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Bowled Over by quixotic
Chapter 1 : Cho Chang: The Master Blaster
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Five Gryffindor girls crept down the corridors of Hogwarts at a time when they should have been fast asleep on their four poster beds. They were lugging bats, wickets and cricket balls. It was pitch black and Pippa cast a Lumos spell, being the only one among them who currently possessed a wand. Sneaking out of bed was an exciting feeling and the seventh year girls couldn’t help grinning at each other as they made their way to the Room of Requirement.

“I feel like James Bond,” Pippa told her friends, suddenly.
“What’s a James Bond?” one of them asked and Pippa sighed.
“James Bond is a man,” she explained “He’s a secret agent working under the British Crown!”
The rest of the girls nodded enthusiastically. They all felt like crafty and mysterious secret agents prowling around Hogwarts.

“Pippa, what are you doing out of bed?” a small voice cut through the darkness. The girls froze, horrified at being caught. Pippa whirled around and found herself face to face with her eleven year old sister.

“Cho! What have I told you about following me around?” Pippa huffed sounding thoroughly annoyed, although a part of her was relieved that it wasn’t a Prefect or, even worse, Filch. The rest of the girls relaxed their rigid shoulders.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Cho Chang whispered and Pippa felt a tug of sisterly affection. Cho was small for her age. Her dark uneven fringe and Pippa’s old uniform that was two size too big didn’t help matters much. She gave off the impression of an angel who had no idea what she was doing on earth. Pippa sighed.

“What are you doing?” Cho asked curiously. This time one of Pippa’s friends replied.
“We’re going to play cricket in the Room of Requirement.”

Cho’s eyes sparkled. “So that’s what you’ve been doing every weekend!”
Pippa narrowed her eyes, “How do you know about that?”
I’m amazing at cricket!” Cho went on, blatantly ignoring Pippa’s question, “Please, please let me play with you!”

Pippa rolled her eyes.
“Cho, do you even know what cricket is?” she asked her sister.
“Of course!” Cho replied sounding like a typical self-assured Ravenclaw that she was. “It’s that game you taught me last summer. You know, swinging the bat and hitting a red ball...”

“Yes, yes,” Pippa replied waving her sister’s words away. “My point is, do you know how to play? The last time you tried the game, you gave our gardener a concussion.”

Pippa’s friends cringed ever so slightly. Cho pouted. “He was just standing in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she insisted “And if I remember correctly, that shot scored me six runs.”

“Not bad!” the other girls murmured. Pippa gnashed her teeth.
“Just go back to bed, Cho,” she snapped, irritated. Cho smirked.
“Why should I?” she asked with her voice echoing off the castle walls.
The other girls looked warily around to make sure that they were still alone.
“Keep quiet!” Pippa hissed.
“Not until you let me play,” Cho shot back, jutting her chin out stubbornly.
Pippa was about to tear her hair out when another friend intervened. “Pippa, just let the girl play,” she whispered, “before she wakes up the whole castle with her tantrums.”

Pippa sighed. Once Cho set her mind on something, there was no stopping her. She was going to play cricket with them whether Pippa liked it or not.

“Fine,” Pippa relented “you can play with us.”
Cho beamed. “My team will win for sure!” she said happily. Pippa mentally berated herself for not bringing along a first-aid kit. With Cho now playing, they were definitely going to need one.

“Come on,” she hissed to the other girls as she continued walking, “We don’t want anyone else discovering us.”

The party soon reached the Room of Requirement which modified itself to become a cricket stadium at the girls’ request. Cho’s jaw dropped at the sight of it.
“How- how does it do that?” she spluttered, guesturing at the vast expanse of green lawn. 

Pippa grinned. Making Cho speechless was a herculean task in itself. She might as well enjoy the satisfaction of knowing something that her little sister didn’t. As much as Pippa hated to admit it, Cho was the brainiac among the two Chang daughters. Pippa just had the great looks, or so she thought.

The girls walked in, shielding their faces from the brilliant floodlights. They quickly divided themselves into two teams with the Chang sisters on either side for safety measures. Blowing up the room for a small spat was something the both the teams couldn’t afford.

Soon the game began. Pippa’s team was chosen to bat. Cho was the first bowler, but after a couple of balls it seemed that Cho had missed what bowling meant- that the batsman (or batswoman, in this case) should hit the ball and the not the other way around! So Cho was put as a fielder in the deepest corner of the grounds, as far away as possible from the game, much to her chagrin. She sulked with such intensity that if the field was made of milk, it would have curdled immediately. Since the field was, as usual, made of grass, Cho had to resign herself to picking the blades out of the soil one by one.

Pippa’s team finished batting with a score of 20 runs, which was spectacular for their three person team. Cho scoffed. This meant a sure shot win for her team. In fact, she was sure that she could score twenty runs herself. Much to her horror, Cho wasn’t chosen as the first batsmen, or the second. She was to bat last. Grumbling, she sat on the sidelines, but could not remain unhappy for long. She cheered as her two teammates ran from one wicket to another. Amidst the shrieks of joy, tears of laughter and the general commotion, none of the girls noticed that the door to the Room of Requirement was ajar....

“Oi, little Chang!” one of Pippa’s friends yelled. Cho looked up, annoyed. What kind of a nickname was that?
“It’s your turn to bat,” the girl yelled again. Finally! Cho sprang up from the bench and, clutching the wooden bat, strutted to the pitch. She made sure to swing her bat and throw in a few punches like those cricketers she’d seen on that muggle contraption. Velletision, was it?

Anyway, after what seemed like an ample showing off, Cho turned to face the bowler. It was Pippa. Cho angled the bat and focused on the little red ball in Pippa’s hand. While everyone thought that Cho must be planning a strategic move in her head, the only thought that was running through it was her wish to have a fancy uniform- one of those bright red jerseys she’d seen the famous cricketers wear. She could match it with ruby earrings and that bracelet Mum had given her for Christmas. Oh and those shoes-

“What is going on here?!” a voice bellowed from the doorway. Six pairs of eyes turned in the direction of the sound. Argus Filch, the dreaded caretaker, stood there menacingly. For once, he was without his lifelong companion, Mrs.Norris.

“Students out of bed!” he snarled leeringly. One of Pippa’s friends actually whimpered.

Cho wasn’t scared, not even in the slightest. She was angry. How dare Filch interrupts them before she could even hit the first ball. That was plain rude and Cho did not tolerate rudeness. She was going to teach Filch a lesson. She shifted her attention to Pippa who was staring back at her. Bowl, Cho mouthed and Pippa looked at her in amazement. Do it! Cho mouthed again and Pippa hesitated wondering she was out of her mind. Shrugging, she tossed the ball in Cho’s direction resolving herself to face whatever the outcome.

As the ball spun towards her, all thoughts of jerseys and accessories flew out of Cho’s mind. She had to do this right, there was no room for error. She took her best swung and a crack sound was heard as the ball collided with her bat. The red ball soared in the air grabbing the attention of everyone in the room including that of Filch. Dead silence ensued. The ball menacingly zoomed towards the door and ...Merlin! Filch’s voice boomed in the Room of Requirement. The bat has hit its target successfully- Filch’s head. Oh! It had hit really, really hard!

The caretaker flew backwards and hit the floor with a thud. A large angry welt had already erupted on his forehead, growing purpler every second. Pippa and the other girls gaped at Cho.

“What are you staring at me for?” Cho yelled, “Run for you lives, ladies!”

One wonders what turned such a feisty character into a wallflower.

Author's Note: Hi everyone! Hope you liked that little one-shot. This is my first challenge on the forums and I really enjoyed it. I've never written a parody before, so I hope that this kind of fits the bill. Oh and I don't own Harry Potter or James Bond, those belong solely to JK Rowling and Ian Fleming respectively. Don't forget to leave a review! I really want to know what you think about the story :)


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Bowled Over: Cho Chang: The Master Blaster


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