his prizes. 

                Ginny headed back to the truck and saw the Harry had built Teddy a blanket tent in one of the bus seats.  The little boy was now happily encapsulated in the seat playing with moony.  Harry and Hermione were packing what they could into the bus.  Ginny looked over at Ron he was having some success getting the tents packed up though her father seemed to be more a hindrance then a help.  Ginny couldn’t help but giggle at George; he had slipped Charlie’s underwear into his rucksack and was trying to convince him that they had been there all along.  Meanwhile Percy had found his list and was checking things off it as he lectured Audrey on the importance of not moving his things.  Ginny just shook her head; Audrey was the only woman who could put up with Percy.  Ginny went to help Ron and her dad.  With two of them they managed to keep their father out of too much trouble.  One unfortunate incident with the tent mallet later, Ron’s toes would heal, and twenty minutes later the tents were in the bus. 

                Ginny stood in the middle of what had been their campsite and watched her family.  Bill and Fleur had finally calmed baby Victoire.  Charlie and George were claiming the back seats of the bus for themselves.  Percy was sitting in the front of the bus with Audrey, he looked eager to prove that he at least knew how to sit properly on the bus.  Ginny waved her wand removing the last of the enchantments and felt Harry grab her hand.  They joined Ron and Hermione and got on the bus.  Her dad closed the door and with an ominous groan the bus began the slow journey home.  Ginny rested her head on Harry’s shoulder and noticed that her family was silent.  The only noise was the groaning of the bus engine and sound of their breathing.  Ginny closed her eyes enjoying the silence.  It was comfortable, the kind of silence you could only have with a group of people you loved.  It was the perfect ending to a week of noise and chaos. 

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A Very Weasley Camping Trip: A quiet journey home


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