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Harry Potter and The Inevitable by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 9 : Chapter Eleven: Taking Care
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Harry could hear voices around him faintly, but couldn't make out what they were saying. From what he could hear it wasn't just a conversation between two people, but more like an argument. Harry turned his head to face the back of the couch, and ignored the slight pain in his neck as he did so. Finally accepting the fact he wasn't going to be able to fall back asleep, Harry kept his eyes open and tried to listen in on the conversation in the hallway.


"-I think I might be able to get Fudge to take another look at the case, and have him look for-" A familiar voice said.


"No, Dumbledore. He'll get suspicious, why would you have him look at the case now? It's been thirteen years." Sirius cut in.


"What I'm saying is that there were Auror's surrounding the Riddle House yesterday, they saw a handful of Death Eaters inside through the window. One of them could of seen Peter Pettigrew, and we could re-open the case as to why he is still alive, and a Death Eater at that." Dumbledore told him, and it sounded as if he were pacing.


"I don't know, I just don't want anything to go wrong and I end up back in Azkaban. It would kill Harry if I had to leave him, especially like this." Sirius said.

Harry thought over what they saying for a second. Dumbledore wanted to convince Fudge that Sirius was innocent? That seemed impossible, Fudge thought they were all crazy, claiming that a dead man had come back to life. Fudge wasn't on their side, not without solid evidence that Voldemort was walking around again, unleashing terror. 

"I understand Sirius, but wouldn't you like to be able to walk around a free man? To be able to go into Diagon Alley without a disguise, and not have to look at wanted posters of yourself?" Dumbledore asked him.

"Let me think about it, Dumbledore, and I'll tell you when I've made up my mind." Sirius replied.

Harry didn't have time to think over it after that, because he could hear footsteps coming into the room, and he opened his eyes and turned his head to see who it was. Sirius walked in, a small plate of breakfast in his hand, and a glass of pumpkin juice in his other. He set it down on the coffee table in between the two couches, and looked at Harry. Sirius looked shocked when he saw Harry's eyes were open, but recovered quickly.


"Morning pup." He said quietly, running his fingers through Harry's hair.


Harry smiled at the nickname, Sirius had started calling him 'pup' at the end of the last school year. Harry tried to push himself up into a sitting position, but his body refused to follow orders, and he slumped back against the couch.

"Are you okay?" Sirius asked with concern laced in his voice.

"Yeah," Harry said in a strained voice, "Just a little sore and weak, that's all."

Sirius nodded, and grabbed his wand out of his pocket. He waved it in a circular motion in his hand, doing a Non-Verbal spell. Harry watched as three vials flew in the air and rushed into the room, landing in Sirius' waiting hand. He uncorked all of them, and gave one of them to Harry.

"Ugh," Harry muttered, looking down at the potion, "This ones disgusting."

"I know," Sirius said with a small laugh, "But you need to take it."

Harry brought the vial to his lips, and quickly gulped it down. Sirius grabbed the ice cold glass of pumpkin juice off the table and gave it to Harry, who gratefully gulped some of it down.

"Thanks," Harry muttered, and hurriedly drained the remaining two potions down afterwards.

Harry set the vials down on the side table, and Sirius vanished them with a wave of his wand. Harry tried to hide the flinch that came when Sirius got his wand out, but Sirius had noticed. A frown on his face, Sirius knew why Harry reacted as such, and instantly felt guilty. Harry looked around the room quickly, looking for a quick distraction, and was glad when Sirius gave one.

"Molly made you some breakfast."  Sirius said, gesturing to the steaming plate.

Harry shook his head, his stomach heaving at the thought of eating food. Breathing out of his nose, Harry weakly sat up and took the blankets off of himself as he started to sweat.

"I can't, Sirius. Just the thought of eating makes me sick." Harry told him.

"Harry, you need to eat. At least try." Sirius told him, his voice stern.

"Fine, can you at least get me a waste basket if I do get sick?" Harry asked.

Sirius nodded, and summoned the waste basket on the other side of the room, and set it next to Harry. He then grabbed a pillow on the couch and set it on Harry's lap, then set the plate of food on top of it. Harry eyed the food for a moment, then picked up the smallest piece of toast with jelly on it, and bit some of it off. He chewed slowly, taking his time before he had to swallow it down, and grimaced when he did .

He looked as though he was about to be sick, but for Sirius' benefit he bit off another piece, and swallowed quickly this time. Sirius saw his face turn green the moment before he reached for the waste basket of his side, and vomited into it. Sirius grabbed the food off of his lap and set it on the coffee table, and rubbed his back as he did, ignoring the smell of it and grabbed the glass of pumpkin juice once again for Harry when he finished. 

Harry wiped his mouth off with his forearm, and quickly drained the glass of juice as Sirius cleaned him off with his flick of his wand. Sirius then vanished the contents in the basket, and continued to rub Harry's back, feeling through the thin shirt that Harry had broke into cold-sweats.

"I'm sorry." Sirius muttered, sitting down on the couch beside him.

"S'not your fault." Harry told him, pulling the blanket on himself again.

Sirius pulled Harry against him, and Harry rested his head on Sirius' shoulder. Sirius put a hand on Harry's forehead, and felt the thin sheet of sweat on it, and looked down to see Harry's face slightly flushed.

"Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the twins want to see you. Do you think that you'll be up for it?" Sirius asked him quietly.


"Yeah." Harry replied softly.

Sirius got up, and tucked the blankets in around Harry, leaving his feet out. He reached out his hand and patted Harry on the head lightly, and looked him in the eye.

"Then I'll go get them for you." He told him.

Harry nodded his thanks, and watched as Sirius left the room. Harry leaned against the couch, and swallowed in disgust, he could still faintly taste vomit in his mouth. He started to think about Fred, George, and Ginny, how they would react when they saw when since he had been taken. Even though Harry hadn't seen how he looked yet, he knew he was a mess, and there was only so much magic could do. 

Thinking about them more, Harry remembered thinking about Ginny in his cell, and twisted his hands together nervously. You have to stop thinking about her like that, she's Ron's little sister, she's the little sister of six older boy's. Harry gulped and shook his head, trying to get rid of the thought. He then could hear more than one pair of feet coming down the stairs, and knew Sirius had returned with the Weasley kids plus Hermione.

Harry watched the door, waiting for them to appear any second. Ron was the first one who came in, waving at Harry and giving him a smile, which was returned. Hermione walked in next, and hurried over to Harry, pulling him into a hug as Ron sat right next to him. Harry thought he heard Ginny, Fred and George enter, but couldn't see them over Hermione's bushy hair.

Hermione placed her hands on the middle of his back, pulling him close to her as she softly cried. Harry tried hard not to wince and arch his back, but when she unconsciously applied more pressure, he did.

"I'm so sorry, Harry!" She gasped, realizing what she did.

"I'm fine." He reassured her, ignoring the look of disbelief she gave him.

Harry scooted over more, so Hermione could sit next to Ron, and the twins and Ginny could sit on the couch as well. But looking up, Harry saw they were still in the doorway, looking at him with shocked and concerned faces. Looking down at himself, Harry realized with a jolt he was still in the clothes he had on when they found him, and they could see the outline of all the cuts and wounds he had.

"I'm okay, really, Madam Pomfrey fixed me up last night, I'm much better now." Harry told them, trying to comfort them the best he could.

He saw Ginny's lower lip tremble, but she didn't cry. Harry looked up at her and patted the left side of him, motioning her to sit next to him. With weak legs, she carried herself over and sat down next to Harry, and carefully hugged him close. Being able to see over her shoulder, he saw Fred and George walk over as well, and sit on the floor in front of the couch, facing them. Harry hugged Ginny back weakly, the potions still had yet to kick in.

"I didn't think we would see you again." She whispered in his ear, but everyone heard, and Harry knew about everyone had the thought the same as her at one point.

"Me either." Harry replied truthfully.

Letting go of him, Ginny looked at Harry more carefully, and was surprised she didn't notice a small detail when she walked in.

"What happened to you glasses?" She asked with a frown.

Harry brought his hand up to the top of his nose, feeling for the frame of his glasses, but nothing was there. How could he of not noticed? He was the one who wore them! But Harry thought of about it for a second, and remembered thinking the blood loss was making his vision blurry, his glasses must of fell of during one of his sessions with Voldemort.

"I don't know, I don't even remember them falling off." He responded honestly.


Ginny nodded, and leaned back more into the couch. Fred and George were on either side of Harry's feet on the floor, and they smiled up at him when he looked down at them. 

"So," Harry started as awkward silence fell on them, "Who figured out the anagram?" He asked curiously.

"Dumbledore did. We all tried, but it was tricky, even for Hermione." Ron replied with a small grin on his face.

Harry laughed as Hermione shot Ron a mock glare, and reached across Ron to pat her on the shoulder in fake sympathy.

"Don't worry, Hermione. We all have our bad days." Harry said to her, a comical smirk on his face.

Hermione smiled at him, glad that Harry was still his sarcastic self even after all that had happened to him. Ron shook his head at Harry, rolling his eyes with a grin on his face. Ginny looked down at the twins, who had a mischievous glint in their eye, and rolled her eyes at them. But suddenly George caught a glimpse at Harry's back, to where his shirt was pulled up slightly from stretching his arm over Ron, and revealed three, thick white bandages under the cuts on his shirt.

"What the bloody hell happened?" He asked with a yelp.

Ginny and Fred snapped their eyes to where George was looking, and Ron and Hermione frowned as they realized what the three were looking at. Harry paled slightly, and pulled his arm away from Hermione's shoulder, and reached it back to feel the cuts on his shirt and could feel the bandage's under them, that covered his lower back to about his shoulder blades.

"It's a long story." Harry whispered.

Harry was glad when Fred and George shook their head's, telling Harry silently that he didn't have to tell them now. Harry was reluctant enough last night to tell Dumbledore everything, and he just wanted time to relax and heal from everything that happened to him, then he would like to tell them. But now was not the time.

"Sirius thought you went mental when he read it." Fred said, changing the subject.

Harry laughed, ignoring the slight pain he felt from it. He nodded his head at Fred, he already figured when he made the anagram that they would think he was mad, and said with a smile.

"Of course he did."







Harry yawned as he looked away from Remus, fighting the urge to close his eyes. For the last half hour he and Remus talked about OWL's and the next school term, and Harry tried his hardest to stay awake. He heard footsteps coming down the hallway, and snapped his eyes to the doorway. Sirius and Ron walked in, talking quietly the one another as they walked towards Remus and Harry.

"What's going on?" Harry asked slowly as Ron sat on his free side, and Sirius sat on the other side of Remus.

"We're taking you upstairs to your room so you can get some sleep." Sirius replied.

Harry's mind snapped to the problem he had been thinking about earlier when Remus mentioned he going back to his room, and a frown fell on his face.

"What is it, pup?" Sirius asked, studying his face.

"I'm fine down here. I mean Ron probably likes to have that room upstairs all to himself, and I wouldn't be there to wake him up in the middle of the night-" Harry started, but stopped when he realized he told them what he was worrying about.


That was all Harry could worry about at the moment: nightmare's. They were already bad, his parent's and Cedric in most of them, but now Voldemort added something else for him to scream about at night. He knew they would get worse, how couldn't they after everything he was put through?

"Don't worry about that, Harry. Ron's moving into my room for a while, so that I can be there if you need anything in the middle of the night." Sirius told him calmly.

In truth, Sirius and Remus discussed what they should do about Harry's nightmares, knowing that they couldn't keep him on Dreamless Sleep potion's forever, that he body would build up an immune system to it if they tried. So the decided it would be best if Sirius was in the room with him, to calm Harry down after he woke up from his nightmares.

"Okay." Harry said with a sheepish nod, and Remus could hear some guilt etched in his voice.


"Don't feel guilty about it. It's completely out of your control, and we just want to be there to help you." He told Harry quietly.

Harry nodded again, this time his face slightly flushed. Ron and Sirius then got off the couch, and stood right in front of Harry. Ron reached his hand out, and Harry took it as he heaved himself out of his seat. Sirius placed an arm around his waist, to steady him and Harry gripped Ron's arm tightly as he swayed on the spot. The Strengthening Solution's and Blood Replenishing potion's only worked so fast, so it was taking time for Harry to build up strength again.

Ron placed his free hand on the small of Harry's back, keeping him upstraight and steering him toward's the stairs. Harry had his mouth clamped shut tightly, his stomach feeling nauseous, and tried hard to keep his body moving and upstraight. When they reached the stairs, Ron stayed on the step before them, and Harry kept a hold on his arm, and used it to help him pull himself onto the next step. Sirius stayed right by his side, letting Harry lean on him if necessary.

Close to the half way point of the stairs, Harry was already breathing fast and heavily from using up most of his strength. Ron and Sirius both noticed this, and stopped to let Harry take a deep breath. Ron looked at Sirius worriedly, his eyes pointing to Harry, and didn't know what to do. Sirius just gave him a small nod, telling him he would take care of it. Sirius placed his one hand on the small of Harry's back, while the other went under his knees, and carefully Sirius picked him up.

"What are you doing?" Harry yelped, his body tensed from the sudden touch.

"Taking you upstairs." Sirius answered with a roll of his eyes.


Sirius continued up the stairs with Harry, while Ron walked in front of them, looking back at Harry's blushing face and snickering. Harry gave him a rude gesture with his hand, and Sirius slapped the hand down while Ron continued to chuckle. Finally reaching the room Ron and Harry used to share, Sirius set Harry back on his feet, and led him into the room. Harry looked around the room, and noticed that Ron's stuff was taken out, and replaced with Sirius'. With help, Harry walked over to his bed, and let Sirius and Ron help him into a change of pajama's.

"If you need anything, call for one of the Weasley's or Hermione, they should all be up here." Sirius told Harry, helping him into the bed.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked curiously.

"Order meeting." Sirius replied carefully.

Harry knew instantly what it was about, and gave a reluctant nod. Sirius was surprised that Harry didn't argue, but looked more closely at him and noticed the tiredness in his face and eyes. Sirius patted his hair gently, and gave him a warm smile.

"I'll be up in a while to check on you." He said quietly.

Harry gave a brief smile and settled into the bed more, relaxing as he closed his eyes tiredly. He could sense that Sirius left the room, and knew Ron was still by the door, not knowing whether he should leave or not. But seeing that Harry was half asleep, Ron gave small sigh.


"I know when I'm not wanted." He said in a mocking sad tone.


He started to walk down the hallway, and a lopsided grin grew on his face as he heard Harry chuckle in the room behind him.







A/N: Thank you so much for your fantastic reviews! If you have any idea's on how the story should continue please let me know!

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