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Masks by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 4 : Retreats and Secret Spilling
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“Fred-lee” I said nervously.


“Find what out Eilley?” Fred repeated though his attention was on Carrington.

“Nothing…” I said quietly.

“Zabini you are a bad liar.” Fred said taking a step closer to me; or was it Carry.

“I-I..” I stuttered attractively.

“Hey cutie what are you doing here?” He asked as he continued to eye up Carr.

Her mind was too weak for his brain control. It was my job to plan the escape plan and fast before our cool façade was blown. I couldn’t go to Askaban!

I looked around like a panicked bunny before yelling, “It’s the Government!”

He looked at me like the crazy case I am. This of course is when I yelled, “Retreat!” and we ran off. Or well- I ran off, dragging my lazy friend behind me.

Carr and I were laughing hysterically once we were in the safety of our “fort”. We used one of the empty classrooms we made what started as a desk fort in in our second year. Month by month we added piece by piece the three of us: Scorp, Carr and I. Part of me is still surprised that it remained intact and untouched by others for five years. We both walked into the opening and took our seats in the tricked out fortress of desks. The inside was covered with curtains and blankets to look like a gypsy tent. I sank down into my throne of beanbags and an old arm chair.

“The queens of pranking have struck once again.” I said dramatically making Carrington snort.

“What on earth did you say to Freddy?” She asked me.

“You weren’t listening.”

“No. I was trying my best to not seem suspicious in our “camouflage” you suggested.”

“I said what I had to- we needed time to retreat.”

She sighed, “I guess that makes sense my strange accomplice.”

“That it does.” I giggled.

“Can you keep a secret?” Car suddenly asked me.

“Of course. Who could I tell? The nargles?” I said with a slight eye roll.

I of course “deserved” a “light” smack for the comment.

“I’m serious” she started, “I like Fred.”

“Wait a second- Fred Weasley?!” I said in disbelief.

“Yes him, stupid.” She said making my jaw drop.

We sat there frozen like that for a minute; then we both started to laugh.

“I need to tell you something too..” I said after our laughing stopped.

“What?” she asked.

“Something you can’t tell anyone.”

“Alright..” She said waiting.

“Did you know doxy venom is a great conditioner?” I said trying to take back what I needed to tell her.

“Elle.” She said using her very small amount of patience on me.

“Blue gummy bears attack me in my sleep.”

“Don’t lie to me- and there is no such thing as blue gummy bears.”

“Yes there are- and they are pure evil!” I yelled dramatically thinking I got away with it.

“Eilley” She said smacking me with a pillow roughly.

“Alright fine… I like Scorpius.”

I looked at her face and winced, it was like she was hit with an atom bomb full of blue gummy bears. I knew I was going to be in for it. I broke the sacred friend code like I broke the crystal balls in Transfiguration.

Don’t look at me like that! They were slippery when I pushed them off the table...Kind of like butter- which I had all over my hands from toast… or was it waffles? I do tend to pick up my buttery waffles and eat them like toast-

…..And my CRS has returned; as usual during the worst possible moment.

“You like Scorp?” She asked with a raised brow.

I nodded nervously.

She hit me with a pillow multiple times. It was what I got for breaking the friend code. Once she stopped she surprised me with a hug that I returned.

“You aren’t mad?” I asked.


“Good”, I smiled.

She sighed, “Drat. Now I owe Roxy money.”

I laughed, of course that was Carry’s only problem.

My secret was spilt like jelly on your favorite sweater but that was fine with me, my only issue was how to set Fred and Car up. I was determined to do it too. Determination was a dangerous thing for me though; determination led quickly to obsession. Once I fell down the rabbit hole I could rarely be dragged back up. Carr really doesn’t like my help much but she seems to get friend-zoned a lot. I think it is her slightly tom-boy nature but your guess is as good as mine.

Carr and I were nearly still for a few minutes in a comfortable silence. That is until something we never expected to happen happened; someone knocked on the door to the classroom.

Hey guys! Finally got around to editing this chapter. I will get another one to you lot eventually and even a plot for this... Hope ya'll stick around!



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