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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 22 : Chapter Twenty-Two
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It was just gone lunch time when I spotted the Potter's family owl; Heddy pecking at the kitchen window. I went over and let her in; she swooped in and landed on the worktop next to the sink. I spotted a piece of parchment tied around her leg, so I unravelled it.

I gave her some treats and she helped herself to the water from Swoops' cage. Whilst she was taking a drink I read the note which was addressed to me:


I know I said it yesterday but I hope you had a good Christmas. I'm writing because I was wondering if you could over my house this afternoon, around two o'clock. Don't worry it's not for some party or anything; I just need to see you. Floo into the living room, mum will send you up. Just say Potter mansion, sixteen Primrose Close, London.

See you soon.


I re-read the note, why does Al want to see me? Oh god, please don't say Scorpius has told him, please. I started to panic and it was only when Ria walked in and calmed me down did I stop.
"Just reply and tell him yes you'll go see him," Ri told me as she handed me parchment and a pen.

I wrote a small reply saying I'd see him later and sent it back with Heddy. I made my way upstairs to get dressed, since I was still in my pyjamas, I checked on the twins who were both taking a nap and got ready. Checking I had the baby monitor before putting my mobile, my wand and my purse into my bag and headed downstairs after stopping in the bathroom on the way.

I placed the baby monitor on the coffee table and headed to the fireplace and stepped through the charm that is on so the twins can't get near it.

"Nana," I asked as I lifted the pot of floo powder off of the shelf and took a handful. "Would you be able to watch Bentley and Aubri for an hour or two for me, they're still asleep right now."

"Of course dear, have fun," she replied.

I stepped into the fire placed and threw down the powder as I said, "Potter mansion, sixteen Primrose Close, London."

I felt the familiar lurch in my stomach that I always get when travelling by floo and I shut my eyes as the world started spinning. I didn't dare open them until I felt myself stop swaying and I heard familiar voices.

"Flick!" Came Lily Potter's surprised voice as I tumbled out of their fireplace and into what they call the family room.

"Hi, Lily, Al owled me and told me to come?" I said as I tried not to cough.

A grin spread across her face and she stood up quickly which made her red hair fly behind her. "Happy Christmas, Flick," she called as she came over to me and gave me an unexpected hug. "I'll go get Al now. Stay there."

I stood there awkwardly as she left the room leaving me alone. There were many pictures on the wall of James, Al and Lily, starting from when they were babies’ right up to the most recent ones of them at Al's birthday. I smiled as I went and sat on the sofa that Lily had been curled up on reading a book.

Through out the whole time I was dating Al I knew this house like the back of my hand, I was just another member of the family who came and went as they pleased. And yet now, that's just a faded memory, a memory of one of the best times of my life. I sighed and shut my eyes for a moment and then opened them when I felt something wet touch my hand. I opened my eyes to find a black Labrador puppy with a pink collar sitting at my feet wagging its tail happily and pushing their wet nose into my hand.

I guessed it was a girl because of the pink collar and laughed as I scratched her behind the ears when she tried to jump up on me. I heard a chuckle from the doorway and looked up to see Al, who was dressed in jeans and a blue polo shirt. I couldn't help but blink twice because that top looked far too tight. Or maybe it was on purpose because I could just about make out his abs.

"I see you've met Padfoot then." He smiled.

I frowned because I recognised the name yet the puppy had a pink collar. "But isn't that..." I trailed off.

"Yeah it was dad's godfather's nickname and yes the puppy is a girl. She's Lily's and when she remember that Sirius turned into a black dog she instantly wanted to call her Padfoot. We tried calling her something else but she won't answer to anything but Padfoot," Al explained whilst he was still looking at me. "You coming?"

I placed Padfoot on the floor and she barked, I gave her one last scratch behind the ear before following Al out of the room. At the bottom of the stairs I took my boots off and then he led me upstairs passed his parents and Lily's room and up to the top floor. There was a lot of noise coming from the games' room which I had previously stayed in when I was dating Al because we weren't to be trusted what with 'teenage hormones'.

"James," Al muttered pointing at the room, I hadn't realised that Padfoot was following us until she barked. "Shh, Padfoot," Al said as he picked her up. "Lily, come get your dog!" he yelled down the stairs as he motioned for me to go ahead into his room.

It hadn't exactly changed much except for the photos; there were ones from his birthday, his family, and ones of him and me from two summers ago. I went over to his neatly made bed and sat down in the middle and crossed my legs whilst he had a yelled conversation with Lily who was downstairs, and James who joined in to tell them to shut up. Even Padfoot was joining in since she was barking.

A moment later Padfoot came running into Al's room and leaped onto his bed beside me and proceeded to try and lick me. I laughed as she managed to and I fell back, Padfoot was wagging her tail happily and I was trying to sit back up when Al came in.

"Padfoot, leave Flick alone," Al commanded as she crawled onto my lap.

"Al, it's fine honestly," I told him as I smoothed her soft black fur and he went over to his chest of drawers. ''Why did you owl me? ''

''Happy Christmas, Fliss,"' Al said to me as he came back over and handed me a rectangular package that was tied up with a silver bow.

I opened my mouth to say something but he pushed the package into my hands and I took it. Instead of ruining the pretty boy I slid it off and then unwrapped the gift. I gasped when I saw the black boxes stamped with the name of the jewellery shop in Diagon Alley.

"Al, I can't accept this. I mean they must have cost a fortune actually I know they cost a fortune," I told him as I looked down at the jewellery boxes, the one containing the heart bracelet and the other the purple flower necklace. The same things I helped Al pick out before Christmas.

He shrugged. "Flick, they're for you, I'm not taking them back. Can't a friend buy you presents?" Al questioned. ''Aaron bought you a Christmas present, so why can't I? ''

''Because, Al, he's my boyfriend and you’re not. Anyway I thought you bought these for Hattie?"

Al shrugged again. "I never said who I was buying them for did I. I know your favourite colour is purple and it's the same stone as your birthstone.''

I shut the boxes and went to hand them back to him, instead of making me keep them he took them back and put them in my bag. I tried to protest but he shushed me. ''Flick, they’re yours, no more arguments. So I bought you a Christmas present, big deal. ''

I looked up at him. ''It is a big deal, because you're dating Hattie and I'm dating Aaron. We're not together any more, Al, we're just friends. ''

Al went to sit next to me just as Padfoot crawled off my lap and hopped off the bed, she went over to the door and started to paw at it and bark because it was shut. I swear I saw Al roll his eyes as he pulled his wand out of his back pocket and waved it at the door which opened and Padfoot ran out, Al then shut it behind her blocking out her happy barking and the sounds of James’ game.

Al didn't bother to put his wand away he just chucked it on the bed before sitting down opposite me and crossing his legs. ''Flick, there’s no easy way to say this and I don't care if you're with Aaron or not but it's time I told you,'' he paused for a moment as though he was gathering his thoughts and then carried on. ''The day I first met you was when I was seven and you were six I knew Flick, I knew I wanted to be with you and be as happy as my parents. Then I met you on September first in a train compartment, I knew it was you because of your eyes and your smile.''

I was slightly confused as to why Al was telling me this but I didn't interrupt him.
''When you never came back for sixth year I was worried, I thought something terrible had happened and that I would never see you again. You have no idea how glad I was when I saw you in Diagon Alley in the summer. I know I'm with Hattie but there’s nothing between us, Flick, not like there was between you and me. I've tried pushing these feeling aside, I've tried to develop feelings for Hattie but it’s not possible. The truth is, I've tried to stop thinking about you. And I can't. I'm in love with you, Flick, and I always have been. ''

I didn't say anything, because it seemed Scorp was right about Al still having feeling for me. I could see it in his eyes, those bright green eyes that we the image of Aubri's. Al lent closer to me, his hand sliding up my leg and then around my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I knew what was going to happen and yet I didn’t stop it.

We were so close that I could hear him breathing, correction I could feel him breathing because I was practically sat on his lap. Al was so close and as I felt his lips touch mine I shut my eyes as the memories came flooding back.

I didn't stop the kiss even though I knew I should have. I let myself get carried away, just the way Al kissed me made me realise how much I had missed him. His lips were soft and warm on mine and at one point he nibbled my bottom lip and I couldn't help but slide my arms around his neck as the kiss deepened. Before I knew it Al was lying back on the bed and I was on top of him with his arms around my waist.

Somewhere in the midst of it all Al flipped me over so I was on the bottom, he was trailing kisses up and down my neck and then we were kissing like crazy again which made my heart beat wildly. I could practically feel the electricity crackle between us. It felt so right, yet I knew it was wrong considering we're both dating other people.

We broke apart both of us breathing heavily. ''We shouldn't have done that,'' I eventually said as I climbed off of him and led next to him.

Al sighed as he rolled onto his side to look at me, his hand trailing up and down my arm which made me shiver. "I know but I couldn't help it. Flick, I love you and I was us to be together."

I was too busy trying to control my breathing as well as trying to stop my heart was racing, I was also trying not to think of what may happen between us if we got too carried away. "Things are complicated, Al. I mean I have Aaron and you have Hattie."

"That’s the thing; I don't think I'll have her for much longer. I don't want her, Flick. I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me every day. I'm thinking of breaking up with her sometime soon. I just can't stay with her, now that you know how I feel."

I sat up so that I wouldn't be tempted to just lie back down and curl up next to Al. "You can't just break up because of me. I won't let you."

Al sat up next to me and slid an arm around my waist pulling me close to him and he kissed my forehead. "It's not because of you. I've pushed these feelings aside for too long and she needs to know that our relationship is going nowhere."

I shut my eyes because I wanted to remember this moment; I wanted to remember that Al had never given up on me even after I broke his heart. "I need to be going, Al," I murmured as our hands joined and he laced his fingers through mine.

"Stay," he whispered as he started to place kisses on my neck.

I shook my head. "I can't, Al, I need to get home," I told him as I pulled away from him.

"You can't just barge in!" Lily yelled as there was suddenly a lot of noise coming up the stairs and was getting closer and closer.

Al moved away from me slightly and let go of my hand, it probably wasn't the best thing to get caught holding hands by his sister considering we're both dating other people. Even though we weren't touching or doing anything we shouldn't have, we both jumped as Al's door was flung open. Lily was chasing after Hattie who looked like she was going to spit fire.

"Why is she here?" she spat when she saw me. "And why is she on your bed?"

"I need to go," I announced as I stood up and headed straight passed Hattie who was glaring daggers at me. "Bye," I called over my shoulder. As I passed Lily I noticed she was looking at me as though she knew something I didn't and then she smiled. I headed downstairs with Lily close behind me.

At the bottom of the stairs I picked up my boots and headed for the family room. I sat down and shoved my feet in them before looking at the fireplace for a pot of floo powder except I couldn't see one.

"It's here," Lily said as she pointed out and ornate pot that was on the bookshelf. "What's going on with you and Al?" she asked as she got the pot for me.

I shook my head. "Don't worry, Lily, nothing is going on."

"But you're so much nicer than Hattie and I've missed not having you around here in the summer."

Looks like Lily is part of the 'I hate Hattie fan club' as well, I thought. "I've missed you too, Lily," And it was true because she was like a sister me as much as Tessa and Ria. "I'll try to come see again, I promise."

Lily gave me a hug which took me by surprise and I hugged her back. "Why can't you and Al get back together."

"It's complicated."

She sighed. "Are you coming to nana and granddad's New Year’s party?"

"You try and stop me. Bye, Lil," I said as I stepped into the fire place. "Fourteen Victoria Road, London," I called as I dropped the powder and I was engulfed by green flames and Lily and the Potter's house was just a blur.


Albus' point of view

Flick got up and left calling 'bye' over her shoulder. She was gone before I could reply and Hattie scowled at her even though she was not longer there.

"And what was she doing here?" Hattie demanded as she put her hands on her hips.

I looked away from her because all I could see was Flick in my mind, and that was who I wanted. I wanted my blonde haired, blue eyed girl who I've loved since I was little rather than the black haired and brown eyed Hattie who I've never had feelings for. She was a decoy from Flick, right from the first time we got together. That was just meaningless sex and it shouldn't have happened, it should have been Flick and not her. God I wish we had never broken up.

"I've got a present for you, Albie," she sang in a sweet voice as she came closer to me.

I stood up and grabbed my hoodie off the top of my chest of drawers. "Put it on my desk," I told her. "You know where the front door is," I called over my shoulder as I left my room.

"What do you mean Albie?" Hattie asked as I headed down the stairs and she trailed behind me.

"I mean get out. I'm going out and you can't be in the house," I turned around to look at her once we were on the first floor. "Just go home Hattie, I'm not in the mood today."

Hattie stamped her foot and screeched loudly just as mum came out of the bathroom, "What's all the noise?"

I shrugged. "Nothing Hattie was just leaving and I'm going out."

"Oh okay, Have fun dear. Goodbye, Hattie," Mum said with a smile as she headed downstairs.

I didn't hesitate and followed mum quickly, mainly because I knew Hattie wouldn't dare kick off in front of mum, or any of my family for that matter.

I opened the front door as Hattie started to do her sad eyes which make her look stupid. "But Albie can't I come with you. I want to spend time with MY boyfriend," she said to me, emphasising the 'my' as she stumbled on to the porch.

"Yeah well I've got things to do, Bye," I said as I shut the door in her face, she pushed open the letter box and I could hear her calling after me as I headed for the family room.

"She's gone, Al," Lily said without looking up from her book.

I kicked the corner of the coffee table in frustration. "Arghh!"

"Chill, Al, you'll see her soon enough and anyway you're forgetting something. I'm best friends with Tessa, we've been trying to make you two realise you're perfect for each other and need to dump bitch face."

I stared at my baby sister. "Lily!"

She smiled mischievously. "Dom, Rose and Flick call her it so why can't I."

I looked at her. "That's not what meant Lil and you know it. So all this time you and Tessa have been plotting to get us back together?"

She nodded as she put down her book. "And Dom and Rose, we're not stupid, Al. I mean you stare at her when you're in the great hall, whenever you think no one else is looking. I've seen the picture of you and her that you keep under your pillow," I opened my mouth to deny it but Lily cut me off. "Don't deny it Al, I've seen you cry because you though Flick had died. You're in love with her. Face the facts brother."

I sat down next to her and put my head in my hands, Lily was right and I knew it. I took a deep breath before sitting back up and said, "What do I need to do, Lil?"

A/N I know it's probably not the revelation you all thought, but the good news is that Flick does tell him at some point (I can't say what chapter just yet because I still need to work that out, although some of the chapter is written).

What’d you think of Al's confession? Is it a good idea or a bad one? I have a feeling many of you will think it's good because you all seem to hate Hattie. Not to mention that Al and Flick kissed!!!

Is it interesting to see Al’s point of view again, hopefully there'll be more chapters or half chapters in Al's point of view as the story goes on.

Up next - Flick spends time with her babies and a cliffhanger...

Edited - 30.06.2014

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