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Cure for a Werewolf Bite by dustyrose
Chapter 2 : You Can't Forget
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          Remus was back in the compartment with his friends and was keeping his mouth shut about what had happened when Severus had approached Lily. He knew that if James knew any more about Severus’s nastiness to Lily he would go too far in trying to hex him.

          Squeaks from Peter indicated that he needed new dress robes, as they were much too tight to fit over his large head and even larger stomach. Sirius rolled his eyes as he flicked his wand at Peter, whose robes grew instantly. Peter gave him a smile, Sirius rolled his eyes.

          The automated voice came on and the boys made their way off the train, shoving lightly so that they weren’t crowded. Remus helped up a first year whom Sirius had accidently knocked down. Peter was shoved away from them and they had to wait several minutes once off the train in order to relocate him.

          “I grow tired of Wormtail,” Sirius growled as Peter tripped in his excitement at having finally spotted his friends. “You’d think after entering your sixth year you’d have more sense.”

          “All the same,” Remus said, going to meet Peter and helping him to dust off his clothes. They hopped into a horseless carriage, and were taken up to the school.          

          Once inside the Great Hall, James began looking for Lily. Sirius took his normal seat at the Gryffindor table and poured himself and Remus a glass of pumpkin juice. “Do you ever tire of how careless he tries to act?” he said under his breath to Remus as James looked around the hall, ruffling his hair. “If he was genuine maybe she’d be into him.”

          “It’s funny that you would describe him that way, seeing as you yourself are seldom genuine,” Remus raised his eyebrows at Sirius over the rim of his cup.

          “But I’m not trying to get with someone like Lily.”

          Remus shrugged in affirmation. “Lily and I saw Snape on the train.”

          “He still trying to crawl back to her, the nasty slimeball?” Sirius growled. “After calling her what he did? He deserves to suffer.” They both looked over at the Slytherin table and found Severus, sitting with his group of friends but not talking, searching the Great Hall for the same person that James was.

          The Sorting started, and James finally took his seat next to Sirius. Peter waddled up the isle and sat next to Remus. They waited, not all that patiently, through the Sorting. James took out his snitch, Sirius fell asleep on his empty plate, Peter was trying to see the first years past everyone’s heads, and Remus’s attention was upon Severus and the way that he wouldn’t stop looking at Lily. Lily was determinedly not looking in his direction and was paying much too much attention to the first years.

          Once the feast was over, and all the younger students had gone to bed, many of the fifth, sixth, and seventh year students remained in the Common Room. James and Sirius were plotting their next great adventure when again the time would come for Remus to transform, but Remus wasn’t very interested. Though he was glad beyond belief that his friends helped him through his transformations, he felt guilty when he was still in human form. How many times had he told them to stop, that it was too dangerous? But James and Sirius would never listen.

          Remus dozed off, and when he awoke it was to find that everyone must have gone up to sleep in their dormitories. He was about to stand so that he could sleep in his own bed, when the Fat Lady’s portrait opened. Remus stayed lying down, hoping to see who had come in at such a late hour.

          “Hello?” the person said, walking tentatively into the room.

          “Snape?” Remus asked, astonished. “What are you doing here? How did you get the password?” He jumped up, ready to grab his wand if need be.  

          “Lupin,” Severus snarled. “I was expecting to run into someone else.”

          “Well she’s already gone to bed, and boys can’t go into the girl’s chamber. So I suggest you just turn right back around and go back to your own Common Room.” Remus thought it was a reasonable suggestion, and waited for Severus to follow.

          Severus glowered at him, holding his wand firmly under his cloak.

          “Please just go,” Remus said, lowering his wand and shaking his head lightly. “There’s no point in you staying here and wasting your time. She ignored you all summer, I don’t think that’s going to change in the course of one day.”

          “I’m not about to talk to you about this, Lupin!”

          “Then leave.”

          Severus continued to glare at Remus. Finally, knowing that if Remus were to put his back to him he would attack, Remus decided to take charge. “If you don’t leave, I will have to report this, and you’ll get more than yourself in trouble. Whoever gave you the password will be in trouble, and you’ll be caught past curfew. If you just leave now we can forget about it.”

          Severus turned to leave and Remus thought he heard Severus cursing him under his breath. But what Severus really said was, “People can never just forget.”

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Cure for a Werewolf Bite: You Can't Forget


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