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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 17 : Anticipation
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 Eventually we separated and we kind of just stood there grinning goofily at each other.

“What time is it?” I asked finally breaking the silence. He looked down at his golden watch “7.58” he replied. I gulped loudly. “What is it?” he asked, looking slightly concerned.


“The owls will be coming in at any minute now”


“Shit” he commented.


“Yeah, Shit” I repeated.


“What are you going to do?”


“Hide?” it was more of a question than a statement.


“Where are the others?” he asked.


“Room of Requirement”


He nodded, if he was surprised we knew about the room he didn’t show it, after all that and the kitchens were Hogwarts worst secret. No wait we would be soon.


“What if they send an angry mob after me with torches and pitch forks?” I asked feeling slightly scared of the consequences of me telling the truth. James laughed at my irrational question.


“Here” he said pulling out a silver cloak from his bag “use this”.


“Your invisibility cloak?” I asked amazed, feeling the familiar material between my fingertips.


“How did you know I had one?” he asked slightly confused.


“WellyouseeDommayormaynothavestolenitandlentitmebefore” I said in one breath in hope he wouldn’t catch on.


“Sorry, what was that?” he asked looking amused.


“Dom kind of stole it off you and lent it me, the night of the Hogsmeade show” at the mention of Hogsmeade, he grew a sudden guilty look, my cheeks blushed slightly and I pressed my lips together.


“I’m sorry about that” he said honestly. I smiled at him, truth was I’d forgiven him ages ago; I just had to convince myself that I had…

“Urm just take the cloak in case you have any trouble in getting back to the room of requirement… or need to go into hiding at any point”.


I grinned at him, thanking him.


He ruffled his hand through his hair nervously “And if you urm want to come up to the Gryffindor common room tonight we can have a talk it’s usually empty after midnight”


“Yeah ok” I said grinning.


“Great” he chirped back, his sudden nervousness had gone and was replaced by his usual confident self.


“The passwords bravery” he told me.


“Oh I already know” I said grinning mischievously.


“Wait, how? You know on second thoughts I really don’t want to know” he said shaking his head in bewilderment. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and thanked him one last time as I threw the cloak over myself and disappeared making my way back to the room of requirement.


I just suddenly remembered that I never actually got to the kitchens, but honestly I just wasn’t hungry anymore and I had other things clouding my mind.




I walked back through the door and was met by a very angry band.


“Where the hell have you been?” Adam demanded.


“I went down to the kitchens” I said simply. He looked at me still seething. His nostrils were flaring, he looked like a dragon.


“Why would you go down to the kitchens, when we’re in the room of bloody requirement?” asked Marcus.


“Well, one I was bored and two Dom’s snoring was driving me insane”


“I DO NOT SNORE” imputed Dom. Adam turned around and looked at her disbelieving “What I don’t” she repeated.


“Yeah and I’m the bloody Queen of Sheba” Spencer said.

“You’re half way there” I told him, he winked at me playfully.


“You could have told us you’d gone down to the kitchens” Adam said in a much nicer tone.


“You were asleep, it seemed cruel to wake any of you up” I said putting on the most convincing innocent face I could muster.


“Is that James’ cloak!” Dom shouted looking at the silver cloak in my hand. I quickly put it behind my back doing my best to hide it. I grinned at them.


“Urm no, this is my silver cloak that my Mum got me last year, definitely not an invisibility cloak”.


“Ally you can’t lie for shit” Marcus said dryly.


“I can too” I stuck my tongue out at him, he rolled his eyes.


“So…” Adam drawled “Meeting up with James are we?” he spoke in a suggestive tone.


“I’ll have you know it was a pure coincidence that I happened to bump into James”


“Right, the same way you happened to end up with his most prized possession”.


“Exactly, glad we got that out of the way… So now what do we do?”


“Not so quick!” Dom said jumping over the sofa and coming towards me. “You’ve been kissing” she looked intently at me, her eyes running up and down my body, she was deducing me I thought making deductions. I knew I shouldn’t have told her about Sherlock bloody Holmes.


“Your shirt is ruffled, so is your hair, your tie is loose, your lips are red and puffy and let’s face it you’re basically irradiating with happiness. You either kissed him or killed him and due to that blush on your cheeks I’m going to guess the latter”. She had a smirk dressed upon her lips; maybe it was family trait I thought. Adam high fived her stupid bastard I thought bitterly, as she stood there smugly waiting for me to deny it.


“No pictures, no proof” I told her as I sat down dejected. She laughed as she joined me.


“So how was it? Is he a good kisser?”


“He’s your cousin” I said in astonishment.


“What? Eww no. I’ve just always wondered whether the rumours were true or whether he paid them to say it”.


I laughed “Yeah it’s true”. She squealed.  


“So what does this mean for you two?”


“I don’t know” I said simply “We didn’t really talk about it”.


“She was too busy doing something else” Marcus added with a wink. I threw a pillow at him.


“Go and kiss Spencer”


“Happily” he gave Spencer a big sloppy kiss on the side of his cheek. Spencer wiped it off in disgust.


“Did you really have to get me involved?”


“Don’t pretend you didn’t love it” Marcus said putting on the fake puppy dog eyes. Spencer laughed and ruffled his hair “Whatever lets you sleep at night” he said smiling.


“Well it’s definitely not you” Marcus shot back.


“Eww guys too much information, my poor and innocent ears can’t take it” I covered my ears dramatically with my hands. They were cute, but I didn’t need to know about their sex lives. Honestly keep it in the bedroom people.



We sat there for what felt like centuries. We went from talking about random trivia to dead silence.


“The whole school will know by now” Adam said solemnly.


“Is it too late, to take it back?” I asked.


“Nah, we’ll just tell everyone we lied” Dom drawled sarcastically.


“Less of the sarcasm Dominique”


“Less of the sass Althea” I cut my eyes at her.


“Ladies…” Adam warned.


“Do we have to spend all day in here” Marcus complained.


“No. We can go if you like”

“Are you sure?” asked Adam.


“I’m not a child” I told him harshly “and I definitely can’t spend the rest of my life hiding in here. I made the decision so it’s time I lived with the consequences”


“That a girl!” Marcus slapped my back encouragingly.


We all stood up in union and walked slowly towards the door, the door widened in shape allowing us all to get through. It felt like I was walking to my death sentence, or taking the first steps on the moon. Outside this door the whole world would be different. I still James’ cloak tucked in tightly in my bag, ready in case I needed to disappear but I told myself I wasn’t going to, I was going to stand my ground. No matter how shaky it was.


Adam turned the knob and the door creaked open. Here it was, I thought, here is judgement day. 


Author's note: I don't own anything! Sherlock belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT AY?

So tell what did you think? Good, bad? I apologise now for the shortness of this chapter, but I can promise the next one will be longer! 

Anyway thank you for reading and thank you even more to those of you who are reviewing honestly it means a lot, they're really encouraging for me to carry on writing aha so thanks!

enough of me. until next time!



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